Everybody’s Chattin’ + Trailer Spotlight: DUNKIRK (Trailer #1)


Happy Wednesday! It feels like a sluggish past few weeks… especially when I got barely ANY vacation left through the end of the year. My European friends, you guys are lucky you get at least a month worth of vacation, I mean I’ve worked in the same company for a decade and only got three weeks of vacation :\ But hey, I’m seeing Rogue One tonight, so at least that adds an extra spring in my step in these cold, frigid Winter days!!

It’s been ages since I did some community links… so let’s get to it!

Jordan reviewed the music documentary of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, One More Time With Feeling

Margaret reviewed the last episode of Westworld (can’t wait to binge on this later this month)

I love it when a fellow blogger reviewed a little-seen indie gem I happen to enjoy. Steven reviewed the Welsh comedy Hunky Dory

Glad someone else thinks this film deserves to be seen. Brittani reviewed Loving 

Vinnie reviewed one of my Blind Spot picks (that I haven’t yet to see), The Big Sleep

Well, it’s that time of the year! Chris asked fellow bloggers ‘What’s their favorite Christmas movies?’

Last but not least… Courtney reviewed critical darling of the year La La Land (and from her headline I think you know full well how she feels)


Well it seems that every movie out of Christopher Nolan is a big event… and DUNKIRK is no different. I’ve been excited for this for a while. I posted the teaser trailer here back in August, but now we finally got the full first trailer. Behold…

Woof, this gives me goosebumps! I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film dedicated to the brutal event in Dunkirk, France. The only one I remember vividly was this scene in Joe Wright’s Atonement, with its stunning tracking shot. But it’s such a pivotal moment in WWII history, and if there’s a director who could do it justice on the big screen, it’d be Chris Nolan!

As always, Nolan’s always assembled top notch cast for his epic films…

  • Tom Hardy
  • Kenneth Branagh
  • Cillian Murphy
  • Mark Rylance
  • James D’Arcy
  • Aneurin Barnard

I love all of those actors, including my recent discovery (read: crush), Welsh actor Aneurin Barnard! Sorry I don’t care for that kid from the famous boy band, but surely it’ll bring a ton of teenyboppers to see this. So Tom Hardy plays a fighter pilot, but I hope he gets to talk in this movie? Yes it seems to be another male-dominated Nolan film, which made me think perhaps Nolan’s next movie should be a female ensemble cast? 😉

Visually this movie just looks epiiiiic! It’s shot in IMAX 65 mm and 65 mm large format film stock by cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema who also worked with Nolan in Interstellar (though my fave work of his is the visually-stunning Her). Does that mean he’s done working with his longtime cinematographer Wally Pfister?? But looks like Nolan regular Hans Zimmer is back scoring this film.

It’d be amazing to behold how Nolan recreated the harrowing chaos of Allied forces who are surrounded by German army. It’s more than just staging a spectacle of aerial bombardments wreaking havoc on the beach and the ocean, destroying troops and sinking Allied ships. It’s also a tale of hope… as the evacuation is also known as the Miracle of Dunkirk. Per Wiki, on the first day of the evacuation, only 7,669 men were evacuated, but by the end of the eighth day, a total of 338,226 soldiers had been rescued by a hastily assembled fleet of over 800 boats.

I’m not usually a huge war movie fan just because I can’t handle the brutality, but yet I’m looking forward to this.

What do you think of the the first DUNKIRK trailer? 

47 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ + Trailer Spotlight: DUNKIRK (Trailer #1)

  1. Thanks for linking my Loving review! I hope more people see it.

    Dunkirk looks amazing. I’m not sure if it’s a film I’d want to see without Nolan’s name attached, but I’ll be in the theater opening weekend for sure.

  2. Thank you for the link, cannot wait for you to see Westworld! I saw Rogue One yesterday and it’s very good, hope you like it!

    I’d be all wild about Hardy there but I saw Enemy at the Gates during the weekend so I’m all maxed out 😛 The score in that trailer is insane

    1. My pleasure! Yeah I can’t wait to see ’em too, hopefully we can get to all season 1 in one month, we’ll see 🙂 Oh cool, glad you like Rogue One, some says it’s even better than Force Awakens.

      Yeah, I hope Hardy has lots of screen time, but he’d make one hell of a sexy pilot!

    1. Yeah, the agony for Nolan films is always the long wait :\ Btw Cindy, what do you think about Nolan’s films always about the boys? That’d make an interesting Lucky 13 topic 😉

  3. Of course Dunkirk looks great but I’m hoping the studio is not forcing Nolan to make PG13 war picture, I don’t expect it be as gory as Saving Private Ryan or Hacksaw Ridge but it has to be brutal. I’m planning to go see Rogue One at the Zoo IMAX theater since they’re previewing Dunkirk’s first 7 minutes there! Apparently the zoo IMAX switched back to 70mm film projection again and they’re the only theater in MN that’s showing Rogue One in 70mm.

    1. Yeah I’m curious about that. Even an R-rating for Nolan might not be as brutal as Gibson’s version, but war is brutal so I hope WB isn’t forcing him to tame it down too much.

      I really enjoyed Rogue One and we’re planning on seeing it again at IMAX Zoo. Oooh so they’re previewing Dunkirk on there, that’s another reason to see it there then.

      1. Yup, it’s like a tradition now, if there’s a new Nolan film coming out, every 70mm IMAX theaters will preview it! It started with The Dark Knight, I saw I Am Legend at the Zoo IMAX and they showed the opening scene of TDK there! I’ll see Rogue One there first and if I really like it, then I’ll see it again in 3D and Atmos sound at the Icon theater. The showing at the Zoo IMAX is in 2D!

  4. Dunkirk instantly catapults to my most anticipated of 2017. I love war movies that pack meaning and this is potentially dripping with it. Can not wait!

  5. Thanks for the linkage! I really want to see the doc on Nick Cave, have to wait a few months for the dvd.
    Looks like a good cast for Dunkirk and quite a departure from Nolan’s previous films. Interested to see what he does with the story.

    1. Hi Chris! So it’s not available to stream online yet? Usually it’s available before the dvd is released.

      I’m glad Nolan is doing a historical epic and I think he could do the Battle of Dunkirk story justice.

  6. Tom

    Dunkirk by Chris Nolan? Count me in. That is going to be a mammoth of an event pictures. This is the first place I’ve seen the full trailer, so I have to thank you for getting me all excited!! Next summer is too far away though!!!

    1. Hi ya Tom! Glad to be the first place you saw Dunkirk trailer, so honored 🙂 It’s the same team as Interstellar, as Nolan’s assembled the same cinematographer and composer, and he’s also writing the script. If only we didn’t have to wait half a year to see it!

  7. I’m seeing Rogue One tonight, I’m so excited!
    Really looking forward to Dunkirk. Like others have said, it’s not my kind of movie at all, History and War have never been subjects I’ve been knowledgeable in at all, but with Nolan at the helm and that stellar cast, it’s bound to be epic 🙂
    – Allie

    1. Hey Allie! So what do you think of Rogue One? I really enjoyed it, more than I thought I would actually. I’m not really a SW fan, but my hubby is one, ahah.

      I’m not really into war films either, but I do like films based on history and this sounds like it has the ingredients for an epic one!

  8. Thanks kindly for the link, as always Ruth, as well as links to other bloggers 🙂 Always neat to find new perspectives.

    I hope you get to see that Cave doco sometime, as it is really, REALLY is something. Easily my favourite flick of the year. Not sure if I mentioned it earlier, but ‘20,000 Days On Earth’ is really interesting too, that was done circa 2013/2014, before the death of his son.

    If its on Netflix I’d really, reeeally recommend that. I’d never heard a Cave song before seeing 20,000 Days, but I walked out an -instant- fan. Its that good. The guy is a true poet, and his insights into the creative process, of how he approaches writing… it really is one-of-a-kind. The blu-ray extras make it even better 😛

    As for Dunkirk, the trailer does look incredible… but then again, so did Interstellar, which for me was incredibly forgettable. Then again, I love The Prestige and Memento, and Nolan is the only guy who had me interested in a superhero movie. Well, sorta.

    I’ll be seeing it for sure, but my expectations are tempered. The cast though certainly looks solid, especially Mark Rylance, loved him in Bridge of Spies, plus WWII will never cease to interest me, so I’m sure I’ll enjoy it somewhat.

    1. Always a pleasure Jordan! It’s been ages since I do one of these as I was busy w/ the film fest in October.

      Oh yeah I will rent that Nick Cave doc at some point. I saw a ton of docs during TCFF so I was kind of avoiding docs for a while, ahah. He seems like a really creative guy who’s on the eccentric side, it should make for an interesting doc.

      Yeah, Dunkirk looks epic even from the trailer!! I’m not blown away by Interstellar either, perhaps my least fave from Nolan. But I love Inception and his Batman trilogy, SO good!! The cast got me excited, I love Tom Hardy & Cillian Murphy, and yes Rylance was brilliant in Bridge of Spies!

      1. Don’t know of Cillian Murphy, most of that I haven’t heard of. But Hardy is always great (I’ve been watching Band of Brothers recently – best WWII movie/series IMO – and he’s in it! So young!) and Rylance is great too

        1. I thought you saw Nolan’s Batman films? Cillian Murphy played Scarecrow, and he’s also in Inception. If you like WWII historical dramas, you should check him out in Anthropoid.

          1. I’ve been meaning to get onto Anthropoid. I watched the first Nolan Batman film, need to get onto the next two. So he’s the guy who played Scarecrow, I know that guy. I’m horrible with names, good with faces.

  9. I really liked the trailer, gave me Saving Private Ryan feels and I do care for that kid from the boyband aka Harry Stiles. I liked him the best in the band, and I’m looking forward to see what he can do.. could surprise us all. 😀

    1. Sorry for my jab against that Harry Kid, but I think I’m just annoyed how his rabid fans pretty much only commenting about him on Twitter. That’s why I purposely cropped him out of that photo, ahah. That Aneurin Barnard is a good actor I wish more people would notice, glad Nolan has noticed him! 🙂

  10. I wasn’t a huge fan of the trailer but that makes me no less excited for this film. It’s a great story and Chris Nolan is the right man to bring it alive.

    1. Hey Dan, well even if the trailer didn’t wow you, hopefully the actual film will! It’ll be the first he tackles such a historically-significant real life story, let’s hope he does it justice.

  11. Dunkirk looks lit. Historically, I have no idea what it’s about, although my father promises to educate me immediately. I can’t wait to hear what you thought of Rogue One. I hear it’s amazing/spectacular/etc.

    Thanks for the link 🙂

    1. Hey Courtney! Yeah I’m not familiar either but sounds like an incredible event in history. I’m curious about it as I don’t think Nolan’s handled a historical story before, and boy it looks so epic!

      Rogue One is very good! I’ll see if I could get my act together this weekend and actually write my review.

  12. Really looking forward to Dunkirk! The trailer is really nicely composed and dramatic. I’m really interested in Harry Styles’ role, and as always, Tom Hardy. 🙂

    1. Hi Katy! Nolan always knows how to cut a trailer. Well I sure hope Nolan knows what he’s doing when he cast that boy band kid. But surely Tom Hardy will always be great to watch.

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