Weekend Roundup: Highlights from 2016 Wizard World Minneapolis

Happy Monday all! Well it’s a comic-themed weekend for me. Inspired by the Captain America: Civil War screening earlier last week, my hubby and I ended up doing a Captain America marathon with The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier. Yep, still absolutely loved both of them and that makes the Captain America trilogy one of my all time favorite Hollywood trilogies and my second fave after Nolan’s Dark Knight films in terms of comic-book movies.


So this weekend is time for another Wizard World comic-con. I only had time to go for a half day on Saturday, so unlike last year where I went to the Karl Urban and Gillian Anderson panels, this year I mainly stayed on the Exhibition Floor.


Favorite Cosplayers

Though we didn’t get to attend any panels, it’s still fun to watch the cosplayers! Instead of just the usual Luke and Leia cosplayers (who are no doubt still around), we’ve got some new Star Wars characters that didn’t exist a year ago… Rey & BB8, Poe Dameron and Kylo Ren. The Poe cosplayer looked so much like Oscar Isaac, down to his dark wavy hair! He could practically sub for Isaac himself on set I’d imagine, I think they might be of similar height, too!

Click to see a larger image

Deadpool is a popular one as well. Just on Saturday alone I saw at least four Deadpool cosplayers. But why dress up as only one iconic character if you can mash ’em up right? I love the Deadpool/Stormtrooper dude!


But my faves are the family cosplayers. Look at how cute the Scooby Doo family! The guy dressed as Shaggy holding Scooby has such a hilarious expression. The mother/daughter Jedis are so adorable, as was the two Spidey couple pushing a kid in a stroller! But my personal fave is the Marvel family w/ Winter Soldier mom, Captain America dad and Iron Man kid!

DC’s Suicide Squad are quite popular as well, especially Harley Quinn. We might’ve spotted at least five miss Quinns in various shapes and sizes. Of course Marvel characters are still massively popular, and I love the gender-bending cosplayers of the Aasgardians Thor & Loki.

We kept running into the Batman & Superman duo, both are older cosplayers and this Batman is more Adam West than Batfleck. My hubby actually asked them to do thumb-wars for the camera and they kindly obliged!

Dawn of Justice – thumb wars edition
Dawn of Justice – thumb wars edition

It was a fun moment when Wonder Woman joined Batman & Superman duo to complete the DC trifecta! Of course everyone on the floor nearby got their cameras/iPhones out to snap some pics!


So even though I didn’t get to see any panels this year, it was still a super fun day and definitely the highlight of my weekend! Big shout out to Wizard World PR people Jerry M. and Ryan for your hard work organizing this wonderful event.

So that’s my recap folks. What did you do/watch this weekend, anything good?

28 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Highlights from 2016 Wizard World Minneapolis

  1. PrairieGirl

    Hey Flixy, Comic-Com Mpls looked like LOTS of fun, one of these days I should attend… taking a mental health day today so I’m off to watch about six episodes in a row of Hot in Cleveland Season 6 (the final one, boo-hoo).

    1. Hi Becky! That’s good you’re taking a mental health day! Yes you should attend one of these comic-cons, they’re a lot of fun. Hoping to go to the Chicago one too later in August.

  2. Didn’t know there’s a comic book convention here in MN! I’m not into these kind of conventions but glad you had fun.

    Besides Civil War I didn’t see any other new movie this past weekend, I’m hoping I can go see Civil War again sometime this week at the IMAX theater before I leave for Vegas.

    1. I got a press pass and it was a fun way to spend a weekend! Ivan loved taking pictures of them too, we’re even thinking of going to the Chicago event in August 🙂

      I might consider seeing Civil War again but we usually never have time to see it twice, I mean I wanted to see Jungle Book again but haven’t got around to it.

  3. Just Captain America: Civil War and a re-watch of ugh…. The Bonfire of the Vanities. That is a very bad fuckin’ movie. I think it’s Brian de Palma’s worst film.

    1. Ahah, I haven’t seen ‘Bonfire’ but I think I remember one of my blogger friends who really liked that one. I totally forgot it’s by de Palma.

  4. I really like the Star Wars cosplay, I wonder if “Poe and Kylo” make their own costume at home or if it’s something they can buy. And totally agree about the Winter Soldier mom and family, very cute and that kid looks like he’s having a blast lol.

    1. Yeah I don’t know, it looks so elaborate so maybe they did make it themselves, or at least parts of it. I basically had to chase some of these people and ask if we could take a photo of them, but for the most part they love doing it, I guess that’s why they dressed up in the first place right? Yeah that kid must’ve been taught well to do the Iron Man thing, ahah.

    1. Hi Mariah! I wish there were actors of Gillian/Karl caliber this year, but then again I hardly watch TV so I don’t know most of the guests this year (GRIMM, etc.) But the cosplay-watch is always a blast!

  5. I haven’t seen anything over the weekend, I don’t know where all the time goes lately, probably discussing GoT :/ Really cool co-splay there, BB8 as a companion is a dream 🙂

    1. Ahah well at least you have a popular series you’re into that you can discuss w/ a bunch of ppl. I don’t have time to watch any TV these days, even keeping up w/ all the movie screenings is tough enough. Yeah, I LOVE BB8, wish there were cosplayers of Han Solo, but then again it’d be tough to look even half as good as Ford in that getup!

    1. Oh I didn’t have to queue up for anything thankfully, I did that at San Diego. Never again, so much time wasted waiting in line!

    1. Hello Madeleine! You’re the first cosplayer to leave a comment on my blog, so thanks! LOVE your outfit and bb8 is now my fave droid 😀

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