Five for the Fifth: DECEMBER 2015 Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Can’t believe the end of the year is upon us folks! As we anticipate December movies, I can’t help but setting my sights into movies opening in the Spring. Well, it looks to be a battle of Marvel vs DC, in which the two movies will consist of their own heroes fighting each other, ahah. Batman vs Superman aka Dawn of Justice and Captain America: Civil War are initially going to open on the same day, before Zack Snyder moved the release date of Dawn of Justice to March 25.

So here are the two recently-released trailers:

Heh, they pretty much given up the entire movie in the trailer! And despite all the hoopla of Batman fighting Superman, they practically downplayed the most intriguing aspect of the movie to introduce the huge monster Doomsday as the main villain. That’s just idiotic, why not build up more of the tension between the two behemoth heroes? I thought the 50-second teaser was far more interesting and ominous (see below), but the tone of the trailer is too playful it’s almost comedic which is just so messed up.

The only cool part of trailer 2 is seeing Wonder Woman in that last still shot, but man Jesse Eisenberg wins Most Annoying Villain ever as Lex Luthor.

On the other hand, I’m even more pumped to see the battle that goes down between Captain America and Iron Man!


The Captain America franchise has become my favorite of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the story arc is definitely the most interesting. I LOVE seeing Bucky in the trailer back on Capt’s side again. The reason why Capt. and Tony Stark are fighting each other make total sense and it’ll be a bad ass and emotional battle for both parties.


Nice seeing Black Panther here and his ambiguous allegiance makes his character all the more intriguing. May 6th can’t come soon enough!!

So what’s your thoughts on each of these trailers?

2. Switching gears to one of the most anticipated TV series returning next year. Both are supposed to be premiering in SPRING!!


One is Netflix’s DAREDEVIL… the teaser is over a month old but it’s still cool to see it again. Between Elektra and Punisher, Matt Murdoch’s got his work cut out for him! BRING. IT. ON.

As for the other series, well most of you who know me well should know by now how much I’ve been anticipating Outlander season 2, given how huge my crush is on hunky Frenchman Stanley Weber 😉

So yeah, one of the biggest reasons I look forward for season 2 is Comte St Germain. But I mean seriously, can you blame me? He still looks so damn hot in powdered wig, but I sure hope the producers know how to make the most of his talents. He’s largely unknown in the States but based on what I’ve seen him in so far, he’s SO much more than a pretty face and be both charming AND menacing at the same time. Can’t wait to see that staredown scene between Le Comte and Claire.


What’s YOUR most anticipated returning TV series?

3. In the next few weeks I hope to do a Top 10 MVP of both male and female performers of 2015 (in a separate list). I might wait until January though so I can see as many new releases as possible. But I have a pretty good idea who would surely make my list based on what I’ve seen so far, these two would certainly make my top 10:


Thank you George Miller for making Mad Max: Fury Road a female-driven film and infused it with the most breathtaking, fun and emotional cinematic ride I’ve seen on the big screen all year. Charlize Theron is so freakin’ bad ass as Furiosa that it’s definitely one of the most memorable female performances of 2015.


Ahhhh Tom Hardy… the scene stealer in practically everything he’s in gets to show his chops playing TWO characters as the Kray Brothers in LEGEND. He’s really the only reason to see the film. Absolutely mesmerizing despite the so-so script, and practically Bond-like as Reggie Kray. Please Broccolis, you’ve GOT to offer him 007 post Daniel Craig!

So if you could just name one male & female MVP of the year, who would they be?

4. Now, this question might be an easy or a tricky one. But I hope this topic will spark some discussions amongst you movie lovers.

Do you think 2015 has been a good year for movies? Please let me know your rationale regardless which is your answer.

5. This month Five for the Fifth’s guest is Keith from Keith and Movies Blog!

The question relates perfectly to the one above, as each of us certainly bring different expectations to certain films. I think for me, given how I feel about the recent Bond movies, I’d think Spectre is one of my biggest disappointments of the year.


With the movie year winding down, what was your biggest movie disappointment of the past year?

Well, that’s it for the year end’s edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

35 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: DECEMBER 2015 Edition

  1. Can’t believe 2015 is almost over either but I’m happy because so far I’ve seen some great films near the end of the year and there are still Star Wars and The Hateful Eight coming out soon!

    1. To be honest with you, I now have ZERO interest in seeing Batman v. Superman, I still couldn’t get over the fact that they cast Eisenberg as Luthor and now my worse fear has come true. From that trailer, he’s NOT Luthor at all, I don’t know what they were thinking when they cast him in that role. Also, I thought the trailer was the worst I’ve ever for a big budget superhero flick. Doomsday looks awful and it appears to be another CGI fill just like Man of Steel.

    On the other hand, Capt. America: Civil War looks spectacular! It goes to show that Marvel knows what they’re doing with their superheroes franchises while Warner/DC is trying to catch up and doing an awful job at it. Since Nolan’s no longer involved in any of the projects, they’re a mess.

    2. Definitely looking forward to DareDevil and see how they’re going to interpret The Punisher, none of the films about him were any good. Also, I’m looking forward to another season of The Americans.

    3. Well since I just recently saw CREED (loved it, my second favorite film of the year) I think Stallone deserves an Oscar nomination for his performance as an old man Rocky. For female, I still think Theron’s performance was one of best ever for a female in a big action picture.

    4. This one is kind of tough, I mean I saw a lot of good to great films this year but I also saw a lot of average to awful films too. Maybe I’ll know for sure in a couple of months if 2015 is a good year for films or not.

    5. Yeah SPECTRE could’ve been something special but I enjoyed it. I think the movie that was a huge disappointment to me was TOMORROWLAND, it has a great concept and a good director but somehow it was a turd of a film.

    1. Hi Ted, yep I feel the same way as you. DC definitely has butchered any chance of ever catching up to Marvel. Dawn of Justice looks so dumb, and yeah Eissenberg looks super annoying in that trailer. Civil War looks fantastic as the story makes sense and it actually makes you care!

      Yeah, I can’t wait to see Elektra and Punisher in Daredevil 2, I think it’ll be great. I haven’t been too impressed w/ Jessica Jones yet though, are you watching that?

      I love CREED too and I agree Stallone did a superb job, though there’s a ton of competition in the supporting actor category, but it’d be nice to see him get a nomination.

      I personally think it’s been a decent year for movies, and I’ve seen a ton more than you.

      Oh right, Tomorrowland is indeed a big disappointment!!

      1. I think Warner/DC should’ve convince Nolan harder to blend his Dark Knight films into their world, I mean it would’ve been cool had Bale’s Batman shows up somewhere in Man of Steel. I know Nolan kept saying that his Batman films are standalone but he could’ve changed his mind if the studio folks tried harder to convince him. Now that Snyder is in charge, their franchise looks to be a mess. Of course I could be wrong and Batman v. Superman earns billions of dollars and everyone’s happy.

        I don’t know anything about Jessica Jones so I’m not watching the show. I’m trying not to get sucked into more TV shows, I’ve already hooked on The Walking Dead, Fargo, The Americans, House of Cards and DareDevil. I don’t want to be even more of a couch potato, ha ha.

  2. 1. Am more intrigued with Marvel’s Civil War, but found I really liked Affleck’s look and portrayal of Batman in the trailer. Although, “Doomsday” (if that’s true, they’ve really screwed up the DC comic villain’s origin story) looked like “…a cross between Hulk’s Abomination, Lord of the Rings’ cave trolls and orcs, and one of Michael Bay’s terrible Ninja Turtles”, quoting Looper’s recent article. We’ll see…

    2. Yeah, DAREDEVIL is one of them, for sure. Didn’t start OUTLANDER, but certainly read about its torturous S1 ’finale’. Also looking forward to season two of AGENT CARTER.

    3. Theron and Emily Blunt (SICARIO) as female MVP, and Michael Fassbender for male MVP.

    4. Good year, by the skin of its teeth, and mostly for how it’s ending, and for those you and I have mentioned.

    5. Fantastic Four would be the too easy answer, but I’d go with ‘Furious 7’ as my personal disappointment (but Kurt Russell is great in it).

    1. Hi Michael! I have to admit I’m liking Affleck’s portrayal of Batman too, that’s why its so stupid that the didn’t build on that relationship between him and Superman. Ahah, that’s a perfect description of Doomsday!! In otherwords it’s absolutely grotesque!

      I actually skipped the last few episodes of Outlander, yep it’s quite brutal what happens to Jamie. I sure hope season 2 is gonna be much less brutal. I really should go back to catching up to Agent Carter, LOVE Hailey Atwell!

      Nice picks! I presume Fassbender will make my list too for Steve Jobs and Macbeth.

      Oh you didn’t like Furious 7? I found it surprisingly enjoyable, but thankfully I skipped Fantastic Four.

  3. Wow that Batman V Superman trailer 2 … didn’t do anything to alleviate my doubts. I’m not excited for it. Yeah, the 50 second teaser’s less is more approach was marginally better, focusing on the two heroes.

    As for Spring 2016 TV shows I’m all about Game of Thrones. Also, The 100, Legends of Tomorrow, X-Files, and Daredevil I”ll be watching. 😀

    1. Hey Eddie! Yeah it seems that a small amount of hope I had for it is quickly dashed w/ the arrival of Doomsday, ugh! Seriously, why the heck can’t they just focus on the two heroes?? Why even bothered naming it Batman vs Superman??

      I know you have a ton of series to look forward to 😉

  4. 1. I didn’t mind seeing Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor as I think it’s a different thing as I was sort of enjoying myself until Doomsday appeared. That ruined it for me. Captain America: Civil War however is something I do want to see.

    2. Agent Carter is the one TV series I’m waiting to see right now.

    3. Right now, Tom Hardy for Mad Max: Fury Road and Brie Larson for Room which I saw today along with Spotlight.

    4. Well, despite the fact that I didn’t see a lot of films this year. I would say this was a pretty damn good year.

    5. Biggest disappointment, I don’t know. I didn’t have a lot of expectations for a lot of films this year as the bad ones I saw I knew weren’t going to be great anyways.

    1. Hi Steven! Yeah I think Doomsday’s appearance created out of Zod is a WTF moment that I think will make DC lose even more fans. Civil War on the other hand looks SO good! Marvel’s done a marvelous job (pardon the pun) in connecting the films nicely.

      So you haven’t seen Agent Carter yet? I saw some episodes of season 1 and enjoyed seeing Hayley Atwell in the role.

      Brie Larson would make my top 10 list I think, but I still think Charlize is far more memorable.

      Yep I think I’m with you as well about 2015 being a decent year for movies.

  5. 3. Been a good year for female performances, especially in action movies , Charlize Theron, Rebecca Ferguson, Emily Blunt. And there’s also The Assassin and Star Wars 7, which I believe have female action roles. Not sure what my favorite male and female performances are.

    4. Pre-oscar season has been pretty strong. I was able to publish a top 10 in September which is rare for me at that stage.

    5. Sicario had good perfoemances, and was book-ended by two powerful scenes, but I thought the middle was dull for a thriller. Phoenix directed by Christian Petzold was praised yet to me was implausible.

    1. Hi there Chris! Oh I think you’re right, in terms of action movies there have been a ton of great female performers. I haven’t seen The Assassin yet but really looking forward to it.

      Do you have a link to your top 10 list? I can’t remember if I’ve commented on that or not.

      I haven’t seen Phoenix nor Sicario but it seems that the latter was praised highly as well.

  6. Hey Ruth! Thanks for the inclusion!

    Those trailers. I like a lot about Superman/Batman. Affleck looks really good as Bruce Wayne and I still think Cavill is very comvincing. The Wonder Woman splash was fabulous! Since this is a set up for Justice League I didn’t put much into the Batman/Superman fight. But showing that was really a dumb idea. Too much. Speaking of too much, what on earth is Eisenburg doing? He looks dreadful.

    Civil War though. Woooo it looks great. I can’t wait and I’m really curious about how what all they pull out of the CW storyline from the comics. It was a tremendous story.

    1. No thank YOU Keith!!

      I like the three main performers of Dawn of Justice but really, why can’t DC just focus on the two main heroes? I mean those are two of the biggest superheroes ever and they’d rather make it a generic movie w/ some lame monster villain. Not to mention Luthor being hugely annoying.

      Yes, we share our love for Capt America right Keith? Civil War looks poised to tie the trilogy nicely and end w/ a bang, I can’t wait!!

      1. The Civil War storyline ends with an epic bang. I wouldn’t dare spoil it for you but I’m REALLY anxious to see how far the movies go with it.

        1. Are you referring to the comics Keith? Well I certainly hope it DOES end with an epic bang, and the trailer hints at it, but Marvel is smart enough in not revealing everything. I wonder if Chris Evans will sign on for more films, I know he’s said in the past he’s done after 6 films.

  7. I love Jesse Eisenberg and I considered seeing Batman v Superman just for him, but this looks awful. It’s like he’s trying to be The Joker. And you’re right, they gave pretty much the entire movie away in the trailer. They should’ve taken a note from Marvel when they only showed stuff from the first 15-20 minutes of Age of Ultron.

    Civil War though, I’m SO pumped for that movie. I’ve watched that trailer about 50 times lol.

    I’m pumped for season 2 of Daredevil as well. As for female and male MVP, I’m not sure who I’d pick yet. I need to see a few more movies. If we’re talking badasses, then Charlize as Furiosa and Johnny Depp as Bulger are standing out at the moment.

    1. Hi Brittani! Well if he indeed aimed to imitate The Joker well that’s just silly as it’s a completely different character. But I think he’s not the worst part of Dawn of Justice, Doomsday looks absolutely stupid. Ahah, I don’t blame you about seeing the Civil War trailer so many times, it looks so awesome!!

      Glad to see you pick Charlize too, LOVE her! I haven’t seen Blackmass yet but I heard Depp was indeed excellent as Bulger.

  8. 1. BvS trailer is an embarrassment. I don’t know what Doomsday is but it looks like every shitty generic monster out there. Ironically Batfleck is the best thing about that trailer, Cavill cannot act and that WW actress is a total nobody, I don’t even wanna comment on Eisenberg. But hey, that’s what they get for getting Snyder. CW looks bland to me and as usual with Marvel over-stuffing the movie with too many characters but at least it’s not embarrassing to look at

    2. have you seen outlander season 1 ? I only saw 4 eps but apparently it’s a very gory show. I still haven’t finished season 1 of DD, it’s a good show but for some reason I preferred rewatching Downton Abbey than seeing this and Jessica Jones. Hardy wanted to be Punisher….it’s a shame, but this guy they got will do well, I last saw him in Me earl and dying girl which sucked but he was lovely in it

    3. Theron for me as well and as for male actors Fassbender in Macbeth and Del Toro in Sicario are my respective winners atm for lead and supporting

    4. nope. So many Oscar contenders failed. And I imagine those I haven’t seen it will too. I so far only gave 10/10 to Fury Road

    5. Huh, not sure. So many films failed, I’ve given 7/10 a lot and that’s the grade for my expectations not being met 🙂 Macbeth could have been so much better, it had so many amazing things but equal amount of average ones

    1. Hello Margaret! Yep, Dawn of Justice is practically the laughing stock of the film community, I can’t imagine anyone still anticipating that movie. Batfleck is likely the only thing that might make the film watchable. Yep, Cavill can’t act his way out of a paperbag, he just has no charisma either despite being physically hot. Hardy is 1000 times sexier and so much more fun to watch despite not being so *perfect looking.*

      I’ve only seen half of season 1 of Outlander and it’s pretty gory, but I think the latter episodes get even more brutal. Season 2 is moving to France so hopefully not as violent and graphic, but it doesn’t matter, I LOVE Stanley so much I’ll watch him in anything. Boy, if Hardy has been in Punisher in DD, he’d effortlessly outshine the guy playing Daredevil. He really deserves his own show anyway if he ever to come to TV.

      I know you’d go for Theron, yay! I’ll be seeing Macbeth on Tuesday, I think I’d pick Fassy too.

      It seems that early Oscar contenders seem to fall by the wayside, i.e. Suffragette. But hopefully that means Fury Road will get more chances of being nominated!!

      Bummer about Macbeth, I guess I’ll know how I feel about it in a couple of days.

  9. I’m really over The Avengers. No steam left.
    I don’t watch TV.
    As for disappointments… I hated Spectre, but didn’t think I’d love it, so it wasn’t a huge disappointment (to me). Maybe Tomorrowland. I thought it sounded so cool and then so little was done with it. I kind of have a terrible memory though. Disappointment of the day is more my speed.

    1. I’m tired for the Avengers too, but I LOVE Captain America movies and I think they’re the best franchise in Marvel Cinematic Universe.

      Yes I’d agree about Tomorrowland, such a wasted opportunity there.

  10. 1- I am curious to know if I am the only one who hasn’t watched these trailers and/or doesn’t care about them in the slightest. I care more about the health of my bowel movements than these trailers. Sorry to get too graphic there Ruth!

    2 – ditto Daredevil, don’t see the appeal. I have not heard of the other show you mentioned though, I might check out an episode or too. Shows that I hope are coming back are Its Sunny In Philadelphia and also Rick and Morty, which is the best cartoon ever hands down. The end. 😀

    3 – Tie Cate Blanchett in Truth and Saiorse (sp) Ronan in Brooklyn. Male… I have no idea if I’m honest. Hardy as the Kray twins were fantastic and definitely the only reason to see that film! Oo oo, Isaac and Vikander were really good in Ex machina too

    4 – When I thought about a top ten last year I had to make it a top 15. There was so much good stuff, Whiplash, Budapest, Inherent Vice, Birdman, and a lot indie stuff too (Frank, Under The Skin, Jauja). This year I’m gonna struggle to make a top ten I think, this year has been pretty dry compared to last in my opinion. -Especially- regarding Aussie movies =/

    5 – The Martian, The Martian and The Martian. Though honestly I don’t know why I listened to critics talking about yet another movie in which Matt Damon needs rescuing so it wasn’t really a disappointment. Same goes for Trainwreck, I wasn’t expecting a lot but what I got was horrid. If anything I was slightly disappointed by Roy Andersson’s “A Pigeon Sitting on A Branch Reflecting on Life” after having read so much about the directors style. I enjoy ed the film but nowhere near as much as I thought I would

    Cheers Ruth!

    1. Cheers Jordan!

      Ahah I understand your sentiment, I’m glad you’re not into superhero movies actually, that makes you unique! Plus I love that you’re more into indie movies!

      At the same time, Daredevil is a GREAT series. If you’re ever in the mood to give a superhero film a try, give that series a shot. It’s more of a noir thriller and not a popcorn type flick like Avengers.

      I just read your review of TRUTH, man I definitely have to see that for Blanchett. Glad to see you LOVE Saoirse’s performance that much, yay!! Yes about Hardy, it’s a travesty he wasn’t nominated for it. THis has been quite a year for Vikander but she was indeed good in Ex Machina.

      Hmmm, interesting that you don’t think 2015 has been a good year. I’m actually quite happy w/ it, it’s not spectacular but I think I won’t have trouble compiling my top 10.

      1. I’m going through my site and you are right, I’m finding that it won’t be hard to make a top ten, but I dunno, last year seemed so stacked to me. Then again I’ve only been writing about movies for a year and a bit so my views are a bit skewed. Plus all the awards movies don’t come out here till next year.
        I might give Daredevil a try. You sure were right about Brooklyn!

      2. I’m going through my site and I’m finding that it won’t be hard to make a top ten, but I dunno, last year seemed so stacked to me. Then again I’ve only been writing about movies for a year and a bit so my views are a bit skewed. Plus all the awards movies don’t come out here till next year.
        I might give Daredevil a try. You sure were right about Brooklyn!

  11. Well, needless to say that I’m looking forward to Civil War and Bats vs Supes (like most of the rest of the planet probably). I’m slghtly worried about B vs S as Snyder isn’t the best director but I’m prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    1. Hi Mark! Well based on that trailer, there is VERY good reason to be worried about Snyder. I sure hope he did a decent job in Batman vs Superman, I mean it’s two of the BIGGEST superheroes, I sure hope he won’t butcher that story!

  12. 1. I’m not very excited for either, actually. And I’m a Batman and Superman fan! 😦

    2. I’ll go with House of Cards, but I’m keen on seeing season 2 of True Detective, which is already out.

    3. Based on their body of work, I’d probably go with Tom Hardy (not seen Legend yet, though) and Alicia Vikander.

    4. I think it was a good year for movies. I loved a lot of films, and there are still unseen ones I’m sure I’ll love. Though, I don’t think it was an all-time great year for movies overall.

    5. My biggest disappointment was probably Irrational Man, which I liked, but could’ve been much better.

    1. Hi Josh!

      BVS is rather worrisome considering it’s Zack Snyder. I guess I’m more curious than excited about it.

      I haven’t seen a ton of great TV series, still trying to finish Jessica Jones.

      Yes, Hardy and Vikander have been on a roll, glad to see they’re both nominated for Oscar this year.

      I think coming from you who’ve seen a ton of movies, I guess I believe it when you say it’s not a great year for movies overall.

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