November Viewing Roundup + What I watched during my hiatus

NovRecapHello hello! Miss me? Well I’m not exactly back yet, I’m extending my hiatus probably until after Christmas. I’ve been diligently working on my script daily and I don’t want to lose momentum. I might still do a post here and there if I have time and feel like doing it, so don’t forget me 😉

Well, we’ve been watching a ton of great movies, both new releases and rewatches, thanks to the four-day Thanksgiving weekend. Here they are in alphabetical order…

New Releases

  • Disney Short Films Collection
    Worth seeing if you love Disney and short films. It’s a pretty eclectic collection and some of them you might’ve seen. The Little Matchgirl one got me bawling, it’s such a heartbreaking story. I remember seeing a stage adaptation of that as a kid and even that stayed with me for years!
  • Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2
    This was one of the craziest press screenings ever with thousands of people, mostly teens, lining up for hours at a local IMAX theater. But the movie was so ho hum, I could barely remember anything about it now and it was so darn predictable. It just reinforced me what a terrible actor Liam Hemsworth truly is and honestly I’m bored at seeing Jennifer Lawrence‘s face, which was practically in every single scene. It still pains me to watch the late Philip Seymour Hoffman though.
  • Legend

    If I were to review this movie, it’d just be a collection of pictures of how Bond-like Tom Hardy looked in most of the scenes, well when he’s playing Reggie that is. Ron, not so much. But he’s really the reason to see it, otherwise it’s a pretty standard gangster flick.

  • Mr Holmes
  • Night Owls
    A witty indie comedy/drama that takes place over a single night. The dialog is sometimes raunchy, but there’s a genuine chemistry between the two leads and the script is refreshingly honest and has a natural flow to it. Definitely worth a look. Stay tuned for my interview with writer/director Charles Hood on Wednesday!
  • Spectre
  • Spotlight
    This film about the uncovering of the sexual abuse scandal by Catholic priests in Massachusetts will certainly rile you up and stay with you for days. This fine ensemble cast certainly lives up to its stellar reviews. It’s a riveting, disturbing, and emotionally-gratifying from start to finish. Terrific script and top notch cast that’s thankfully NOT wasted. Definitely one of the best investigative journalism film of all time, right up there with All the President’s Men.
  • Trumbo

    I LOVE films about Classic Hollywood and if you’re a fan of Bryan Cranston, then it’s an absolute must-see. He’s electrifying as Dalton Trumbo, one of the Hollywood 10 screenwriters who were jailed and blacklisted for their political beliefs.



I had the pleasure of seeing Tom Hiddleston as Coriolanus during a National Live Theater presentation at a local cinema last week. It was a powerful and mesmerizing performance from the Shakespearean actor. I wish I could’ve seen it live on stage, which would’ve been amazing to watch considering how intimate the Donmar Theatre was, it seats only 250!

TV Series

Man in the High Castle (season 1)


I have to do a whole post on this series as I have a lot to say about this Philip K. Dick’s adaptation. But for sure Rufus Sewell is one of the highlights here, if only the producers realized that and give him more screen time in future seasons.


I rewatched a ton of movies this past month, which turns out to be quite an eclectic collection now that I think about it. Hey, I love the action stuff as much as the romantic love stories 😉

  • Anna Karenina
  • Batman Begins
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Cinderella
  • For Your Eyes Only
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • Midnight in Paris
  • Not Another Happy Ending


Movie of the Month


Well, that’s my November update. What about you, what’s your favorite film you saw last month?

42 thoughts on “November Viewing Roundup + What I watched during my hiatus

  1. I thought about seeing the second Hunger Games but I ended up not doing so as I’m not willing to wake up in the morning and spend $6 to see my BO$$ Jena in the film for only a few minutes. Fuck that shit! Plus, I’m getting sick of J-Law.

  2. ‘Spotlight’ and ‘Trumbo’ definitely on my must-see list. If ‘Legend’ is only so-so, try seeing Gary Kemp and brother Martin portraying them in Peter Medak’s ‘The Krays’ (1990). Not available on Region 1, but it is on Netflix and worth looking up, Ruth.

    1. I reckon you’d love both of those films Michael. Oh thanks for the recommendations about The Krays, glad it’s on Netflix! I think LEGEND is still worth a watch just for Tom Hardy, he’s so mesmerizing!

  3. Trumbo sounds interesting and it’s good to see Bryan Cranston getting good movie roles after Breaking Bad. Man in the High Castle is probably the next series I watch after I’m done with Jessica Jones. Enjoy your extended hiatus Ruth!

    1. Hey Eddie, if you’re a fan of Cranston it’s definitely worth seeing. I wasn’t too impressed w/ Jessica Jones having just seen one episode, whilst MITHC hooked me right from the start. I’m hoping the subsequent episodes of JJ are more interesting though.

  4. Well, we’ve talked about it. Spotlight is a great movie. Considering the many good films you’ve seen this month, I love seeing Spotlight at the top. I can’t wait to see it again.

    1. Hey Keith! Glad we’re in agreement about Spotlight. It’s a tough watch but an important one. I sent a trailer to my brother who’s a devout Catholic, I think they really need to see this film.

  5. I skipped Legend theatrically due to my fear of fainting upon seeing Hardy in all that gangster-in-a-suit glory, so I’m gonna need to wait for DVD. But yeah, I heard the movie is not worth his performance(s).

    1. Hi Margaret! Ahah well he is extremely hot as Reggie Kray so I totally understand. It was so distracting how he looked so much like Bond, though I doubt he’d even be interested in the role as he’s got such an amazing career as it is. But man, I’d LOVE to see him do even just two Bond flicks, he’d outshine Daniel Craig so much nobody would even remember him. But yeah, as for Legend, the movie itself is just mediocre, Hardy is the only best thing in it.

      1. Tom was asked about Bond a whole bunch of times and said that he would be very honored and definitely considered it but then he usually, right after saying stuff like that, makes some sort of remark about having ‘crooked teeth’ and being not suitable for it 🙂 He is so adorable ^^

        1. Awww, I love sexy guys who are self deprecating! I think his crooked teeth adds character and he’s a thousand times sexier than Craig and even Brosnan, so I truly hope the Broccolis are smart enough to offer him the role. Seriously he’d be perfect and the franchise will make even more $$$$ 😀

  6. I saw Spotlight yesterday and loved it. My theater also got Trumbo, I’m hoping they hold on to it next week so I can see it. Mockingjay part 2 was SO underwhelming.

    1. Hi Brittani! Oh I’m glad you saw Spotlight!! I hope your theater still show TRUMBO next week, it’s sad when great indie films take a backseat to vapid blockbusters like Mockingjay.

    1. I hope you do see Spotlight, it deserves to be seen and it’s such a great film. Oh if you like Pally you should definitely check out Night Owls, he’s quite charming in that.

  7. Wow! You’ve seen a lot more than I. Mr. Holmes, Trumbo and Spotlight are on my list of films to catch. I’m jealous you’re working on your script. Good for you! I’ve been inundated with moving. The month of November was a blur. Here’s to December! xoxo

    1. Hi Cindy! Oh I think you’ll enjoy all three. Sorry to hear about your crazy month, hope things improve for you. Where are you moving to? Sorry if I haven’t been keeping up lately. But yes, here’s to a better December!

  8. Glad you are enjoying your hiatus and have extra time for writing your script, we all need a break sometimes from the blogging world. Those Roger Moore Bond films are so rewatchable. How was Mad Max: Fury Road on second viewing?
    I’ve gotta check out The Little Matchgirl then, especially since I’m working on my top 50 short films list.

    1. Hi Chris! It seems that it’s never enough time as w/ scripts it’s mostly rewriting 😉 Ahah yeah, the Roger Moore movies are silly but fun, it’s more guilty pleasure for me as I grew up watching them.

      I LOVE Fury Road on second viewing! It’s still as bombastic, crazy and emotional as the first time. In fact I think I loved it even more.

      The Little Matchgirl is VERY sad, but it’s beautifully done. It’s one of my faves from the Disney Shorts Collection.

  9. After your coverage of the TCFF, you need a break Ruth! Hope your script is coming along to your satisfaction, I know that every time I start writing a script or story, I get frustrated and then just toss it out.

    I didn’t watch a lot of movies last month since I currently without my projector, had to send it in to get it fixed. Now waiting for a new one if they can’t fix it. The only new movie I saw was SPECTRE. As you know I enjoyed way more than you did, in fact I went to see it again a couple weeks ago and enjoyed it more than the first time; mostly because I didn’t have the high expectations like the first time.

    I really want to watch THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE since I’m a fan of the book. I know Hollywood’s been trying to turn it into a movie for years but I’m glad it got turned into a TV series, it probably works better in that format.

    1. Hi Ted! Ahah yes I do, though I still need to do my Five for the Fifth before I go on another hiatus. I really enjoyed working on my script so I’m not as enthused about blogging as much as I used to.

      Hey how was The Revenant? You can just briefly say if you like or dislike it, and how gory it is. I can’t wait to read your full review!

      THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE is still worth a look despite its flaws. I do think it works better as a series as there’s a ton of details!

      1. I loved THE REVENANT, one of the few films that exceeded my expectations. It’s pretty intense, the bear attack scene was pretty graphic and the climatic fight between Leo and Hardy. I don’t know if I can recommend it to you since I know you don’t like to watch graphic violent films. It’s beautifully shot and directed, many sequences I felt like it’s a homage to Terrance Malick’s films.

        1. That’s great Ted, glad you love the film. Yeah I don’t think I could see The Revenant on the big screen but I still might rent it. Interesting you said it’s like an homage to Malick, was Innaritu a big fan of his? Anyway, can you review this by next week? Just so I can format it just in time for Christmas.

  10. I loved Hardy is Legend, but the rest of that movie was crap. Mr Holmes was GREAT and I need to buy that asap. Trumbo and Spotlight don’t open down here till next year unfortunetely

    1. Hi Jordan! I feel the exact same way about Legend, I think Hardy’s performance is really the only reason to see it as the direction is quite midling. Glad you love Mr Holmes, too. I hope you check out Spotlight on the big screen, it’s a must see!

        1. I forgot it’s Summer where you are now Jordan! Film releases is such an odd thing, I wish we could have movies released the same time everywhere, or at least within just a week or two of its initial release in whatever country it is.

  11. Gotta be Bridge of Spies for me (just about managed to squeeze that in at the end of the month). Loved that film. Also really enjoyed Brooklyn, Steve Jobs, and Mockingjay — Part 2. It’s a shame the latter wasn’t for you! Happy writing Ruth.

    1. Hi Adam! Bridge of Spies was such a pleasant surprise for me, didn’t expect to love it as much as I did. LOVE Brooklyn and admired Steve Jobs movie but Mockingjay is just meh, I think the franchise is a diminishing returns, the best film is still the first one.

  12. Looks like I’ve missed most of your hiatus. Great job and good luck on the screenwriting! Hopefully, I’ll get back into commenting more regularly by the time your hiatus ends. 😉

    LOVE that Spotlight is your movie of the month. It’s a brilliant film, and I’d love for it to win Best Picture. It looks like Trumbo is going to get lost in the awards shuffle, so I think I’ll wait for DVD/streaming on it. I’m still dying to see Legend though.

    1. Hi Josh! I will take an extended hiatus after I post my Five for the Fifth, though if I’m in the mood to blog I might post something 😉

      Yes, Spotlight is just so brilliant and engrossing, I certainly don’t mind it winning Best Picture. Yeah I think you’re right about Trumbo. It’d be cool to see Hardy nominated as he was overlooked in Locke.

  13. abbiosbiston

    I have to say I actually did not watch a lot of films in November but I did rewatch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and it was still fabulous!

  14. Hope your scriptwriting is going well Ruth. I still haven’t had a chance to see Mockingjay Part Two yet. I had high hopes for the finale but your summary makes me a bit nervous. With the exception of Catching Fire I’ve really enjoyed the franchise and would like to see it get a decent send off. I’m looking forward to re-watching a few of my favourite Christmas films over the next few weeks – Love Actually, Home Alone and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation are at the top of my list 🙂

    1. Hello Natalie! It’s going well, though it’s mostly rewrites, rewrites, rewrites 🙂

      Mockingjay Part 2 is not bad, just not memorable and the ending just drags and drags. Oooh, I LOVE Love, Actually, thankfully it’s on Netflix!

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