Five for the Fifth: SEPTEMBER 2015 Edition


Welcome to FlixChatter’s primary blog series! As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Since this is Back to School week for many of you, or will be after Labor Day weekend, I figure I’ll borrow the question of this week’s Thursday Movie Picks topic. Since I didn’t participate, I figure I’d name three movie teachers who made an impression on me:

  • Mr. Keating (Robin Williams) – Dead Poets Society
  • Jean Brodie (Maggie Smith) – The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
  • Albus Dumbledore (Richard Harris/Michael Gambon) – Harry Potter series

So what’s your favorite teacher(s) in movies?

2. September is a boon for film lovers as there are a plethora of film festivals going on. The big ones like TIFF, Venice, Telluride, etc. are going on this month, but this one you might not have heard of: The Deauville American Film Festival (Festival du cinéma américain de Deauville). It started on the day I was born, 1975, and took place in Deauville, the closest seaside resort to Paris in Northwestern France.


I actually heard of this film fest thanks to my dahling Stanley Weber who’s a member of the The Révélation Jury this year. There are tons of my most-anticipated films premiering there as well: Knight of Cups, 99 Homes, Sicario, Everest, etc. I had to laugh at their picks of this year’s honorees though. I mean Michael Bay?? Orlando Bloom?? Seriously?? Though I have no problem that they’re honoring Keanu Reeves though.

What’s your most memorable film and/or moment at a film festival? Local or otherwise.


3. FIRST LOOK of a couple of films I can’t wait to see that I’ve talked about off and on on this blog. First, we’ve got the trailer of the sci-fi romance comedy The Lobster starring Colin Farrell, Rachel Weisz, Léa Seydoux, John C. Reilly and Ben Whishaw.

In a dystopian near future, single people, according to the laws of The City, are taken to The Hotel, where they are obliged to find a romantic partner in forty-five days or are transformed into beasts and sent off into The Woods.

The trailer made me laugh so hard! The idea is absolutely bonkers which would make for an amusing comedy, so hopefully the funniest bits aren’t all in the trailer. I’m especially curious to see Weisz, Seydoux and Whishaw who I normally associate with serious films.


Now, the Terrence Malick drama Knight of Cups that I’ve been waiting for over four years now is getting closer to be released. Well by close I mean within a year, we are talking about Malick after all. A new featurette is just released, including interviews with some of the cast, but no Christian Bale who’s the lead.

Rick (Bale) is a screenwriter living in LA tries to make sense of the strange events occurring around him.

In typical Malick fashion, the movie looks exquisitely-shot, again working with his regular DP, Emmanuel Lubezki. Per IMDb trivia, there was apparently no script and all of the scenes were improvised. Only Malick could get three Oscar winners to do his movie with no script, wow! So does that mean the film would not be eligible for a Best Screenplay award then? Not that I’m suggesting there’s ever a chance it would be nominated. I just think it must be quite an adventure working for this eccentric filmmaker, but hey, it’s got Bale AND Cate Blanchett so I’m still highly anticipating this one. Plus Bale looks so damn hot in this film, ehm 😛

So what are your thoughts on either one of these films?

Lucy_Desi4. Gotta have a casting news update on FFTF, especially when it concerns the incomparable miss Blanchett! Per Variety, she’s set to play the comedic icon Lucille Ball in a biopic that’s being produced by her two children, Lucie Arnaz and Desi Arnaz Jr. Aaron Sorkin is in talks to pen the script, which will center on Ball’s 20-year marriage to Desi Arnaz. She eloped with the Cuban bandleader in 1940, and the two created the massively successful sitcom “I Love Lucy” — in which she won four Emmys — in 1951 through their Desilu Productions.

I think this is great casting as Blanchett can pretty much tackle any role. They haven’t cast the actor to play Desi yet but I’d LOVE to see Guatemalan-born Oscar Isaac in the role. I think the role should be filled by a Latin actor and I’d love to see Isaac do a comedic role. Plus I think he’d be smokin’ paired up with Blanchett. Both are massively talented actors, so please Hollywood, make it happen!


Thoughts on Blanchett’s casting and who should play Desi?

This month’s Five for the Fifth’s guest is Margaret from Cinematic Corner!

Margaret was inspired by the fact that Mad Max: Fury Road finally won something and soon it’s gonna be Oscar season.

Are people going to forget all about the great movies we had in the first 9-10 months of the year? So before the Oscar season starts, I thought it would be fun if everyone shared their line up for Picture and Actor/Actress/Supporting Actor & Actress categories before the big Oscar baits start premiering.

So if the Oscars were to be handed out this month, which film and the four major acting awards would you pick to win?

Well, that’s it for the September 2015 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

38 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: SEPTEMBER 2015 Edition

  1. 1. Robin Williams as Mr. Keating and Edward James Olmos as Jaime Escalante in Stand and Deliver.

    2. I volunteered 11 years ago at the Atlanta Film Festival where I would see Strayed starring Emmanuelle Beart, DiG! about the love-hate friendship between the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Dandy Warhols, Some Kind of Monster about Metallica recording St. Anger, Easy starring Marguerite Monreau and Emily Deschanel, Mother starring Anne Reid and Daniel Craig, and Primer where I met Shane Carruth and talked with him. I also met and chatted with Ondi Timoner who directed DiG!.

    3. I want to see both films. I love Dogtooth so I’m eager to see this. And I love Terrence Malick, why would I want to say no to that?

    4. Oscar Isaac as Desi… YES! I’m also for Cate Blanchett as Lucy. I think she can do it. Anyone who hasn’t seen her in Coffee and Cigarettes or I’m Not There are unaware of how funny she can be.

    5. Mad Max: Fury Road for Best Picture, George Miller for Best Director, and Best Acting Prizes to Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron.

    1. Hi Steven!

      Glad we agree on Mr Keating. Haven’t seen Stand and Deliver but I LOVE Edward James Olmos!

      Thanks for sharing about your AFF experience. I actually haven’t seen Primer but I know lots of people like that film, very cool you got to meet Shane Carruth!

      I also like Malick even if I don’t always understand his films, and the idea of Knight of Cups really intrigues me.

      Glad to hear you like my choice for Desi, I just think Isaac can do anything. Same w/ miss Blanchett. I know she can tackle comedy w/ aplomb.

      Yep, I’d love to see much love for Fury Road come award season, too!

  2. 1. Annie Sullivan, The Miracle Worker (1962), as portrayed by the great Anne Bancroft.

    2. Stricly Ballman (1992), opening night at the Palm Spring International Film Festival with my bride.

    3. I’m intrigued with both, but not overly.

    4. You’ve nailed it. Oscar Isaac would be as compelling as Desi as would Blanchett portraying Lucy.

    5. Best Actor: Jake Gyllenhaal, Southpaw – Best Actress: Charlize Theron – Best Director: George Miller – Best Picture: Mad Max – Fury Road.

    Hope you all a Happy Labor Day weekend.

    1. Hi Michael, glad to see you take part in FFTF!

      I hope Oscar Isaac would at least be a contender to play Desi, can’t imagine any other actor at this point. Nice to see more love for Fury Road and though I haven’t seen Southpaw yet, Jake G looks poised for Best Actor nod in that one.

  3. Tom

    1) Robin Williams’ Mr. Keating; Embeth Davidtz’ Miss Honey; Paul Rudd’s Mr. Anderson

    2) I am yet to pop my film festival cherry — which makes me kind of a sad panda but hey, some day I’ll get to be at one. I’m hoping sooner rather than later, though. 😉

    3) ‘Knight of Cups’ far and away over ‘The Lobster.’ Malick’s new film looks like it has his most impressive cast ever and as we all know, that guy just gets crazier with age. Cups could really be fantastic, and I forgot it doesn’t have a script!

    4) First I’m hearing about this new film idea, but man. Does Blanchett have more than a passing resemblance. And though I never watched the show, just doing a little comparison between those photos you provided, Isaac would be a pretty good fit too. Plus, as you say, both are phenomenally gifted performers. That film could really be something. I’ll make sure to keep an eye out for it

    5) ooh man, lots of good things this year. But the Big Four for me as of now might look something like – BP: ‘Ex Machina’ / Actor: Oscar Isaac (for ‘A Most Violent Year’ and ‘Ex Machina’) / Actress: Marion Cotillard (for ‘Two Days, One Night’) / Supporting Actor: Joel Edgerton (for ‘The Gift’) / Supporting Actress: Rebecca Hall (for ‘The Gift’)

    1. Hello Tom!

      Oh I love Embeth Davidtz so I should check out Miss Honey!

      Hey, hopefully you’ll get to attend your first film fest soon man, whether it’s Sundance or whichever 😀

      Knight of Cups can either work extremely well or it’ll be extremely frustrating, but either way I can’t wait to find it out for myself. The cast is unbelievable, nice to see Bale & Blanchett together on screen, too. They actually played the same character in I’m Not There.

      Glad to be the one to bring you this casting news 😉 I think Isaac’s career is on fire right now and rightly so. As for Blanchett, well she is a cinematic goddess!

      Cotillard was nominated last year for ‘Two Days, One Night’ but I still need to see The Gift! I do like the idea of Isaac being nominated for Ex Machina, but he might have a better shot in A Most Violent Year.

  4. 1. Prof. Lupin (Harry Potter)

    2. Sadly I haven’t been to any film festivals 😦

    3. I’d want to see both, but more excited for The Lobster.

    4. I’d like how the Blanchett-Isaac pairing come across the screen. They’re both great actors, and though I haven’t seen much of Isaac’s work, he’s so versatile that he could definitely play the role.

    5. Best Picture: Mad Max Fury Road, Actor: Tom Hardy, Actress: Charlize Theron.

    1. Nice to see another HP teacher get a mention 😀

      Hey, there’s always time to get involved in film festivals, hope you get to attend soon.

      The Lobster trailer got me so intrigued than the first time I heard of it. Can’t wait to finally see it!

      I REALLY want to see Blanchett-Isaac, if not this one then hopefully something else in the future. Have u seen Isaac in Ex Machina? He’s SO phenomenal in that, but I first saw him as Prince John in Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood so he definitely can play a variety of ethnicities.

      YES! Glad to see more love for Fury Road!

  5. 1) John Houseman as Professor Kingsfield in The Paper Chase. He was so good as the Harvard Law School Professor, that the film was made into a TV series that ran for 4 seasons and Houseman reprised his film role.

    2) Interviewing Director Mike Mills at the 2011 Sarasota Film Festival. Actor Christopher Plummer won his only Oscar (Supporting actor) for this film.

    3) I Intend to see Lobster.

    4) Blanchett as Luci should be a joy to behold..

    5) Have no idea as to Oscar winners at this time. But I will say that the Oscar winning actors , director, and best film have NOT been released yet.

    1. Hello Mike!

      Haven’t seen The Paper Chase, but that’s cool that Houseman got to reprise his film role for a TV series.

      Oh, he directed BEGINNERS? Very cool that you got to talk to Mike Mills!

      Interesting that you don’t think any of the films so far deserve a best film/director/actor nod, but well, there are still a ton of good films coming this year.

  6. Well I love fall so I can’t complain about summer being almost over and so many potential great films are opening this season. But seeing kids heading back to school makes me feel very old, lol!

    1. Boy this is a good question but I’ll go with Morgan Freeman’s Principal Clark in LEAN ON ME and Michelle Pfeiffer’s Louanne Johnson in DANGEROUS MINDS.

    2. Wow it’s been a long time since I saw films at a big film festival so I don’t really remember much. I know I wasn’t that impressed with films I saw at Sundance the last I attended that festival.

    3. The Lobster looks funny but I can’t get excited about Knight of Cubs and you know I’m a big Malick fan. He seems to be doing the same thing over and over again the last few years. I hope I’m wrong about this one though.

    4. Oh I’m sure Blanchett would be great as Lucille Ball and casting Oscar Isacc would make it a great combo. I used to watch I Love Lucy show everyday when I was younger.

    5. Don’t care for awards so I can’t answer this one.

    1. I LOVE Autumn in MN, it’s what follows that I dread, ahah.

      Man, I still need to see Pfeiffer in DANGEROUS MINDS. That’s a role I don’t normally associate her with.

      Well, hopefully you’d attend this year’s TCFF Ted 😉

      Knight of Cups seems to have a similar dreamy/ethereal quality as Tree of Life but I think given the cast and crazy idea of having no script at all might set it apart, but whatever it turns out to be, I’d think it’d still be worth a watch for the cast.

      I just think Blanchett + Isaac are such terrific actors and they actually fit the roles physically as well.

  7. I’m seeing The Lobster at TIFF on FRiday.
    And I adore Cate and think she’s great at everything, including this. Can’t wait to see it.
    Ruth, you’re always outdoing yourself!

    1. Ooooh, so jealous you’re attending TIFF! I hope you’ll review The Lobster, Jay!

      Yes Cate never disappoints in every role she does.

      Awww, thanks dear, I always enjoy putting together FFTF 😀

  8. Loads of great stuff Ruth; too much to respond to! My personal favourite festival moment came at the London Film Festival when Rahim Bahrani’s debut Man Push Cart was screened for the first time. I could see the film represented a director of great talent and he was there for a Q&A – also, Mike Leigh was sat near to me and I got to have a brief chat. Happy days.

    1. Hi Mark! I figure I’ll just leave this post up for a few days so I went overboard a bit, he..he..

      Oooh, very cool you got to see Ramin Bahrani at LFF! I’m excited to see his upcoming film 99 Homes. Are you gonna go again this year?

  9. 1. Hmmm I’m drawing a blank here…but I think Paul Rudd played one in Perks of being a Wallflower? So that would be my choice 🙂

    2. I’ve never been to one 😦 There are big festivals here but I have so few days of work to use I never managed to go to one

    3. I think I’ll see Knight of Cups for cinematography but the Lobster looks just terrific, love the whole my brother is my dog thing

    4. This is a really great casting and Isaac would be a terrific choice

    5. Loving Fury Road love in the comments! It’s my win for film, actor and actress, supp. actress win is Ferguson for Rouge Nation and supp. actor is Statham for Spy

    1. I still need to see Perks of being a Wallflower!

      That’s a bummer Margaret, well hopefully one day you get to attend one, even if just for a couple of days.

      Yeah, The Lobster is probably a more fun movie, I laughed so hard about that Colin Farrell’s dog thing, and that he wants to be a lobster when asked of the animal of choice, ahah.

      Glad you love my casting picks.

      And lastly, THANK YOU for the great question and I’m so with you about Fury Road! I’d LOVE to see Ferguso for Rogue Nation too, though I think action & comedic roles are unlikely to get nominated, which is a shame.

  10. Some great questions:
    I did participate in the Thursday Three but the topic this week was so rich even with having a bonus pick I still had to leave off a bunch of films about teachers that I really liked. I like all three of yours. Here’ three more:
    Sylvia Barrett-Up the Down Staircase-I’m not much of a Sandy Dennis fan but this is my favorite of her films and the one performance that contains nothing in it that annoys me. Wish the film was better known.
    Mark Thackeray-To Sir, with Love-I put off seeing this for the longest time because again I’m not a huge Sidney Poitier fan but ended up really liking it.
    Freddy Shoop-Summer School-Just for fun! Mark Harmon ends up being a pretty good teacher after all.

    My most memorable film/experience at a film festival-I went to opening night of the Philadelphia Gay/Lesbian film festival in 2003 for what turned out to be the world premiere of the film “Latter Days” which was a huge hit with the crowd and received a standing ovation. That was great but even better there was a Q&A afterwards with the director and cast which included Jacqueline Bisset! She was effortlessly classy, funny and charming. I was a fan before but my admiration of her now is so much more.

    I’m all in for The Lobster. Love both Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz and I keep hearing great things.

    I’m a Blanchett fan but I don’t really see the essence of Lucy in her. It depends on what aspects they focus on, Ball herself admitted she was not a funny nor a particularly humorous woman behind the scenes and apparently as she got older she became quite a bitch to work with. Cate can do all that with no problem but I’ve never seen evidence of a skill with slapstick which was so vital a component of Lucy’s work. I see the picture of Oscar Isaacs and he would work to a certain extent but Lucy and Desi were about the same age, Cate and Oscar are not by at least a decade. If they were playing fictitious characters or ones who were not so well known I’d say it didn’t matter but here I think it would be glaring.

    I just haven’t seen enough from this year yet that I thought was award worthy to answer the last question.

    1. Hello Joel! You said you participated in Thursday Three but where did you post it?

      I still need to see something w/ Sidney Poitier!

      WOW, a Q&A w/ Jacqueline Bisset! Is she as beautiful in person?

      Yeah, I love the cast for The Lobster but man, that trailer had me in stitches!

      I do think Blanchett can do slapstick if the role required her to. She’s quite funny in Bandits so I’m sure she has comedic chops. As for Isaac, well they can always make them look like they’re similar in age. I just think they’re both so talented they can make the roles work.

      1. Hi Ruth,

        I don’t have a blog so I post my picks in the comments of the various blogs that I visit all the time that participate, Dell on Movies, Dancin’ Dan on Film, Speaks in Movie Lines and BB Creations and occasionally on others if ours correspond or are similar to mine. I use to post on a Fistful of Films too before he took his sabbatical, it was his mention of the series that made me aware of them. It’s not perfect but it works pretty well. These were my other teacher picks from this week just past.

        Kindergarten Cop (1990)-New York cop Arnold Schwarzenegger, along with another agent (the fun Pamela Reed), on the trail of a drug dealer follows a lead to a small town in Oregon where it’s believed the dealer’s divorced wife is hiding out. When the other agent, who was supposed to masquerade as a kindergarten teacher, falls ill he steps in. Mix of kiddie comedy and violence isn’t always wholly successful but there is a great deal to enjoy in this mostly sweet comedy.

        Teachers (1984)-Pitch black comedy/drama of a troubled school in the midst of a lawsuit from a student given a diploma despite the fact that he’s illiterate and the teachers who try to maintain some semblance of order despite their frustrations. Good performances by a cast full of familiar faces and a loose unbridled one by Richard Mulligan as an educator who dresses up as the characters he teaches about.

        The Miracle Worker (1962)-Young teacher Annie Sullivan is sent by the Perkins institute to the home of the Kellers to try and help them with their blind and deaf daughter Helen, who through years of indulgence has become a wild child. Discovering a keen intellect trapped in the girl she sets out on the rough challenge to break through her defenses. Both Bancroft and Duke won Oscars for their great work in this.

        Honorable Mention-The Corn is Green (1979)-A strong willed teacher, slightly past middle age, inherits property in a small Welsh mining village where she determines to start a school to educate the workers. She meets resistance from the mine owner who doesn’t see the value of her plan and discovers a lad with untapped possibilities and becomes his mentor. This one is slightly outside the perimeters since it’s was a TV special but with Katharine Hepburn, in her best late career performance, as the star; George Cukor as director and production values good enough for a theatrical release I decided to include it since it’s a favorite of mine.

        If you’ve never seen anything with Poitier To Sir, with Love is a very good place to start. It’s close to his established persona but without the heaviness that was placed on him by being, at the time, the only high profile example of African American man. Unfortunately many of his other pictures, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner is a prime example, allowed him zero imperfections which made him rather dull on screen. He’s still very resolute in To Sir but flawed.

        Jacqueline Bisset is even more beautiful in person, she was very alive and animated and as my niece who was with me pointed out she had the BEST pair of shoes on. I never would have noticed but it was the first thing she saw, she went on a hunt the next day for them!! I warned her that they probably cost a fortune but she found something that she was swore were them.

  11. Sorry, my computer was zapped by electricity. My responses and writings are sporadic. Anyway, great questions and posts as usual, Ruth!
    I’ve been impatiently waiting for Knight of Cups, too. The golden cast and innovative directing is a sure-fire hit, if only on paper. I think it’s cool that Cate is taking on Lucielle Ball. I imagine she will be great — Ball was such a silly brash multi-faceted face and talent. I LOVE your idea of casting Isaac as Desi. He’s absolutely perfect–great looks, Hispanic heritage, and he can sing, too. I’m in!

    1. Hi ya Cindy! Yeah, I can’t wait for Knight of Cups too, I mean I’ve been waiting for over four years! 😛 But I guess that’s Mr Malick for ya.

      Yes I think Cate and Isaac together would just be smashing! You’re right Isaac can definitely sing. I’d love to see his comedic side.

  12. Hmmm. Best movie teacher? Does Ben Stein in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off count? LOL

    And Knight of Cups… I was soooo hoping it would stay on track for a 2015 release even though I knew I was being unrealistic. I can’t wait for that film!

    1. Hi ya Keith, hope you had a nice long weekend.

      Hey, ANYONE counts so yeah for Ben Stein 🙂

      I suppose being a Malick fan we have to put up w/ waiting up to a decade for his films to come out. I think 5 years is actually quite short, ahah.

  13. Hi Ruth 🙂

    Long time no see, I have been so busy lately.
    Glad I am still able to catch your 5 for the 5th 🙂

    No.1 : My favorite teacher character is not from movies, it’s from Japanese Drama…she is the reason I am the kind of teacher I am now.

    No.2 : I rarely watch film festival. I am so happy for Keanu 🙂

    No. 3 : The Lobster looks more interesting than The Knight of cup…would love to see that one even though I don’t like Colin Ferrel.

    I am going to pass on number 4 and 5

    1. Hi Nov! Sorry for the delay in my response, been blogging much less lately, lots going on as I know you’d understand.

      Yeah I’m thrilled to see Keanu getting an honor from Deauville, he’s such an underrated actor but clearly he’s good or he won’t still be working a variety of jobs for 3 decades straight.

  14. Hey Ruth, nice to see the Fifth still going on!

    1) Ok I might be cheating here, but to me the ultimate teacher was on TV — Mr. Feeny.

    2) Not sure I have a favorite moment, but I love that Chicago has a Noir City film festival every summer. I try to make it out to at least a few screenings every year, and they never disappoint.

    3) The Lobster has my interest. Not sure about the Malick.

    4) Blanchett will nail that role, no doubt. And I think you’re onto something with Isaac — he impresses me more and more with every film.

    5) I am so out of the loop with movies this year that I honestly have no idea. Mad Max has been my favorite so far though.

    1. Hello Eric! Sorry for the delay in my response, hope you are well. I haven’t been blogging as much lately, but I try to keep up w/ FFTF 😀

      Oooh, there’s a Noir City Film Festival in Chicago?? I didn’t know that, I should come visit sometime and we should do a meet up!

      Ahah, it seems that a lot of ppl are turned off by Malick, I’m still interested as I LOVE the cast.

      Isaac’s career is on fire right now and he has that ethnically-hard-to-pin-down look that make him suitable to play a variety of roles.

  15. Another month, another 5FTF!

    2. They showed Little Miss Sunshine at a local film festival (doesn’t exist anymore) and it was so great. Everybody completely lost it at the Super Freak sequence and there wasn’t anybody who wasn’t laughing. The energy in the room was incredible.

    3. The Lobster looks great. Incredible, offbeat premise and a wonderful cast. Hope it works. I’m a bit cautious about Knight of Cups but it does look interesting.

    4. I think Blanchett’s casting is genius (they could also go with Debra Messing, who I think is SO underrated) and I would also love to see Oscar Isaac as Desi Arnaz.

    1. Oh cool they showed Little Miss Sunshine, the filmmakers actually came to Minneapolis once too with Paul Dano.

      I really dug The Lobster trailer, it made me laugh so hard! I love Rachel Weisz!

      Oh I could see Debra Messing as Lucy!! Yeah she is underrated isn’t she? But I absolutely love Blanchett n Isaac is so darn gorgeous n talented!

  16. 1. I love watching teachers in movies, and you picked some great ones Ruth! Adrien Brody’s turn as a teacher in Detachment (2011) was memorable to me. Notes on a Scandal (2006) is another that stayed with me.

    3. The Lobster does look intriguing.The writer/director has a wild imagination!

    1. Hi ya Chris! I still need to see Detachment, but Notes on a Scandal doesn’t interest me despite Dame Judi and Blanchett casting.

      Yeah, I love the premise of The Lobster, hope he pulls it off!

  17. A lot to address on this edition.
    1. I think Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society is a damn good example of a great teacher. However, I have to highlight the work of J.K. Simmons in Whiplash as the one that probably delivered the most astounding performance as of recent, even if he was playing a teacher from hell.
    2. I will cheat on this one as I have only a couple of experiences at small film festivals. The most recent was my visit to the Music Box Theater in Chicago for their 70mm film festival, in which I got to see Jacques Tati’s Playtime from 1967 for the first time. I think it was a damn near perfect experience given my architecture background.
    3. I think Colin Farrell is terrific in dark comedies. I mean, I say that based almost entirely on In Bruges, yet his character in The Lobster certainly reminds me of that role. As for The Knight of Cups, I’m also very curious and excited to see it. Who knows how it will end up looking though? Malick is one of the directors who takes a very long time in the editing and post-production process, and has been known to alter his pieces substantially once he goes through it and begins to cut it. I mean, he’s probably the only director that I know of who has entirely cut actors out of films without telling them, and this is why he has somewhat of a mixed reputation with old Hollywood. However, with Tree of Life and his renewed push for new material in recent years has made him popular once again, cementing his legacy as one of the most talented directors alive, and one that nearly every actor wishes to have the opportunity to work with.
    4. Blanchett is a great choice to play Lucille Ball, but I’m not sure if I am on board as to Oscar Isaac. I can’t say I have someone in particular in mind to play Desi Arnaz, but perhaps it needs to be a newcomer, or a little known actor. After all, Lucille was the star, and maybe Blanchett as the sole big name in the credits would have a positive effect on the film.
    5. It’s a bit too early for me to even consider picking an actor or actress from the past 6 months. First, I would have to have seen a lot more movies released this year. Having said that, Mad Max: Fury Road is still my favorite of the ones I have managed to see (I gave it a 4.5/5), and it would be hard for any upcoming film to take it down from that spot. At the very least, I think Mad Max should be a clear contender come Oscar season, unless we have a never-before-seen end of the year full of quality motion pictures.

    Great post Ruth!

  18. 1. Mine would probably be: Mr. Keating in Dead Poets Society, Dewey Finn in School of Rock, and Sister Mary Clarence in Sister Act 2

    2. I love Roger Ebert’s famous defense of the filmmaker behind Better Luck Tomorrow at the Sundance Film Festival. Seeing Tarantino win the Palme d’Or for Pulp Fiction is also pretty great.

    3. I’m DYING to see Knight of Cups and The Lobster! I’ve been waiting for Malick’s latest for ages! :/

    4. Blanchett’s casting is so interesting, and I really hope they get Oscar Isaac for Desi. It’d be a great pairing.

    5. Picture – Mad Max: Fury Road, Actor – Mark Ruffalo for Infinitely Polar Bear, Actress – Alicia Vikander for Testament of Youth (barely ahead of Carey Mulligan), Supporting Actor – Matthias Schoenaerts for Far from the Madding Crowd, Supporting Actress – Rebecca Ferguson for Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (or maybe Kristen Stewart for Clouds of Sils Maria)

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