Terrence Malick announced two new films starring Gosling, Bale & Blanchett

Malick on set with Christian Bale - Photo courtesy of RamaScreen.com

I haven’t had a news post in a while but this is pretty exciting!! Count me as one of Terrence Malick’s admirer. I’ve only seen three of his films, Days of Heaven, The Thin Red Line and The New World, and I quite like his style. Yes his movies are s-l-o-w and they can be quite polarizing. I know my hubby isn’t too crazy about his films though as a photographer, he does admire Malick’s visual flair and his films do have amazing cinematography.

Now, everyone who knows who Malick is know he can’t be described as a prolific auteur, but hey, perhaps that’s about to change?? After Tree of Life (which I’m hoping to see soon), he seems to be in overdrive as he’s now reportedly working on not one but TWO projects in the works! These are in addition to the two already listed on IMDb, the untitled romance drama with Ben Affleck & Rachel McAdams and Voyage of Time with Brad Pitt.

Added 11/2 – Still no title for the romance drama, but Cinema Blend reported this plot:

Shot in Paris and Oklahoma, the movie– at one point called The Burial– stars Affleck as a man who engages in an affair on a trip to Paris with an exotic European woman, played naturally by the exotic Russian Olga Kurylenko. He returns home to Oklahoma married to the European, partly for green card reasons, but also kicks up an affair with a local girl, played by Rachel McAdams. Javier Bardem plays a priest, and the script promises both a happier ending than The Tree of Life and more of Malick’s trademark visual beauty.

So that means we could see like five Malick films within a few years?? That’s quite a change from twenty-years in between films that he made his fans wait after Days of Heaven!

I’m just so thrilled at the cast he’s assembled for his new films!


According to Variety, “both pics are currently in pre-production and will shoot back-to-back in 2012. Details of the two plots are being kept under wraps but both titles will be separate narratives.” Hollywood’s ‘it boy’ Ryan Gosling is set to star along with two of my faves Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett, woo hoo!! Rooney Mara (who was great in The Social Network) has also joined the cast. She’ll soon be seen in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

I was wondering which project Bale should do next, well I’m glad he went with this one! Oh and Blanchett in a Terrence Malick movie would be awesome!! Deadline said Gosling is the star and Bale/Blanchett would be the supporting cast. Apparently Bale was spotted at Austin City Limits Festival back in September filming a ‘mystery’ movie w/ Malick, so now we know which movie that is.

On Rama Screen, you could see some pics and clips of the set, including one below that shows Bale on stage watching the band:

Knight of Cups

This one will also star Christian Bale in the lead role, and Blanchett and fellow Australian Isabel Lucas in supporting roles. I’ve never seen Isabel in anything yet but she’ll be in Immortals coming up on 11-11-11. There’s no other info on this one other than the same producers for The Tree of Life and The New World will work with Malick again here.

As soon as I learn about the plot, etc. I will update this post but so far I’m quite excited by this mega news from Malick. It’s interesting to see him casting both the same two actors in two separate movies (sounds like these two are unrelated?), but hey, I love both actors so I’m certainly NOT complaining! This definitely makes up for the fact that Bale was replaced by Affleck in the romance drama, but I hope there is some kind of romantic tale in either one of these films. I’d love to see Bale + Blanchett as a couple!

What do you think of this news, folks?? Share your thoughts in the comments!

27 thoughts on “Terrence Malick announced two new films starring Gosling, Bale & Blanchett

  1. Ted S.

    As I said on Castor’s site, the more films we get from Malick the better, he’s not getting any younger. Maybe it’s reason why he decided to make more movies lately. Kubrick passed away while prepping A.I. so maybe Malick realized that time is not on his side so let’s make all of the films he thought of before his time is up.

    Let’s hope all of these upcoming films are great, I can’t wait to see Voyage of Time on the giant IMAX screen.

    1. Yeah maybe he thinks he’ll just do a bunch of movies then retire. I’m looking forward to the romance drama one, so I guess Malick will have something for everyone in the next few years 😀

  2. He certainly doesn’t have a problem getting a good cast together, I’m still waiting to fall i love with Malick like everybody else has. I have only seen 2 of his movies, but they didn’t amaze me like with a lot of people(Especially Thin Red Line…i found that movie far too long)

    1. I understand you’re too enamored w/ Malick and I still don’t know how I’d feel about Tree of Life. But I’m optimistic about these projects because of the cast, I do hope they deliver. Maybe since he’s making so many at once, he won’t make each of them too long, ahah.

  3. Great casting from his part- I’m really intrigued by Rooney Mara (can’t wait to see Girl with a Dragon Tatto) and Ryan Gosling is the start of the moment, so of course he is a good choice! Bale is always brilliant, so I’m sure we wil have two great movies in our hands soon enough!

    1. Hi Aziza, I’m not as enthused about Gosling but hey I know everybody else is. I do LOVE Bale and Blanchett so I’m super happy about that. I LOVE Bale in The New World, so I’ve been waiting for him and Malick to team up again.

    1. Hi matey, yeah I think everyone’s surprised as well that he suddenly becomes prolific. But like Ted said, maybe he felt he’s getting older so he better hurry up. Glad you’re excited for this, too!

  4. Like buses. You’re left standing at the bus stop for ages and nothing comes then two come along at once. Malick has been in exile for years and now two more movies back to back – blimey.

    …but that is great news because he is a talented filmmaker.

    1. Ahah, yeah that’s right Dan, perfect analogy. Can’t wait to hear the plots for these movies, which would be a while as we just finally heard the plot for the untitled drama which is almost done filming!

  5. Boy he has been pretty prolific by any standards in the past few years. Long gone are the days of Kubrick-esque absences from the silver screen!

    I guess he has a few more tales to tell.

    Hopefully for younger filmgoers this will open interest in his earlier works as well.

    1. Never mind my other comment, ahah. The title is a bit weird but maybe ’cause we have no idea what it’s about, hopefully it’ll make sense once we know the plot. Can’t believe we just finally got the plot for the still-untitled romance drama!

        1. I’m actually canceling Netflix and going w/ either Blockbuster so they should already have TOL already. I plan to rent it next week! 😀

  6. I haven’t even seen Tree of LIfe yet but…Malick, Gosling, Blanchett, Bale…I figure I’ll see all of these at one point or another. Thanks for the heads up Ruth 🙂

    On a totally other track…i think it’s a bummer if you’re a famous person & you can’t go down into the pit & rock out to the band. i’d rather do that than meet the band backstage…both would be ideal, but if i had to choose….LOL

    1. I haven’t either Paula, glad I’m not the only one! I’m hoping to see it soon, maybe even next week. I just canceled my Netflix and going w/ Blockbuster now.

      Yeah, it’s odd to see Bale just sort of standing there in hiding. But I suppose the price of fame is quite high!

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