FC Poll – What should Christian Bale do next after Batman 3?

Happy Friday all! I thought I’d do a poll as we all love to cast votes, right? 🙂

Well, I saw various tweets about Christian Bale‘s possible next projects post The Dark Knight Rises a few days ago but haven’t got a chance to actually read any of them closely until last night. Wow, even just looking at the list makes my head spin! There are more than half a dozen projects he’s either reported to have been cast or are considered by various filmmakers.

Before I list all of them, for sure we will see Bale in the historical drama 13 Women of Nanjing which is scheduled to be released next year, most likely after Batman 3. But beyond that, there is no other film listed on his IMDb page and filming of Batman 3 supposedly wraps in November. Perhaps he’s just being extra careful in choosing his next project, y’know to make sure he doesn’t suffer the ‘Oscar winner curse’ we’ve seen all too often. I doubt that’ll happen to him though, as he’s already a spectacular actor even before he won an Oscar for The Fighter. So maybe he just wants to go on a long holiday with his family? Who can blame him, he’s been quite prolific in the past few years.

In any case, here’s a quick summary of all the possible projects he’s been associated with so far:

(Sources: IMDb, Variety, A&E Playground, Guardian and Moviefone)

  • A third remake of A Star is Born opposite Beyonce, directed by Clint Eastwood – Plot: A young woman comes to Hollywood with dreams of stardom, but achieves them only with the help of an alcoholic leading man whose best days are behind him.
  • Michael Mann’s next project called Gold, which is a modern remake of The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (1948) – Plot: Two ambitious and energetic Americans searching for gold in Mexico. Sounds like a Western?
  • Yet another remake, this time it’s a Spike Lee’s version of the South Korean gory thriller Oldboy (2003) – Plot: After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, a man is released only to find that he must find his captor in 5 days. Bale is reportedly offered the villain role, meh I hope he won’t do this one.
  • Darren Aranofsky’s epic Biblical tale Noah about the God-appointed ark builder. Bale has played the role of Jesus Christ before in a TV movie Mary, Mother of Jesus (terribly miscast IMO). In any case, if he did signed on, it wouldn’t be his first foray into a Christian-themed film.
  • The Road‘s director John Hillcoat’s The Revenant, which is based on a true story of adventurer Hugh Glass who’s left for dead by his employer after being mauled by a bear. The man miraculously survives and resolves to hunt down the men who abandoned him. Sounds too similar to Rescue Dawn as far as the harsh condition he’d have to endure during filming
  • This one is a possible reunion with his Machinist‘ director and writer, Brad Anderson and Scott Kosar, respectively. The project is called Concrete Island. Per Variety, the movie will be based on J.G. Ballard’s 1974 novel – it centers on a wealthy architect who finds himself stranded in a section of fenced-off wasteland in West London; he’s forced to survive on only what’s in his crashed car and what he’s able to find. He finds companions on the island and decides to remain there and forsake his former life. So basically it’s like Castaway but with a bit more companion than Wilson the volleyball?
  • Now this one I’m really excited about and sounds like it’s a done deal? My friend Castor reported last week that the suddenly-prolific Terrence Malick is apparently working on yet another Untitled Project and has cast Bale in the lead role. No idea what it’s about yet and Malick is still looking for the female lead.

    The last time Bale was in a Malick’s film he was playing such a deeply romantic role, playing John Rolfe to Q’orianka Kilcher’s ‘Pocahontas’ in The New World. I looooooove him in that, his 20-minute or so screen time is definitely my favorite part of the entire film! So of course I was bummed out when Ben Affleck replaced Bale in the untitled Malick’s romance drama opposite Rachel McAdams, so I’m hoping this will be a romantic role as well.
  • This is probably the least buzz-worthy out of the other rumored projects. According to the A&E article, Bale’s also rumored to star in director Scott Cooper’s Out of the Furnace, “… a film formerly known as ‘The Low Dweller’, a dark drama which tells the story of a man named Slim, who, after being released from a lengthy prison sentence for murder, sets out to avenge the murder of his brother.”

My wish:

Now, I’ve said it in my birthday tribute to Bale last year that I still hold on to hope that one day he’ll do an unabashedly romantic movie. No, I’m not talking about rom-com, but a sweeping drama with a deep love story at its core (something like The Painted Veil?) or maybe a sci-fi romance as I looooove his tender scenes with Emily Watson in Equilibrium. I mentioned Angela Bassett in a blog comment yesterday, I’d love to see Bale opposite her in a forbidden bi-racial romance… yes I know there’s the 15-year age difference between them but that’d make it even more interesting. Plus Bassett still looks so good at 53 and she’s so darn classy!

So, now that I’ve told you what I’d love to see Bale do next, please vote for YOUR pick below… and share in the comments why you want him to do that role(s).

40 thoughts on “FC Poll – What should Christian Bale do next after Batman 3?

  1. I’m going with Noah purely because I think if Aronofsky gets to make it, it will be a visually stunning and genuine spectacle. Which in many ways is sometimes lacking in modern cinema for me these days. Hasn’t been a truly biblical epic in a long time either, like the type Charlton Heston was starring in back in the day. Bale would be perfect for a role like that, full of self doubt and moral courage.

    1. Yeah I’m curious to see him as Noah, should be a fascinating ‘epic.’ But sounds like Aronofsky wants to strip off the spiritual aspect of the story, that’s what I read anyway, which is a worry. I mean why take a Biblical story if you don’t want to tell a religious story or pay respect to the source material?? Might as well just create a fiction then.

  2. I like “The Revenant” and definitely “Noah”… and I really wish NOBODY would re-make “Oldboy” or “Treasure of the Sierra Madre”, new name or not.

    1. kiki

      Gold is not exactly a re-make of TotSM. It’s about the Bre-X Gold Fraud scandal. The script was great. Not too much action. It’s more character driven.

  3. weetiger

    I like the idea of Bale and Michael Mann working together and in a “western” (loved Bale in James Mangold’s 3:10 to Yuma remake) but NOT if it is actually a remake of Treasure of the Sierra Madre. There is absolutely no justification for remaking perfection. Most of the others I couldn’t give a toss about, although Out of the Furnace sounds interesting.

    1. Hi Sherry, yeah Bale & Michael Mann sounds good, though he was sort of wasted in Public Enemies. I’ve never seen Sierra Madre but yeah, I’d rather not see him do a remake.

    1. Ahah, well supposedly Malick is hitting the prolific streak… I mean he’s doing the romance drama w/ Affleck within a year of Tree of Life release, that is VERY unusual.

  4. Hi, Ruth and company:

    I hate to say it, but none of the polled choices reaches out and grabs my eye. 😦

    Though, I also share your interest in seeing Christian Bale finding a new arena in which to romp and play.

    My idea would be for Bale to team up again with Sean Bean. Perhaps, as an officer being handed down the mantle of Richard Sharpe and possibly his regiment for a Napoleonic adventure. That could easily cast Angela Basset as Bale’s love interest and Emma Watson as the niece or daughter of someone important in the House of Commons. Who has to be watched over and protected.

    Just a thought.

    1. Y’know, other than the Malick’s project, none of them I really care for either. That’s why I put out my wishlist on there, he..he.. Ooooh I LOVE the idea of him working together with Sean Bean again. And hopefully they share more than 10-minutes screen time, too! Glad you dig my idea of the romance between him & Angela… so this sounds like a British thriller then Jack? With Angela playing as his American girlfriend? Fantastic idea!

  5. Ted S.

    I voted for Oldboy remake, even though I wish Hollywood wouldn’t touch it but it’s inevitable. I think he’ll be great as the villain or even the protagonist. Not sure if you seen the original version but I don’t consider any of the characters in the film “good” except for the innocent girl.

    The other role I like to see him is in the Michael Mann’s new film, I just want Mann to make another good film again. He hasn’t done a good film since The Insider.

    1. Yeah, I think every foreign movie with even a modest success will be remade, it’s almost a mathematical certainty these days!

      I know what you mean about Michael Mann, I wish he’d return to form again. I LOVE The Insider and even Miami Vice was ok, wasn’t great but watchable. I was disappointed w/ Public Enemies though, even though the trailer looked amazing.

  6. Those are interesting list, I hope Bale picks them carefully. I am with you on the OldBoy, I hope he doesn’t take that as I am an anti-remake person. He should do non-remake, IMO.

    My vote goes to The Revenant…the story sounds very intriguing and I believe Bale can easily pull it off.

    I hope he will end up with Oscar for leading man in the future 🙂

    1. The Revenant sounds so terrifying, I wonder how they’ll film the bear mauling scene. But yeah, Bale surely can pull it off, though I worry about him having to lose a bunch of weight again.

  7. I see everyone is voting like me – for NOAH 🙂
    You know how much I love me epics, and although I didn’t like his recent projects, I still adore Aronofski’s THE FOUNTAIN.

  8. I heard about this on one of the podcasts I regularly listen to and when I heard the list I immediately went for Noah. Aranosfky can make amazing movies and Bale is an amazing actor so would be very interested to find out what a movie made by these to would be like.

    1. Yeah, I’m surprised those two haven’t worked together. I’m sure they will in the future even if it’s not on the Noah project.

    1. Oh come on matey, hate is such a strong word. As I said in the comment above, if Aronofsky’s making it, it might not turn out to be a ‘religious’ movie, so you actually might like it more than me 😦

  9. Maybe he should bulk up and do a body transformation role. Bronson 2?


    I say … Malick. Well he’s doing that anyway. I’d like to see him do a softer role after Batman. Something light, romantic. I’d love to see him in a dramedy or something.

    But maybe that’s beneath his massive intellect….

    1. Ahah, I hope not, I worry about his constant yo-yoing with his weight. YES I’d love to see him in a light and romantic movie, too. Unfortunately I don’t think he’s interested in such genre… pity.

    2. I agree. Any actor to Terry Malick should be like Joe Mantegna To the Simpsons. Drop whatever they’re doing and work. Seriously, he was a great part of the solid lead cast in The New World. Sometimes he irks me when he overacts in roles that everyone else likes, but he’s so good and refreshing by just being there and being sane and handsome. Such an altruistic performance from him.

      Speaking of auteurs who take a long time to film their movies and believe on improvisation, I think he shold also work with Mike Leigh. True, Leigh’s been female-centred as of forever, but think of the possibilities….

      1. Hi Paolo… it’s such a beautiful and understated performance isn’t it… I love his romantic smile, it’s so rare to see in his oh-so-dark films… he even had big, almost spontaneous belly laugh when he was playing around w/ Q’orianka on the field. I can’t say enough how much I love his role in The New World.

        Oh, working with Mike Leigh would be great. He did Another Year right? I haven’t seen that yet but have great wonderful things about it.

  10. I picked A Star Is Born because it would be cool to hear Christian Bale sing. And the Beyonce-as-an-actress hater in me would love to see another co-star steal her “THIS IS SUPPOSED TO GET ME AN OSCAR” spotlight. But personally, I feel that the film does not need another remake. The Judy Garland-James Mason is flawless in my opinion. I wonder if Clint Eastwood is intending to keep the film about the acting world or would he explore the music world since Beyonce is starring in it and he composes his own scores.

    But I also like your idea, Ruth, of a romantic role for Bale. I can’t think of a book off-hand that would work. I know there is no way in hell he would ever do a romantic comedy but at least a romantic role with some comedic moments. I just want to see him take on a different type of role.

      1. The Barbara Streisand-Kris Kristofferson version (the last remake) was about a singer and an aging rock star. The Judy Garland-James Mason version was about a singer/actress and an aging actor. The original version had an actress and an aging actor. So the Beyonce one could go either way.

    1. Hey Sherry, I’m not big on the A Star Is Born remake, even though like you I’m curious to see him in a musical. But Beyonce should just stick to singing IMO.

      No, I don’t want him to do a rom-com either, but a sweeping romantic drama can have just as much challenges as an actor as his intense, dark thriller he’s so into. I primarily just want to see him look like himself and be all tender and romantic without him having to undergo a massive diet or physical transformation, y’know. That’s why I hope he won’t do The Revenant one.

  11. I vote for Oldboy. Him playing the villain would be pure genius! Else I would go with the Malick movie. The rest range from meh to completely out of the question.

    1. I think you’re the first voter for Oldboy, Castor. I’m not keen on that one as it sounds like he’d be back to American Psycho territory with all that violence. I do however, LOVE the idea of the Malick movie, I sincerely hope there’s some romance in it!

  12. Nice write-up! Excellent, actually. Christian Bale is an actor with a very good career, so it’s great to see which projects he can be involved into. I, for one, vote for Noah because I’m curious about the results of collaboration between Bale and Aronofsky. However, I don’t really want to see him in A Star Is Born, mainly, because I’m just against this re-make.

    1. Thank you Lesya, wow that’s quite a compliment coming from you. Bale is one of my favorite actors so when I saw how many projects are associated w/ him, I can’t help but make a post. Sounds like Noah is what most people want to see, we’ll see if he actually signed to do that one. As for A Star is Born, I’m curious how the fact that Beyonce is pregnant will affect that project, but I personally would rather see Bale in something else.

  13. I missed this poll earlier.

    I voted for Other in favor of him being persuaded (paid enough) to play as Batman in the rumored crossover film or the Justice League movie that DC is scrambling to get done.

    Highly unlikely, but, hey! I can dream!

    1. Well glad you made it, T, the poll expires tomorrow I think. Ahah, well now that is one project I’d rather not see him do. I’m kinda glad he’s done playing Batman after TDKR, as much as I love him in the role, I’m ready to see him play other characters. Thanks for voting.

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