Everybody’s Chattin’ and Music Break: Awesome songs from P.S. I Love You


Happy Wednesday all! March almost ran away from me again and I just realized I haven’t done a community post yet this month. Well, did you do anything fun on St. Paddy’s Day? Or should I say, have you recovered from all the parties & green beer? 😉

Well I didn’t do much last night since I’m still recovering from this stubborn cold. I saw a fantastic episode of The Flash, which is my hubby and my favorite show right now. Then I watched The Importance of Being Earnest which was fluffy good fun. Somehow I thought I had seen that movie but turns out I hadn’t.

So here are what blogger’s been chattin’ about this past week:

SherlockPugV celebrated St Paddy’s Day by posting a vid of The Story of St Patrick, along w/ adorable pics of pugs!

Mark confirmed my dread about Chappie, whilst Natalie reviewed a charming drama X+Y about an autistic math prodigy.

Abbi compiled some mini reviews for Film Friday, including Woody Allen’s Manhattan, meanwhile Stu let us know what he thinks about Dirty Dancing which he just saw for the first time!

Irene reviewed Playroom, a drama about dysfunctional families, and Dell reminisced about a movie he grew up with: Coming to America

Last but not least, Ryan gave us a preview of Hot Docs 2015. I wish I had more time to watch documentaries, as he said, truth is often more interesting than fiction.


Now time for some awesome music …

This movie is still fresh in my mind as I included it in my St Patrick’s Day post. I have no qualms in saying that P.S. I Love You is one of my favorite rom-coms. Yes even now that I’m no longer a fan of Gerry Butler, I still LOVE this movie and his performance here. Straight out of being a lethal bad-ass King in 300, he made an effortless transition into a romantic hero, albeit an unconventional one.

Besides the gorgeous NYC and Ireland’s scenery, there are plenty of eye candy in this movie! I’d say, a movie featuring both Gerry Butler AND Jeffrey Dean Morgan (as Irish lads no less!) and have both of them sing with such passion can’t be a bad movie! 😉 Heck, I went to see it at the theater with my hubby and a guy friend, and BOTH of them admittedly enjoyed this flick!


One thing I LOVE about this movie is the awesome soundtrack. I actually got the CD in my car as I love listening to most of the songs in the album. I don’t even usually like James Blunt’s voice but I like his song Same Mistake here. Now, the Camera Obscura song wasn’t included in the CD, which is a shame as that’s such a lovely song played in the movie’s opening sequence.

Five Fave Songs:

Kisses & Cake theme by John Powell

On top of the songs, the instrumental theme is gorgeous! John Powell‘s one of my fave composers, who’s done a bunch of work for animated films like How To Train Your Dragon (another fave of mine), Ice Age, Rio, etc. But looking at his resume, he’s also done a bunch of action genres like The Italian Job, X-Men: The Last Stand, as well as the Bourne films.


Hope you enjoyed the music break!  Have you seen P.S. I Love You?

38 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ and Music Break: Awesome songs from P.S. I Love You

  1. Stu

    Thanks for the mention Ruth! And I love that Camera Obscura track, by the way. Great little pop song and I haven’t played it or heard it for a few years.

    1. You’re welcome Stu! Yeah it’s a great song, not sure why it’s not included in the soundtrack album. So have you seen PS I Love You? Even if rom-com isn’t your thing, I still highly recommend that one.

      1. Stu

        I haven’t seen it, but I’ll always take a recommendation! I like the occasional rom-com but it’s rare to find a really good one.

        1. Yeah I feel the same way about rom-coms generally but I like the story of PSILY, it’s not the typical boy-meets-girl variety. I like the cast too, and Hilary Swank is quite an inspired choice as she doesn’t scream ‘rom-com girl’ like say, Zooey Deschanel or Reese Witherspoon.

  2. Hi Ruth! Get well soon!

    Love that you included one of The Pogues’ songs from P.S. I Love You. I would’ve also mentioned “Fairytale of New York” (Gerry’s favorite song), which made me a fan of The Pogues for life. 🙂

    1. Hi ya Josh, I’m slowly getting better, thanks!

      Oooh I love that song too, that’s played during Gerry’s funeral I believe. There are moments that made me cry buckets in this movie.

  3. Isn’t that little Irish pug such a dapper looking chap? I fell in love with him. Admittedly I struggled watching PS I Love You (Gerard Butler and Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s accents being one of the main reasons ;D), but the soundtrack was great.

    Thank you so much for the mention! You and The Pogues have brightened up my post-Paddy’s Day hangover to no end.

    1. He’s sooo dapper! Who doesn’t fall in love w/ him? Did you see Kingsman btw? LOVE the lil’ pug in that movie, too.

      Ahah, I mentioned in my St Paddy’s Day post that the Irish scenery helped distract me from the atrocious Irish accent, ahah. I think GB himself admitted he sounded like a Leprechaun in that movie, even though he’s of Irish descent [his family moved to Scotland so he identified as being a Scot]. Glad you love the soundtrack though!

      1. Not yet! I was on the fence about going to see Kingsman (though I love Firth) until I found out there was a pug in it, then I decided that it’s a must. Hopefully I’ll have the time this weekend! 😀

        GB actually came out and officially apologised for his atrocious accent in PSILY, which just made me love him even more and I forgave all of his Oirish accent sins immediately.

        1. Oh if you love Firth and pugs, you absolutely must see Kingsman! It’s hyper violent though, at times it was too much for me.

          Yeah I think GB is well aware he’s just not good w/ accents. I was thinking why didn’t they just make his character in PSILY Scottish and just move the setting to the Highlands instead, ahah.

  4. I kind of love that you love PS I Love You, because it has a bad wrap that isn’t fair. Hilary Swank actually anchors the love angle here MUCH better than anyone would have every expected, and it’s just a well made movie, for the genre.

    1. I’m happy you said that Drew! I think it was an easy target because it was a rom-com and the story revolves around a ‘ghost’ husband, though they did that w/ the Alan Rickman film Truly, Madly, Deeply. I think Swank handled the dramatic stuff very well here, and she’s actually pretty hilarious in some scenes which was a pleasant surprise. I also like Kudrow and Gershon as her BFFs. Glad to hear you’re a fan of this movie, too!

  5. Tom

    I actually managed to have a pretty great St. Patty’s Day last night seeing a Talking Heads tribute band in Knoxville’s Old City. They were fantastic.

        1. I recommend both, Fernando! 😉 The Importance of Being Earnest is quite fun, nice seeing Rupert Everett being his flirty self, I rarely see him in anything these days.

    1. Yay! Glad to hear another fan of PSILY! Yeah, I don’t get why Jeffrey Dean Morgan didn’t get more roles, I mean he’s so gorgeous & manly AND he can act!

  6. I have a love-hate relationship with P.S. I Love You. I love its style, actors, and the production design but the story could’ve used some sprucing up from the novel – mostly Lisa and Gina’s characters who are not very kind (at least to me) in the film. Otherwise, it’s a fun, one of the better rom-coms. The music is definitely awesome!

    1. Yeah there are parts where Holly’s friends weren’t the kindest to her but I feel that sometimes that’s how friendship goes. I also feel that Holly also had to learn to accept that her situation has changed and she somehow has to move on, I think in the end the way they resolve that friendship was kind of sweet. I actually see this film more of a drama/comedy, not a typical rom-com, and there are some genuinely poignant moments.

    1. Ahah, but you have no qualms seeing The Other Woman?? I can assure you this film is a thousand times better and more meaningful, don’t let the schmaltzy poster fool you.

        1. 😉 So you’re gonna give PSILY a shot then right? Trust me, you won’t be disappointed… though don’t expect any jiggly thing going on like in TOW, ha..ha..

  7. Absolutely hated PS I Love You and even turned it off. Just thought the whole concept of the movie was very messed up which resulted in me not enjoying any of it…

    1. That’s a shame, I actually think the concept is what separates it from the typical rom-com. But the film’s also well-written and well-acted, it’s one film that I think got unfairly maligned because people already formed an opinion on it before they finish watching it.

  8. Hi Ruth! Happy belated St. Pats Day. I’ve just waved the last of friends who visited me to escape the Midwest cold. We’ve had sunshine and temps in the 70s so they were happy. Back to blogging…..:) Oh, your film. Haven’t seen it but I think I will! Great taste in music. The score is lovely.

    1. Hi Cindy! Hope you had a lovely St Paddy’s Day. Temps are actually quite nice here in MN too, in fact we almost hit 70 last week! Oh I hope you’d give PS I Love You a watch, I have a feeling you’d like it.

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