Music Break: ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Themes by John Powell


It’s been way too long since my last Music Break post and this is one I’ve been wanting to feature for a long time. Well tonight I’m going to How To Train Your Dragon 2 screening and it’s definitely a perfect time to feature this. I LOVE LOVE the first movie, which has become one of my all time favorite animated feature ever! In fact, I’ve watched my Blu-ray several times and I’ve always enjoyed it!

One of the best thing about the movie is the music! The soundtrack by John Powell is absolutely wonderful, it’s got that majestic feel to it whilst still retains its playfulness. What’s more, it’s actually a very moving score, I actually tear up sometimes when I listen to it. He collaborated with Icelandic musician Jónsi for this album. This Flying theme is my absolute favorite, I could imagine Hiccup and Toothless soaring to the sky as I’m listening to it.

Well, I’m thrilled that Mr. Powell is back doing the soundtrack for the second film! Well, it sounds just as great, it still retains some of the sounds from the first one. I love how lush this music is, I especially love this one called Beyond the Clouds, which I’m thinking is the flying sequence as well.


I missed the theatrical release of the first movie, so I can’t wait to see this one, especially the flying sequence in its big screen glory!

What do you think of this soundtrack? Are you also anticipating the How To Train Your Dragon 2?

29 thoughts on “Music Break: ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ Themes by John Powell

  1. I’m a sucker for anything Celtic, especially music. Exalting, uplifting, jubilant, intoxicating, and rousing is your theme score. 🙂 I can ‘t wait to see Dragon 2, too.

    1. Hi Cindy! Yeah I love the Celtic sound as well, I forgot to mention that. Amen to all you said, can’t wait to hear it in the movie tonight!

  2. I was really surprised by the soundtrack and how it good it was as I’m eager to see the new film though I’m going to wait a week to see it so I wouldn’t have to handle the bigger crowds.

    1. It’s really one of my faves of all time, it just never gets old! I hear ya about the crowds, esp animated films as there are tons of young kids.

  3. Victor De Leon

    I wasn’t aware that Powell did the scores to these films. I loved his stunning work on the Bourne films and of course, United 93. This music is just amazing. Thanks for sharing these vids and the wonderful music. I will seek out both of these soundtracks. Great work, Ruth 🙂

    1. Hello Vic! Powell does great work doesn’t he? I might do a Top 10 like I did with John Williams, he’s becoming one of my favorites.

          1. Victor De Leon

            Thanks for the link. I wanted to seek this post out! 🙂 Looking forward to your Powell list, Ruth!

  4. Excited to see this! Loved the first one, everything about it was perfect. Shame it came up against another great animation in Toy Story 3 during awards season though.

    1. Hi Asrap, long time no *see* man. I hope you see the sequel soon, I think it’s as good as the first one, I can’t possibly choose which one I like more. I think if they do a stellar job w/ the 3rd one then it’ll rival Toy Story as the best animated feature trilogy!

  5. Brittani

    I LOVE this post! Powell’s score was so amazing. I was so happy he was nominated for an Oscar for it. The score is one of the big reasons I’m excited for this to come out.

    1. Hi Brittani! Well as I just saw it last night it’s still fresh in my mind. The score is astounding! It really adds so much to the experience, esp the flying sequences. You won’t be disappointed. I’m glad he’s back scoring the sequel.

  6. Good choice, Ruth! It’s a great score, and I’m thrilled Powell was Oscar-nominated for it. I didn’t see the first film in theaters either, so I’m also looking forward to seeing the sequel on the big screen.

    1. Thanks Josh! Oh I didn’t know he was nominated here, wish he had won! Oh man, the flying sequence alone is a reason to see it on the big screen, I loved it!

  7. Ted S.

    Ever since John Woo hired him to score Face/Off, I’ve always liked Powell’s work. I remember earlier his career though, some so called professional movie critics actually said Powell is weak composer, they didn’t dig his work on The Bourne Identity but when the franchise became a hit, he’s now more respected. I didn’t realized that he’d composed mostly animated movies the last few years. I was surprised Doug Liman didn’t hire him to compose Edge of Tomorrow since they’ve worked together many times, maybe Powell’s busy scoring this movie.

    I’ve never seen How To Train Your Dragon but I do like the soundtrack there.

    1. Ooooh he did Face/Off too, I forgot! I LOVED that score as well, definitely will be on my top 5 when I do a list on Powell.

      He did the first Bourne too? Wow, I remember liking that score too, he’s pretty darn talented!

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah, Face/Off was his first big budget film that he scored, if I remember correctly Woo wanted Hans Zimmer to score Face/Off but Zimmer was busy but he suggested Woo to look at Powell’s work. Yeah he scored all of three good Bourne flicks, somehow Gilroy didn’t ask him to come back and score the lame ass fourth Borne film. Maybe it’s a good for him since he can say he ONLY worked on the good Bourne films not the lame one, ha ha.

    1. Hi Nika, long time no *see* 🙂 I think the first movie is still superior in everything, including the scores. But the sequel is still pretty stellar, I hope Powell does get nominated for it!

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