Oscars 2015 – Recap, Reflections on Best & Worst Moments


Quick confession: I’m not a huge fan of Oscars red carpet, or red carpet in general. So I only tuned in a half hour before the show. It’s funny but the second I turned on the TV, Michael Keaton was standing next to the chirpy blond presenter. He seems effortlessly at ease, LOVE that guy and I’m so rooting for him to the end! As I did last year, I went to Zumba, had dinner, then went down to my basement.

Well, first things first…

How did I do on my predictions?

  1. Best picture: Boyhood  Birdman
  2. Best director: Richard Linklater (Boyhood) Alexandro G. Iñárritu (Birdman)
  3. Best lead actor: Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything
  4. Best lead actress: Julianne Moore – Still Alice
  5. Best supporting actor: J.K. Simmons –Whiplash
  6. Best supporting actress: Patricia Arquette –Boyhood
  7. Best animated feature: Song of the Sea Big Hero 6
  8. Best feature documentary: Citizenfour
  9. Best adapted screenplay: The Theory of Everything The Imitation Game
  10. Best original screenplay: Birdman
  11. Best original score: The Grand Budapest Hotel
  12. Best cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki – Birdman
  13. Best original song: “Glory” from Selma
  14. Best Make Up and Hair Styling: Foxcatcher The Grand Budapest Hotel
  15. Best Production Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel
  16. Best Visual Effects: Interstellar
  17. Best Costume Design: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Well, I got 12 out of 17 predictions right. I’m actually surprised to be surprised by the winners, if that make sense at all. I mean, I honestly thought Boyhood would sweep the awards, well at least in Best Director and Best Picture. I haven’t seen the film yet so I’ve been #TeamBirdman from the start. I literally screamed at the top of my lungs [sorry neighbors!] when I heard Iñárritu‘s name called out… I was ecstatic still, I did NOT see Birdman‘s Best Picture win coming …


Red Carpet Stuff

Firstly, can someone explain what the heck is going on here?? John Travolta is feelin’ frisky tonight eh? Scarlett Johansson‘s post-baby figure is PHENOMENAL! Dayum girl, and that haircut is bad ass!!


These two dresses are my two favorites of the night:


Lupita Nyong’O was my red carpet fave last year too. Wow she’s still the reigning queen of the red carpet with this amazing custom-made pearl gown. YOWZA!! Can’t beat her pearl dress, but it’s her elegant swagger that makes her so dazzling.

Yet another gorgeous new mom,Rosamund Pike just had a baby back in December!! She’s wearing the color of blood for her first Oscar nomination, how appropriate! She looks absolutely stunning and I LOVE the rose textures all over her gown.

A few other favorites …


Dapper men on the red carpet!

Look at the three dapper Chris-es in the center (Evans, Pratt & Pine), hmmm where’s Hemsworth??


Forget best-dressed peoples…  these two ladies WON the red carpet with their unabashed display of affection. LOVE the spontaneity of this shot, I didn’t know Emma StoneJennifer Aniston are best buds, VERY cool!


Favorite Speeches:

“We made a film, black and white, about the need for silence and withdrawal from the world and contemplation, and here we are at this epicenter of noise and all the tension… Life is full of surprises” — Pawel Pawlikowski, director of IDA

By far the funniest speech of the night, can’t blame him for his exuberance. I kind of feel guilty for not having seen IDA yet.

The disclosures that Edward Snowden reveals don’t only expose a threat to our privacy but to our democracy itself,” – Citizenfour’s Lauren Poitras

.@johnlegend moves the crowd to tears with his powerful Oscars speech. pic.twitter.com/UhmNezO1zN

Now, I wasn’t rooting for him but I have to admit I was moved by Eddie Redmayne’s ecstatic and his can’t-believe-I-actually-won reaction when he gripped his Oscar tightly in his hand. I predicted he’d win and I knew that no matter how much I wanted Michael Keaton to win, it just wouldn’t be in the cards. But hey, the dude seems cool about it. I think Eddie wanted to win more badly than anyone else.


Hilarious nod to his pal Alfonso Cuarón who deservedly won last year for Gravity, in case some of you forgot.

What a great come back to Sean Penn’s uncalled for ‘green card’ comment [see below under WORST moments]. Seriously, I thought I couldn’t dislike a guy more, but Penn is relentless in being so unlikable.

Fave Moments

The LEGO Movie‘s Everything is Awesome musical number is so exuberantly fun and joyful! Some of the dancers came out carrying the LEGO version of the Oscar statuettes in response to their egregious snub. Take THAT the Academy!


Common and John Legend‘s performance of GLORY… it was a glorious performance. Common_Legend_Oscar2015I know people are mocking the standing ovation and people tearing up over that song, but it’s uncalled for. The song is genuinely moving rendition of an important and VERY timely film. It’s a well-deserved win and followed by a defiant speech.

LadyGaga_Oscar15WHOA!! I didn’t see THIS coming …


I can’t say I’m a big fan of Lady Gaga so I had no idea she could sing so beautifully! What’s even more beautiful is the Dame herself Julie Andrews coming on stage looking genuinely verklempt over Gaga’s performance and hugged her. LOVE it!


Glom Gazingo! Idina Menzel, aka Adele Dazeem got her revenge on John Travolta. But this hilarious moment is also one of the creepiest. What’s w/ all the face-touching John??

Hands down my favorite moment ever from last night:


So how did NPH do as host?


 Can’t say I’m impressed with Neil Patrick Harris. I think I only laughed a couple of times as he seemed so self-aware all night that the joke just seemed off. Even when he showed up in his tighty whities as a spoof to Birdman, it didn’t feel all that spontaneous compared to last year’s pizza delivery thing. I definitely like Ellen more as host, I just think she is funny without trying too hard. Oh and I didn’t care for his subtle-not-so-subtle ‘treason’ jab against Ed Snowden after Citizenfour won Best Documentary.

I did enjoy his ‘Oscar prediction’ bit but I think that’s due to the Oscar writers kind of summarizing the most amusing moments of the night.

Oh and THIS moment with David Oyelowo is pretty cute.


Worst Moments:

Sean Penn making us wait for the final award of the night, Best Picture, only to be followed by a distasteful *joke* about green card, sheesh! Yes I know he worked with Iñárritu on 21 Grams so the two are likely friends, but still, it’s just inappropriate and offensive.

Seeing this pic of Robin Williams… still can’t believe he’s gone 😦



So did you watch the Oscars last night? Thoughts on the winners and what’s your pick of best/worst moments?

64 thoughts on “Oscars 2015 – Recap, Reflections on Best & Worst Moments

  1. Stu

    It’s only just morning here so I missed the ceremony but nice to see the final list of winners and fun to read your summary. As much as I enjoyed Birdman I was rooting for Boyhood and Linklater, but never mind, Birdman’s a very good and very distinctive film. (I do think there’s a tendency for the Academy to go for films that are somehow about the movie industry at the moment, as that’s 3 out of 4 of recent winners falling into that category.) Disappointed that Dick Pope didn’t win either, but if I sound down about it all please bear in mind I’ve just woken up and I didn’t actually watch the ceremony! Happy with all 4 actor wins though; haven’t seen Still Alice but I’m glad for Julianne Moore and it sounds as if she deserves it.

    1. Hi Stu! I don’t usually finished up my recap this quickly but since I was live-tweeting, I ended up blogging it *live* as well 😀 I think it’s good that two imaginative and innovative films, albeit VERY different in style and tone, were neck and neck up until the last minute. Interesting that the Academy went w/ films about the movie industry, i.e. HUGO, The Artist, but even as far back as Sunset Blvd, that topic’s been popular w/ the voters.

      Yes I haven’t seen Still Alice but I don’t mind Moore winning, though I was pulling for Rosamund. Thanks for being the first commenter Stu! 😀

  2. OK, John Travolta was beyond creepy. It looked like he was molesting the ladies. He really needs to stop with the facelifts on his wig.

    I wasn’t surprised by the wins but my dad was pissed that Eddie Redmayne won over Michael Keaton. I was like “boo!” Yet, he was happy that Inarritu as he’s happy that another Mexican won an Oscar. Let’s get Guillermo del Toro to win the next one so it will be a three-peat for Mexico.

    1. Hi Steven! Yeah, Travolta or Glom Gazingo needs to contain himself. He looked like a botch LEGO creation too, what’s up w/ that??!

      I probably would’ve been booing Redmayne but I saw Theory of Everything this weekend and y’know what, as much as I LOVE Keaton, I do think both of them are excellent. Plus it seemed that Redmayne was genuinely over the moon w/ the win so that was quite moving. He is right that he was lucky to have gotten such an extraordinary part. Inarritu’s both appearances on stage were fun to watch, very happy w/ Birdman winning!!

  3. Great wrap, Ruth. Myself, I was utterly floored by NPH’s complete lack of….. anything – hosting the Oscars should have been cream for him, but he fell utterly flat. By the time he made any good jokes, the rot had already set in.

    I loved the Idina Menzel bit with Travolta, thought both of them had obviously had enough of the constant reminders, and needed to do something to close the book on that moment. Doing what they did will hopefully put an end to one of Travolta’s more embarrassing moments.

    1. Hi Rodney, it was fun live-tweeting again w/ you! Yeah, NPH just wasn’t funny or interesting at all, I hope he won’t host again. Maybe he was good at the Tony’s but now it’s even hard to imagine that.

      Yeah, Dazeem & Gazingo moment is hilarious, but dampened by Travolta’s utterly creepy face-touching fiasco. I think the whole room and people watching everywhere were like “Let her goooooo…”

  4. Abbi

    Since the Oscars was on at 1am UK time and we don’t have live TV in our house I didn’t watch any of it but reading your post kind of makes me feel like I have been part of the best bits. John Travolta is such a creepy, creepy man. *Shudder*. I’m pretty indifferent to the results. I would have liked to have seen Boyhood win more awards but Birdman was good too.

    1. Hi Abbi! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of pics of Travolta (I’m gonna call him Gazingo from now on) and he is utterly creepy indeed. He already looked that way, but his behavior just made your skin crawl. I really was floored that Birdman win as I predicted it’d have gone to Boyhood as Inarritu’s got Best Director. But I’ve been #TeamBirdman from the start so I’m a happy camper!

  5. Nice summation Ruth. I wasn’t pulling for anyone in particular this year, other than maybe J.K. Simmons, so I wasn’t as invested as other years.

    NPH was just OK. I still yearn for Billy Crystal but I’m old school. At least it wasn’t as bad as Seth MacFarlane’s or Letterman’s years. Even though Penn knows Iñárritu I thought he could have come up with something classier to say but then again we’re talking about Sean Penn here. The acting categories sure seemed like locks, didn’t they? Especially after I finally saw Redmayne’s performance on Saturday. I thought he truly deserved to win. How about Meryl with her “you go girl” stance when Patricia Arquette was giving her equal wage speech. Travolta couldn’t have been creepier as ninvoid99 said. I thought the jab by NPH at the end about the face touching was hilarious. LOL. The “stay weird” speech by Graham Moore for The Imitation Game was particularly moving. I was only slightly surprised Lady Gaga knocked it out of the park. While she does push the envelope she IS a genuinely talented writer/performer/singer. The Steve Carell/seat filler bit made me laugh. “Ed Norton—he’s right over there.” Glad to see Whiplash and The Grand Budapest Hotel clean up in the technical and production design categories respectively. I thought Hans Zimmer was genuinely happy to see Desplat win for Best Score. From a technical standpoint did you notice there was confetti that kept falling from the ceiling and people walking in the background of the shots? Overall the whole shebang was just so-so.

    Lastly it’s a shame they didn’t have time to add one of my favorite documentarians, Bruce Sinofsky (Brothers Keeper, The Paradise Lost trilogy and Some Kind Of Monster), to the in memoriam list. He died on Saturday of complications from diabetes. I highly recommend seeing the Paradise Lost trilogy if you don’t mind the difficult subject matter. Originally aired on HBO, the Peabody Award winning docs are not for the faint of heart but are absolutely a fascinating look at our justice system gone horribly wrong.

    1. Hello Dave! I hear ya, if it’s the Emmy’s then you’ll definitely have more people you’re invested in 😛

      I like Billy Crystal too, I mean he is a showman who’s also effortlessly funny. I also like Ellen as I happen to find her hilarious. Yeah I just saw Redmayne’s performance this past weekend so it was fresh in my head. I was still rooting for Keaton but I think Redmayne was also deserving of a win. Oh yeah, that moment Meryl cheering for Arquette’s speech was cool and y’know what, she’s right about the lack of women’s equality in Hollywood (or just in the world in general). I love it when fellow nominees look genuinely supportive to the winner, as Zimmer did w/ Desplat. I mean, it took a real confidence and humility to be able to cheer on someone else.

      Hey thanks for the recommendation on that documentary, sounds intriguing!

  6. Three outta four predictions right for Birdman 😀 I’d have picked it for best director too but I didn’t realise it got that nom. Nice round-up, I’m not a big fan of awards stuff so its nice to have an easily digestible run-down

    1. Hi Jordan! Yeah, Inarritu was up for Best Director as well and I’m glad he got it! I’m really glad this is the end of a long stretch, now we can focus on bombastic Summer movies 😛

  7. Fabulous wrap up Ruth! Absolutely love how you broke the ceremonies down.

    Obviously we don’t agree on “Birdman” but so many other things you said I 100 agree with. NPH was all over the place and as a whole I wasn’t that impressed with him. And my gosh, that was a side of Lady Gaga I didn’t know existed. I literally sat with my mouth wide open. Wow!

    I do have to say I was a bit surprised to see Eddie Redmayne win. It was the only prediction from the big six categories I missed. I too was rooting for Keaton but Redmayne was really good!

    I will say this about the “Glory” performance, it was a pretty incredible production. I didn’t know people were mocking the crowd’s reactions. That’s unfortunate because I would never assume on people’s emotional reactions to something like that. As for the song, it is absolutely beautiful when John Legend is singing but Common just kills the song for me (and not in a good way).

    All in all it was a fun night though, wasn’t it? The Oscars are far from perfect, but its so much fun to focus on movies and have some great after-discussions with pals.

    1. Hi Keith! It’s a lot easier to do this WHILST I was watching the thing. Fun live-tweetin’ w/ you too 😀

      As I mentioned to Stu, I’m just glad that both Birdman & Boyhood are both imaginative and inventive. Having just seen Theory of Everything, I’d even say Keaton and Redmayne both were exceptional, I wanted Keaton to win more as he’s been overlooked so many times before. I sure hope this would mean more prominent roles for him in the near future!

      As for the Glory performance, well I saw on Twitter people were mocking the shots of people tearing up after it. I didn’t like how they singled out Oyelowo and the camera lingered on him for so long, like putting him on the spot, y’know. I do think people were genuinely moved by that whole rendition which was beautifully done.

      Yeah, I like the *sporting event* aspect of these award shows. It’s definitely more fun to share w/ friends & fellow movie lovers!

    1. Thanks Drew! I’ll be over to your site to check your recap too later tonight. YES for Birdman, glad for the double win at the end, wahoo! It’d have been nice to see Keaton too but that’s ok, even Keaton himself seems content w/ it. Glory was powerfully moving indeed!

  8. I too wasn’t that impressed by Neil Patrick Harris, although yes he did amuse me by reading those jokes on cards at the end which commented on the show overall.

    There were indeed some memorable messages in some of the speeches, by Simmons(remember your parents), Arquette(equal pay for women), John Legend(more black men are in correctional control now than were enslaved in 1850), Graham Moore(overcoming suicide), Iñárritu(about Mexicans), and others you mentioned.
    I agree Lady Gaga was amazing, maybe she should do more musical stuff in future

    1. Hi Chris! Yeah, hope we have another host next year. There are some good speeches, but my fave is Iñárritu’s as he’s so hilarious! I agree Gaga was amazing, that’s a whole different side of her I’ve never seen before.

  9. Hi Ruth, great wrap up. You predicted well, yes? I didn’t have a problem with any of the results even that Michael K. didn’t win. I loved that he was laid back–I don’t think it bothered him much. Glad for the back to back wins for Iñárritu and I was very happy to see Julie Andrews and Shirley MacLaine grace the stage. I was bored, frankly, for the most part. I thought the first opening production was great and was bored until the final 6 were announced.

    1. Hi Cindy! Yeah I love seeing Andrews and MacLaine on stage, that’s so cool! Did you enjoy Lady Gaga’s rendition? I didn’t even know she could sing so well. I LOVE Sound of Music so that was quite a treat. There were some boring parts in the middle, but it’s ok as I have my laptop with me for live tweeting 😀

  10. Great recap! I love that Keaton was able to say a few words during the Best Picture speech. Man deserved it. And yeah, NPH was just too bland. Very few of his bits landed. I mean, making fun of Reese Witherspoon’s name… that’s such a grandfather joke.

    1. Hello Alex! Hopefully soon you’d be in attendance at the Oscars? Dream big, right? 😀 Yeah, I thought the jokes are just lazy, that bit making fun of Oprah being rich also fell flat.

    1. Hi Mark! Ummm, no I don’t think Boyhood was robbed, I’m Team Birdman so I’m thrilled that it won. I do think both that and Birdman are worthy contenders and both are imaginative.

  11. I was taken by a few moments. The best speech of the night was, without a doubt, from the writer of the screenplay for The Imitation Game (his name escapes me). He started out a little rattled, but then gained composure and gave some wise words to the people at home who have struggled with depression or have thought of suicide.
    I was surprised by the homage to The Sound of Music. I don’t think I’ve ever liked a performance by Lady Gaga until this one, and to see her hug it out with Julie Andrews was the biggest kind of endorsement she could have gotten.
    I was also creeped out by John Travolta who can’t seem to get a PR break lately. He tried to make fun of his introduction to Idina last year, but just made it worse by being very awkward and grabbing her face….oh Hollywood actors…

    I agree with most of your other thoughts even though I’d have preferred Boyhood to take the prize. It was such a labor of love that film, and the performances were all so natural. I really don’t think Linklater will get another chance like that one to take the award. In any case, Inarritu was right to say that the only and best judge of a work of art is time, and Boyhood may, after all, get the recognition it deserves years from now.

    1. Hi Niels! I never liked Gaga before either but her performance blew me away. Dame Julie Andrews looked genuinely moved by it, too.

      Travolta is definitely the creepiest guy ever and why is he even still invited to these things? I don’t even know what he’s done lately, other than his infamous Adele Dazeem fiasco.

      I still need to see Boyhood, but to me, simply doing an experimental style of filming something in the course of 12 years doesn’t automatically mean it deserves an Oscar. I think every film is a labor of love of the filmmaker, there are lots of challenges w/ Birdman that Inarritu faced as well, and surely the same could be said w/ the rest.

  12. I know, Penn was so lame. It was just painful. I know Inarittu thought it was funny but it was just distasteful to make this joke at all much less at such a moment, why the hell did they got him to present it anyways? I really don’t understand what Theron sees in him. It’s so odd and stupid Keaton didn’t win, so much of Birdman’s success lies in his performance.

    1. Yeah, I wish they had invited some other person to present. I mean why not Benicio Del Toro who’s also in 21 Grams or Brad Pitt who’s in Babel?? Those two have more class obviously. I really don’t know what Theron sees in him, I mean if I were her I’d be scared she’d end up like Madonna or worse!

      It’s such a bummer Keaton didn’t win. It’s nice to see him speak during the film’s acceptance speech though, Inarritu obviously realized as we do that he’s the major reason the film worked beautifully.

  13. Nice write up as always Ruth, as someone who doesn’t care about the show, I was hoping there would be some big “controversies” or something. But the most “controversy” thing was Penn making some lame jokes, lol. I guess I’m a little surprised that Boyhood and American Sniper didn’t make a splash at the event, BOYHOOD seems to be all that was talked about before awards season began. Personally I have no desire to see a movie about some boy growing up.

      1. Yeah, just because it took 12 years to finish the movie doesn’t mean it’s some sort of a masterpiece. I was also a boy so I don’t need to experience some other dude’s life growing up, ha ha.

    1. Ahah yeah, I still haven’t seen Boyhood either Ted, for the exact same reason. Penn was super lame though, his *joke* is distasteful, but then again what do you expect from a jerk like him [shrug]

      1. Yeah I don’t need to spend nearly 3 hours watching the life of some kid growing up, I already experienced that myself. As for Penn, I’m not the biggest fan of his either but I won’t be surprised if that “offensive” joke was thought of my him and the director, I mean they’re good friends and he’s not offended by it. Personally I don’t have any issues with it, my buddies and I always make off color jokes to each other, some will find them offensive but it’s something most guys do.

        BTW, that’s also me responding to Becky’s comment, I’m running a blog for my work so I’m on WordPress constantly. I have to remember to switch my username when I comments on this site. LOL.

  14. Terrific recap Ruth. I thought a lot of the winners were fair but I’m one of those in the Boyhood camp. Disappointed it never won Best Picture or Director. I feel bad that Linklater never got his chance to go up on stage and thank everyone/recognise the achievement etc. Ah well. That rendition of Glory was something else, right? Wow.


    1. I know Team Boyhood is disappointed, and even though I’m Team Birdman, I was truly surprised that it didn’t win. I thought it’d be a split that Best Director would go to Inarritu & Boyhood gets BP. I do agree the GLORY rendition is a major highlight, as well as the Lady Gaga Sound of Music tribute!

  15. Hey Ruth! LOVED Gaga. Not so much NPH, I was pretty disappointed. I think the writing was partly to blame, and I think as the night wore on he started to lose more and more confidence, was less likely to improvise, make off the cuff remarks, etc. Definitely bring back Ellen next year. That woman is a complete natural.

    Surprised that Keaton didn’t pick up Best Actor, especially considering Birdman cleaned up with Best Pic, Director and Screenplay. Seems a bit odd. Though I do think Redmayne deserved it, too.

    As for Penn, what an absolute arse. I actually cringed in my seat waiting for him to read the winner.

    1. And great recap by the way! I was following your live tweets too. Twitter was almost more entertaining than the awards ceremony itself last night.

    2. Hello there V! Glad we agree about NPH, yeah I don’t mind seeing ELLEN again, she’s effortlessly funny and jovial. I don’t mind if the Chris-es take turns hosting: Evans, Pratt and Pike I mean, I think those three could do a fine job 😉

      I think Keaton winning would’ve made the most sense as he’s the major reason the film worked. But I can’t honestly say Redmayne didn’t deserve it though. Plus it is a flashier role that Oscar usually go for. Yep, don’t care about Penn, never did, wish he’d never get invited again.

      Live tweeting is fun, you should join in more often V!

        1. We can’t have enough eye candy, right? We can make it a foursome too w/ Chris Hemsworth though I really can’t imagine he’d be a good host, unless if he’s shirtless the entire time, mwahahaha!

          1. HAHA! Oh, I could certainly live with an added Chris in the form of a shirtless Chris Hemsworth. He wouldn’t even have to talk, he could just stand off to one side of the stage, shirtless, maybe waving his hammer around. ;D

  16. Oh is that Lady Gaga. She’s a fashion chameleon and I seem to have a hard time recognizing her even though I’m usually good with faces. She does have an amazing voice, she did a live duet with Tony Bennett at the Grammy’s and it sounded like a perfect studio recording but it wasn’t.

    Anyways, I thought The Imitation Game was alright but I was hoping that Whiplash would take the best adapted screenplay award instead. I actually didn’t watch the Oscars so thanks for the great recap and photos! Loving ScarJo’s hair due! 😀

    1. I was floored by Gaga’s demure appearance and her beautiful voice! I should look up her duet w/ Tony Bennett now.

      I wasn’t rooting for Imitation Game for Best Screenplay either, but it seems that Oscar is spreading the love so that each film has at least one award this year. Yeah, ScarJo looked phenomenal!

  17. Great recap! I was actually pretty bored with the ceremony, but I was also pretty bored with the year in general. Loved seeing J.K. Simmons and Eddie Redmayne…both had brilliant speeches! And, I also surprisingly loved Gaga! What a classic moment!

    1. Hi Courtney! Yeah there are some boring moments in Oscar, that’s why I always have my laptop with me so I can do other things. Live tweeting makes it fun though. I think there are some brilliant speeches that night, though Redmayne was more nervous and frantic. Gaga was definitely a highlight for me too!

  18. Great post Ruth! Being in the UK I missed the ceremony – I would have loved to hear GaGa though! I think all her attention on costumes and ‘show’ makes it easy to forget what a good singer she actually is. As for the awards, I’m ecstatic that Birdman took home four awards! Thrilled for Iñárritu that he got Director, Screenplay and Picture. I might have liked Dick Pope to win Cinematography but Lubezki was a fine choice too. So pleased for Redmayne and Simmons and very much looking forward to seeing Moore in Still Alice when it’s released here in a few weeks. Oh and I love that pic of Aniston and Emma Stone, love those two!

    1. Hi Natalie! Here’s the full performance of Gaga at the Oscars: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqjgyM6gYmA I thought she was spot on, and this coming from a huge fan of Sound of Music! Glad to hear you’re Team Birdman too! Dick Pope did Mr Turner right? I haven’t seen that one yet.

      Still Alice hasn’t opened wide yet but yeah I’m curious to check that one too!

  19. Thank you for the recap Ruth 🙂

    I haven’t watched Oscar in ages so I am always happy to read a summary of it. I already have The Imitation Game and Birdman 🙂 Just need to find time to watch them.

  20. PrairieGirl

    Disappointed in NPH. He looked, acted and sounded totally bored the whole night, hardly even cracked a smile. Too bad, I really like him. Yes, bring back Ellen. Glad to see The Imitation Game won something, at least, for Best Adapted Screenplay.

    1. Hi Becky! Yeah NPH did look like he’s bored that night, which made him boring as well. I think you love Imitation Game much more than I did. I think it warrants the nom but I don’t know about the win.

  21. Awesome recap! I was thrilled for Birdman, which doesn’t feel like a Best Picture winner at all. NPH wasn’t the worst host in recent memory, but I hope they go with someone else next year. John Travolta should totally come back again. He’s made some interesting blunders these past two ceremonies.

    1. I’m glad Birdman ended up winning. I didn’t think The Academy would go for such a bold and imaginative film but I’m glad they did! Yep, NPH has got to go but you’re right, Travolta’s blunders are actually entertaining, ahah.

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