Counting down to 87th Academy Awards – Winner Predictions + various Oscar tidbits

Happy Oscar Weekend everybody! To those who give a ballyhoo about Oscars or award season in general, hang in there, award season is almost over 😉

I usually feel like Oscar ceremony sneaked up on me, but this year I’m glad it’s finally here! Part of it is really so we can all move on, but I’m also curious who’d finally win the top honors. It’s the cinematic Superbowl, the one big *sporting* event for those who don’t care about sports, such as yours truly. It’s an amusing diversion really, so I never get too riled up when things don’t go my way [as is often the case]. Mild rants are warranted though, and that’s just part of the fun & frivolity of it all.

I was scouring the interweb and found some nifty Oscar-related stuff, so I thought I’d share ’em before I get to my predictions.

Check out THR’s illustrative cover with all the Best Picture nominees done in Oscar statuette’s style.



THR has been running the Brutally Honest Oscar Ballot series, revealing a glimpse into a few of the Academy voters’ thoughts on the race.

My favorite Oscar expert in the blogosphere, Josh @ Cinematic Spectacle posted 10 Things to Know Before the Oscar Ceremony

So apparently they’re making an Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in L.A.? Check out the building rendering here. IMDb presents a special look at Oscar history in support of that upcoming museum:

 Now this is pretty mind-boggling stuff. The Wall Street Journal posted this INTERACTIVE MAP of the major Oscar nominees. Basically it shows data of social media (mostly Facebook) conversation about the nominated films, actors and actresses and which movies and people are winning the FB Oscar “conversation” from Jan. 1 to Feb. 16.

If they were the Oscar voters, American Sniper and Bradley Cooper would’ve won by a landslide!


If you’re like me and you haven’t seen ALL of the Best Picture nominees yet, well, Mashable has this handy guide as to WHERE to catch up with 7 essential films.


Well, with only 24 hours to go, I still have three more films I haven’t seen yet from the Best Picture nominees. I wanted to see Whiplash but it’s not available to rent yet on iTunes, so we saw The Theory of Everything instead. In any case, here are my predictions:

Best Picture
American Sniper
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
The Theory of Everything

Who will win: Boyhood
Who should win: Birdman
Ok so I haven’t seen Boyhood yet but I really have a hard time imagining that it’d top Birdman for me.

Best Director
Alexandro G. Iñárritu – Birdman
Richard Linklater – Boyhood
Bennett Miller – Foxcatcher
Wes Anderson – The Grand Budapest Hotel
Morten Tyldum – The Imitation Game

Who will win: Richard Linklater
Who should win: Alexandro G. Iñárritu
Ok so Linklater’s effort was incredibly ambitious so I have to give him kudos for that. But what Iñárritu did is just as unconventional and spectacularly creative.

Best Actor
Steve Carell – Foxcatcher
Bradley Cooper – American Sniper
Benedict Cumberbatch – The Imitation Game
Michael Keaton – Birdman
Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything

Who will win: Eddie Redmayne
Who should win: Michael Keaton
Ok I’m glad I finally saw Redmayne’s performance last night and he was impressive. Yet I’m still rooting for Keaton for many reasons. One of them is the fact that his role is the only one that’s not based on a real person and yet he’s able to create such an affecting and authentic performance.

Best Actress
Marion Cotillard – Two Days One Night
Felicity Jones – The Theory of Everything
Julianne Moore – Still Alice
Rosamund Pike – Gone Girl
Reese Witherspoon – Wild

Who will win: Julianne Moore
Who should win: Rosamund Pike

Best Supporting Actor
Robert Duvall – The Judge
Ethan Hawke – Boyhood
Edward Norton – Birdman
Mark Ruffalo – Foxcatcher
J.K. Simmons – Whiplash

Who will & should win: J.K Simmons
If Simmons is as good as everyone’s been saying – and the praise seems unanimous –then he ought to win. He’s done such great work in his career in various supporting roles. However, I can’t lie that I wish either Ruffalo or Norton would get it.

Best Supporting Actress
Patricia Arquette – Boyhood
Laura Dern – Wild
Keira Knightley – The Imitation Game
Emma Stone – Birdman
Meryl Streep – Into the Woods

Who will win: Patricia Arquette
Who should win: Anyone but Meryl please! Other than that, I think Keira Knightley did a smashing job and 2015 has been quite a year for her playing against-type roles.

Best Cinematography
Emmanuel Lubezki – Birdman
Robert Yeoman – The Grand Budapest Hotel
Lukasz Zal and Ryszard Lenczewski – Ida
Dick Pope – Mr. Turner
Roger Deakins – Unbroken

Who will & should win: Emmanuel Lubezki
Poor Mr. Deakins, the Susan Lucci of cinematographers with 12 nominations and not a single win yet. But what Lubezki did in Birdman is so magnificent and inventive.

Best Adapted Screenplay
American Sniper
The Imitation Game
Inherent Vice
The Theory of Everything

Who will win: The Theory of Everything
Who should win: The Theory of Everything
Having just seen this last night, I do think Anthony McCarten did an excellent job adapting Jane Hawking’s memoir.

Best Original Screenplay
The Grand Budapest Hotel

Who will & should win: Birdman
No contest here, it’s one of the most imaginative stories in recent memory.

Best Make Up and Hair Styling
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Guardians of the Galaxy

Who will win: Foxcatcher
Who should win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
They certainly did an amazing job w/ Steve Carell’s face in Foxcatcher but I didn’t care for the makeup for Ruffalo and Tatum there. ‘Grand Budapest’ did a stellar job overall IMO.

Best Original Score
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
Mr. Turner
The Theory of Everything

Who will win: The Grand Budapest Hotel
Who should win: The Imitation game
I LOVE both Alexandre Desplat’s scores this year, but I give The Imitation Game a slight edge as it perfectly captures both the intelligence and the emotional aspect of the story.

Best Original Song
“Everything Is Awesome” from The Lego Movie
“Glory” from Selma
“Grateful” from Beyond the Lights
“I’m Not Gonna Miss You” from Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me
“Lost Stars” from Begin Again

Who will win: Glory
Who should win: Lost Stars
As Selma has no chance in winning Best Picture, it’s very likely the Academy would give this win as a *consolation* prize.

Best Animated Feature
Big Hero 6
The Boxtrolls
How to Train Your Dragon 2
Song of the Sea
The Tale of Princess Kaguya

Who will win: Song of the Sea
Who should win: Big Hero 6
I’m torn between How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Big Hero 6, I’d be happy with either win.

Best Production Design
The Grand Budapest Hotel
The Imitation Game
Into the Woods
Mr. Turner

Who will & should win: The Grand Budapest Hotel

Best Visual Effects
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Guardians of the Galaxy
X-Men: Days of Future Past

Who will win: Interstellar
Who should win: Interstellar

Best Documentary
Finding Vivien Maier
Last Days of Vietnam
The Salt of the Earth

Who will win: Citizenfour
Who should win: Citizenfour

Best Costume Design
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Inherent Vice
Into the Woods
Mr. Turner

Who will & should win: The Grand Budapest Hotel


So what do you think of these Oscar tidbits and predictions, folks?

37 thoughts on “Counting down to 87th Academy Awards – Winner Predictions + various Oscar tidbits

    1. Hi Mel! Yeah I plan on live tweeting again tomorrow, makes it easier to make a post the next day actually. I still haven’t mustered enough interest in seeing Boyhood yet, somehow it just doesn’t appeal to me. So I’m definitely Team Birdman 🙂

    1. Hello Raul! Ahah well, I hope I’d be spot on tomorrow night Raul, but I’d be happier if the people who ‘should win’ actually do get their awards 😀

  1. Great post, Ruth! (Mine just went up as well).
    Loved the Origin of Oscar video, the Hollywood Reporter cover, and Josh’s post!
    Rooting for Birdman and Whiplash so freaking hard!
    I still haven’t seen three of the major nominees (Selma, Sniper, The Judge) and I think I’ll only be able to see one before the ceremony.

    1. Let’s hope Mr Innaritu & Birdma win tomorrow!! I was gonna see Whiplash last night but it’s not available to rent yet. The Judge was very mediocre actually, but I guess Duvall was good in it. I might check out Sniper once it’s out on rental, I’m just not into war films.

      1. You should rent it as soon as it’s available!

        Sniper had its moments, but overall it’s mediocre. And I haven’t seen The Judge but I’m not interested. Just want to see it to complete the nominees.

  2. Great picks and predictions! Like Fern commented above, I’m hoping Birdman and Whiplash pick up some awards. It’ll be interesting which way the Academy votes and if they’ll be any dark horse winners.

    1. Yeah I’m curious who/which film would be the dark horse winners. It seem that most of the major acting races are pretty locked except for Best Actor.

  3. I just posted my predictions, too. You and I have some identical thoughts (i.e. Best Original Song), but also some places where we are far apart (i.e Visual Effects). It’s always interesting to compare notes with others on this.

    1. Hi Chip! I find it really tough to predict SFX and some of the technical awards. Though I put down Interstellar for Best Visual Effects, I do think Dawn of the Planet of the Apes was tremendous in that department and I actually think it’s a better film overall.

  4. The only thing I’m hoping for with the Oscars is a win for Michael Keaton. He’s way overdue for one. Other than that, I don’t really care for anything else at this point. I’m just not into the Oscars this year. Too many good films got snubbed this year like Gone Girl.

    1. Amen on Keaton! Yes he’s been churning out such great work over the years and he seems like a cool guy in real life on top of being a talented actor. I still can’t believe ‘Gone Girl’ was snubbed too, esp in the screenplay category!

  5. Irene McKenna

    Anyone but Meryl … ha ha! I haven’t seen Boyhood yet, but I’m rooting for Birdman and Alexandro G. Iñárritu too.

    1. Hi Irene! Well I just didn’t think Meryl’s performance in Into The Woods was anything special, in fact it was annoyingly over the top in its third act. Glad I’m not the only blogger who hasn’t seen Boyhood, ahah. For some reason I’m just not enthusiastic for it.

  6. I’m excited. My daughter and I will be propped up in the recliners for the red carpet and I won’t budge until it’s over. I am surprised this year I’m not so excited about Best Actress. For Best Film, I’m not sure who will win. There seems to be a recent trend where all the films get a piece of the golden statue. We haven’t had a landslide in awhile–maybe since The Return of the King?

    1. That sounds like a fun plan Cindy! My hubby would often stop by downstairs to keep me company during the Oscar telecast. I’m actually not that interested in the red carpet stuff though if I’m in the mood I might tune in. Yeah, it doesn’t seem like a landslide is in the cards this year either. I’d be happy if Birdman won Best Picture and Best Actor for Keaton though.

  7. Tom

    Yes, please — anyone but Meryl Streep. Love that woman, but my goodness. That is bad enough she has robbed someone else whose work was more deserving this year but to see her actually go up and take a prize (I have this sinking feeling she might since the Academy and her are true homies) I think would be a true farce. One reason why I’m not too concerned about whether or not I catch these ceremonies this time around.

    Lovely wrap-up on an interesting year.

    1. Hello Tom! I like Meryl but this year she did NOT even deserve to be nominated. I’d be seriously upset if she won, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I know I said I don’t tend to go up in arms about this kind of awards, but if Meryl’s name is called I’m afraid I’d actually throw things at my TV!

  8. Abbi

    I loved Boyhood so I want to see it win lots of things. One thing I definitely don’t want to win anything is American Sniper. Ugh!

    1. Haven’t seen either, so I guess I’m not rooting for either of them tonight. Have you seen Birdman? That’s what I’m rooting for this year!

  9. Would love to see Redmayne or Cumberbatch triumph in the Actor category.

    The Wall Street Journal graphic is interesting but doesn’t reveal anything other than what’s in the public consciousness right now. For one, American Sniper is one of the most recently released films (so it’s going to be talked about), secondly, it makes sense that Americans would be talking about a triumphantly “American” film about an American “hero”, made by and starring an American icon and an American idol respectively. If you switched this process to the UK I doubt American Sniper would be topping Birdman or Theory of Everything right now.

    Nice personal predictions though Ruth. I think Boyhood will do well but I hope Imitation Game and Theory of Everything get a few awards.

    1. I wouldn’t mind Redmayne win I guess but not Cumberbatch. I sincerely hope Keaton gets it!!

      Oh yeah, I doubt American Sniper would be nearly as popular in Europe or elsewhere. I don’t know if I’d even call Bradley Cooper an American idol.

      Enjoy watching the Oscars Dan!

  10. Lots of great picks. I’m with you on Pike for Best Actress. That is who should win. She’s THAT good. That map showing American Sniper as a runaway winner is quite interesting. Love the pic of various versions of Oscar at the top of the page, too.

    1. Hello Dell! Pike is simply incredible in Gone Girl, though it seems that Julianne Moore is gonna walk away w/ the top prize. That interactive map is quite something eh, it speaks volumes about the discrepancies between film fans and average filmgoers across the country.

  11. I’d have TGBH’s soundtrack over the Imitation Game’s. it is so unique and sounds like nothing else Desplay has done. I’m also a bit taken aback by Birdman being nominated for sound mixing and editing, but not its score. Odd. I think Birdman will win four of its nominations. I hope Whiplash and TGBH does well too, but other than that I don’t particularly give a crap. I agree though it can make for fun what-if type discussions and predictions.

    1. Hi Jordan, yeah I guess you’re right TGBH’s score is more unique, I put both on my Top 10 Film Scores of the year. I guess it’s a matter of preference that I put down Imitation Game, as I like classical music. I hope what you said about Birdman is right, but I’d be a happy camper if Keaton wins tonight.

  12. If I could, I’d put a bazillion dollars on JK Simmons for Whiplash.

    Birdman should win BP (or Whiplash), but I think Boyhood will do the job. Whether it holds up in another ten years will be interesting. I think Whiplash is the one most people will remember.

    Have fun watching! Will you be tweeting as usual?

    1. Hey Rodney! Yeah I bet all the Oscar betters put tons of money on Simmons. Birdman and Boyhood seem to be neck and neck up until now, I guess that adds a dose of suspense as most of the acting awards seem more locked in.

      Yes I’ll be live-tweeting tonight for sure!

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  14. Thanks so much for the link, Ruth! 🙂

    Love this post! That Best Actor graphic is fascinating. I kind of wish the Academy would set up a public vote site for all of the categories, just so we could see who the public would’ve selected from the nominees.

    Sorry your Boyhood predictions didn’t come true. I’m guessing it was close, but I’d love to see just HOW close.

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