Casting News Roundup: Chris Pratt, Rosamund Pike, Keanu Reeves & Mel Gibson + Andrew Garfield


Boy I’ve been meaning to do a post on casting news but for some reason just never got around to it! Well, I might make this more of a weekend bi-monthly series as there’s never a shortage of casting news 😀

Chris Pratt to star in graphic novel adaptation Cowboy Ninja Viking

Pratt_CowboyNinjaVikingLook at the smirk on this guy! When I read the description of the graphic novel created by writer A.J. Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo, I think Chris Pratt fits the role nicely. Per Collider, The story revolves around an assassin with Multiple Personality Disorder who possess the skills of a cowboy, a ninja, and a Viking, and works for a secret government program. Pratt is to play the protagonist Duncan, and I think it’ll be fun to see him manifest into those three different personas. No director is attached yet, though some names including Marc Forster was circling the project at some point, seems that this project has been in development for some time.

Rosamund Pike joining Charlie Hunnam in ‘The Mountain Between Us’


One of the year’s breakout female star probably has a slew of offers coming at her. I kinda wish she’d be cast in the lead instead of co-lead with a male actor. In any case, sounds like she’s joining Charlie Hunnam in an adaptation of Charles Martin’s book of the same name. The story revolves around two people who survive a plane crash in the mountains where they are forced to trust each other and find safety while badly injured. Rosamund Pike plays a successful writer who’s flying East to get to her much anticipated wedding, whilst Hunnam plays a surgeon on his way back East after a medical conference for a slate of surgeries he has scheduled for the following day. So based on the book description in Amazon, it’s kind of like a romantic version of Alive and perhaps The Grey, I guess I could see the casting work for the story though I’m not sure about this one until I see at least a trailer.

Keanu Reeves in Talks to Star in Tarsem Singh’s ‘The Panopticon’


Though Keanu never really left Hollywood, seems that he’s sort of got a career resurgence following the success of John Wick. I’ve always liked the guy so more Keanu casting is awesome in my book 😉 So he’s been cast in the sci-fi thriller Replicas which sounds right up his alley: After a car accident kills his loving family, a daring neuroscientist (Reeves) will stop at nothing to bring them back, even if it means pitting himself against a government-controlled laboratory, a police task force, and the physical laws of science themselves. (per The Wrap).

Well, seems that he’s also in talks to team up with Tarsem Singh in an action thriller The Panopticon, but the premise seems wholly generic to me: “The Panopticon” follows a seemingly ordinary man who receives a mysterious package containing a pre-recorded message from himself, warning that the world is about to end and only he can save it. He must race against the clock to piece together the puzzle before time runs out for mankind. Meh, I’m kind of tired of this ‘one man left on earth to save the world’ premise. It’s so stale, derivative and hackneyed that it’s REALLY hard to actually make a good film out of it. But then again, John Wick‘s premise isn’t exactly groundbreaking either but the film still turned out fresh and fun. Judging from Tarsem’s past work though, it’d probably be more of a visual feast than an absorbing story.

Boy, Keanu is one busy dude. Per The Wrap, he’s recently wrapped Eli Roth‘s “Knock Knock” and the courtroom drama “The Whole Truth,” and he’s currently filming the indie “Daughter of God.” Oh and supposedly he’s also working on Bill & Ted‘s 2?

Mel Gibson to direct Andrew Garfield in a WWII drama?


Now this last one is intriguing to me as Mel Gibson hasn’t directed any film since Apocalypto nearly a decade ago. Regardless of how you feel about the actor/director, I think he’s a talented filmmaker.

DesmondDoss_HacksawRidgeI’m curious about his next project which is a WWII drama based on the true story of Corporal Demond Doss, the first conscientious objector to receive the US congressional Medal of Honor by President Truman. Per, Doss was drafted into World War II at age 23. Raised a Seventh-day Adventist, he refused to kill or carry a weapon and, as such, became stationed as a medic. The center of the story is likely to focus on 1945′s three-month military assault Operation Iceburg, also known as the Battle of Okinawa. “Hacksaw Ridge” was the name given the location of a particularly brutal two-week confrontation wherein United States troops faced off against Japanese soldiers on the rocky cliffs of Okinawa.

If the deal went through, Gibson would reteam w/ Braveheart‘s screenwriter Randall Wallace who co-wrote it with Robert Schenkkan. Look-wise, Andrew Garfield seems to have the right physique and age to play the role and I think it’d be good to see him in something that’d really display his versatility as an actor.

Ok so what do you think of any of these casting news and/or the projects mentioned above?


38 thoughts on “Casting News Roundup: Chris Pratt, Rosamund Pike, Keanu Reeves & Mel Gibson + Andrew Garfield

  1. Like Cindy said about Mel and the WWII film. The Battle of Okinawa was extraordinary, and this tale one of the most unique in all of warfare. Plus, Mel reteaming with Randall Wallace for this effort has the potential to produce great results. And yeah, the other stuff sounds good, too. 😉

    1. Hi Michael, the re-teaming of Mel & Randall got me intrigued too. I’m not into war films because generally it’s too violent for me, and Mel usually doesn’t pull any punches in regard to that. Still, it’s good that he’s making films again.

  2. I like these ideas as I’m eager to see Mel make a comeback as a director. I still like the guy. Plus, it’s about the Battle of Okinawa which was an intense battle.

    1. Hi Steven, I’m curious about Mel’s project too and he certainly knows how to make a gritty and engaging film, so sounds like this is right up his alley.

  3. Ooo, love the idea of just seeing a film version of Cowboy Ninja Viking – Pratt seems like the guy for the job!

    The story with Rosamund Pike sounds intriguing. I think Gone Girl definitely helped her get her foot in the door for more US film opportunities. Clearly, she’s very talented, even if she’s just hit the radar of more American filmmakers. I really wouldn’t be surprised if she continues to receive more opportunities after her success this year.

    I’m also happy to hear Gibson will be behind the camera again. It might be what he needs to do to regain a positive following once again. Plus, he seems awfully talented.

    1. I really hope Pike gets more leading role offers, I mean look at Chris Pratt now, but it seems that Hollywood is slower to recognize female talents.

      Gibson has been severely ‘punished’ by Hollywood for much longer than other *misbehaving* filmmakers/actors so yeah, I for one support his comeback. He is extremely talented indeed, I think Passion of the Christ was very deserving of at least an Oscar nomination.

      1. I couldn’t agree more about Passion of the Christ. I didn’t realize it didn’t receive even a single nomination. It’s such an incredible film.

        I find the relationship of Hollywood’s socialites (and actors/actresses) interesting how their personal life often affects their professional life, and vice versa, that they often blend together over time. It’s really too bad with Gibson. He’s not the first, and he certainly won’t be the last who Hollywood punishes when their dirty laundry is aired for all the world to see.

        Then again, I suppose that is a risk one takes when they decide to enter the ranks of Hollywood.

  4. Keanu Reeves working with Tarsem Singh certainly sounds intriguing. That premise may be generic, but Tersem is always such an interesting director that I’d be willing to give it a shot, even if it does sound like something that’ll end up being more style over substance (though that DOES remain to be seen!). And Mel Gibson and Andrew Garfield working together is actually equally intriguing, I must admit. These are a couple of projects I think I might be keeping an eye on.

    1. I like Tarsem’s previous films, esp. The Fall which is actually quite emotionally-engaging on top of being a visual spectacle. So I’m hoping it’s more in line w/ that one (well less surrealistic though) and less like Immortals. I sure hope the Gibson + Garfield collaboration would materialize!

  5. They are actually letting Gibson direct? After what he said and did? Okkaaayyy…

    That project with Pike sounds awful. She should be staying away from stuff like this. Pratt has landed a perfect role for himself, though 🙂

    1. Well, Hollywood has been much more forgiving to other filmmakers/actors who’ve done misdeeds. I don’t excuse what Mel has done, but really though, who hasn’t made a mistake in Hollywood? I for one am willing to give him another chance and I also think he’s a talented filmmaker.

      Yeah, I’m not fond of the Pike/Hunnam project, and I wish Pike would actually get offered more leading roles. As for Pratt, well he’s definitely a star now who can pick his own projects.

      1. Yeah but there is a difference between for example shitting in co-star’s trailer like RDJ did and saying stuff like Gibson did considering how many Jews are in the business…my threshold for assholes is high but Gibson crossed it like 10x too much for me to ever see his films.

        1. “… my threshold for assholes is high” ahah that made me laugh Sati. Hey I respect your views, we all have free will as to who and which films we want to see. I know there will be people, Jews & Gentiles alike, who would never forgive Mel, but I read that there are plenty of Jews who have forgiven him as well. I for one don’t think a drunken tirade doesn’t make a person an anti-Semite, and if he were, I doubt he could actually make a film like The Passion of the Christ given Jesus himself (and His followers) are Jews. I do think he has a lot of growing up to do, but I’d like to think that nobody is a lost cause, no matter how huge their trespass is.

    1. Ahah well if we only want to see films from perfect people, we’d probably see very few films 🙂 But if you’re not a fan of Gibson in general, well it’s all a matter of taste.

    1. I kinda think that Mel probably could fund his own projects if he wants to. I think there are still some ppl in Hollywood who support him, and I for one am glad he’s making a comeback as a filmmaker.

  6. Ted S.

    Can’t say that any of these new castings really interests me. But a new film from Mel Gibson be nice even though I’m not too excited to see another story about WW2.

  7. Awesome thank you for these updates. I love reading this type of stuff. I am interested in the Rosamund Pike and Charlie Hunnam flick, that sounds great and the book sounds equally interesting. Regardless of the crap in Mel Gibson’s personal life, I have always liked him as both an actor and director, hopefully he can dig himself out of the reputation he has built and come out on top. Everyone loves a comeback story, so I will root for him. I grew up watching Gibson, so he still gets at my heart strings.

    1. Hey there Mel! I always enjoy reading about casting stuff. Yeah about Gibson, I agree he’s done some terrible things but everyone deserve a second chance. I just rewatched The Patriot and he’s definitely a fantastic actor. His directorial talent is equally awesome and I like Andrew Garfield! Hope this one will work out.

        1. Oh I haven’t seen Apocalypto yet but my friend said it was very well-done. So do you think it’s too brutal for me? Judging from The Passion of the Christ, which was quite unbearable to watch but I toughed it out as the story is important to me.

          1. Apocolypto was beyond brutal. I think I have a pretty good tolerance level, I am not a horror movie person, but violent, crazy, bloody movies, well they don’t bother me at all. But this one, oh boy, this is one I will never EVER EVER watch again. It was a good movie, well done in every way, but too much for me to handle. Ok I just saved u! 🙂

            1. Oh my! Hmmm, I don’t think I can handle it then. I mean if YOU can’t take it, I probably would pass out watching it 😛 Thanks for the warning, girlfriend.

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  9. Mel Gibson’s film sounds interesting, as does Cowboy Ninja Viking. The Mountain Between Us looks good, but I suspect Charlie Hunnam will be miscast.

    1. Yeah, I reckon there are more suitable actors for the role. I for one would love to see the likes of Matthew Goode in such a role instead of Hunnam.

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