Music Break: Favorite Music Scores from BATMAN Screen Adaptations


Happy Wednesday everyone! Inspired by the GOTHAM pilot on Monday night, I thought I’d do a Batman-themed Music Break today. Before I do that, here’s my two cents on the show:

I was going to do a quick review but tonight ended up getting hectic and since I was listening to some Batman music, I thought why not do a Music Break instead. Maybe I’ll do a review of GOTHAM at some point, that is if I’ll watch the entire season. The pilot was better than I expected at least, maybe because I had such a low expectations given how other comic-book shows have failed to keep me tuning in. I stopped watching Agents of SHIELD after just four episodes and ARROW after just two, despite Stephen Amell’s hunky-ness I just couldn’t be bothered!

Now let’s get to the Batman Music, shall we? Nolan’s Batman trilogy are excellent all around, including the phenomenal soundtrack by Hans Zimmer [collaborating with James Newton Howard on Batman Begins & The Dark Knight]. Here are five of my favorites, starting with my most beloved of ALL the screen adaptations out there.

BONUS: I just had to include this one from the video game Arkham City, as the soundtrack is simply astounding! I think it’s even better than most film scores out there.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s Music Break. So what’s YOUR fave Batman-related soundtrack?

36 thoughts on “Music Break: Favorite Music Scores from BATMAN Screen Adaptations

  1. I could quite happily take any from Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard did amazing work, laying down the foundation for the entire series with Begins.

    On the topic of Gotham – I wasn’t overly impressed. They seem to be trying hard to be gritty and real but felt pretty sanitised and bland to me.

    1. Yeah too bad James Newton Howard didn’t want to return to do TDKR for fear he’d be a ‘third wheel’ as Zimmer + Nolan has worked together extensively after Inception.

      I feel about the same on Gotham. I’d give it another few episodes to see if it’ll improve. Mostly out of my love for the Batman universe.

  2. Batman – in the movie world – has definitely been blessed with great music. I have to say my favorite, and one I’ve been listening to a lot, is Hans Zimmer’s for Nolan’s recent trilogy. That really is incredible. In fact, I’ve been listening to a lot of Zimmer’s music for Nolan’s films (Inception is brilliant!).

    1. Hi Dan! Agreed that Batman’s cinematic adaptations have great music. Howard collaborated w/ Zimmer on the first two of the trilogy, but for some reason ppl always think it’s just Zimmer. He did the TDKR one by himself tho.

  3. Ted S.

    I love Zimmer’s and Howard’s theme for Nolan’s Bat flicks, funny enough when the Batman Begins came out, a bunch of people were complaining that the theme just wasn’t that good compare to Danny Elfman’s Batman. I love Elfman’s score for Burton’s Batman but I thought what Zimmer and Howard did were much better. Of course now that Nolan’s The Dark Knight has become the biggest Batman franchise, people prefer music from these movies and Elfman’s score sort of forgotten now.

    I like that theme from the video version of Batman too, whoever composed it did a great job. It sounded very cinematic.

    1. Ha..ha.. yeah, people are fickle aren’t they? I immediately LOVE Batman Begins’ score when it came out, it’s just so dark & cool, and it still holds up to this day. I think Elfman’s score is good too, but it’s a bit more conventional I’d say. Yes, I LOVE the Arkham City one, man that might be my fave after Batman Begins actually.

      1. Ted S.

        Batman Begins soundtrack was the last CD I bought, I loved the whole disc and listened to it everyday at work. I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years since Batman Begins came out in theater!

  4. I love the scores in Nolan’s trilogy while I also liked the one in the 1989 Tim Burton film that Danny Elfman did. Yet, I do have a soft spot for the soundtrack that Prince did including the song “Batdance”.

    1. Hi Natalie! Yeah, TDKR’s soundtrack is amazing, I especially like how ominous the Bane score is. Oh Grand Budapest’s music is a lot of fun as well.

  5. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    A very well researched and executed article!

    The ‘Batman’ and ‘Dark Knight’ franchise has been blessed with outstanding scores. For all those involved with its many tales telling understand the heightening of power, strength, mood, action tension and suspense.

    Like Cindy, I am going to take a step back. And point out the importance of reeds (Oboe, bassoon, clarinet, etc), brass (French Horn, trumpet, trombone), strings and percussion utilized and brought to life by Shirley Walker. And her riding herd on the Warner brothers orchestra in ‘Batman: The Animated Series’.

    Moving the tradition forward from the Michael Keaton offering. While planting fertile seeds for the future.

    1. Oooh I like this one! Thanks for the clip, Kevin, having a full orchestra is always awesome. It actually sounds more cinematic for an animated series.

  6. Ooo, I had a lot of fun listening to your favorites. I love that older Batman theme you included – it’s one of my favorites!

    The Arkham City one is one of the best – nice find! I’ve heard that video games get some of the best scores. I know Hans Zimmer has even scored some, which is pretty cool!

    As for Gotham . . . I haven’t bothered checked it out, but I am interested. I just feel like there’s so much Batman/comic TV out there. Nothing wrong with it, but I guess my interest is elsewhere right now, ha. If it’s really good, I may check it out later!

    1. Hi Kris! I had to include Elfman’s theme as it’s a great one. I know lots of people forgot about it because of Nolan’s trilogy now.Yes I think the Arkham City one is awesome, man I could listen to that one over and over. Yeah I think games soundtrack now are on par w/ movies.

      Ha..ha.. yeah no rush to check out Gotham. I think it’s decent but not exactly spectacular.

    1. Hi Alex, always glad to see you stop by! Indeed they are very different but they fit the film it was meant for. I think Elfman’s score is far more fun & comic-book-y whilst Zimmer/Howard’s creation are darker and more ominous, which I’m sure is what Nolan asked for.

  7. Cool post! I am not good at remember songs 😦 I cannot think of any. Hmmm will Ruth stay with Gotham?? My guess is no….Hey have you heard of or seen the show The Paradise? I love it! Reminds me of Mr. Selfridge and Downton Abbey… I think you would like it much more than Gotham. My husband absolutely hates it, which means I love it and you prob would too. 🙂

    1. Ahah, you know me too well! Yep I totally forgot that Gotham aired last night, my hubby and I were having dinner and we’re like, hmmm isn’t Gotham on right now? But we shrugged it off, somehow it’s tough for me to REALLY get into a show. What’s The Paradise about? Is it a period drama? Btw my friend just showed me that Death Comes to Pemberley will be on PBS on Oct 26, woo hoo!! Can’t wait for that one!

      1. Oh I know you!!!!!!!! I DVR everything, that’s how I get through so much, I seriously record everything out there. Yes it literally takes a TOBY role to make you stick through a show. I really need to petition his presence on Game of Thrones so you will watch it!!

        This is from the PBS website… Denise Lovett (Joanna Vanderham) is the bright-eyed country girl who finds more than just shop-girl work when she brings her clever ideas and ambition to The Paradise, a glamorous, Victorian-era department store. John Moray (Emun Elliott) is the store’s dashing and enigmatic owner, an entrepreneur with more than his share of passion — and secrets.

        Ohh I don’t know what Pemberley is, but I will definitely find and set it to record.

        1. I don’t have a DVR but even if I did I probably still wouldn’t be able to catch ’em all. What I need is discipline, or yeah, someone as magnetic as Toby to keep my interest 😉

          I’d rather see Toby headlining his own show like Black Sails than joining GoT but yeah I’d sure watch it if he’s in it!! There’s a rumor that he might join The Hollow Crown. OMG I wish it were true, I mean him and Tom Hiddleston in a show together? That’d be so awesome!!!

          Hey I just checked out The Paradise. Emun Elliott is a Scot so hmmm, I just might like this show 😉 My darling, Pemberley is Mr Darcy’s estate. It’s a sequel of sort to Pride & Prejudice, check out the trailer: Mmmm-mmm, Matthew Goode! 😉

          1. I see no wonder, I would never watch anything if I didn’t have DVR!!

            Ohhh Hollow Crown sounds awesome, I love Hiddleston as well. I had never heard of this, I will have to see where I can find that has this to watch it. He is so ADORABLE!!! I think I may be adding him to my crush list.

            Oh yes I have seen that preview for Pemberley! I take it back, I do remember now. The main actor in that show is from another show I like The Americans. He is pretty good, that was my whole reason for wanting to see this to see him in something different. Sweet I will be checking this out.

            I just saw Filth and saw Emun in that and thought of you. I was like ahhhh I bet Ruth will like him or likes him already.

            1. Dearest Mel! Oh I think you’d love Hollow Crown, so many great Brits there including Jeremy Irons and Ben Whishaw. Man I’d so LOVE it if Toby joined the cast!

              Yes, it’s Matthew Rhys from The Americans. Did you watch that? I’ve only seen a few episodes and was very impressed w/ it. Might continue watching more at some point but y’know me, I’m so horrible keeping up w/ TV series!

              Ahahahaha, seems that now a lot of bloggers think of me when they see a handsome Scot, now what does that say about me, mwahahaha!

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