Music Break – TRON: Legacy score by Daft Punk


My hubby was playing one of the tracks of Tron: Legacy soundtrack this weekend and I loved it so much I asked him to play the entire album. It’s been five years since I saw the movie (read my review), which was not quite as good as the trailer promised it to be, but two things I loved about the movie are those super cool light cycles and the awesome soundtrack by Daft Punk.

DaftPunkTRONLegacyPer its Wiki page, the score features an 85-piece orchestra, recorded at AIR Lyndhurst Studios in London, mixing orchestral and electronic music as director Joseph Kosinki intended. Joseph Trapanese, who apparently was a fan of the helmeted French techno-pop duo, arranged and orchestrated their score. “We were just together working throughout the whole process and there was never a point where the orchestra was not in their minds and the electronics were not in my mind. It was a continual translation between the two worlds and hopefully we put something together that will be something different because of that,” Trapanese said of their two-year collaboration.

Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, the two guys behind Daft Punk, actually had a cameo in the movie as DJs in the computer world’s after-hours hot spot called the End of the Line club. The music adds so much to the movie, especially during all the light cycle race scenes. It’s kind of an odd genre mash-up, electronic and classical, but it works so beautifully here. I really think the score surpasses the movie and one I like listening to over and over.

Here are four of my favorite tracks from the album, starting with the one I like best, Recognizer. As I’m a big fan of classical music, naturally adore the Adagio for Tron.

Here’s the music video of the track Derezzed which appeared in the special trailer for the movie, it features cast member Olivia Wilde at the end:

Hope you enjoyed this music break. What do you think of the TRON: Legacy soundtrack?

36 thoughts on “Music Break – TRON: Legacy score by Daft Punk

  1. This soundtrack is probably the best thing this movie had going for it. Which is a shame, but hey, at least Daft Punk always promises a good time. Good post!

        1. Then perhaps you could put that on your upcoming iPod series? I hope you’ll continue that at some point, I LOVE those and we share similar music taste 😀

          1. All my posts are complete for the series, and I’ve tabulated the song and movies numbers for the summary post, so I can’t change it. But, I can sure provide some linkage to yours as it’s a natural fit. Hope that’s okay 🙂

  2. Ted S.

    Love this soundtrack too, I still remember seeing the movie at the IMAX like it was yesterday, can’t believe it came out way back in 2010! Too bad the movie itself wasn’t as good but I like to watch the action sequences on my home theater system, it fills up the room with Daft Punk’s music. LOL.

    1. Oh this movie would’ve been awesome to see on IMAX. Story is quite weak and the lead actor is pretty lame but the visuals are super cool, I LOVE those light cycle scenes! And yeah, the soundtrack definitely makes ’em even cooler!

    1. Hello Rhys! Yeah, the movie is pretty disappointing in terms of narrative and acting, but the visuals and music are ace. That Derezzed video is über cool!

  3. My favorite part of that movie was the score! It’s actually one of my favorites, and I try to take the time to listen to it every now and then. Great music!!

  4. Yeah, this was one of those very rare instances where the score was so good that I actually went out and bought the soundtrack for it. Awesome stuff (and I have to disagree with you and insist that it was an equally awesome movie as well. 😛 😉 ).

    1. Ahah you think the movie is awesome? Well I was hoping it’d be, and it started out well enough but then it fell apart. Thankfully the score is awesome from start to finish 😀

    1. I just listened to that. WOW that’s amazing how it somehow managed to fit GoT perfectly as well tho I’d never think electronic music would fit that genre. Thanks for the link Sati!

  5. Tron Legacy soundtrack from Daft Punk makes that film. Without it, I wouldn’t have enjoyed that film nearly as much as I did. Interesting to note that Hans Zimmer had a hand in the soundtrack too. You can hear it here and there, his familiar bits. But overall, Daft Punk really rock this one out. Can listen to it as a stand alone album and it’s just… PERFECT.

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