Wordless Wednesday: 7 Favorite Scenes of Man & Machine


Hello everyone! It’s a bit late and I already skipped a month without Wordless Wednesday, ahah well I guess I’m consistent at being inconsistent in keeping up with my own blog series, ahah. In any case, as I did in my previous Wordless Wednesday on Emma Thompson, I choose a random Wednesday of the month to shine a spotlight on or pay tribute to something/someone with clips and/or gifs I find on Tumblr.

Well, since I was just talking about Man-Machine relationship on my Question of the Week yesterday, I figure why not feature some of my favorite scenes. So here goes:

Tears in Rain – Blade Runner

Are these feelings real? – Her

Superman! – The Iron Giant

Frank & robot doing some light exercise – Robot & Frank

T-800 tries to smile – Terminator 2


Helo & Sharon (Boomer) – Battlestar Galactica (2004 series)

I LOVE the tricky yet passionate relationship between human (Helo) and cylon (Boomer), one of my fave couples in the space-opera.


Vincent & The Machine – The Machine

[originally posted on my Tumblr] Can’t find the exact scene of this one [hopefully someone will post it now that the Bluray is out!] but I LOVE the dance sequence in The Machine… sleek, eerie, ethereal and sexy all at the same time.


These are just a sampling of my favorite Man-Machine scenes. Feel free to share yours.

45 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: 7 Favorite Scenes of Man & Machine

    1. Thanks Tom! Yeah I had forgotten how funny that scene was, but the relationship between John and T-800 is one of my faves about the franchise.

  1. My favorite man-machine moment is the ending in Terminator 2. It’s one that is quite heartbreaking but it shows how much soul can be put into a machine.

      1. I don’t have a clip to hand, but it’s just the bit where at the very end, the boss of OCP asks RoboCop his name, and instead of saying, “RoboCop”, he smiles and says, ” Murphy”. It just nicely sums up the man vs machine battle that’s been going on inside of Murphy for nearly the whole film. That little moment is confirmation of the human side winning.

  2. Great picks. Another interesting one for me is the Ripley/Ash conflict in the original Alien. When he says “you have my sympathies”, it’s as emotional as a robot can get in such a dire situation. He’s just doing his job and following orders, despite the consequences.

  3. Hey, Ruth. I’ve seen the first two. And they are both brilliant, especially the second. I’ve also seen Battlestar. That Helo/Boomer relationship really was special good.

    The rest, though. Let’s just say there’s still a whole lot of material I have yet to see. 🙂

    1. Hey glad you’re a fan of BSG too! Yeah I miss that show, I love Starbuck/Lee Adama’s thorny relationship too, now that’s another intriguing couple I like. I haven’t seen Caprica yet, have you?

      1. No I haven’t. The final season and specifically final episode of that show was so rotten I found myself unmotivated to see the prequel. 🙂

        Starbuck was always my favorite character.

  4. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    Top of my list would be in the film, ‘Colossus: The Forbin Project’. When the U.S. Super Computer, Colossus connects with its Russian counterpart. And the stereotype for a balding, lab coated liberal scientists asks. “Is there a God?”

    And the computer(s) reply, “There is now!”

    The scene where space suited Dave (Keir Dullea) lobotomizes HAL in ‘2001…’ makes me very sad. Also like the transformation from human to robot of Maria in ‘Metropolis’.

    1. Ahah that sounds like an interesting scene. I hope to catch that one at some point. I’ve also missed out on two sci-fi classics: 2001 and Metropolis!

  5. Love these! Keep up the Wordless Wednesdays! I love when bloggers adopt interesting series that they keep up. I haven’t seen all of these, but I wholly agree on the Blade Runner and Her inclusions!

    1. Thanks Drew for the encouragement, I hope I’ll remember to keep it up 😀

      I think the emotional resonance of BR and Her are what make them both so indelible.

  6. Wonderful clips, some lovely moments in this post. The Machine looks very interesting. And I haven’t seen Robot & Frank yet, either! I’ve been meaning to watch it ever since it popped up on Netflix.

    1. Hello V! The Machine is a great little British indie, do give it a shot. It’s stylishly-shot and well-acted, well of course, it’s my Toby as the scientist. I fell [hard] for him in this flick!

      Robot & Frank is so cute but it’s also has a surprisingly dark undertones and some heart-wrenching moments.

        1. Yay! Let me know what you think. The Blu-ray is out now too, I bet it looks wonderful in BD. Did you ever see Blade Runner btw? If you like that one you might like The Machine too as it’s definitely an homage to that Ridley Scott’s classic.

          1. Nice, I’ll go with the Blu-ray so! Always a good option. I loved Blade Runner, it was one of my favourites growing up.

    1. Well this is only my third post, hopefully I remember to keep it up each month 🙂 I knew you like Terminator, I even don’t mind Terminator Salvation tho it’s a downgrade from the original.

      1. Although I am not sure I will like terminator 5, but I am still waiting for it. Terminator is like Alien to me, I keep watching it tho the latest turns out to be not the best.

  7. Nice to see Robot and Frank highlighted here Ruth. I haven’t seen it yet but heard good things and I have the DVD at home. Might check it out this weekend.

    1. Hi Dan! I hope you see it soon. I like Langella and he’s really good here. Great supporting cast too and of course the robot is great 🙂

  8. So glad you included the “tears in the rain” scene, which is one of my all-time favorites in cinema. One of David’s scenes with his mother in A.I. would make my list. The one where she leaves him in the forest might be my favorite.

    1. That’s one of my fave sci-fi scenes ever, I always teared up seeing it too [no pun intended] 🙂 My memory of AI is hazy but I remember Frances O’Connor played David’s mother in it and she’s excellent.

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