Everybody’s Chattin’ – Great blogathons, reviews & more!


Hello everyone! I can’t believe I actually missed doing this community-building post last month, shame on me!! Well, to make up for it, I’ll be doing two Everybody’s Chattin’ posts this month 😀

It’s been a while since I’ve done any blogathon so let’s start with the two I’ll be participating this month.

Andy of Fandango Groovers invited a bunch of bloggers to participate in the Captain America Blogathon, which is to come up with 10 movies to recommend to someone who’ve been frozen from 1943 – 2011. I made a banner I’ll be using for the post. Feel free to use it if you’re participating on your blog 😀


Now, here’s something even more special as it’s Cinematic Corner‘s first ever blogathon! Sati was inspired by a list she was working on that was so cool she had to invite fellow bloggers to participate. Read all the details on her blog and participate in the Spin-Off Blogathon!


Now on to some awesome reviews & articles:

OnlyLoversLeftAliveChris reviewed the one vampire movie I can’t wait to see Only Lovers Left Alive starring Tom Hiddleston & Tilda Swinton.

Mark reviewed the much-maligned Ridley Scott’s thriller The Counselor in which he couldn’t disagree more with the critics.

Josh aka JJames posted a few movie reviews of yesteryear which includes classics from the likes of Coppola, John Hughes, Hitchcock and Scorsese.

a-hijackingAndrew aka Fisti reviewed what sounds like a gripping Danish thriller A Hijacking which shares some similarities to the Oscar-nominated Captain Phillips.

Keith lamented on questionable castings in his latest KM Commentary series

Josh loves Oscars and he loves lists. Check out his multi-part lists of Top 10 Oscar Wins of Each Decade. Love this kind of trivia!

Speaking of Oscars, check out Dan’s Top 10 list of Best Supporting Actors who were Completely Snubbed by the Academy Awards.

Last but not least… if there are voracious readers amongst you, do check out my friends Ashley & Anne’s Lovely Literature Blog. They recently listed their Top 10 Young Adults Novels.

Now, before you’re off, here are a couple of fun videos & posts I found from the past week:

Check out the latest Honest Trailer … starring the wickedly talented Adele Dazeem! 😀

And this has got to be one of the most awesome guests on SNL. Liam Neeson, aka Mr. Set of Special Skills himself delivered a stern message for Putin along with Obama:


Stay tuned for my review of The Grand Budapest Hotel tomorrow!

39 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ – Great blogathons, reviews & more!

  1. Thanks for the link! You are, as always, awesome! LOL at that honest trailer for Frozen. The Gravity one is equally hysterical. Can’t wait to dig into Sati’s blogathon too!

    1. You’re welcome Andrew! I’ve seen only 2 Danish thrillers so far and LOVE both of them. I might try to see A Hijacking if my nerves could take it, ahah. Yeah, that is one seriously awesome blogathon indeed 😀

    1. He’s truly one of my fave action heroes, I think because he probably never thought of becoming one. He was offered the role of James Bond though, but his late wife refused to marry him if he took it, ahah. He’d have made a fine Bond IMO.

  2. Hi, Ruth:

    The idea of Sati’s Captain America’s Ten Film List sounds intriguing. May have to look into that.

    Mark’s dissertation on The Counselor appears spot-on and required deeper investigation.

    Now that I’ve seen the Honest Trailer for Frozen , there are a few more films, like Iron Man 3 I think I’ll pass on.

    1. Hello Kevin! Oh the Capt America one is Andy’s blogathon, Sati’s the Spin-Off one. Please check your email about the Capt America one, hope you can send me 5 of your picks.

      Ahah, not a fan of the Honest Trailers? I think they’re a hoot, even if I like the movies they’re making fun of.

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        I found myself agreeing with most of the Honest Trailers. Their descriptions are surprisingly spot on and hilarious.

        Check your E-mail re: Ten Films for Captain America.

  3. I hope you enjoy The Grand Budapest Hotel as it’s one of the 5 films of 2014 that I’m eager to see. I’m taking part in Andy’s blog-a-thon as I’m trying to figure out what 10 films to choose from 1943 to 2011. That’s tough. I’m also trying to think of a character for a spin-off movie.

    1. Well, my review of Grand Budapest is up shortly 🙂 I hope you’ll participate on both blogathons, they both sounds like a lot of fun!

  4. Thanks for the link Ruth, you’re a star! I absolutely love the honest trailers and that Frozen one is brilliant! Sati’s blogathon sounds great but I have such a bad short term memory that I struggle to remember the incidental characters in films! I’ll get my thinking cap on 🙂

    1. Hi there Chris! I’m a fan of these Honest Trailers too, and the singers for this Frozen one is pretty good aren’t they?

      Can’t wait to see your picks. I already have two candidates, looking for a third one 😀

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