Birthday Tribute: Top 5 Favorite Keanu Reeves’ Roles & Trailer Spotlight: 47 Ronin

Today is Keanu Reeves’ Birthday and I almost missed it! Can you believe it he’s 49 years old?? He’s nearing 50 but he doesn’t look a day over 35!

Keanu in Point Break (1991) and this year at Cannes

Keanu Charles Reeves was born in Beirut on September 2, 1864 in Beirut, Lebanon. His father is Hawaiian Chinese and his mother English, his first name means “cool breeze over the mountains” in Hawaiian. My pal and fellow Keanu fan Mark and I sometimes call him Chuck 🙂 Keanu strikes me as the type of actors who aren’t in it for the fame or money. He seems like a nice guy in real life too. Perhaps you’ve seen this video of him giving his seat to a woman on the subway that went viral. Dan at Top 10 Films recently posted Top 10 Random Acts Of Kindness From Actors and Keanu came in at number 1 as he donated his lucrative back-end deal for The Matrix franchise to the crew of the films, saying they were the unsung heroes, the ones who made the films so good. He has been quoted as saying, “Money is the last thing I think about. I could live for a few hundred centuries with what I have made already.” WHOA! Now, THAT’s real charity folks, nice to see celebs who actually walk the talk and that is a rarity in ANY industry.

I’ve been a fan of his ever since I saw him in Speed, and though he’s not the most expressive actors out there, he more than makes up for it in screen presence and that inherent movie star quality that an actor can’t really train for. There’s also a certain earnest demeanor about him that makes me root for him instantly, and he’s got that cool factor without appearing smug. Plus, Keanu not only looks good but sounds good as well with his deep, manly voice.

Keanu’s quite a prolific actor, with 70 films/TV projects under his belt since his start in the early 80s. His big break came with Point Break in 1991, but Speed and of course The Matrix made him a household name. I’ve seen just a little over a dozen of his films, both small and big-budgeted films, and though he certainly isn’t going to nab any acting awards, I’ve always enjoyed watching him. I actually own some of his films that I don’t mind seeing over and over again. If I were to rate my top 5 favorite roles, it’d look like this:


5. Kevin Lomax – The Devil’s Advocate

4. Johnny Utah – Point Break

3. Paul Sutton – A Walk in the Clouds

2. Jack Traven – Speed

1. Neo – The Matrix

Honorable Mentions: John Constantine in Constantine + Shane Falco in The Replacements

I think he’s more versatile than people give him credit for. He’s obviously great as an action hero, but he’s got the sensitivity and vulnerability to play a romantic lead or a down-on-his-luck kind of guy like he did in Henry’s Crime. I haven’t seen the comedy Something’s Gotta Give and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee where he had supporting roles, but it proves that he does seek out a variety of roles in his career. He’s also ventured into directing, in the fascinating documentary Side By Side.


Now, the one film I’ve been anticipating for quite some time is 47 Ronin. I actually mentioned this back in 2010 when I featured its director Carl Rinsch‘s short sci-fi film The Gift which was at one point optioned to be made into a feature film. Besides Keanu, who looks like he’s in his element, I quite like the Japanese cast: Hiroyuki Sanada (who was sadly wasted in The Wolverine) and Pacific Rim‘s Rinko Kikuchi. Check out the trailer:

Here’s the synopsis per EMPIRE:

After a treacherous warlord kills their master and banishes their kind, the leaderless samurai vow to seek vengeance and restore honor to their people. Driven from their homes and dispersed across the land, this band of Ronin must seek the help of Kai (Reeves), a half-breed they once rejected, as they fight their way across a savage world of mythic beasts, shape-shifting witches and wondrous terrors.

Ok, despite the rather blah trailer, I’m still intrigued by this. Visually, it looks pretty cool but let’s hope this won’t be another case of style over substance as we could use a truly epic Samurai movie. Per IMDb, this is the seventh cinematic adaptation of the Japanese folktale of the 47 Ronin, after The 47 Ronin, Chûshingura, Chushingura, The Fall of Ako Castle, 47 Ronin (Japanese film) and The Last Chushingura. But this is the first out of Hollywood. Even though Keanu is a Western actor, his Asian heritage makes him look like he belongs in this film. I haven’t been following it closely but it seems that it’s been in development hell for years with budget and creative differences issues. There were even rumors last year that Universal fired Rinsch as the budget ballooned to $225 mil (from the already massive $175 mil). That’s just ludicrous even for a 3D film, and such a huge risk for the studios to give it to a first-time director!

But hey, you never know, it may still make money. I mean, look at World War Z. We’ll see if this turns out to be a good one. The film comes out on Christmas day, 2013.

So, what’s your favorite Keanu role and what do you think of 47 Ronin?

73 thoughts on “Birthday Tribute: Top 5 Favorite Keanu Reeves’ Roles & Trailer Spotlight: 47 Ronin

  1. hahah! We finally disagree. I’ve never liked him as an actor! Except for The Matrix and I could think of a lot of other actors who would have done a better job. That said, your review and tribute is wonderful. 😉

    1. He..he.. that is ok, Cindy! We can agree to disagree of course, though I think you should give A Walk in the Clouds a try as it’s not a role you typically associate him with, yet he does it beautifully 😀

        1. Hi Cindy! It’s set in Napa Valley, and yes, it’s an unabashedly romantic story that made me swoon. Keanu’s sooo gorgeous and played a kindhearted WWII soldier. It also has a great supporting cast, esp. Anthony Quinn. Yes, do watch it, I think you won’t be disappointed! The critics weren’t kind, so it made my list of ‘rotten’ movies I adore:

    1. My favorites are the river’s edge, permanent record, my own private idaho, bill & ted’s excellent adventure and of course the matrix. Clearly I liked his earlier stuff. The river’s edge also stars Crispen Glover and Dennis Hopper in full tilt crazy mode. One of my favorite unhearled gems. Director Tim Hunter went to do a lot of tv work.

      1. Oh I haven’t seen the first two films you mentioned, I should look that up. Oh so he’s done two films w/ Dennis Hopper then? Cool Dave, thanks for the tip!

    2. Hi Keith! I think a lot of guys wish they looked THIS good even in their mid 40s, ahah. I think he is likable even in sub-par movies, I do agree Point Break is pretty cool. I just rewatched it recently and I still love it!

  2. He looks like someone in his mid-30s. He still looks great. For me, my favorite performances from Keanu has been in films like “My Own Private Idaho”, “Permanent Record”, “River’s Edge”, “The Gift”, “Thumbsucker”, and “The Private Lives of Pippa Lee”. I think he gets too much flak for his limitations yet he doesn’t take himself so seriously. I like it when he does comedy, action, or drama. I think he’s better than most of the actors working right now.

    1. Hi Steven! Yeah it’s amazing how young he looks, and he seems like he’s not a vain actor like a lot of ’em in Hollywood. I’m glad you said that he’s better than most actors, I just think those people probably haven’t seen him in non-action films! Oh I really want to see ‘Pippa Lee’ and The Gift, and of course River’s Edge now that two people have mentioned it here.

  3. My favorite role of his is Jack from Speed. He does have versatility in his roles, but the Matrix movies is his best role to date (and I think he never really bounced back from that). I like him as an actor and he needs to get himself better movies. Hopefully his new movie would put him back in the light.

    1. Hi Whirlwind, welcome to FC! Glad to see you love Keanu in Speed too, he’s sooo hunky in that movie. Yeah, I think he’ll always be known for his role in The Matrix but I actually think he does try his hands at different roles, it’s just that people would rather see him in action films.

  4. Ted S.

    Wow, can’t believe he’s almost 50 years old! He’s not one of my favorite actors but he’s better suited in action pictures and he definitely get my respect for his charity work and of how he’s able to keep his personal life so private. I guess some of my favorite films of his are Point Break, The Matrix, My Own Private Idaho and the Bill’s and Ted’s Excellent Adventures.

    As for 47 Ronin, I was excited to see when they first announced it but after that awful trailer, I loss interest and probably just give it a rent. Too much CGI and it looks like a Lord of The Rings knockoff.

    1. Yeah it’s incredible how youthful he still looks. He puts on a big of weight at Cannes recently but still he looks WAY younger than 49! People who criticize him probably aren’t even aging as well as him, ahah.

      He’s actually quite good in quieter, more romantic roles, Ted, it’s just I feel that people have certain expectations w/ certain actors that they’d rather see him in certain genres. I personally love him in non-action films so he’s actually quite versatile.

      Yeah, that trailer is pretty bad, it’s too bad as I like the story. I’m still curious about it and hope there’s a press screening for that one 😀

      1. Ted S.

        You know I actually enjoy his performance in Feeling Minnesota, I don’t think many people remember that movie but a lot of Minnesotans do since the movie’s named after the state. LOL.

        1. I always remember the movie because the title was taken from a Soundgarden lyric. “I just looked in the mirror/And things ain’t looking so good/I’m looking California/And feeling Minnesota” I was on the Grunge tip back in the day. LOL.

          1. Ted S.

            Wow I didn’t know the title was taken from a Soundgarden’s song, thanks for the info there Dave. Sadly I was not into the Grunge thing back in high school even though most of my friends were, LOL.

        2. Hi Ted! I can’t believe I haven’t seen that movie!! It was shot here in MN too wasn’t it? I definitely would watch that now, thanks for that!

          @ Dave – I didn’t know the title was from a Soundgarden song, very cool!

          1. Ted S.

            Yeah, they filmed it somewhere in St. Paul and Bloomington. It was a big news back in those days, both Reeves and Diaz were the “it” young actors at the time.

    1. Hi Michael! YAY, a fellow fan of A Walk in the Clouds. I think I remember you commenting about that before. I LOVE that story and the setting in Napa Valley. I also love the supporting cast, esp. Anthony Quinn. Interesting that Giancarlo Giannini & Aitana Sánchez-Gijón are actually Italian, but I thought they were from Mexico!

  5. While I’m not a fan, I agree that he is better than most people give him credit for and has been is some great movies. I’m actually looking forward to 47 Ronin…. samurai movies excites me! “Cool Breeze Over The Mountains”? His demeanor really does suits his name! 🙂

    1. Hi Asrap! Not every actor has to be Oscar-quality, I think Keanu definitely has a screen charisma a lot of better actors don’t have. For example, Jeremy Renner is a good actor but I find him to be so boring on screen Ahah yeah, Keanu certainly lives by his name 😀

  6. I think he’s best in action roles: Point Break, The Matrix, and Speed. I’m probably forgetting a few other ones.
    I’ve heard My Own Private Idaho might be his best acting, though I haven’t seen it.

    1. Hi Chris! I’ve only seen parts of My Own Private Idaho back when I was a huuuge fan of River Phoenix (well I still am I guess). I should rewatch it again one of these days as it’s on Netflix Streaming I think.

  7. Hi Ruth! I must admit that I loved him in Constantine, and he was also good in the Devil’s Advocate. While not the greatest actor to ever walk the earth, he is much better than most people give him credit for.

    He was also great in the Matrix, and I liked him in A Scanner Darkly, too.

    However, I still think Constantine is my favourite.

    1. Hello Zoë! That’s so cool that you reviewed Constantine on his B’day but didn’t know it! I like his devil-may-care attitude (literally!) as John Constantine 😉 Yes he’s awesome in those two horror flicks. I’m not into horror but I was curious enough to check out both of those and ended up liking ’em. Oh right, he’s good in A Scanner Darkly too, though I’m not too fond of the movie itself.

      1. 🙂 Anytime, I like that it all slotted in so well, I did not expect that, and this was a wonderful birthday post! He got that ‘tude down so well haha! A Scanner Darkly was absolutely weird, but it had its moments.

          1. Haha thanks a lot! I don’t have Twitter to be honest. I think it has a lot to do with not knowing exactly how it operates or what I would say exactly!

  8. I absolutely loved Keanu Reeves in ‘My Own Private Idaho’, such an underrated film – it should be a cult classic, and the late River Phoenix, his best friend, was in it. Everyone should see this film.

    1. I thought ‘My Own Private Idaho’ IS considered a cult classic? It’s such an unusual role for a young Keanu but it goes to show that he always tries a variety of roles. It’s kind of a sad film, I’ve only seen parts of it so I definitely will see it in its entirety soon.

      1. haha, I meant in terms of popularity. I mean it can be considered anything, cult classic or not – I am just saddened by the fact that so few people (comparatively) know about that film – and that’s actually a fact.

        1. Ah I see. Yeah I’m surprised that film isn’t more popular since it’s also got River Phoenix who’s pretty much immortalized the way Heath Ledger is.

  9. Haha! Our man Chuck!! 😉

    Great post Ruth and I’m so glad you mentioned our name for him. That was the first thought that popped into my head when I seen the title of your post. I thought… “I wonder if she’ll remember?” 😉

    As you know, I’ve always quite liked Chuck. Okay, he doesn’t really set the screen alight and has more poor performances than good ones but you rightly mention his presence. He certainly has that.

    My favourite has to be Johnny Utah from Point Break but I genuinely think his performance in The Gift is his best work. He’s actually very good at playing against type.

    1. Yes, our eternally-youthful Chuck 😀

      Oh I can’t possibly NOT mention you in our discussion on him, of course I remember 😀

      I really think he’s actually chosen better roles than GB in his career, I mean look at him, he’s still constantly making films even in his late 40s. I don’t even have a clue what GB is doing these days. Chuck also did that great documentary w/ a whole bunch of important filmmakers, so I think he’s well-respected in the industry.

      I REALLY need to see The Gift! You’re right he’s awesome in playing against type, that’s why I had A Walk in the Clouds on there as it’s as different as his action roles as you could get.

      1. Chuck Spadina I think his full choice of name was. 😉

        Yeah, it’s great to see him still going, despite the criticism he takes. I quite liked A Walk in The Clouds as well. It’s always interesting to see him take on different roles but the Gift is by far his best work, in my opinion. Quite a threatening character in that.

        Meant to say (in line with that video link), he was spotted on a bus in Glasgow a few years back as well. He was playing with his band Dogstar and decided to just travel around the city using public transport. I just love the thought of that.

        1. Chuck Spanida, yes! 😀

          I think a lot of those criticism is unfair but Keanu, true to his ZEN-like attitude, probably just shrugs it off. He obviously knows who he is and the industry thinks he’s got it made, otherwise how could he even stay afloat for so long? A lot of ‘better’ actors haven’t been able to sustain work like he did, so he’s also a pretty shrewd guy in the way he navigates those treacherous waters of Tinsel town.

          I really need to see The Gift! So he plays a villain then? I know he can do it. He was sort of thug-ish in Street Kings which I saw last night and quite believable.

          He seems to like taking public transport and be one of the guys! That’s so admirable as he doesn’t have that movie star attitude. I also heard an actress on a talk show (I think it was Leno) who said Keanu helped her when she was stranded on a highway, and at first she had no idea it was him!

          1. Yeah, the criticism is like water off a duck’s back to him it would seem. He a celebrity that a lot more could learn from, that’s for sure. He seems like a right good guy that you’d be happy to have a pint with.

            I forgot all about Street Kings, I really liked him in that too. A fairly solid performance.

            1. I think a lot of actors could learn from him. It’s easy to get burned out or beat up by criticism, so you really need to have confidence in yourself. Yeah, he’s the one actor who’d be fun to hang out with I think, no pretense.

              Street Kings got such bad reviews, but I quite like it. Nice to see Hugh Laurie as the head of Internal Affairs too 😀

              1. He’s had a lot of crap in his personal life over the years too and he seems to bounce back from that pretty well.

                Yeah, Street Kings wasnt a bad film at all. I quite liked it too. The cast were excellent and Chuck held his own amongst them.

                1. Yeah, you’ve got to have thick skin in Hollywood I guess. Glad you like Street Kings too, he definitely held his own effortlessly.

                  Btw, I just sent you a tweet about Under The Skin. You might be interested as it’s set in the Highlands and Scarlet preying on Scottish men 😉

  10. May Carlitos

    Am not a fan probably because im too old for that but i love watching movies & everytime he has movie i watch it like any other movie.there is only one reason why he is always being criticized & that is envy .his roles in the film is believable & not only that he’s the only actor who has those kind of moves whether it’s a sports or action film.
    My top 5 movies.
    5.Point Break-Johnny Utah
    4.Last time i commited suicide-Harry
    3.Tune in Tomorrow-Martin
    2.Replacement-Shane Falco
    1.Devil’s Advocate-Kevin Lomax
    By the way i saw Mr . Reeves in Central Park he was playing football & he’s being interviewed by a big guy that’s the time replacement will be out in theaters & everybody is going crazy coz they want to be close to him , well am an old lady & i dont want to sustain a fracture for chasing this fine actor to tell you the truth he is handsome & nice .

    1. Hi May, welcome to FC & thanks for commenting! Glad to see a fellow Keanu fan, VERY cool that you have seen him in person. Ahah, that is wise of you to stay in the sidelines, it does get crazy when the fans start to mob an actor, I probably would want to stay out of the way too. Nice to hear that he’s handsome and nice, that’s kind of what I picture him would be.

      I haven’t seen two of the films you mentioned. I should check out Last time I Commited Suicide and Tune In Tomorrow. Those must be his earlier roles.

  11. It’s very interesting to learn of Keanu’s heritage. I’ve always thought of him as an interesting actor but one who has never really thrilled me. My favourite films of his – Speed, The Matrix and Point Break – benefit from visionary directors and some ace action rather than a memorable performance from him. I think the role that really stands out, thanks in no small part to it being completely different to anything else he did, was his character in Bill and Ted.

    1. Yeah, he’s certainly got an intriguing background. It makes him versatile to do roles w/ different ethnicities.

      Ahah yeah, Bill & Ted sort of put him in a map in terms of cult movies. It’s not my fave but I can see how people LOVE that film. I do think Keanu is still memorable even in sub-par movie, he has that screen presence that makes up for his more stoic style of acting.

  12. Bill and Ted! Love those films and love the fact that he’s done films like those despite people calling him a very wooden actor. I love him as Neo though, I agree. The sequels were pretty terrible but he was absolutely perfect for the role.

    1. Hello Chris! Critics always call him wooden but I just think he’s just more stoic in his acting style. He certainly has a thousand more expressions than say, Kristen Stewart! Plus he’s got screen presence that she certainly does not have. I skipped The Matrix sequels, only the first one is awesome 😀

  13. The studio Universal Pictures first announced the project in December 2008 with actor Keanu Reeves attached to star. Variety reported, “The film will tell a stylized version of the story, mixing fantasy elements of the sort seen in The Lord of the Rings pics, with gritty battle scenes akin to those in films such as Gladiator.” Universal planned to produce the film in 2009 after finding a director.

  14. My wife is obsessed with him, and watches Speed about 20 times a year. We have had plenty of arguments as I feel he is pretty much one character with one vocal tone in every movie, but I did like him in Point Break 🙂

    1. Ahahaha, well can’t say I blame your wife, Tyson. Keanu IS gorgeous AND he’s a nice guy! No he’s NOT just one character w/ one vocal tone, ppl who says that just haven’t seen him in his dramatic roles. He is awesome in Point Break, but I like him in non-action stuff too 😀

  15. The trailer didn’t do anything for me, but I’m sure I’ll see it. My favorite Keanu role is also Neo. He’s perfectly suited to a role like that.

    1. The trailer is rather blah, I think the shorter Japanese version is better. Hopefully the next trailer is more intriguing. I’m still enthused about it though.

  16. Keanu certainly has good genes to be still looking so young (plus a plentiful supply of hair dye, no doubt!). Loved him in the Bill & Ted movies, and that stoner doofus vibe, for better or worse, has kind of stuck with him down the years.

    1. He does have good genes, he’s got Asian skin but Caucasian features, so the best of both worlds really. He’s got that stoner doofus vibe in his youth but I think after Speed and Matrix, he’s actually a pretty bad ass action hero 😀

    1. Hi Nov! Thanks for the link. I definitely will rent Sweet November despite both actors getting a Razzie nominations, ahahaha. Keanu does look sooo gorgeous in that movie!! Interesting that you fall for Cillian after Keanu as they look sooo different, both have interesting names though.

    1. Have you seen the Japanese trailer? It’s actually shorter and better than this one but yeah, I’m still curious about this one. The first Matrix is an iconic sci-fi film so yeah!!

  17. I’m aligning myself with some by agreeing with the choice of Reeves in Point Break, as Johnny Utah. I am going to alienate most by proudly declaring my absolute loathing of the Matrix, and his performance in it. And I am surprised no one has cited his performance in the ensemble cast for Parenthood. I thought his was a touching performance in that film.

    1. Hey, that’s ok that you’re not into The Matrix, to each their own, right? I had no idea he’s even in Parenthood!! I realize I missed some of his earlier films so thanks for the tip on that!

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  19. It never bodes well for a film when its release date is delayed – much less when it’s been pushed back a whole year, ostensibly to accommodate reshoots that would bump up Keanu Reeves’ completely imaginary role in a Western blockbuster take on a classic, awe-inspiring tale right out of the Japanese history books. That way lies disaster and madness, one would think – and certainly the bland, monster-heavy trailers for 47 Ronin did the film no favours. Smack down your inner critic, however, and this epic fantasy flick – for that’s what it is – turns out to be reasonably palatable fare.

    The bare bones of the true story are all there: the kindly Lord Asano (Min Tanaka) is ordered to commit seppuku – ritual suicide by disembowelment – when he almost mortally offends Lord Kira (Tadanobu Asano – a nicely ironic name if ever there was one). This renders all the honourable samurai in Asano’s service masterless i.e., ronin. Led by the noble Oishi (Hiroyuki Sanada), the loyal band of 47 ronin vow to avenge Asano – even though they have been ordered by their Shogun (top military commander) not to do so.

    What’s less accurate, of course, is pretty much all the rest of it. Reeves plays Kai, a half-British, half-Japanese orphan who’s taken in by Asano but treated like an outcast by everyone in the household – except, of course, for Asano’s loving daughter Mika (Kou Shibasaki). Kira’s nefarious plans have the support of Mizuki (Rinko Kikuchi), a witch who can apparently take any form she likes: wolf, snake or dragon. It’s all a bit nonsensical, especially when Kai tries to get swords for the ronin amongst some pretty creepy folk who have gone from society’s outcasts to being part of what looks like a supernatural cult.

    In other words, 47 Ronin is a faintly ridiculous addition to the wealth of Chūshingura – fictionalised accounts of the 47 ronin tale – that already exist in Japan. It’s the kind of big, dumb blockbuster in which the good guys literally live to die another day as long as the plot calls for it. These fearless ronin even survive when the villain is protected by a witch with crazy mystical powers! She can set an entire field on fire, create poisonous spiders and turn into a dragon! And the ronin – at least 47 of them – live anyway! It’s crazy! That’s what makes it all the more surprising when 47 Ronin turns out to be… well, actually not half-bad. Once you’ve accepted the sillier aspects of the film for what they are, it’s easy to get swept along by its very earnest drama and spectacle. Reeves’ storyline is a made-up jumble of nonsense, but is played very straight – this is, in effect, Sad Keanu: The Movie – and it just about works. Casting Reeves as the outsider allows him to do what he does best: play the role with stony-faced reserve, whether he’s levelling up by battling demons in cage matches or pining moodily after Mika. Kai’s restrained love story with Mika is fairly predictable stuff, with the girl fading a little too much into the background (don’t expect any bloodletting from Shibasaki, Battle Royale fans), but it’s salvaged by the rather non-Hollywood way in which it all ends.

    For all that Reeves takes centre stage in the publicity campaign, the film belongs just as much to Sanada’s Oishi. He undertakes a more arduous emotional journey: one that takes him from grudging to full-hearted acceptance of Kai’s worth as a warrior and comrade. His relationship with his family is more fully examined than Kai’s unwavering loyalty to the Asano clan. As Oishi plots his course of action, one that will bring him shame for disobeying the Shogun even as he avenges his master, he warns his wife and son Chikara (Jin Akanishi) to disavow him. Their reactions provide some of the most emotionally resonant moments in the entire film.

    All things considered, the title of the film is a bit of a misnomer – it would more accurately be called 2 Ronin, subtitled Oishi And Kai’s Excellent Adventure – and it suffers from a lamentable lack of humour and historical accuracy. But it’s not a complete travesty. Tucked away beneath a layer of mystical beasts and witches lies a story with enough heart, nobility and soul to survive even the oddest twists and turns.

    More about the movie you can also find it here

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