Musings on Batman casting… and the actor who gets my vote for the role: Richard Armitage

Perhaps one of the BIGGEST news out of Comic-con this year was the fact that Warner Bros. is developing a Superman & Batman film coming out in 2015. Zack Snyder (via actor Harry Lennix who played Gen Swanwick in Man of Steel) announced it to 6,500 screaming fans at Hall H, and the reaction was uproarious. Whether it’s a positive or negative reaction is hard to tell at the moment, as it was hugely unexpected.


My knee-jerk reaction was WTF??! I mean honestly, why on earth would they do such a thing? Seemingly a desperate move to get the ball rolling for the Justice League movie, throwing away all that work developing a compelling origin story on Superman. As much as I like both of those DC characters, in fact, I’ve always said I’m more of a DC than Marvel girl because of Superman AND Batman. But yet, the idea of seeing those two characters on screen TOGETHER in a film seems so… ill-advised. Darryl wrote this in-depth post on how the Superman & Batman film might change the character of Batman as we know it, which further suggest the complicated [read: thorny] predicament of the two co-existing within a feature film.

That said, I have to admit that this news rouse my curiosity whether and how that adaptation would actually look like. Is it one of those ideas that’s so crazy it’s brilliant… maybe?

This piece of news also threw the entertainment media into a frenzy, as article after article not only report the news but dissect or lambast the very idea. Naturally, it’s a pretty BIG news, and one that’ll surely keep on buzzing amongst entertainment fodder and comic geeks alike. I reckon that IF this idea was ever going to work, a SUPER script of EPIC proportion is in order… I mean, it was tricky enough for Marvel to bring all those superheroes together in The Avengers, I think the challenge for Batman & Superman is a thousand times bigger. The other precarious issue is the casting.

Now, before we get to that, I just want to briefly talk about Batman: Year One, an animated feature based on Frank Millers’ comics released in 1987. The story recounts the beginning of Bruce Wayne’s career as Batman and Jim Gordon’s with the Gotham City Police Department, which has been corrupted as much as the rest of Gotham. Bruce Wayne is at the age of 25, having just returned home to Gotham City from training abroad in martial arts, manhunting, and science for the past 12 years. I love the dark tone, grit and realism of the story and the humanity of the titular hero, which obviously inspired Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Now, the one thing that strikes me, as my pal Ted also pointed out, is how much Bruce Wayne in THIS adaptation looks like Richard Armitage!!


Just the past 10 days alone, I’ve read countless of articles speculating just who’ll don the Batsuit and share the screen with Henry Cavill as Superman. My friend Terrence dedicated his Time to Vote Tuesday poll last week on it, combining both TV and Film actors. Now, a bunch of major sites also made their picks of who they’d like to see cast as Batman. Total Film, The Playlist, Screenrant, Nerdbastards, just to name a few, have posted their picks, listing all kinds of actors that got me either nodding enthusiastically or shaking my head in disgust [Joe Manganiello?? I mean, seriously??] But all these sites have one thing in common… all of them got it right to list this classy Brit on their list!


Seriously, this is a no-brainer folks. I mean, he’s already working for Warner Bros for The Hobbit, so why doesn’t the studio just offer him another contract? I don’t think the fact that he’s already playing Thorin Oakenshield is a disadvantage, I mean he doesn’t even look like himself in that role. He’s playing a dwarf under all that beard and stringy long hair which camouflages his tall, lean figure, so I doubt people would confuse the two roles. He’s not a household name yet [which boggles the mind], but I think that fact works in his favor as he doesn’t have a ‘baggage’ if you will, of being associated with a previous role.

Whether it’s the Superman & Batman film or reboot of the Batman franchise, it’s always fun to talk about the casting of this beloved DC hero. I was going to list my top five picks to play Batman but you know what, for me there’s only one actor who I think is PERFECT for this role… so I might as well just list the seven reasons why he’s the obvious choice:

His looks


Let’s face it, this is the kind of role where the look of the actor is of the essence. The 41-year-old Englishman has the entire package. At nearly 6’3″, he’s all lean muscle with a chiseled yet rugged features, rockin’ a permanent five-o’clock-shadow look like nobody’s business. Yes I’d rather not see THAT face covered with the Bat cowl, but that’s ok, there’ll be plenty of Bruce Wayne scenes to make up for that. Even without seeing him in person, he’s what you’d call text-book handsome, but with an edge. There’s the right amount of danger, that rugged masculinity that makes him the perfect go-to guy for various anti-hero roles [i.e. in Spooks, Strike Back, Robin Hood]. It’s time that he makes his big-screen breakthrough, in fact it’s been way long overdue.

His intensity

I don’t often agree with The Playlist, but I LOVE what their post said about Armitage, saying that he “… has a similar, Bale-like intensity and the ability to convey a number of emotions through a glassy stare or purse-lipped facial expression. When it comes to the mood of the Dark Knight, especially when he’s at his darkest, Armitage could easily bring that to life.” Yes absolutely!


I first noticed Richard as John Thornton in BBC’s North & South and one thing I noticed right away is the fierce intensity he brings to the character. Plus he’s got that enormous screen presence even with no words spoken. But don’t confuse his stillness with being wooden, in fact, he always comes across as a sensitive loner who’s got a lot going for him that he simply can’t reveal to the world. Now who does that remind you of? πŸ˜‰

He can act

Looks alone just won’t cut it, but thankfully Richard certainly CAN act. His versatility allows him to go from one genre to the next, whether it’s a period drama, fantasy adventure set in an ancient universe, or modern-day spy thriller, he always fits right in. He described himself as being ‘quite a detailed actor’ and he has this controlled ferocity that’s so mesmerizing to watch. I really think he’d bring so much to the role as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and casting him will be the making of that character.

He already looks good in black

Richard seems to wear a lot of black, on and off screen. But dark colors suits him… it brings out the pale complexion and those piercing blue-grey eyes nicely. He was clad in ALL black leather to play Guy of Gisborne in the BBC Robin Hood series, which seems to prepare him for a Batsuit, no? I mean, all he needs is a cape and he should be set πŸ˜€


I LOVE this Photoshop work someone did with Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham in the Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (1991). It’s be a bonus if Rickman has a supporting role in the movie as well, that’d be heavenly!!

He already looks like a billionaire


Sometimes people just have that look that gives an aura of class… and Richard definitely has it. I mean sure, there are lots of actors who are far more ripped for those inevitable shirtless scenes, but are we going to believe them as a business magnate? I have trouble picturing some actors as someone who’ve stepped foot in an office, let alone being the owner of an establishment like Wayne Corporation. Richard has the right combo of brain and brawn, entirely convincing as a bad ass fighter as well as a brilliant thinker. He’d be as convincing in a Batsuit as well as pinstripe suit.

He’s got the tortured soul thing down pat


Ok so this trait isn’t exactly a make-or-break thing, but I do think for certain roles, i.e. Jane Eyre‘s Rochester, Hamlet, and certainly, Bruce Wayne, such quality would really come in handy. Richard has played a number of these roles, so yeah, portraying the troubled, conflicted persona of Bruce Wayne should come naturally to him. Most importantly, he can make the whole angst and heartache disposition look irresistibly sexy.

His deep, baritone voice

Now, even the most die-hard fans of Nolan’s Batman films have to admit that Batman’s disguise voice is awful and downright hilarious. I know there’s a certain popular actor who’s one of the top picks for this role but sorry, not only does his smug face bugs me, but that guy sounds like Mickey Mouse! One thing I like about the animated features are the voices of the cast are pretty good. Benjamin McKenzie did a good job providing the voice of Bruce Wayne in Batman: Year One, but really, it’s still no match for Richard’s smooth baritone voice. He’s one of those actors who’s as delightful to look at and listen too (eye candy AND ear candy!).

As we’ve seen briefly in his villainous role as Heinz Kruger in Captain America,Β Richard can pull off a convincing American accent too, as do most Brits. I love it when the voice matches a man’s stature, and Richard certainly has that signature commanding voice fit for a superhero

Well, I hope you’re convinced now that Richard is the one and only choice for Batman πŸ˜€

Curious to hear your thoughts on the Batman & Superman movie… and of course the Batman casting, so let’s hear it!

95 thoughts on “Musings on Batman casting… and the actor who gets my vote for the role: Richard Armitage

  1. You know what Ruth? I’m down. This is the most convincing choice to play a rebooted Batman I’ve heard. And you’re right. I know nothing about this guy, but I can see him BE Batman/Wayne.

    I’d also like to point out, that given Cavill’s bulky and intimidating physical presense as Superman, a Batman who’s slightly leaner, (I’m sure the Bat suit will add some bulk) will be a nice contrast. Armitage may need to gain slight weight, however, it works.

    Also he fits the age bill. Most of the other casting lists I’ve seen don’t seem to take into account that Cavill and any future JLA members will have to be young. None of the Batmans (maybe Keaton and Bale in the flashback scenes of BB) portray that young Bruce Wayne vibe that this shared movie-verse will require.

    Awesome choice Ruth! I’m sold!

    1. Thrilled to hear it Shah!! I think Richard looks the part, but he’s got the skills to go with that stature. You’re right that his lean look actually would complement’s Cavill’s bulky look nicely. I’m sure he’d gain a bit more weight if he were cast, but he already looks VERY good I think, I mean just look at him in that Guy of Gisborne outfit without all the padding.

      I think Batman should look like he’s in mid to upper 30s, and Richard looks about 5-7 yrs younger than he actually is so it’s perfect!! πŸ˜€

      1. Really? I’m thinking a Batman that’s more in his mid to late 20’s. Cavill’s Superman is in that range in MOS isn’t he?

        The reason I think they should start younger, is because you have to make room for future movies / sequels. If they’re mid 30’s now, by BATMAN Vs. SUPERMAN they’re almost 40, then come JLA movie they’re 40+, not counting any sequels beyond the proposed slate of films. Having them be mid 20’s now, accommodates the time frame to get to a new JLA franchise, and sequels beyond it, without having to deal with any actor looking older than the character in the story being told.

        1. Cavill is already 30 but he looks 5 yrs younger. I kinda think Batman should be slightly older looking (more mature) than Supes so I think Richard is just right. I mean look at Daniel Craig who I think looks way older than his mid 40s but yet he still rocks the role of Bond (well for another 2-3 yrs at most). Richard looks waaaay younger and leaner so I don’t see it being a problem for him to carry the franchise for at least a decade or more. Some actors just look younger than they look, plus they could always made an actor look younger, not that Richard needs it now πŸ˜€

          1. Well thats what I meant. Sorry, I don’t think I was clear.

            I meant the characters of Superman & Batman should be mid 20’s. Some actors can of course play 10 years younger if need be, so it’s not a problem. And Armitage looks young while being mature. I meant more the characters aging believably with the actors in accordance to the franchise’s progression.

            But yea. Good choice.

            1. Sorry! I think it’s me misunderstanding your comment, ahah, pardon me, English is not my first language πŸ˜€

              I think that’s the key, Shah, looking youthful but has that wise-beyond-their years aura. I think Bale was only a few years younger than Richard when he was cast, but like him, he too look younger than he looks. It’s amazing that someone like Johnny Depp and Tom Cruise still gets roles tailored for ppl 20 yrs younger because well, they somehow can pull it off!

            2. AKgirl

              Sorry but no the comics have men in them. Men. Both Batman and Superman are written in their late 20’s to mid 30’s. As much as I like Spider-Man I do not want a teenager who’s voice has barely changed to come and rescue me. I am tired of the Hollywood machine thinking the only way to draw a crowd is to cast the lasest hot 20 year old for a role that needs to be done by a man of years. Men in their 30’s and older are all cast asThe Avengers and no one has complained about them being to old. Let the teenagers be cast in roles written for adolescent woes and let stronge men be cast in the roles written for stronge mature men who just happen to get to play Halloween dress up.

  2. I’m not too sure, yet I’m only going off of The Hobbit as that’s really all I think I’ve seen him in, but I though he was terrible in that. But still, I wouldn’t be surprised or upset if it happened. Got to wait to see if he can prove he can do it.

    1. Bummer that you think he was terrible in The Hobbit. If you’re curious, you should check out his roles in various British TV series like Spooks, Strike Back, etc. which should prove he’s got the chops πŸ˜€

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  4. I am in training to play The Batman in this film.

    As an aside, that Batman Year One film got me in trouble with my pregnant wife. I came home from a softball game and she was all pissed that Jim Gordon had cheated on his pregnant wife. πŸ˜‰

    1. Ahah, really Adam? Well I need proof to convince me you’re the BETTER choice than Richard πŸ˜‰

      Ahahahaha, well you should’ve cleaned the blood better man, it’s your own fault πŸ˜€

  5. Ted S.

    Ha ha, I told you. When I started watching Year One and Wayne appeared on the screen, I was like “Hey it’s the cartoon version of Richard Armitage!”. As you know I’m also a fan of his so let’s hope Warner makes the right choice and cast him. What I’m afraid of is that they might want someone younger but he’s still looks very young for his age, most people in their 40s tends to look much older than him.

    As for the Batman vs. Superman flick, my reaction was the same. It just smell of desperation, Man of Steel didn’t perform as well as they’d hoped so they need to bring Batman in so the film will make more money. Man of Steel earns about $600mil so far? But the last two Bat films earned well over $2bil! So yeah it’s no surprise that Warner is a bit concern that their only franchise that can make big bucks is Batman, they don’t have Harry Potter bringing in the cash anymore, LOL.

    1. You’re good at this Ted, you should be a casting director like me πŸ˜€ Yeah, I saw news that they’re gonna screen test this young actor who does mostly TV work, can’t remember his name. But the real nightmare for me would be if they cast that Joe Joe Manganiello guy from True Blood [gasp!!] I mean that guy looks soooo cheesy!! I can’t believe he was in the running for Supes along w/ Cavill, he just looks like a crook or worse, a porn star!!

      Yeah, I think Man of Steel’s earnings so far is paltry compared to Nolan’s Batman films. So yeah, it reeks desperation. Still, I’m curious just HOW they’d make this work somehow.

  6. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth:

    My choice for Bruce Wayne/Batman is still up in the air. Though the immediate, logical choice would be Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Even if he’d fit Nightwing more snugly and comfortably. Adam Baldwin keep surfacing.

    Your choice of Richard Armitage does look and sound intriguing.

    Rufus Sewell would make an excellent Alfred, IMO. Leaving Lieutenant, later Captain and Commissioner Jim Gordon wide open for Liev Schreiber,

    Just some ideas,

    1. Hello Jack! I like Jo-Go but I’d rather see him as Nightwing instead of Batman. Somehow he doesn’t have the um, stature that I expect for that role to work. Adam Baldwin is cool but he might be too old??

      Glad to hear you at least consider Richard after reading my argument πŸ˜€

      As for Rufus, as much as I’d LOVE to see him in more roles, I’d think he’s too young as Alfred? I’d love to see him as Gordon actually, now THAT’s a thought πŸ˜€

  7. Victor De Leon

    Interesting choice, Ruth. I can totally see him as Batman. The “Batman: Year One” connection is pretty spot on.

    1. Hi Victor, nice to see you stop by! Yeah, seeing that animated feature gave me the a-ha! moment about casting, though he’s never far from my mind πŸ˜€

  8. You make a fantastic case for him, so much so that I would definitely be on board. But my first choice is going to be my old standby – Karl Urban. I think he can definitely handle the action side of it but he can also do dark and brooding very well. I would love to see that.

    As for the Batman/Superman news, I’m extremely excited. I never viewed this as an act of desperation mainly because I had heard rumblings of this a few years back. And the two have such a rich history in the comics. It’s not like it’s a relationship stretched just to make a film. In fact the two had their own book together which went well over 100 issues if I’m not mistaken. So there is tons of material they could use that I believe would make a great and compelling story. But it all comes down to the casting Batman for me.

    Anyway, great great post Ruth! what a fun read.

    1. Thanks Keith!! Someone on Reddit said my post is a bit of a fangirl post, ahah well of course there’s a bit of that, I am after all a big fan of Richard πŸ˜€ That said, I do think he’s a perfect fit for the role. As you know, I love Urban too, but I think the fact that he’s already in Star Trek which is massively popular, PLUS that new TV show he’s on right now, I don’t know if he could do it. Plus, even if they’re both equally gorgeous w/ that dark, brooding look, Karl looks older than Richard. In any case, he could be my 2nd choice, how’s that? πŸ˜€

      I’m slowly warming up to the idea of Batman & Superman Keith, now it’s really down to casting for me. If they go w/ that True Blood dude or Gosling, it’s a deal breaker for me.

    1. Happy to hear that Julian. Well, it actually didn’t take that long surprisingly, it took me longer to find the right photo I wanted for each point πŸ˜€

      Yeah, I hope that this ‘desperation’ would actually turn into something positive, we shall see I guess.

  9. Faboamanto

    Excellent choice – excellent post – when I heard that Bale was retiring from Batman I thought of RA immediately. I agree with everything you point out in your post. I know some fans would prefer a period film or a more serious drama for him after The Hobbit, but being Batman, if he wants it, would give him leverage to make the variety and type of films we all want to see him in, while keeping the big studios happy.

    1. Hi MyrL! Thanks for the share on Twitter, really appreciate that.

      Yeah, I think Bale said something about passing on the role to someone else, now wouldn’t it be nice if it were to a fellow Brit? πŸ˜€ Like the article on Playlist said, Richard shares Christian’s intensity. They’re both devastatingly handsome but yet not a pretty boy, y’know.

      I’d like to see Richard in a variety of roles but playing Batman would open up SO many opportunities for him, which he deserves.

  10. That was a great post, ruth. You argued the case really well. I started to come round to him being Batman at the “He already looks like a billionaire” bit. That’s when I sat back and thought, “Yeah, it could work.”

    But, I’m sorry to say πŸ˜‰ , I’m still not totally convinced. I’ve seen Armitage in a lot of stuff, and always see him as kind of a poor man’s version of Sean Bean. I don’t know why, and perhaps it’s a bit unfair considering the amount of dross Sean Bean has been in.

    1. Thanks man! I’m glad I at least made you consider that he’s a good pick for the role.

      Oh no, poor man’s version of Sean Bean??! Say it ain’t so! If anything, Armitage looks far classier and not as morose as Sean.

    2. As a fan of both Sean Bean and Richard Armitage I think that though they have often been cast in similar roles in UK TV, to me they have a different “vibe” on screen. I adore Sean, but I can’t see him as Batman, or would have in his younger days lets say. Your comment is making me think what superhero character would I cast Sean in, and I haven’t come up with the right fit yet. πŸ™‚

      I think Richard has a more mysterious vibe on screen that would be perfect for Batman. Ruth has made the perfect case for Armitage, I really can’t improve on her reasons.

  11. Wow, I think I have to agree with you here Ruth, this guy needs to be Batman. I’ll save you my long-winded opinion on why the Batman/Superman crossover is a great move (might need just write my own blog about it to be honest) but let’s just say I’m pretty excited for it. Fingers crossed they don’t screw it up. πŸ˜›

    1. Hi William! Hey, I’d love to see your long-winded argument why the crossover could work, so do it! I’m glad you agree w/ my casting pick. Fingers crossed it would happen!!

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  13. Interesting choice. I need to see more of his work, but he does seem a good fit. The funny thing is the whole uproar when Cavill was cast as Superman, they were saying all the superhero roles kept going to non-Americans. If this works out….. πŸ˜‰

    1. Hi Asrap!! The Brits have ruled Hollywood and will continue to do so. I mean why not? Even in an ensemble cast like Star Trek, the best and most charismatic actor is a Brit (Benedict Cumberbatch), same w/ Thor & Avengers (Tom Hiddleston). So I think Cavill and Armitage together would bring soooo much win for the Batman/Superman film πŸ˜€

  14. Melissa Bradley

    You make a good case, but I’m going Joseph Gordon Leavitt. He’s the heir apparent as he took over the Batcave at the end of the Dark Knight and he’s perfect for the role. He’s a hugely talented actor who can carry off any role given to him, he looks great in a suit, he’s intense and he’s around Superman’s age, which is plus considering how many movies they plan with Batman.

    1. Hi Melissa. Ah, another pick for JGL, interesting. He’s a terrific actor to be sure, and though it seems implied that he was the ‘heir apparent’ in TDKR (though it’s perhaps for the NightWing role?), I’m not terribly fond of the idea of him as Batman. I mention that look is ‘of the essence’ for this role, and for me, just like Superman & James Bond, height is a big factor for me. So I’d like the actors to be at least 6 feet tall for those roles. Of course there are exceptions that would work. In the case of Daniel Craig, he still somehow rocks the role of Bond despite being shorter than my ideal, but that wouldn’t make him my ‘dream’ casting choice πŸ˜€

  15. Well I’m not the most objective person to comment on Richard being Batman, but I agree with you whole heartly!!
    Many in Armitage fandom do not, they would prefer him to do another period drama.
    I think it would be going back over old ground, if he really wants to crack Hollywood he has to tackle something like this role.
    Like you mentioned he’s already on Warners radar!
    Only time will tell Ruth.

    1. Hi there! Well that’s ok that you’re not objective, we all have our favorites πŸ˜€ I do think that despite how I feel about him, I think RA is the only prudent choice for this role. I mean I like other actors in consideration like Nikolaj Coaster Waldau and Karl Urban but even compared to those two, RA still has the edge. Yeah, I’d like to see him get this role so he REALLY gets on people’s radar and he can then pick and choose roles as he pleases. No reason all those roles should go to ppl like Gosling, Cooper, etc when RA is available!!

  16. Someone picked Joe Manganiello?! What the hell is wrong with people?

    This is one of my favorite posts you did πŸ™‚ He would be an amazing Batman, probably the best one there was. I’m only worried about Snyder directing the movie, good God that man is awful. If Nolan can’t make him do good film I really don’t know what can save this flick.

    1. I know, right? It’s unbelievable that he was even on the radar for Superman, I mean the guy looks like a porn star. Even just seeing him briefly in What To Expect When You’re Expecting repulsed me so much. He makes even Gosling and Pitt desirable to me and you know how I feel about those two!!

      Glad you enjoyed the post! Yeah, I think he’d be amazing indeed. I hear ya about Snyder, if only Nolan would actually direct this one as well.

  17. Don’t know much about Armitage; glad you mentioned he’s Thorin, though, as I’ve seen that, and he was very good in it. Yeah, I could see him working for the role of Batman (though it’ll be a bit funny for me seeing two American characters both being played by Brits. Maybe it’s fair, though; DC doesn’t have any high-profile British characters. :D)

    And definitely a “no” to Ryan Gosling in my book. I just can’t see him as Batman or Bruce Wayne at all.

    1. Oh, and on the comment-speculation about Joseph Gordon-Levitt… while I know he was sort of given it at the end of TDKR, I don’t know that he’d really work so well for Batman himself. Great actor, don’t get me wrong. And he’d probably be good as Bruce Wayne. But while he can pull off the business suit, I don’t know that he could pull off the Bat-Suit. He’s 5′ 9″ and has a light bone structure; even if he built up muscle, he’d be one tiny Batman.

    2. Yeah, I figure I mentioned Thorin as that’s his most famous role for US audiences. I guess lots of roles are going to Brits, not just superhero ones. It’s fine by me as long as they’re good actors πŸ˜€

      Glad you picked up on my Gosling comment, though I didn’t want to mention him by name. I sure hope he won’t get cast!!

  18. Great post, Ruth. I think you’re on to something. He looks like a wonderful choice for Batman. I just hope the film works. Batman is my favorite superhero, and Superman is close behind. I don’t care how they do it, as long as the film is good. πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Josh! Thrilled to hear you say that. Yeah, I sincerely hope this would happen… I’m glad a lot of sites think he could do it, now if only the powers that be actually read this stuff and at least call him up for a test screen!! πŸ˜€

  19. wadjet

    I’m still not sure if it’s the best role for him, but if it means I get to see more of Richard, I’m on board.

  20. Wow Ruth, I hope you’re right! At first I was like, “He’s 41?! They need someone that can play the role for at least ten years,” but after reading the rest of your well thought out post I’m totally sold! Now, how do we get this post to Armitage?

    1. Hi Darryl! Yeah, he’s a very young looking 41-year-old though, so I think he’d still look the part 10 yrs from now. If only I knew the answer to your question man! πŸ˜€

  21. Not convinced, Ruth. Sorry. My moneys on a John Hamm (for an older Batman) or that guy from White Collar.

    Or a no-name who will make the transition to superstar, like Henry Cavill…..

    1. I’m disappointed to hear that Rodney 😦 Nah, I’d rather pick Timothy Dalton for older Batman (if they’d go for Batman Beyond variety). Not a fan of Bommer at all, he’s the quintessential pretty boy to me, which is not a good fit for Batman at all.

  22. Hmmmm… I read somewhere that Liam McIntyre wants it. I cast my vote there. I can get on board with that, he is a good actor, and he just says “epic” to me.

      1. Screw Game of Thrones hahaha. Far more epic than that. He is Spartacus.

        Dammit, I don’t know how to link it. Go look for him. He could work, in my opinion πŸ˜›

  23. I was unconvinced to start with but by the end of your post I could totally see it. He does have that intense look about him that Batman needs. I wouldn’t be surprised if they went and plucked one of the Game of Thrones lot to play him. There’s a few there who could potentially do the job, particularly as they’re now becoming more household names. Great piece Ruth, you’re very persuasive πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Chris!! Ahah yeah I can be very persuasive when I’m passionate about something, but really it’s not hard when it comes to Richard πŸ˜€ I think he’s probably as well-known in the UK as some of those GoT actors, but maybe more so in the US as that show is so popular.

  24. I started reading this thinking ‘nah that’s a shit idea’ but by the end you’ve convinced me! Armitage would be great! You should be a casting director

    1. Hi Mickey! Well I’m glad to hear I’ve managed to convince you πŸ˜€ It’d be a DREAM to be a casting director, now if only I knew how to get into THAT business, ahah.

  25. You make a really good case for Richard Armitage. However, can’t say I’m a fan since I’ve seen probably only one of his films (The Hobbit, and you know how I feel about that one).

    My pick is Joel Edgerton.

    1. You gotta see his other work besides The Hobbit, Fernando, though I think he’s awesome as Thorin πŸ˜€

      I like Joel but I dunno, I just don’t see him as Batman.

    1. Oy, I sure hope not Chris!! Reynolds seems to be box office poison, but can’t say I’m surprised as he’s a one trick pony actor.

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    1. Well there are plenty of good shows on Netflix w/ Richard in it πŸ˜€ I hope I convinced you a little bit, I really think he’s perfect for the part!

  27. hahaha. I love this post, Ruth. Well, you called Cavill as Superman so many years before you may just have this one down! I enjoyed reading all of your reasons for Armitage (thanks for the link love btw) but I really laughed out loud while reading your thoughts on Gosling! hahaha. I agree.

    Nice argument for Armitage! πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks T!! I certainly hope I get two of my favorite Brits sharing a screen together, playing two of my fave superheroes no less!! Ahah, glad you noticed my jab against Gosling. I really can’t fathom ppl’s fascination w/ him. I’m definitely a member of the Armitage Army πŸ˜€

      1. I`m a member of the AA, too πŸ™‚ and would like to see him in another role. But you are right, he has the physical ability to play the role and liked the wire-work for The Hobbit and Black Sky as he mentioned in some interviews before. Your striking argument to me is that playing the role will push him to the international radar, so he gets the leverage to pick and choose all the projects that pleaese him. Even in Germany where Spooks, Strike Back and Robind Hodd are well known tv-shows, nis name is relatively unknown.

        1. Hi there fellow AA member πŸ˜€ Yeah, that’s exactly why I’d LOVE to see Richard get this part, it’d broaden his visibility so he can then pick and choose any role he wants after that. Of course I’d like to see him do a variety of roles in Hollywood in general.

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  29. What a great article! You make a very convincing case. I’m one Army member who doesn’t want him to do Batman, though. Really wish he could get out of genre film into real drama. Not necessarily period drama – I agree he’s been there, done that. But I believe he can do anything and be great at it! Great that you got the word out about RA to people who aren’t familiar with him. Good job! πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Marie! I understand the trepidation from his fans about taking on such a role. But to me, there are plenty of opportunities associated with such a high-profile role. Plus I think Richard can do it wonderfully I think, it’s something I don’t think he’s done before (a comic-book character I mean), but as you’ve seen w/ what Nolan did with Batman, comic-book movie doesn’t mean it’s fluffy. Yeah, I’m glad a lot of my readers are now aware who Richard is πŸ˜€

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