Music Break: 1995 Sabrina’s Soundtrack

sabrina1995posterI just realized I haven’t done a Music Break since last November! Well I’m feeling rather melancholy tonight so I watched a little bit of the 1995 version of Sabrina. I adore this movie… it’s just sooo enchanting. It’s a modern-day Cinderella story of sort. Sabrina Fairchild, the chauffeur of the billionaire Larrabee family, is a bit of an ugly duckling whose sudden transformation into a beautiful woman end up standing in the way of a Billion dollar deal.

Harrison Ford and Greg Kinnear are not what one would expect as the Larrabee brothers but both worked well here. Julia Ormond is lovely as Sabrina… gorgeous but vulnerable. People who love the original probably scoff that Ormond & Ford are no [Audrey] Hepburn & [Humphrey] Bogart, I think it’s a bit unfair. I thought Ford is perfect as the workaholic, a bit curmudgeon Linus who unexpectedly falls for the carefree Sabrina. And Kinnear is surprisingly charming and affable as the billionaire playboy David. They made those roles their own and they suit the time and era they’re in. Truth be told, after seeing the original, I actually enjoy this remake better [sorry Michael!]

I never get tired of this movie… Sydney Pollack‘s direction mixes drama and comedy deftly and boy does he have an eye for scenery. This movie is just gorgeous to look at, everything from the Larrabee estates to the streets of Paris where Sabrina took her long walks are exquisite shot.

But even more beautiful that the scenery is John Williams’ music. This theme song is one of my favorites from his extensive collection, definitely made my top ten scores from this genius composer. It’s so elegant, lush, mesmerizing… and also heartbreaking.

I love Sting’s voice and it works surprisingly well for Moonlight. I listen to this track often… it never fails to sweep me off my feet. Linus tells Sabrina “It’s as though a lovely breeze has swept through this whole house” And the song has that same quality to me… it’s just mesmerizing and the melody has such a timeless feel to it.

There is another song called How Can I Remember sung by Michael Dees that is lovely as well, and I love the moment La Vie en Rose was played as Sabrina recites the quote from Gertrude Stein “America is my country, and Paris is my home town.”

Williams composed this soundtrack two years after Jurassic Park and Schindler’s List, two other favorites from his work. It’s amazing how he could make one iconic score after another. Even hearing just a couple of notes you instantly know what that music is and it’d take me back to that specific movie.

Sabrina was nominated for Best Original Music and Best Original Song (Moonlight) at the Oscars in 1995, but neither one won.

Hope you enjoyed the soundtrack. What’s your favorite score by John Williams?

13 thoughts on “Music Break: 1995 Sabrina’s Soundtrack

  1. While my protest of the principals has been duly noted already (hehe), there are some enjoyable tracks on this soundtrack, nonetheless. I’m not going out to buy it for my soundtrack collection, but listening to these is not an unpleasant experience. I’ll stop there to not get into further trouble ;-). Thanks, Ruth.

  2. What hasn’t he done? The list is endless. But I choose the song from Gilligan’s Island. I heard somewhere that he came up that, not sure if its true or not.

    Live this post, my daughters name is Sabrina. 🙂

    1. Wow, I didn’t even know he did the Gilligan’s Island theme. Williams is truly a musical genius, he’s still prolific even in his 80s too!

      Oh what a lovely name for your daughter!

  3. Ted S.

    I remember when this remake came out in theater, it has such a huge hype surround it but unfortunately it didn’t do well at the box office at all. Harrison Ford was a box office gold at the time too with three straight hits in a role, but I guess people prefer seeing him in action films instead of romantic one.

    I’ve never seen either the original or this remake, I think I rented the remake when I worked at a video store years ago but never watch it.

    1. Yeah it’s too bad people can’t go ‘outside the box’ and let actors display their versatility. Same w/ Russell Crowe in A Good Year. They think of him pairing w/ Ridley Scott and they want another Gladiator! I like Ford in a softer role and really Ted, you should give this a shot just to glance at the loveliness of Julia Ormond 😉

  4. Nice pick Ruth! Haven’t seen this version in some time, so I forgot about Williams’ score.

    It’s so hard to pick just one score as a favorite. If pressed, I’d probably go with Star Wars, but I also love his scores from Schindler’s List, the Indiana Jones & Harry Potter movies, AI, Empire of the Sun, The Patriot, Catch Me If You Can, Superman, Jaws, E.T., Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park, and Home Alone. How does he do it?! It’s no wonder he’s one of my favorite movie composers.

    1. Can’t go wrong with any of your list, Josh. I adore Sabrina because it’s perhaps the most romantic one and harken back to Classic Hollywood era. Some of the Superman theme is romantic as well. Williams is just pure genius!

    1. I know most people dodn’t like remakes, but this is one that actually works (for me anyway). I highly recommend it Andina and the music will sweep you off your feet!

  5. I had a discussion about Humphrey Bogart (check out my new post!) and the redux of Sabrina. AAAHHH, Ruth, what a nice post. YES on all accounts. Sting is Sting! sigh!
    Long history loving him…Anyway, glad we think a like! I approve of the Sabrina redux. Julia Ormond is so subtle, so classy, so lovely. I thought she was marvelous in Legends of the Fall, and glad to see her, as a supporting character, in Curious Case of Benjamin Button….:)

    1. Hello Cindy!! Glad to hear you love this remake too. I rarely think that remakes are better than the originals but I feel that it is indeed the case with this one. The music by John Williams is just beautiful, love Sting’s music and his gorgeous voice. I LOVE Julia Ormond as Sabrina, sooo classy but also has that vulnerable side. Yes she is great in Legends of the Fall.

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