Monthly Viewing Roundup & Favorite Film of January 2013


Last day of the month already and I must say I’m glad January is over. It’s been one of the coldest Winter months yet with up to a week (maybe more) of subzero temps! I hope only one more month left of this brutal frigid weather.

As is customary for the beginning of the year where people make their new year resolutions, the gym I go to has been so much busier and the classes are more packed than usual. Now I wish my blog hits has the same effect, but I find that FC’s been getting a significantly less traffic in January. I don’t know why that is as my blogging pattern (5 days a week) and commenting frequency across the blogosphere remains relatively the same as it’s always been. Am I the only one experimenting this? Or maybe I should start something new? Perhaps some of you could share how your blog traffic has been like in January?

In any case, I’ve had 22 posts so far this month, 23 including this one. Here are some of the posts and reviews you might’ve missed:

I also introduced a new monthly series… Traveling Through Cinema… starting with In Bruges! I might venture to Italy for the next one 😉


It’s been a pretty good mix of new releases and older movies, though I only managed to see one classic movie this month, for shame!

Movies I haven’t seen before:


  • Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade
  • The Living Daylights
  • The IT Crowd

So 14 movies in January. That’s not a bad month for me considering I usually only had time for about 10 or so a month and January is kind of the dumping ground for movies anyway. Hopefully I get to see more in Spring, though there’s no movie I’m anticipating in February and the only planned screening I’ll be going to next week is A Good Day To Die Hard.

Favorite Movie Seen in January:


I know some of you aren’t surprised considering I’m a James Bond aficionado 😉 But seriously, this is one of the most insightful and entertaining documentaries ever. I highly recommend this for anyone who likes documentaries and an intriguing story, regardless of how you feel about 007. Of course if you are even slightly into the franchise, this is absolutely essential viewing!

So, what movies did you get to see in January and which one is your favorite?

33 thoughts on “Monthly Viewing Roundup & Favorite Film of January 2013

  1. Ted S.

    I’m so glad January is almost over, I can’t stand these sub zero temps.

    I think the only two new movies I saw this month were Dredd and Gangster Squad. I just watched most of the BDs I bought months ago. I guess it’s good thing it’s so cold out, I can now watch most of the movies I bought. I still haven’t watch Temple of Doom and Last Crusade yet and I bought the Indiana Jones set way back in the fall!

    1. Yeah, this Winter months are made for home cinema viewings! I gotta try to get through some of the BDs you lent me Ted. I actually don’t like Indy 2, but Indy 1 and 3 will get a lot of rewatches methinks 🙂

  2. traffic is definitely slow. less post getting out there too. Everything or nothing looks very good, i’m a big fan too, but you must be a bigger fan than me as hadn’t heard of it. I have watched a lot in January and reviewed. Lincoln was respectable

    Dredd was surprising

    Killer joe was very good

    Hope you don’t mind the links, take a look if you can excuse the shameless puns

    All in all January was a slow month surprising really, but I’m expecting a pick up when the awards arrive.

    1. Hi Claratsi, I do hope the slow traffic is just a phase. Oh you must see the EON doc, it’s very very good! I’ll check out your reviews. Glad you liked Dredd too. As for Killer Joe, I’m not that interested in that one, might be too off kilter for my taste.

      1. Hi Ruth, Killer Joe is indeed an acquired taste, but I didn’t think it was a shocking as what has been made out. McConaughy has to be seen though. Dredd was a welcome surprise. Will check out the doc, cannot wait to watch Skyfall again in HD and surround 🙂 Thanks very much for your visit!

        1. Oh I don’t know, I’m quite squeamish. Maybe one day I’ll see Killer Joe, but not sure yet. Yeah, I’ll be buying the Skyfall BD for sure, that was an awesome Bond flick. Of course I’m still partial to Dalton though.

  3. I’ve been talking about seeing the 1925 Phantom of the Opera- the one with Lon Chaney, Sr.- for approximately seven years, but for whatever reason, I never got around to it… until last weekend. And it completely blew me away. It was the best movie I saw this month.

    Similarly, I also finally got around to watching Cinema Paradiso (I know that’s a big favorite with you, Ruth) and loved it. It’s such a likable movie.

    And the bronze medal for mostest favoritestest movie I saw this month goes to Hoop Dreams. Most other months, it would’ve been the best movie I saw all month.

    1. Oh, I heard that POTO was an excellent film. I think Gregory Peck said it terrified him to death when he saw it as a kid. Oooh, Cinema Paradiso! I adore that film, I actually have the dvd that I haven’t even opened yet. Very likable and poignant.

      Hoop Dreams? The basketball movie? I haven’t seen that one, I have to give it a look.

  4. Weird, I haven’t really paid close attention but it seems like AM’s traffic has been at its highest in January in like 8 or 9 months ahah… I usually find that late spring/early summer is the slowest time of the year in terms of traffic but it could be different for everyone. Hopefully it picks back up for you real soon, it’s probably a blip…

    1. Wow, good for you Cas! I think someone mentioned about the new format of Google images that prevent people from going to someone’s site as one of the culprit. I think that could be it. Yeah, hope people haven’t abandoned FC altogether 😦

  5. The traffic is insane actually – for the first part of the month it was at all time highest and now it dropped significantly. I have no idea what is happening 🙂

  6. Hey Ruth! My month started off really well with some of the most comments I’ve had on my posts but it’s fallen away a bit and I haven’t got many on my most recent post.

    Here’s a reason why general traffic may well have fallen over the past week or so though – Google has redesigned Google Images so that clicks don’t go straight through to the page the image is hosted, but they stay on Google instead. You have to click through again to get through to the site. So, if you get a lot of traffic from image views, that could be why it’s taken a hit. That’s happened for me, my hits have been cut by about two thirds.

    As for what I’ve seen, I’d Django Unchained or Lincoln have been my favourites. I definitely want to check out that Bond doc, though.

    1. Hi Chris! Yeah someone mentioned that on Twitter and I think that’s indeed the culprit. I could see in my stat that there are fewer hits to the images. Yep, my hits has dwindled to about half as well.

      I still need to catch up on those two fave of yours, will definitely rent ’em as soon as they’re available. Thanks man!

  7. Thanks for sharing that 007 documentary Ruth! Definitely a must-see for me. I had the best blog month ever thanks to my involvement with Movie Talk On Sunday; it would be amazing if you could join in on the conversations some time. After that, I’ve been struggling to blog, so this month shall be a good one for me to get back to movie watching and writing. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on A Good Day to Die Hard!

    1. Yeah I saw that you were hosting, very cool! I participated from time to time, I hosted once last year too. You must see that EON documentary Raul, it’s excellent. Ahah yeah, Die Hard is probably preposterous but Willis is always fun to watch.

  8. I should be watching that 007 doc soon. 🙂 I saw a lot of Hollywood classics in January. Some of my favorites were The Set-Up, Gun Crazy, Separate Tables, and Murder, My Sweet.

  9. My stats are way down this month, too. It seems the new Google Images setup is the culprit, unfortunately. I’m still getting new followers everyday, but overall traffic has plummeted. :\

    No surprise to see that Bond doc as your pick of the month 😀

    1. Yeah, I think that Google Images thing certainly wreck havoc on a lot of blogs 😦 Ah well, maybe I need to promote my blog more in other movie sites/social media.

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