Five for the Fifth: End of the Year Edition


Hello folks, welcome to the very last edition of 2012 Five for the Fifth!!

To those who’ve never missed a single FFtF post, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making this my most popular blog series!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here.

1. Well, it’s only three weeks away to 2013. I think it’s been quite a year for movies, hasn’t it? I mean we’ve got major blockbusters for super lucrative franchises – The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Skyfall AND The Hobbit all in the same year! Yes, it’s a big year for Twi-hards as well but for the rest of us, aren’t you glad the franchise is [almost] over? All together now: free at last!! 😀

Thanks to TCFF though, I’ve also got a chance to view some awesome indie movies as well, which balance things out nicely. I will do my Top 10 of 2012 at the end of the month, but I think Argo, Skyfall and The Sapphires might make my list.

So my first question is: What’s YOUR top five favorite films of the year (so far)?

2. Ok, 2012 is barely over and I’m already looking forward to June 14, 2013! Yep, that’s the US release date for Man of Steel. If you’re on Twitter on Monday, most likely you’ve seen it but just in case you haven’t. Behold…


‘Oooh lookie here, sexy Henry in handcuffs!!’ 😉 Ehm, sorry, now that we get that out of the way. Most people were baffled as to ‘why is Supes a villain?’ and just the general logic [or lack thereof] that you can’t technically confine Supes with all his mighty powers behind bars, that is unless the prison is made of kryptonite of course. But judging from the look of Supes’ expression, looks like it’s a voluntary decision on his part to be led by the military convoy. I kind of like the departure from tradition, in fact, Chris Nolan and Zack Snyder seems to be set on defying tradition even from the costume alone. As EMPIRE mag says, “…a little originality is good for the soul.”

So what do you think of the teaser poster, folks? Thoughts about this reboot so far?

3. It’s been a while since I blog about Rufus Sewell, one of my favorite hunky Brits. But I want to let you know on his Sundance Channel two-part miniseries Restless he’s currently starring in, along with Hayley Atwell, Charlotte Rampling and Michael Gambon.


Adapted from William Boyd‘s spy novels that Boyd himself is adapting, it’s set during the early days of World War II and follows a Russian spy who tries to infiltrate the British Secret Service with the goal of influencing U.S. power brokers and swinging American public opinion in favor of fighting the Nazis.


Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery plays Ruth Gilmartin, who, in 1976, visits her mother Sally (Rampling), and is handed a diary recounting her colorful past. Turns out mom was actually born Eva Delectorskaya (Atwell), having emigrated from Russia to France. In the wake of her brother’s death in 1939, she’s recruited by British agent Lucas Romer (Sewell) to spy for the U.K. on the eve of World War II. (per Variety) Judging from the picture above, there’s likely some smoldering romance involved as well. Check out the awesome extended preview/featurette below with the ensemble cast:

The premise sounds intriguing and I like the look of this miniseries. Plus the cast is excellent! Rufus and Hayley certainly look fabulous in period costumes.

The first part of the miniseries begins this Friday at 9P E/P on the Sundance Channel. Can’t wait to see this one when it’s available to rent!

Well, what do you think of the trailer? Would you watch this one if you have the Sundance Channel?

4. Well, one of the biggest movie of 2012 has just come out in Blu-ray. Some of you might already pre-order The Dark Knight Rises and even seen it all over again a few times by now? 😀 Well I might get a copy too but not in a hurry to do so. One thing that I find amusing lately is the emergence of these Honest Trailers by the Screen Junkies (the trailers are made by Break Media digital company. You’ve likely seen their parodies of popular movies like Hunger Games, Prometheus, Avengers and my favorite of all, Twilight on YouTube. Well, Nolan’s final Batman trilogy no exception, check out their latest work below. As you probably guess, these honest trailers do have plot spoilers on them, but really, if you haven’t seen this movie by now, you probably aren’t that interested in Nolan’s Batman movies in the first place.

These guys definitely don’t pull any punches on their parody, but y’know what, it addresses a lot of the questions I had with the movie I wrote in my review. No matter though, this movie is obviously flak-proof anyway as the Blu-rays are likely going off the shelves as we speak.

How many honest trailers have you seen and which one(s) do you like best?

5. Ok, my last question is not exactly movie-related but you are free to make it so if you like. Well, I’ll be off to my two-week vacation on Friday. I don’t usually go on vacation during the holiday season but our schedule just works out that way this year. I haven’t been in any major vacation in over a year, but I’ve been blessed with a lot of memorable one in my lifetime. I think my favorite one is a tossup between the trip to Italy and the UK a few years back. I’m more of a city girl so I love exploring the enchanting cities like Rome, Florence and London that’s so full of history and full of life.


I still dream to go to Scotland, Australia and Eastern Europe (especially Prague), hopefully one of them would happen in the near future.

So my last question to you is, what’s your most memorable vacation you’ve ever had? I’d also love to hear about your dream vacation 😀

Well, that’s it for the last 2012 edition of Five for the Fifth, folks. There’ll be more coming next year for sure!

Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

60 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: End of the Year Edition

  1. #1. I doooon’t really want to reveal them just yet! 😉

    #2. Really concerned about this film. In not one to get all bent about single details but I hate the suit. Granted, it’s a small thing. But it could be a hint as to the overall approach to the film. I am also not the biggest fan of Zack Snyder sooooo…

    #3. I am not a big miniseries kind of guy.

    #4. Honest trailers? All the ones I see lie!!! 🙂

    #5. My most favorite trip? Well, it happened this year. I spent a little over a week in Paris, France with just my wife. It was magical. I had the best time enjoying the history and the romance of the wonderful city. In fact it affected me so that I have another blog site dedicated to my writings about it.

    1. No fan of the suit? 😦 I hear ya about Snyder, I think one either loves him or hates him, but I do like 300 and Watchmen.

      You don’t like miniseries? Any particular reason why?

      Ahah, well actually the honest trailers I saw are actually pretty spot on.

      I remember your post on your Paris trip Keith, that is an enchanting city indeed!

  2. I’m jealous of your trip to Hawaii Ruth. I hope you have a great time in the sun! We have snow in the UK this morning.

    As for the best film of the year, I’m not too fond of putting such lists together usually until the middle of the following year. That’s because I never feel like I’ve seen enough films to do a top 10 justice. But I reckon The Dark Knight Rises will rank highly in my list, as will Skyfall.

    1. Sounds like we’ll have significant snow here next week too, Dan, so I guess I’m leaving at the right time 🙂

      Ah I see Dan, that makes sense. I really don’t know which movies will make my list for sure. I need to think that through.

  3. Bye, bye 5FTF (for now). Looking forward to more of this posts. I love ’em.

    1. De Rouille et D’os, Killer Joe, Prometheus, Looper, The Amazing Spider-Man
    2. Liked the teaser poster. Really looking forward to Man of Steel. I’m sure it’ll be very good.
    4. I’ve only seen one honest trailer (Prometheus) and it was very funny and spot-on!
    5. My favorite vacation was in 2002. We went to Japan and Thailand. I loved it. My dream vacation is a tour of Europe, with emphasis on Paris and Rome 🙂

    1. Thanks Fernando for being such a great supporter! There’ll be more coming surely 😀

      Hey you put Amazing Spider-Man in your top 5, nice! I think if people just put the argument of the necessity of the reboot, they might appreciate it more.

      Amen on Man of Steel 🙂

      Oh you’ve been to Japan and Thailand? I’ve actually never been there even though they’re relatively closer to my home country than from here (USA). My mom did take us to a European Tour when I was 14 and it was certainly a memorable trip.

      1. Yeah. Even I think it was an unnecessary reboot but I still loved it. It blended many genres skillfully and I really liked Andrew and Emma in their roles (and together).

        And yes. I went to Japan and Thailand and it was an amazing trip. I wish I’d gone there when I was older but I was old enough to really appreciate it (12).

        1. Oh yeah, I love Andrew and Emma. I think they both make a perfect couple on and off screen 😀

          I hear ya about being too young to appreciate your vacation. I feel that way about the European trip as I was only 14 and I remember being bored in Italy, I mean come on!

  4. #1 I’m not sure. I need to think about that one but will be revealing mine shortly 😉
    #2 I’d like to be hopeful about this film but Zack Snyder is very hit and miss and while Nolan’s name is attached to this film, he’s just a producer. I HOPE it’s a good one. DC don’t have Batman to rely on anymore! And yes, I was a fan of Superman Returns.
    #3 Hmm, not sure. Doesn’t quite float my boat.
    #4 The Avengers one. Loved it.
    #5 Toss up between a family trip to Malaysia and Australia years back. All about the ocean and rainforests. Perfect holidays for me!

    1. Sounds good Jaina!

      I like some parts of Superman Returns though the whole Supes and kid thing is not handled very well and comes off like an odd soap opera. Still, I’m a huge Superman fan so I’m always on the optimistic side 😀

      Man, I’ve never even been to Malaysia and Australia and they’re close to my home country, I think it’s only 6+ hours from Jakarta to Sydney. I’d love to visit my auntie one day who lives in Sydney suburbs.

  5. One thing that I like for sure about the new Superman is his costume… it looks way better and let’s face it… that red underwear was ridiculous. I hope comic fans don’t complain about that… Superhero changes costumes throughout time regularly…

    Happy holidays… vacations have that extra thrill if we can find the exact location a movie was filmed to visit too..

    1. Yeah I like the lack of brief in Supes’ costume. It looks more bad ass instead of silly and Henry wears it extremely well 😉

      Yeah I hope to visit the Jurassic Park site in Kauai. I wish I had seen all the Harry Potter movies when I went to London 🙂

  6. Hi Ruth, great post! That Honest trailer for the Dark Knight Rises is fantastic! So true! It helps to remember, zeitgeist series yes, cult phenomenon absolutely but it’s a still just a movie. My most memorable holiday was our time in Italy 2 years ago which I blogged about at the time in ‘There and not quite back again, a blogger’s tale’. I wonder if your fantastic London underground post was inspired by your trip to London?

    1. Thanks Ronan. Glad you enjoyed the Honest Trailers, I personally love ’em as they’re usually spot on in their assessment. The fanboys are too funny when they [tried] to defend the plot holes, ahah.

      Oh yeah I think I read your post on Italy. I LOVE that country. Yes that London Underground post was inspired by our trip, in fact I used the photo my hubby shot there 🙂

  7. Awesome post and some cool questions here:
    1. My fav of the year are in order – TDKR, Killer Joe, Looper, Prometheus, Argo, The Cabin in the Woods, Skyfall and Compliance. These are the only ones from this year that I rated above 8. But there is still a bunch of stuff I didn’t see.

    2. Snyder’s films are usually really beautiful but poorly scripted, hopefully now with Nolan’s aid it will be good. Anyways I’m watching it for Adams and Shannon and good lord, Cavill is delicious.

    3. I didn’t hear about this one and it looks awesome! I’m definitely going to check it out.

    4. I only saw few, but my fav was Avengers.

    5. My fav vacation was the 2 weeks I spent in London – it’s such a beautiful city and people are so nice. I’d love to go there sometime in the future again or visit United States, especially New Orleans or New York.

    BTW I read Lee is in the first Hobbit film for 3 seconds! This is bullshit!

    1. Thanks Sati. That’s a cool selections of fave movies, girl, pretty eclectic I think.

      Yep, Snyder is more of a visual guy but I hope that Nolan’s go-to screenwriter David S. Goyer would do a good job on the script.

      Yeah, the Avengers honest trailer was funny wasn’t it? Lots of material to spoof on methinks 😉

      I hope you get to visit US soon Sati, if you’re ever in the upper Midwest, be sure to let me know ok?

      Well I did see The Hobbit last night and Lee will likely have more screen time in the sequels. I was bummed that he practically only had a small cameo 😦

    1. Hi Vince! Yes it does doesn’t it? I knew you’d approve when you see the Downton Abbey girl and Charlotte Rampling in it. Btw, I hope to catch up on that BBC series next year on Netflix Instant!

    2. PrairieGirl

      Hey rocker, you’re so right, I am proud! I think my guy Rufus will have another great performance under his belt with Restless 😀

  8. Ted S.

    1. I know that my 5 worst films so far will stand but as for best ones, I don’t know yet. I know that TDKR and Skyfall were very good, can’t say they’re the best of the year. Then again I haven’t seen the more prestige pictures.

    2. I’m just happy they got rid of the red diaper for Superman’s new suit, I’ve always thought that was silly. I know that the die-hard fans aren’t too thrill about that but come on, a superhero wearing a red diaper? As for the poster, there’s nothing exiting about it. I’ll wait for the new trailer in a couple of weeks and make my judgement then. I still believe Nolan is heavily involve in the post production of the film so hopefully he can “suggest” Snyder not to use too many slo-mo sequences.

    4. Love those honest trailers but I wish they’d do it on more films, it’s easy to just make fun of big films but let’s face every movie has plot holes and things that just didn’t make sense.

    5. I loved Maui, hope to go back there soon. As for my dream vacation, a week of doing nothing but eating and drinking on the islands Bora Bora.

    1. I don’t even know if TDKR would make my top 10 to be honest. As the Honest Trailers pointed out, there are just way too many plot holes.

      Ahah, red diaper!! Not to mention the bright retro yellow belt 😀 It’s not a super exciting poster but it intrigues me, it’s definitely not the typical ‘romantic’ pic of Supes flying or what have you. I mean we all know the dude can fly, y’know? This one makes you wonder just what is going on and that’s a good thing.

      Well yeah, there are plot holes in every film but the question is HOW MUCH?

      Oh man, when Ivan used to have the Starwood account, they’d have the most glorious photo of the Bora Bora resort that makes you drool!

  9. Mmmmm… havent really nailed down my top five, but I’d say The Avengers, Looper, The Master… Life of Pi, maybe… and hmmm… I need one more… am I forgetting any? 😀 Nope Thats it! LOL Oh WAIIIIT… Skyyyyfalllll… right, right.

    The teaser poster for the new Supes continues the trend of “not impressive” for me. 😦

    Love that “Honest Trailer”!!! Couldnt have said that stuff better myself!

    1. Hi ya Fogs! I’d be so disappointed if you didn’t have Skyfaaaaaaaaalll 😀

      Come on Fogs, show some love for our Supes. Who knows you might end up LOVING the film, he..he..

      Yeah, those Honest Trailers are spot on, I love watching the Twilight one as it’s way more entertaining than any of the movies!

  10. 1) My list Ruth? Eclectic to say the least. I haven’t seen a lot this year at the movies so keep that in mind. The big tent pole releases didn’t do much for me
    but these are some movies that are definitely are on my radar: Zero Dark Thirty, Beasts of the Southern Wild, West of Memphis, The Central Park Five, Rust and Bone.

    Lawrence of Arabia (40th anniversary digital rerelease) (Joy!)
    Argo (Ben… you did good)
    The Innkeepers (Great indie ghost story from Ti West)
    Cabin In The Woods (Joss’s love/hate letter to horror films)
    The Inbetweeners Movie (It’s sophmoric humor but I’m a big fan of the British series because it has heart and is just plain funny. BTW don’t bother with the watered down US version of the series)
    The Avengers (Wow… how novel… Hollywood finally got a comic book enthusiast to direct a comic book movie)
    The Perks of Being A Wallflower (suprise pick… John Hughes would be proud)
    Compliance (A relentlessly taut film and it’s all true. My film of the year)
    Moonrise Kingdom (Wes Anderson’s quirky films had gotten dryer than a three olive martini there for a while…. glad to see he’s back in form)
    Beyond the Black Rainbow (A cross between 2001: A Space Odyssey and Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain… the most visually stunnung film I’ve seen in a long time)

    2) Christopher Reeve will always be the definitive Superman for me but hey… give it a shot at another reboot. It’s not my money. I’ll give Snyder this, Watchman was a damn good try considering the degree of difficulty of the source material.

    3) I’m down. Besides Rufus I really like some of the other actors. Michelle Dockery’s as Mary in Downton Abbey has been just fantastic and even though Charlotte Rampling has been in mostly lesser films during her career she’s been superb in just about everything she’s done (The Night Porter, Farwell… My Lovely, The Verdict and the role of her career in Francois Ozon’s Under The Sand).

    4) Never saw the honest trailers before. Spot on though. I’ll have to check out more. I have a friend who is not only a big time superhero movie fanboy but Batman is his all-time favorite superhero. He told me he almost walked out several times on the movie and he loved, loved, loved Nolan’s first two movies in the trilogy. He told me to save my money so I am. I’ll probably see it eventually but I see the honest trailer only reinforced his point. LOL.

    5) I tend to have “active” vacations. I’ve been mounting biking in Moab, UT, snowboarding in Jackson Hole, WY and Winter Park, CO and played in ice hockey tournaments in Toronto, Montreal and Niagra Falls. Next year we’re planning to play hockey in Vegas. I don’t expect everyone to make it back this time. LOL. Other than that I don’t have a dream vacation spot.

    I had a friend who went to Prague in the late 90’s while the national hockey team had just won the Ice Hockey World Championships and they were partying in the streets. He loved his time there.

    1. I love your comprehensive answers Dave! An eclectic top list for sure, nice to see the reasoning behind them.

      Oh Chris Reeve will be my fave Supes too, but I do like seeing a different take of Superman and I do love Henry.

      I’m not familiar w/ Charlotte Rampling’s work but she was superb in Never Let Me Go. I should find more of her work so thanks for the recommendations.

      There are a lot of the Honest Trailers on You Tube, so do check ’em out. I’m not surprised by your friend’s reaction on TDKR. I do think it’s still worth a rent though.

      Wow, you’re quite the adventurous one, Dave. But no dream vacation?? I guess why dream if you can do it right? 😉 My colleague just came back from Prague and seeing her photos I was practically aching to go!

  11. PrairieGirl

    Can’t wait to see Restless! I was surprised to hear it was based on a true story because when I read the novel I don’t think there was any allusion to that. And also am interested to see how the series compares to the book, especially since William Boyd is also the screenwriter for TV. From the clips I’ve seen, it looks like it stays quite faithful to the novel.
    I can see by all the comments today that not many FC readers are interested in Restless, but here’s some news that might make them sit up and take notice (if they already don’t know). William Boyd is set to pen the next round of James Bond novels. 😀

    1. Oh it was? I had no idea! Seems possible though. Yeah, I was intrigued to hear that Boyd himself adapted it for the miniseries.

      I heard about him working on the Bond novels! VERY cool! I wonder if they’d be ready in the next 2 yrs, so perhaps Craig’s next Bond film might be based on it?

      1. PrairieGirl

        Well, in the extended preview that’s posted above (at about 1:40) Michele Dockery says Restless is based on real events, so I guess I’m just taking her word for it. And yes, it’ll be interesting to see if Boyd’s next book will also be the next Bond film.

  12. I am so glad you get to take vacay Ruth.

    the vacay I want to take is one to Japan. Visit so much in that area of the world. I’d love to see it.

    I’m not certain what I would list as my favorite of 2012 yet, only because there are some I want to catch up on before I start listing. Let me answer that question by saying what I still want to see from 2012:
    1. Beasts of the Southern Wild 2. Silver Linings Playbook 3. Hitchcock 4. The Hobbit 5. Les Mis 6. Imposter 7. Zero Dark Thirty 8. Django Unchained

    Gotta see those first before I can decide. LOL.

    I am looking forward to Man of Steel.

    I really liked the honest trailer for Twilight. haha hilarious!

    1. Hi T! I really can’t wait for it, been too long since I went on a real vacation. So are you saying you’ve been to Japan?

      Yeah, I want to see some of ’em you listed too, T, that’s why I wait until end of year before I make my list. Maybe even January.

      Glad you’re looking forward to Man of Steel too!

    1. Oh my, I didn’t even notice that. Oh I’m sure they’ll add that in somehow. I do wish they don’t slick his hair too much though, seriously it’s just corny!

  13. 1. Haha. Free at last! Top 5 so far: Holy Motors, Cloud Atlas, TDKR, Oslo, August 31st, and… probably Argo. Or Skyfall. Ah, I dread making my top 10 list! 😉

    2. I’m indifferent on this poster, but I’m looking forward to the movie.

    3. Restless looks good. Saw the trailer for it recently, but I probably won’t see it until it’s on DVD.

    4. This is the only honest trailer I’ve seen. It’s hilarious! 🙂

    5. Probably Myrtle Beach. Love taking walks on the beach, which is gorgeous at any time of day. My dream vacation would be a trip through Europe – the UK, France, Italy, the works. That would be a blast.

    1. I know, Josh, it’s the kind of list you probably want to change as soon as you post it! I think we both can agree on Argo, I don’t know yet about Cloud Atlas, maybe yes, maybe no 🙂

      Well as long as you’re looking forward to the movie, that what the studio wants to hear, ha..ha..

      Hey, glad that you see an Honest Trailer here first, that’s cool that you enjoy it!

      Oh, your dream vacation is the same as mine. I’m actually not too fond of beaches, I don’t know why. I guess I’m just not into tropical weather, ha..ha.. I know it’s crazy but I prefer the cooler climate, hence where I live! 😀

  14. 1. Not sure yet. I haven’t seen Sapphires, but the other ones you listed are pretty good, but for me Dredd(I think it didn’t get enough credit for not having the main female be a generic love interest like in most action films), The Grey, Moonrise Kingdom,Cabin in the Woods,21 Jump Street, and Looper are also strong contenders
    2. Not all that excited for it yet. Will have to wait for a fuller trailer before deciding whether its a anticipated one for me.
    3.I would give it a look
    4.Seen a few honest trailers. Don’t think i have a favorite tho.
    5. I think my most memorable trip is the one i took to Haiti(this was before the earthquake). I went with my family, and stayed with my moms side of the family(She came here from haiti). Not sure what my dream trip would be. I’ve though about visiting Japan at least once in my life due to my love for anime, so i guess that is my dream trip

    1. Oh I still want to see Dredd! I’m surprised it didn’t do well at the box office as the reviews were pretty good. Yeah I like that the female co-star was not a love interest! Sounds like a good list of contenders there Julian.

      Hey thanks for sharing about your trip to Haiti. I bet it’s so beautiful over there. Lots of mention for Japan here. I think you’d love it over there if you’re into anime!

  15. #1 well, I am going to write my top 5 on the last week of 2012…but it won’t be a list of all movies in 2012 as I didn’t see much 2012 movies, it’ll be movies I watched in 2012 (not released in 2012)

    #2 You know how I feel about superheroes…I used to like it but not anymore now. What’s interesting about this reboot is the fact that Superman doesn’t wear underwear anymore 😉
    My friend and I once joked about it, “after years being human on earth, superman finally realized that humans wear their underwear underneath their clothes, he has been wearing it wrongly and decides to do what humans do”

    #4 I have never heard of Honest trailer before…I will check it when I have time.

    #5 I have so many memorable holidays…let’s just talk about my dream holiday 😉
    I would love to go to Japan and visit One Piece Museum and then go to London.

    1. Hey that makes sense Nov, I was thinking of doing the same too but I think I saw quite a bit of 2012 releases to make up a top 10.

      Ahah that’s a good one! I like that reasoning for Supes & his underwear 😀

      So no Ireland for dream vacation Nov? I’d think you’d want to visit Cillian’s birthplace and all 😉

        1. Oh I see. Ahah well if you bump into both of them I think you’ll get a big bump in your head as you’ll fall down, Nov 😀 😀 Btw, see you in about a week girl! So excited!!

  16. 1. I’ve not seen nearly as much as I would have liked at the cinema, I tend to pick stuff up on Blu-ray more now. I think Skyfall, The Avengers, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Cabin in the Woods, and The Dark Knight Rises. However, next year I’ll probably catch up on much better stuff that came out this year!
    2. I think the poster is a little underwhelming to be honest. I’m not a massive Superman fan but I’m intrigued to see what the film is like.
    3. The trailer looks decent, I’d probably give it a whirl if it was on.
    4. Quite obsessed with the Honest Trailers and have watched them all several times. Love the Twilight and Titanic ones. I also love the Bad Lip Reading trailers as well.
    5. I’d probably say my most memorable holiday was my trip to Rome a few years ago. So much to see and I’d love to go back there for longer.

    This is the first of these I’ve contributed to; I hope they return at some point, twas fun! 🙂

    1. Hi Terry. Looks like you’ve seen the major blockbusters this year, that’s cool. I still haven’t seen two from your list.

      Well let’s hope the film is not underwhelming, that’s the most important part 🙂

      Yeah, the Twilight one is awesome. I need to see the Titanic one, oh man I bet that’s a hoot.

      Oooh, Rome is a spectacular city. You’re right there’s soooo much to see, I’d love to go back there as well and spend more time there and in Florence.

      Hope you come back for the future Five for the Fifth! 🙂

  17. Hi Ruth, sorry I’m so late this, I’m still catching up with stuff and taking a little break as well.

    1: As I’ve still to catch up with a lot of movies it would be unfair of me to even start a list here but I will include Moonrise Kingdom as one of them I think.

    2: The poster looks good and I do have faith in Nolan and Snyder to provide the goods on this one.

    3: As I try to avoid trailers I’ve not watched that but I do like the sound of it. I’d be right up for that one methinks. Good to see Sewell in something again.

    4: Sorry, I’m still avoiding trailers. I even go into the cinema a little later to avoid them.

    5: I’d love to visit Scotland someday too 😉
    I’ve been to Prague before and it’s a beautiful city but found it a little uneventful. My favourite vacation was Thailand many years ago. I travelled around the country taking in as much as I could, visiting Bangkok first before heading south to Puket and the island Ko Phi Phi. Such an amazing country.

    1. Hey no such thing as a late comment, Mark 🙂

      Yeah, I tend to be optimistic about this Superman reboot, let’s hope they don’t disappoint us! Oh you like Sewell too? I think he’s wise in choosing smaller projects but of substance, unlike you know who (your fellow Scot I complained about via DM)

      Oh Honest Trailers are more of a parody, Mark, not a ‘real’ trailer. It’s for people who have seen the movies 😀

      Ahah, well then you are on vacation every single day then 🙂 Oh you’ve been to Thailand? I’ve actually never been but it sounds amazing! Prague uneventful? Hmmm, never heard that before, ahah.

      1. Yeah, I love Thailand. I was actually going to move there a few years ago to teach English as a foriegn language but I became a father instead 😉
        When I went to Prague it was a really heavy winter. It was absolutely stunning but I honestly couldn’t find much to do other than take in the sites. That was good for a while but I like to get involved in underground party scenes (of which I found none)

        1. Oh you wanted to become an ESL teacher? That’s sooo cool. I befriended a few ESL teachers when back in high school as I had always been pretty good at English. They’re always so fun to hang out with as they have an adventurous spirit.

          Ah I see, I guess the weather would be a huge factor whether one enjoys the country or not, that’s understandable Mark.

    1. It does seem like a low-res photo, not sure if that’s intentional. I just hope the movie will be clear, ahah. Glad you’re excited for it though Markus.

  18. 1) Still thinking about mine, but it’s going to be hard to beat The Master.

    2) I am pretty apathetic about it. Don’t think I have seen any Superman film, actually, just the old cartoons from when I was a kid.

    3) Sounds interesting enough. Too bad I don’t have the Sundance Channel (or cable, for that matter).

    4) Heh, I’ll have to check that out later. I got a kick out of their Prometheus trailer, though.

    5) A few years ago I finally left North America for a two week whirlwind of a trip through Europe. It was a blast, even though we almost died a couple days into it. 😛 We started in Paris, then took the train to Venice, Vienna, Munich, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels and Bruges. Out of all of them, I most want to go back to Munich/Bavaria and explore more of that area. So beautiful.

    1. Ah yes, I remember your glowing review on The Master.

      Oh I didn’t know you’re not a Superman fan Eric, well then I can see why you’re just blase about Man of Steel.

      I don’t have cable either. But I’ll be sure to look for Restless on iTunes when it’s available.

      Oooh that sounds like an awesome trip Eric. Almost died?? Wow, what happened? Well glad you’re back in one piece, man.

  19. The Hobbit sounds good at definitely a rental as easier to rewind for me but I can’t say it will be larger than the cartoon version I remember from the 80’s Richard Armitage is a definite bonus to the mix of great actors in this.
    Favourite trip is England for loads of reasons the history the people I know and for it’s natural beauty. What would I like to see Australia, Ireland, Holland,Switzerland, Netherlands and France’s countryside as well as Italy as I am not a hot climate person these places work well for me and I have an understanding and fluency of all the natural languages so it would be nice to go.

    1. Well Stella, one thing for sure, Armitage is definitely a huge bonus in The Hobbit. He not only has the looks but the gravitas as Thorin.

      I’d love to do a tour around England. You’re right the history is just so rich and I adore the architecture, ambiance, etc. Hey I’m not a hot climate person either, that’s why I love it when I went to London.

  20. 1. Yes, really good year for movies. And yes, thank goodness it’s nearly over and that Hunger Games seems to be balancing it out a bit 🙂

    2. Man of Steel–Agree that Henry’s hair is too slick but otherwise it looks pretty cool.

    3. Rufus Sewell, espionage, WWII? Count me in on Restless…except i don’t have Sundance Channel anymore. I pay a lot less for cable now though too.

    4. There are honest trailers? 😉

    5. Paris in 2010 is my best vacation so far. I do want to go other places but I want to go back there first.

    1. Hi Paula, always glad to see you doll. I just love Henry, his hair at Comic-con is very Superman-like but yet not greasy or slick, I wish they just keep it that way [sigh]

      I knew you like espionage and WWII stuff, and yeah having Rufus is definitely icing on the cake! I don’t have cable either, I wish we could get a la carte stuff for just the channels we want.

      The honest trailers are so much fun. You should look up the others 😀

      Ah Paris… it’s been a while since I visited. Btw, as I’m typing this comment, my hubby is actually playing the theme from the opening of Midnight in Paris. Uncanny!

  21. Hi, Ruth and company:

    #2: Always been a more ardent fan of DC Comics ‘Batman’, ‘Blackhawk’ and ‘Sgt. Rock of Easy Company’ through the years than ‘Superman’.

    Still think Christopher Reeve was the closest embodiment of Supes. Also, in the day of contact lenses and Lasick Eye Surgery, will Clark even be wearing his signature black framed Buddy Holly Glasses?

    #3:Definitely catching Rufus Sewell in ‘Restless’!

    He’s so low key and make for espionage. The story looks good. So does its many locations in South Africa filling in through history.

    #4: Always enjoy Honest Trailers. For their voice work, quick cuts and 1970s feel.

    #5: Favorite vacation spot?

    Spent several months in the US Panama Canal Zone and enjoyed it quite a lot.
    Automobiles and technology that were twenty years behind the times I was there on short tours for the USAF in the 1970s and 80s.

    Friendly people. No language problem, if you know just the basics of Spanish or Latin. Open spaces. Cheap food and gas everywhere. Tremendous deep jungles. Remote and incredibly tall waterfalls and spotless, deserted, white sand beaches. Along with excellent surfing, snorkling and SCUBA diving in sparkling clear waters.

  22. So glad to be back into action in the blogosphere. With my Masters now out of the way, there’s plenty of time for me to dive into writing on my blog and visiting my fellow bloggers like I haven’t been able ever since I started this whole adventure.
    As for my favorite films of 2012, I’ve only managed to watch slightly over 30 of movies released this year so my opinion counts little. In any case, my top 5 would be (for now): 1. End of Watch, 2. Looper, 3. Life of Pi, 4. The Dark Knight Rises, 5. Prometheus.
    My most memorable vacation…that’s a tough one, I’ve had several. I think it’s either the trip I took with my parents to the Venezuelan Amazon and the Angel Falls a few years ago; or the trip I took to London with just my father in 2009, probably the last time we spent some meaningful time together one on one before his passing.
    Good to see you’ve kept the good work Ruth.

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