Monthly Roundup: October Movie Watching Recap

Buh-bye October. Welcome November!

Btw, I just realized after I posted it that it’s my 1000th’s Blog Post!! I guess time flies when you’re doing something you love. Thanks everyone who’ve made it so worthwhile for me to blog day after day!

Daylight Saving Time ends at 2 a.m. this Sunday! So for those who live in states that observe DST, don’t forget to set your clock back an hour! I love it ’cause we get an extra hour of sleep! 🙂

I’ve got to admit I was looking forward to doing this month’s recap as I saw the most movies in October than any other month, yay! Thanks to TCFF, I saw 13 films in just 9 days, so those combined with some new releases, I ended up seeing about 17 NEW movies!

I’ve also been blogging a ton… not just TCFF but also organizing the Small Roles… Big Performances blog-a-thon that started on October 1. Thank you everybody who have participated and those who’ve been promoting it on various social media. It was a blast reading everyone’s posts and shining a spotlight on actors who should get more recognition for their work!

Well, here are some of the posts you might’ve missed from October:

Well, what did I manage to watch this month?

Movies I haven’t seen before:

I think I’ve covered that above. I saw more indie movies during TCFF than I normally do in a given month, which is awesome. I highly recommend Things I Don’t Understand, Dead Dad, Take Care and the documentary A Place at the Table when they’re available to rent on iTunes or Netflix.


  • The Hunt for Red October
  • Point Break
  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

Total Movies Watched: 20

Favorite October Movie(s):

The Sapphires is my favorite movie from TCFF and ARGO tops the new releases I saw in October. Both of them are inspired by a true story, though they couldn’t be more different from each other in terms of story and tone. I highly recommend both of these, especially the first one as it’ll probably be out in limited release. I might even rent it again when it’s out on iTunes!

Now, before I let you off, check out this awesome promo video for Air New Zealand. They partnered with WETA Workshop on a brand new Hobbit-inspired Safety Video, complete with special cameos. LOVE it!!

So, what movies did you get to see in October and which one is your favorite?

48 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup: October Movie Watching Recap

    1. Thanks Joel! I’ve started this blog about 3 yrs ago, but hey I’ve got help y’know, lots of great people have guest posted on this blog 🙂

  1. Congratulations on the 1000th post. “Impressive. Most impressive.” (since we had Star Wars news this week, I thought this was appropriate ;-). Wonderful lineup of film, too. Well done, Ruth.

    1. Thank you, thank you! Ahah yeah that Star Wars news was quite a big one, I read the lengthy discussion over at Fogs. Thanks so much for your continued support Michael, you are too kind!

  2. Ted S.

    Wow congrats on your 1000th posts! It’s always fun to come and talk about movies on this site.

    I think the only new movie I saw last month was Looper, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Now I can’t wait to see Skyfall on the IMAX screen.

    BTW, I’ll be sending you another script review of another western.

    1. Thank you Ted, you are a huge part of why I could reach that number, what with all of your awesome guest posts! Oh I can’t wait to read that script review. Could you give me a hint via Twitter DM or email? 😀

      I can’t wait to see Skyfall!! I won’t be seeing it on IMAX though, or maybe just the regular AMC IMAX if I feel like it.

  3. 1000 posts, pretty amazing. I still got a bit to go before I reach that. Looks like you’ve seen some great movies the past month.

    For me it was the month in which I saw most movies all year (a total of 37).

  4. PrairieGirl

    Congrats on your new milestone! The best movie I saw in October (actually one of the best I’ve ever seen any time, period) was Wings (1927). I can easily see how it won the first award for Best Picture. And the story of who and how it was made is utterly fascinating. A must for anyone who likes classic movies.

    1. Thanks Becky! Your support is invaluable, can’t thank you enough. Glad to see you love Wings so much, can’t wait to check that out for myself, though I wish Garry Cooper had more screen time in it 🙂

      1. PrairieGirl

        I agree, I wish Gary Cooper had more time on screen too. But just from that one brief scene his career sky-rocketed after that. Any way, from my point of view, Wings was the first blockbuster drama ever. Who knew? ;-D

        1. That’s amazing! Well he is gorgeous so I can’t say I’m surprised. Even Gregory’s first film was a bad one (according to the actor himself) but he got a lot of job offers after that 😉

  5. Wow, 1000… super-congrats!! I reckon I’ll reach that milestone somewhere around the year 2037. If I am still blogging by that time.

    Of the 20 films you listed, I’ve only seen two… Point Break and Raiders Of The Last Ark. I haven’t heard anything bad about Argo yet, so hope to see that one the most.

  6. Congrats on 1000 posts, Ruth! Never seen that poster of Argo, but I really like it.

    I was able to see 52 films, the best of which was Cloud Atlas. Though, that might change once I see it again. 🙂

    1. I actually like that one very much, but I decided to use the quad version for my review a couple of weeks ago. Nice poster for a great movie! Hey I might see Cloud Atlas again tomorrow, we’ll see if I like it more or less 🙂

  7. Woah, 1000! That’s very impressive, congrats! I saw a whole bunch of horrors this month, but the movie that was the best out of all I saw was definetly Killer Joe. I’m seeing Skyfall tomorrow, hopefully 🙂

    1. Thanks Sati! Oh man, I can’t friggin’ wait for Skyfall!! Where do you live? I thought you’re in the States, did you get advanced screening?

      1. I live in Europe, so we got it here earlier, for some strange reason. It always amazes me how big movies like this one don’t get universal release everywhere in the world. I think you’re going to like it, very enjoyable film and I think it is my favorite out of Craig’s Bond movies.

        1. Boy I should know that by now that you’re in Europe. Yeah I think Bond movies often open in the UK/Europe first before US. Good for you!! Can’t wait to see it this Friday, unless I got lucky to get an advanced screening 🙂

  8. wow…you are very active on October, Ruth!!
    Congrats nn the 1000th post \(^^)/

    I still havent seen looper because of my busy schedule, will probably catch it on DVD.

    well, this October I found new love 😉 I might as well call October as Noel Fielding month, I watched a lot of him the entire month. almost 48 episodes of Never mind the buzzcocks, 19 episodes of The Mighty Boosh plus ALL their documentaries, interviews and bloopers…it’s all around Noel 🙂

    1. Thanks Nov! Actually the number of movies I watched are not that much compared to some people, just ask Josh 🙂 I did have a lot going on this month, but hey it’s all good fun.

      Ha..ha.. yes I could see you are absolutely smitten with Noel. So this Christmas when you see the words NOEL it’ll have an entirely different meaning for you, ahah!

  9. Hi Ruth, congrats on post #1,000! That’s a very impressive feat. Sounds like you had a great month of movie watching, too.

    BTW, can’t believe the Small Roles blogathon was last month. For some reason it feels so long ago!

    1. Thanks Eric. Yeah the Small Roles blogathon is just last month. There’s so much going on in Oct that it felt like it’s a while ago to me, too!

  10. Good thing you are telling us about changing our clocks! I didn’t even know about this until now… 😉 Congrats on 1000 posts, always a satisfying milestone, especially when you consider where your mindset and expectations when you started.

    I haven’t seen too many movies in October but my favorite (possibly for this entire year) is Before Sunset. The movie is perfect to me. I don’t know why I waited so long to see it.

    1. Hey, I’m glad someone finds it useful! 🙂 One time I forgot to do that back in college and I showed up in class an hour early thinking the darn thing was canceled, ahah.

      Yeah, I never thought I’d make it 1000 posts, but I’ve got help so I probably only wrote about 900 of ’em 🙂 Oh I haven’t seen Before Sunset, only the first one, Before Sunrise.

  11. A great month for you, and very busy with the blogathon and TCFF. I love your blog and I’ve enjoyed it even more this month with awesome content.

    I think my favorite film, of those I saw in October, was Looper (first time) and Walk the Line (rewatch).

  12. Congratulations on the 1,000th post Ruth! That is truly remarkable and a tremendous achievement by an amazing blogger. All the best as you write 1,000 more and beyond! I’m glad to see that you got to see so many films at the Twin Cities Film Festival. That is something I really wish I could go to locally. It shall be one of my goals for next year! As far as movie watching in October goes, I would have to agree that Argo was my favorite. I also enjoyed watching Looper and Taken 2! So it was definitely a great month of movie watching 🙂

    1. Thanks Raul! I’m so thankful that people read and even comment on this blog, it’s so rewarding. Do try to participate on a local film fest if you can, it’s actually quite fun to do and you get to see films you otherwise wouldn’t.

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