Presenting the Small Roles… Big Performances Blogathon!

Welcome to FlixChatter’s

The idea of this blog-a-thon is to…

Shine a spotlight on the ‘unsung heroes’ if you will, the overlooked performers who add so much richness & entertainment value to the film no matter how brief their appearance is, but yet they don’t get the credit they so deserve.

You can read the full blogathon guidelines here.

I apologize if I’m not being clear about the date of when the post is supposed to go live. It’s no biggie though, I’m just thrilled of the turnout of this blogathon and seeing people turn the spotlight on a lot of talented-yet-underrated actors.

FlixChatter’s contributor Becky (aka PrairieGirl)’s and frequent commenter Dave W (aka Daveackackattack) are also participating. Check out their posts below, as well as one from yours truly:

James Purefoy in A Knight’s Tale + James Marsden in Enchanted & Superman Returns Stephen Graham in This Is England + Stacy Edwards in The Company of Men
Don Cheadle in Devil in a Blue Dress

Here are the full participants in ALPHABETICAL ORDER:

Thanks so much everyone for taking part! 

P.S. I’ll still be taking submissions all week long so if you want to take part, just drop the link in the comments below and I’ll add it to the list!

Please help spread the word around via Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. and if you have Twitter, please use hashtag #smallrolesbigperformances to help promote the event!

61 thoughts on “Presenting the Small Roles… Big Performances Blogathon!

    1. Yeah me too! There are a few I haven’t even heard of, but I’m sure they’re all worthy to be highlighted and to be given the credit they deserve!

  1. keith7198

    This has been really, really cool. I’m already learning about several performances from films I’ve never seen. My notepad and Netflix is filling up!

  2. That is quite the turn out ruth! I hope you will host more blogathons – this one was so much fun! Also i love the animated banner with the performances!

      1. I noticed that as well. Although I thought my eyes were playing tricks at first. Very impressively done Ruth. I’m just working my through them all wen I can. You must be very proud and excited?

        1. Yay, another one! I just thought it’d be fun to include as many pics of the actors as I could without overwhelming the page. I’m thrilled at the turnout, Mark, so thank YOU for taking part. It won’t be the same without my blog friends!

          1. I don’t think there would be anyone would disagree with me in saying that this is all your doing and that you’ve done a fantastic job here. Congratulations Ruth, and thank YOU.

  3. Ted S.

    It’s nice reading more about these supporting or small role actors, they tend to not get much attention from the big media but glad the film bloggers all over are giving their dues.

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