Trailer Spotlight: Playing For Keeps

All right, two sports-related Gerard Butler trailers released within a month! I wonder if it’s because of the Olympics?? First we’ve got a surfer movie, now soccer, not that I’m complaining 🙂 Now, this one was supposed to be released last March as I included it in my most anticipated movies for the first quarter of 2012. Well, when I mentioned this one in the GB Special Post, at the time it was still called Playing The Field.

Anyway, we’ve now got a brand new trailer and updated synopsis [per Yahoo Movies]:

A charming, down-on-his luck former soccer star returns home to put his life back together. Looking for a way to rebuild his relationship with his son, he gets roped into coaching the boy’s soccer team. But his attempts to finally become an “adult” are met with hilarious challenges from the attractive “soccer moms” who pursue him at every turn.

Well, I like this trailer a bit better than Chasing Mavericks’. Well for one, Gerry gets to keep his Scottish brogue, wahoo! Plus, I kind of like seeing him with kids. I mean the last time he played dad to a little boy was in the wonderful indie Dear Frankie, and he’s definitely a natural with them. Then there’s the supporting cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jessica Biel, Uma Thurman, Dennis Quaid and Judy Greer, though I wish Uma and Judy get at least a line in the trailer?? Initially I thought Biel only had a small role, but it seems that she’s got second billing here.

Ah well, I’m going to file this one under ‘promising’ even though the trailer itself is rather meh, and that song is annoyingly schmaltzy. This curiously Mondrian-styled poster doesn’t exactly scream artsy either. But hey, I like the idea of Gerry + soccer, and it’s helmed by a pretty credible director, Gabriele Muccino, the Italian director who helped Will Smith got his second Oscar nomination in The Pursuit of Happyness. Interestingly, that one also features a single dad and his young son.

In any case, I’m glad they switched this from a baseball-themed movie to soccer when Butler was cast [per LA Times blog], and the fact that he was involved in a lot of soccer charity match, including this year’s star-studded Soccer Aid, he’s perfect for this role! It’s poised to be a feel-good dramedy this Winter, but here’s hoping it offers us something more than that.

Updated 11/29: Playing For Keeps Featurette on GB’s character George

Playing For Keeps
is released December 7.

Thoughts on this trailer, folks?

37 thoughts on “Trailer Spotlight: Playing For Keeps

    1. I hear ya, I like the cast too or I wouldn’t have bothered. Trailer-making is an art, and this one is not it. Well I hope the movie itself won’t be terrible.

  1. it’s finally here? I’m posting it tonight at my place too. Can’t wait to see my dear Cathy in the film, hope she has smooching scenes with Gerry Berry. I love everything about it, the title, the story, the genre, it’s that bit of positive romance and charm that we need in today’s world of morbidly dark and irresponsibly bizarre movies.

    1. Yes Dezzy! Boy we’ve been waiting a long time for this haven’t we? Well she’s smooching him in the trailer, so yeah I think we can expect that. Yeah, nice to see GB in a heartwarming drama and seeing him without some-kind of weapon for a change, ahah.

    2. PrairieGirl

      Hey there Dez, I agree with you 100%! I’m a sucker for a heartwarming film like this amidst all the violence and thriller films that there’s an exceeding abundance of. If anyone other than GB were in the lead I might not be as interested, but it sure looks like we are going to get a great big yummy dose of him… YES!

  2. Ted S.

    Looks like the studio really have a lot of faith in the film since they’re releasing it in the prime December slot. It looks too cliche to me but I do love Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jessica Biel, for their looks not acting. 🙂 I might just give a rent someday. I did enjoyed the director’s film In Pursuit of Happyness.

    1. The trailer does make it sooo darn cliche!! Really, there’s hardly any good trailers out there which is a bummer. I do like the cast and that’s a good sign that they’re releasing it in prime holiday season slot, much better than the March date I think. I should check out Pursuit of Happyness as I never see Will Smith in a drama before.

  3. I love Butler’s performance in Dear Frankie! I wish he’d pick more dramatic roles like it. This I’m not sure about, but I might give it a look when it comes out.

    1. She does indeed! She’s starred in movies w/ Colin Firth, Colin Farrell and now Gerry, so yeah, her agent sure knows how to pick her co-stars, ahah.

  4. PrairieGirl

    I think I’m going to LOVE this movie, cheesy music and all! The trailer has way more laugh-out-loud moments than I expected, let’s hope they didn’t put them ALL in trailer. GB looks like this film was made just for him, which in a way it was by switching from baseball to soccer. And yes, the poster is a little uninspiring, but with GBs pose and expression, I am NOT complaining ;-O

    1. Yeah, he looks good in that soccer uniform!! So all those charity soccer matches he’s been in must’ve been part ‘research’ then, ahah.

      Iba… he’s waaaaaay hotter than McCoughnahey in every sense of the word 😉

  5. Looks really generic and cliche but hey, these kind of movies can be pleasant enough to pass time. The December release is surprising and maybe it will do a bit better than most expect from a box office point of view.

    1. Yeah, the trailer certainly portray that, but GB and CZJ makes it much more appealing than it otherwise would be. I do hope this does well, poor GB has been working so hard and his last two films were barely seen by people.

  6. bebe82496

    This doesn’t too bad!!! I leo like Gerarld Butler, it’s just sometimes he stars in too may predictable comedies!! It does look like it will be touching, funny, and heart-warming while making you cry, laugh, and also while probably putting a smile on your face at the end of the film!! It may look a little predictable, but it still llooks pretty good!!
    Plus it’s got Dennis Quaid, who I actually really like!!
    I’m giving this preview a grade of a B or 3.5 out 5 stars/reels!!!
    Here is a list of a couple of actors that believe SHOULD have taken the main role for this film:
    Matt Damon-Academy Award winner, why not?
    Mark Wahlberg-He WAS in The Fighter and in The Departed, which got big critical accailm and awards!!! He’s just another great actor!!!
    Leonardo DiCaprio-He’s a great actor, I would like to see what he could with this film!!!
    How do you feel about Dennis Quiad talking the lead/main role of the film, I know he co-stars in the film, but why can’t he be the MAIN star in the film!!!!!
    Or maybe Will Smith!!

    1. It doesn’t look too bad indeed, but because I like the cast. Sorry but I would rather see Butler in this role than any of the stars you mentioned, least of all Will Smith!

  7. Butler as a football player/coach is a bit meh! also the film looks very run-of-the-mill… but having said that I’ll watch it when it comes on TV

    1. Why meh Raghav? After all he actually knows how to play soccer pretty well AND he has actually done a charity match a few times, so I think this role is tailor-made for him.

  8. If Butler gets to keep his Scottish brogue, I wonder if we’ll get to see him wear his (and mine) favourite football team’s strip “Glasgow Celtic”. If that would feature, I’d pay to see this. 😉

    1. I just noticed that McAvoy played alongside him in that charity match? You must have been in your element Ruth? It was also managed by a Scot – Kenny Dalglish, he was a legendary Celtic player in his day.

    2. Then you WILL pay to see this as he does have his Scottish brogue AND his character used to play for Glasgow Celtic 😀

      Yes Mark, I was all over that match on YouTube. Too bad I couldn’t watch it live. Yes it was awesome to see both of my fave Scots together, they look like real-life brothers! I absolutely adore this pic:

      1. I think I will be checking this out then. Glad to Celtic getting a mention. I’ve not watched the trailer as I tend not to but I’ll have a little peek.

        Nice pic of Butler and McAvoy but I would have been nicer with their Celtic tops on. McAvoy is a fellow supporter also.

        1. YES you should Mark, we need to support GB! 😀 I do hope there are some scenes of him wearing the Celtic uniform. So do you play soccer too?

            1. Oh I’m sure you’re just being modest 🙂 Btw, soccer is huge in my home country Indonesia, there are often riots going on when the games are on, it’s quite scary!

              1. It can be the same in Glasgow. There’s a massive rivalry between Celtic and Rangers. There matches are known as the “Old Firm” and go back as far as the 1800’s. Violence has been known to erupt throughout the city when they play. There’s always a commeraderie between supporters of each club and that’s why I like to hear that Butler and McAvoy are Celtic fans. Billy Connolly and Rod Stewart are another couple.

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