Everybody’s Chattin’ … and the Bond casting poll update


Man, I just realized I haven’t done an Everybody’s Chattin’ post in ages. As you can tell, I’m not big on structure or keeping up w/ series like my blog friends [you know who you are :D] but I promise I’ll keep this post more regularly from now on.

Now, before I get on the links, I just want to update you with the results of the Bond casting poll from a week ago. My Twitter pals might already know this but the winner with 173 votes is… drum roll please…

Richard Armitage!

Well I know the Armitage Army is quite a fervent bunch ahah, but hey, just look at this guy, I wholeheartedly endorse this lean, 6’2″, green-eyed actor as the super spy. In fact, as I’m going to start watching BBC’s Spooks in between Sherlock to see more Richard in all kinds of Bondian action!

Ok, it’s Friday, so a bit of confession can’t hurt 🙂

Well, after watching some Spooks clips and The Hobbit behind the scenes & press conference videos, last night I had a dream I was part of The Hobbit set in New Zealand. It was during break and the couple of hundred of cast and crew are all sitting in this lush park of some sort. It was almost dark and we’re all sitting in clusters of people and somehow, in my group is Thorin himself [Richard is playing the leader of the dwarfs y’see] and Frodo [Elijah Woods] or someone who look like him. I honestly can’t remember the whole details, the only part I did remember is asking Richard how long he’s been on location. It was quite noisy with so many people around us and so he had to lean very close to me to hear what I was saying, tee-hee… he replied that it must have been around 10 months or so. In any case, it’s one of those dreams you really don’t want to wake up from. Oh man, to be amongst the cast of the most anticipated movies of all time AND sitting next to such a gorgeous creature! 😀 😀

Now time for the links!

  • Ryan over at the fantabulous The Matinee gets the spotlight on him as he’s being interviewed by Kid on the Front Row on his blogging history, podcasting, etc. A very insightful post on a truly inspirational blogger, check it out!
  • I always love an unconventional movie lists, and recently Andrew from Encore’s Entertainment did a Nurse Appreciation post by listing some of his favorite nurses in movies.
  • Tyler of Southern Vision has come up with a bunch of interesting art-house lists, this time he turned his attention to war films. Check out which films make his Top Ten.

  • The Elephant Man is one of those films I’ve been meaning to see for a while, and Andina reminded me why in her excellent review of this David Lynch film.
  • Ok, last but not least, the Ten Best Actor Relay Race that I did a couple of weeks ago is now in Sam Fragoso’s hands this week. Check out his blog Duke & the Movies to see which actor he took out and added in. The race is definitely getting more and more interesting, well done Nostra!

Oh, with The Avengers only a week away, my pal Terrence is gearing up for his Avengers Initiative, a week’s worth of Avengers-related posts from friends, including yours truly. You don’t want to miss all the fun!

Well, before you click away to these awesome posts, tell me what’s your viewing plans this weekend?

34 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ … and the Bond casting poll update

  1. Thanks for the linkage! I’m not much good at keeping up with regular features on my blog, they’re always posted a day or two later than they should be, sometimes even later than that!

    1. My pleasure Tyler. Yeah, I’m the same way. The only ‘series’ I’ve been able to maintain so far is the Five for the Fifth as it’s a monthly thing 🙂

  2. Hmm interesting result in the poll. I haven’t seen this guy but have heard many good things about Spooks. Might have to check it out one day. and I guess if he’s in the Hobbit (and you’re having dreams about him) that his star is on the rise. Still hope Craig hangs around a little while longer!

    1. Ahah, well I knew Richard from yrs ago when he was in the BBC mini North & South. He’s also in BBC’s Strike Back, you might’ve seen ads for that. Spooks is great, I used to watch ’em when Matthew Macfadyen was still the lead. I keep hoping that The Hobbit will be a break-out role for Richard, fingers crossed!

  3. Ryan McNeil

    Don’t think I’ve ever been called “inspirational”. Thank you for that, and for the linkage. Happy Friday!

  4. Happy Friday.
    I am on my way to see While We Are Here.
    Also have a few TFF shorts to watch.

    Finally getting around to re-watching Shame – bought the DVD a couple of weeks ago.

    Tomorrow I might see Think Like a Man with a friend.

    Re: RA. I think you and I should appeal to the producers and get a set visit. So we can blog 😉

    Have a good one!

    1. Hey Iba, I’m so with you about that set visit. Oh man, if it’s anything like in my dream, it’ll be a blast 😀 There are people in costumes as well as those in normal attire hanging out together, it’s like in a magical land!

  5. Faboamanto

    Ruth, you KNOW I want Richard Armitage whispering in my ear! What a fabulous dream.

    Are you enjoying watching Lucas North in Spooks and the RA interviews? Lucas North is my favorite Armitage character but I was also an old fan of the series from the first episode with Mathew Macfadyen. It was a bonus to have Armitage involved and he does look very “Bond Like”. Wonderful poll results by the way.

    Hi Jaina! Yes, Armitage fans, we are legion 🙂 🙂

    1. Ha..ha.. yeah I REALLY didn’t want to wake up, Fabo! Ok, I didn’t want to get into too much detail in the post but I’ll tell you what Richard was wearing. He was wearing sweats with jeans I think, and his hair is a bit longer, kind of disheveled (like this http://www.galawallpapers.net/photo/80865/Richard_Armitage.jpg) and he seems to be in a good mood, laughing and smiling the whole time. My hubby was actually in the group also [he’s almost always in my dream for some reason!] but off talking to someone else so I was chattin’ mostly with Richard and another cast-member who looked like Frodo. Yeah, it really was a fun dream, but no, nothing steamy 😀

      Yes, I’ve been enjoying the clips of Lucas North but I really want to get into the story so I should start watching the episodes. I think my fave RA character is still John Thornton!

      1. I would want to keep dreaming too. Love the pic,that was a great photoshoot with Richard, he looks good in white 🙂 Thorin and Frodo together even better.Would be great if you could be our special correspondent in NZ. Would love to hear what you think of the Lucas story when you start watching the episodes.

  6. Ted S.

    Once he buff up just a bit, he’ll look great as the next 007. I sometimes had those kind of dreams too but mostly about girls I have a crush on, ha ha.

    I don’t think I’ll be watching any movies again this weekend, I still have a bunch of Blu-rays I bought that I haven’t watch yet. But they’re movies I’ve seen before, just never seen it on BD.

    1. Oh I think he looks just fine now. He’s shirtless quite a bit in Spooks and he’s got lean muscles, just the way I like ’em. I think Craig is too ridiculously ripped and I personally think he looks awful coming out of the water in those Speedo. I think Bond has to be lean and strong without being too bulky, Dalton is the perfect size I think, just like Richard 🙂

      Speaking of BDs, I just DM-ed you about the stuff I’ll bring you this weekend. Yeah I’ll be watching home cinema as well.

    1. Cool! Enjoy The Avengers Fernando, lucky you it’s already opened in Mexico! I really want to see Haywire as soon as it’s available on Netflix.

  7. Ah…so Armitage is the winner 😉
    Then they should cast him!!

    I have no viewing plan…I just want to see the band I have been waiting for for 11 years 🙂 dying out of anticipation right now

  8. I didn’t know Armitage is playing Thorin, one of my favorite characters from The Hobbit. Now he will be watched very closely by me. 😛

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