THIS JUST IN: ‘The Avengers’ Full Trailer #2

HAPPY LEAP DAY everybody!! Somehow I knew the studios are going to take advantage of this day to release something BIG. Well, it doesn’t get any bigger this Summer than The Avengers!

So take a look at all the Marvel superheroes Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow leaping all over themselves to counter against the evil Asgaard villain Loki and save humanity:

I must say Marvel’s producing yet another pure geekgasm-worthy trailer that REALLY gets me more pumped up to see this in less than 3 months! Yes it does get a bit Transformer-y towards the end, especially that giant snake-like metal thing-y coming out of the skyscraper. What the frak is THAT thing??! Does anyone know if that’s part of Loki’s army? ‘Cause it looks a bit like the Destroyer that Loki sent to earth to kill Thor and his earthly co-horts.

What the-?

Can’t wait to see more banters between the ‘volatile, self obsessed and don’t play well with others’ Tony Stark and everyone else on the team, especially Loki. Oh and I’m also excited to see Clark Gregg getting a bigger part in this flick as Agent Coulson

Oh and have you seen this one? Someone actually made a silent film spoof of The Avengers trailer… and it actually is pretty darn good. I really enjoyed watching all those fun title cards like “Egads. It’s Loki. God of Mischief.” It’s interesting too the fact that Robert Downey Jr. once played the most celebrated silent film star Charlie Chaplin.

Anyway, The Avengers is slated to hit US theaters on May 4. All right, BRING. IT. ON. Joss Whedon!!

Well, what say you folks? Are you ready for this?

33 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: ‘The Avengers’ Full Trailer #2

  1. Ted S.

    Looks great, I’ve watched the trailer like 5 times already. Love that sequence where Hulk saved Iron Man from fall down. I wish Whedon had shot the film with IMAX cameras because those big action sequences will look awesome on the giant screen.

    I had the same reaction when I saw that giant machine thing, reminds me of a scene from the last crap fest that was Transformers 3. But I’m pretty sure this film will be much better than any of the Transformers films put together.

    1. “I had the same reaction when I saw that giant machine thing, reminds me of a scene from the last crap fest that was Transformers 3. But I’m pretty sure this film will be much better than any of the Transformers films put together.

      You said it, Ted!

    2. Oh yeah, I had to watch it a second time before I saw it, that’s a cool scene indeed. Well I think this will no doubt be better than Transformers just based on the talents involved.

    1. I thought you’d get a kick out of that one, Michael. And yes, Marvel’s done a good job marketing this, considering how tricky this project is as it could easily go very wrong and be the biggest bomb ever in history.

  2. I think it will be MUCH better than those Ted 🙂 It looks pretty solid to me, if very serious. That Loki is just evil. But if Captain America is in it I’m going no matter what. I don’t care how cheesy!

    I like where Scarlett Johansson is in her career. She doesn’t work that much but it seems like she can switch off between popcorn flicks and the indie side.

    1. I just love Loki more and more, I think every time I hear Hiddleston speaks I just have the biggest grin on my face 😀

      Ahah, I was gonna say Terrence will be happy with what you said about Scar-Jo… and behold the next comment, ahah.

  3. Hi, Ruth and company:

    “EGAD!!!… It’s a Giant Slinky!!!!

    It’s going to be fun watching the Alpha Males fight amongst themselves as Loki and his eeeeevil minions tear up half of Manhattan.

    Memo to Scarlett Johansson: Trade in those girly, cap gun looking Glocks for some man stopping Colt .45 ACPs!

    Great catch on the silent reel, Ruth!

    1. Ahahaha, Giant Slinky!! What an awesome and fitting description, Jack. I can’t wait to see Loki and his eeeeevil minions wreak havoc all over earth. I’m just glad they cast the perfect actor for the part.

  4. Good trailer. And the small scene with Hawkeye and Black Widow makes me think they might end up hooking up in the movie. And I was actually planning to draft Chris Evans for my pitch, but he got snatched away so i chose Ben as a replacement :

    1. Hmmm, which scene is that Julian?? I didn’t see any scene that suggest Hawkeye n Black Widow might hook up, you mean Bruce Banner?? I laughed when I heard she said, ‘I’ll persuade you.” Ahah, of course you will 😉

      1. It was the “we’ve never faced anything like this before” scene…idk, perhaps i’m just seeing things that aren’t there. And as long as it doesn’t involves those sniper outside, Black Widow can persuade me anytime 😉

    1. Ahah, tired with award season I see… no worries, no more Oscar talk until next year 🙂

      So you’re gonna give this one a shot Nov? Now that’s the spirit.

  5. Hey, Ruth. Long time. How have you been?

    Must confess I’m all excited about this one, but the scope for disappointment when you try to cram too many people into one room is massive. Fingers crossed. Whedon is definitely a master of the ensemble cast, which is a positive.

    Just wish they hadn’t ditched Hawkeye’s snazzy purple and blue costume from the comics. 😉

    1. Hello Richard!! I’ve been good how are you?

      Glad you’re enthused about this one and we all hope Whedon can deliver but I think seeing these trailers, I’m more optimistic than I had been.

      Anyway, it’s always good to see you stop by!

  6. I just hope there’s a hell of a lot more banter than there is CGI snake things coming out of buildings. I’m not convinced the silent one will have the impact of The Artist but Hollywood loves a trend so why not release them simultaneously?

  7. I am totally with your Ruth! I just can’t wait. The more I see of it, the more I see some of Joss’ trademark witty-ness in the dialogue. He really does have a way with words and with all the big characters here, I hope he’s had a field day with it all.

    Most of the footage that we’ve seen in the trailer appears to be from the big battle of the film. I hope it’s not going to be a case of seeing too much in the trailer and then ultimately being a tad disappointed when the scene rolls round in the film.

  8. I am a bit more optimistic after seeing this trailer. It gives more of a narrative depth and depth to the characters than I’ve seen from previous trailers. I’ll definitely be checking out the movie. Though, I do have my concerns.

    As someone else mentioned, there’s plenty of chances to stumble here with such a large ensemble. Others will cite faith in Whedon. I just don’t have that same faith. Loved Firefly, but that’s about it. Never cared for stuff like Buffy and Angel.

    I really do feel this movie is going to fall short of expectations. They’re just too high. I mean, I know several people that feel this will surpass TDKR both critically and in box office numbers. Maybe it has a chance to reach the same critical level, though I doubt it, but it’s definitely not getting TDKR level box office numbers. I predict no more than $700 million worldwide.

    As for the movie itself, as I stated, I don’t have unconditional faith in Whedon like that, so I am keeping my expectations lower. There’s just too much here, plus Whedon doesn’t always make things to my liking. Given the scope and potential for error here, I just have a feeling he’ll slip up and things could get a bit messy. I’m figuring it will probably be a solid movie, but nothing great.

    That said, this trailer does look pretty damn cool. If nothing else, it will be fun with some really cool action.

    1. Hi Josh, interesting analysis man. Y’know I only like Firefly also from Whedon, but he just seemed like a director who could handle an ensemble cast well. So far I’m quite optimistic about this film as well and the trailers all made me excited for it. I think the fact that I REALLY like Loki’s Tom Hiddleston is a major plus, too.

      I’m no good w/ box office predictions but I’d say it’s probably gonna be close to 1 Billion worldwide. I think as long as it doesn’t suck, the fans are probably not going to hold it against Whedon. No, I’m not expecting greatness, just a great deal of escapist entertainment at the movies 😀

  9. I’m not gonna lie, the trailer looks freaking awesome. Yea it totally looks like Transformers at times but hey, I guess that’s what Transformers wanted to be, rather than the other way around. I’m totally on board now.

    And between you and me: I COMPLETELY missed this trailer on Wednesday. I wasn’t even aware that it came out for a whole 24 hours lol

    1. Ahah, I actually did check on your blog and was surprised you didn’t have it. That’s probably why I got a lot of comments on here 😀

  10. Aside from liking the look of Tom H as Loki the trailer left me pretty underwhelmed if I’m honest. Sorry if that burst’s The Avenger’s bubble. I guess I’m just suffering from SOF (superhero overdose fatigue). It’ll pass. Come July (and DKR) I’ll be singing to a more enthusiastic tune.

    1. Yay for Loki fan 🙂 Totally understand about your SOF syndrome Ronan, I think I would be too if it weren’t for my recent crushing on Hiddleston. Oh my, can’t wait for TDKR as well, I wonder when Nolan will release another trailer for that one.

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