Snubbed by the Oscars – a Video Tribute (courtesy of JoBlo)

As is customary with every Oscar season, the word ‘snub’ reaches a massive spike as there are likely more reactions to who got overlooked than those who are actually nominated.

Well, someone by the name of Nick Bosworth over at actually created this video tribute to commemorate the people from various award categories who didn’t get recognized this year. He used a song from the movie Super 8 whose composer Michael Giacchino was also snubbed. Check it out below:

I agree with a lot of their snubbed picks as I’ve mentioned here, especially Joseph Gordon-Levitt for 50/50. I also think that Tom Hardy for Warrior, Alan Rickman for the final Harry Potter film both turned in an Oscar-worthy performance. Of couse I also think The Adventures of Tintin should be amongst the Best Animated Feature as I think it’s a better film than Rango.

Anyway, let bygones be bygones I suppose. This is my last Oscar-related post until next year. I’m so done with award season now 🙂

Stay tuned for upcoming reviews of The Thing from Another World & Sherlock Holmes: Games of Shadow. I’ll also have my next movie pitch for Anomalous Material’s Hollywood Fantasy League up sometime Thursday, you can view my casting picks on this post. Oh and The Avengers new trailer is supposed to be up sometime this week, too!

39 thoughts on “Snubbed by the Oscars – a Video Tribute (courtesy of JoBlo)

  1. All those clips were worthy of an awards show themselves. Oh well, just further evidence that there is no way to get the nominations accurately.

    There definitely is a formula for what catches the Academy’s eye – that is for sure and films that may be (really) good but don’t fit the standard convention get shafted.

  2. Ted S.

    That was a cool video but I can’t say I agree or disagree with the Academy voters since I didn’t see a lot of the films that got nominated and the ones that didn’t. Now I thought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was a good film but I don’t think it’s one of the best films from last year. I would love to see Fincher win the statue someday though but he may have to wait till he’s a lot older until the Academy will give him the award, just ask Martin Scorsese. Assuming he’ll keep making great films in the years to come.

    1. I think Fincher is way overdue for some awards but hey he’s young yet, like you said Scorsese didn’t win any until he’s in the 50s or even 60s right. I guess the Oscar voters are just a bit slow, ahah.

  3. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Very good write-up and clip!

    ‘Warrior’ was robbed all the way around. Nick Nolte’s performance ranked right up there with his Ray Hicks from ‘Who’ll Stop The Rain’ and Wade Whitehouse from ‘Affliction’.

    I’ve no doubt that Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt will the recognition they deserve within the next few years. Both have the chops and pedigrees. All they need are the right projects.

    1. Yes totally agree about Nolte’s performance. He may be stoned during the ceremony but his performance in Warrior was great. I do hope what you say is true about Hardy and Gordon-Levitt! Hope they’re wise in choosing their next project.

  4. Having finally seen Drive on dvd, i think it should have gotten more love…i mean, at the very least should have gotten in over ELIC. And i think the acting categories could have expanded there acting nominee list like they did with the best picture category

    And i’m like 99% done with my pitch. I am just trying trying to work out the ending, but thankfully it should be a lot shorter than my last pitch. This should should be around 1,000 words while my last one was around 2,000 words. I’ve been using Joels “Sisters in the Sky” pitch as a guide to keep this one from getting too long.

    1. Hey, good for you about the pitch. I’m still mulling over it, I think my pitch will be up a bit late, sometime Thursday night Central Time as I’m barely done with it. For sure mine will be short too as I’m scrapping the whole ‘acts’ breakdown so it’s just going to be the cast description and basic plot. Looking forward to reading yours, Julian.

  5. Nice video. I agree with so many of them, although I don’t think Warrior should have been considered for Best Picture. It was a good movie, but not a great one, and I am surprised that it is already sitting in the IMDB Top 250. I will agree that Hardy, Edgerton and Nolte delivered fantastic performances, though.

    1. I guess I’m biased about Warrior because it affected me so much emotionally. I’d think that’s at least as good as that ‘Incredibly Loud’ one w/ Tom Hanks?? I heard that one is overly schmaltzy whilst I don’t feel emotionally manipulated watching ‘Warrior.’ But that’s just me.

    1. I think out of all the films snubbed, Senna might be the most egregious one just from what I’ve been reading about it. I REALLY need to see that one soon.

    1. I hear ya Dave, seems like that’s an upset for a lot of people. But Nicolas Winding Refn is a young guy, I’m sure he’ll make more good movies in the future.

  6. Ahaha glad Oscar season is over myself. I didn’t even feel like posting about the Oscar ceremony after it was over! 😛 Lots of very good performances this past year and certainly a lot of actors who didn’t get the ultimate recognition they deserved. Some of mine:

    – Charlize Theron in Young Adult
    – Alan Rickman (HP)
    – JGL (50/50)
    – Ryan Gosling (Drive)
    – Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain (Tree of Life)

    1. I agree with two out of your list Castor. I didn’t want to talk about Oscars anymore either, but I think it’s good to give those who got snubbed the credits they’re due.

  7. I was really over the moon that Rango won in its category. To me, it’s not your typical Oscar winning animation. It’s not Disney, it’s not Pixar, it’s not Dreamworks. It’s a whole different thing, and loved it uniqueness.

    Agree with all the other snubs. All those films and people that aren’t deemed “safe” for the Oscars.

      1. I do wonder what category Tintin does fall in. I can imagine it’s not seen as a “normal” live action film. And yet, it’s not seen as animation. Confusing!

  8. With the Oscars now done and dusted we can look forward to some hopefully great films coming up this year that will all be “snubbed” come 2013’s Academy Awards…

  9. Liz

    After seeing your post yesterday, I immediately went home last night and watched “Senna.” Great documentary, whether you are a race fan or not.

    1. Why hello Liz, hope you are well. Oh I’ve been wanting to see SENNA for so long, I’ll see if I can rent it this weekend. My brother was really into car racing so he’s a big fan of Senna, I think he definitely led a fascinating life.

  10. Love this, Ruth! Thanks for sharing the video. I don’t agree with quite all the “snubs,” but MANY of them I do agree with. Plus, I really liked the song in the background. I’m definitely going to buy that track off the Super 8 score now – thanks!

    Also, think I forgot to reply to your comment – I really enjoyed live tweeting during the Oscars with you too!

    And I’m definitely over awards season now too!

    1. Hi Kristin, I don’t agree w/ some either but I think it’s still a good video that sum up a lot of people’s disappointment.

      Live tweeting was fun indeed, I’ll be sure to do that again next year!

  11. Lovely little film there but having not seen the majority of those ‘snubbed’ I can’t comment other than to say I’m having serious conflict re Drive’s contrast of brutality and elegance. Still not convinced that equals elegant brutality. But perhaps brutal elegance? Too far.

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