THIS JUST IN: ‘The Cold Light of Day’ first trailer

As you know by now, our new Man of Steel Henry Cavill has been on my radar for a few years now. So a new movie starring him is ALWAYS a good thing. Throw in Bruce Willis and Sigourney Weaver into this fast-paced thriller and I’m definitely game!

A young American (Cavill) uncovers a conspiracy during his attempt to save his family, who were kidnapped while on vacation in Spain.

It’s been almost 3 months since I posted the official poster and full synopsis, and now the trailer is finally here, check it out below:

I must say that if it weren’t for Henry’s casting, I probably won’t be as enthused about this one, but you know what, this trailer actually looks pretty exciting. I like the fact that it was shot on location in Spain which gives it an International flavor. Henry sure kicks ass in this one, but then again his dad is John McClane, ahah. Still, with Ripley er I mean Sigourney as the lethal villainess, Henry just might have his work cut out for him! In all seriousness though, no wonder he was close to be cast as James Bond before the role went to Daniel Craig, he was too young at the time but in a couple of years he definitely could do it if he choose to, though I’d rather see him do other roles.

French-Tunisian director Mabrouk El-Mechri is helming the project, he did the Jean-Claude Van Damme’s biopic JCVD a few years back. I’m certainly glad that at least there is one Henry Cavill movie to look forward to soon since the Superman movie won’t be released until 2013! Man, that is such a long time to wait, but I am convinced Henry will do such a great job as Supes.

As displayed in Immortals, no doubt he’s a capable leading man with a trifecta of star formula: good looks, screen presence and talent. Even his American accent is quite convincing which always helps him be competitive with fellow US actors his age. I sure hope Cavill continues to be cast in Hollywood movies!

What do you think folks? Will you be seeing this come April 6th?

26 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: ‘The Cold Light of Day’ first trailer

  1. I always wondered how long it would be before Hollywood took notice of him. He is frankly too good looking to pass up.

    That said, this is something I will likely take a pass on. I like Sigourney Weaver, but she is dialing it in all the way to the bank. There was that Taylor Lautner film Abduction or whatever this year and now this?

    As you said regarding Willis – he is John McLaine – this should be Die Hard 4.5 – The Son Also Rises.

    1. Absolutely true, Iba, but fortunately he’s more than just a pretty face.

      Ahah, I like that idea, Die Hard 4.5: The Son Also Rises, very clever! 🙂

  2. Ted S.

    I mentioned this on Castor’s site, the film really reminds me of a Gene Hackman and Matt Dillon film Target from 1985. Both has similar plot, the father was a spy and someone they both care about got kidnapped. Also, both film has the aging action star playing the father and the young up & coming actor playing the son. I’ll probably give it a rent, the trailer didn’t really do it for me.

    1. I’ve never even heard of Target, so I guess that’s a good thing. I’m sure this isn’t the only movie that has a similar theme as that one but to me, the casting and direction style can make a movie seems ‘new’ again y’know, so I’ll give this one the benefit of the doubt.

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah Target tanked when it came out in 1985, I’m sure the producers of this film are happy people won’t be comparing their film to that one since many never heard of it. Give Target a rent sometime, it’s a nice little thriller. If I remember correctly, most of the movie took place in Paris and London.

        1. Sounds good Ted, I just might. Matt Dillon was really popular in the 80s, I remember my cousin had a major crush on him. The setting sounds great too.

  3. I dunno matey. Looks a bit weak to me.

    Nice to see Cavill getting more recognition though. I will reserve judgement on it until I can see more of what is happening

    Thanks for the write up though, you rock!

    1. I think Cavill makes any trailer looks exciting to me matey 🙂 I actually think it looks pretty good, it has that international flavor to it that doesn’t make it look too generic. Right on about Cavill getting more recognition, I’ve been a fan of his for a while.

  4. there’s been a whole buzz mania at Henry’s fanclubs around Facebook and Tweeter this weekend around the trailer 🙂 I’ve prepared it for tonight’s post.

    You know how much I adore me Henry Cavill. Such a flawless gent! Wouldn’t be surprised if he had angel wings hidden on his freshly pumped up back 🙂

    1. Flawless gent is right Dezzy. Ahah, I don’t know if he’s all that angelic though, I don’t know him personally, but the fact that he’s engaged whilst at the top of his game tells me he isn’t a player.

      1. that’s the best part, Flixy, Henry, Luke Evans and Tom Hiddleston are amazing in private as well, they are extremely kind and not at all snobbish like some other stars. I know this both through personal experience, through their fans and fansites and through their personal activities at Facebook and Twitter.
        And by angel I didn’t mean romantic activities (in that field we don’t really mind them being a bit devilish LOL)

        1. Oh man, all those names you mention are my faves! I’d LOVE to see all of them plus Karl Urban in a movie together, maybe a European Oceans 11 type of heist movie? Wouldn’t that be fun?

          Glad to hear they’re all nice guys, I certainly hope we see more of them in Hollywood!

  5. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Great review!

    Just on the merits of it and the so-so clip. I’ve not absorbed anything I’ve not seen executed with higher quality several times before.

    The sunny Mediterranean and ‘Fish out of water’ angle works well, but only for what looks like a short time. And is there a henchman in film today that can hit his target with a Beretta sub machine gun?!!!

    Because, he seems once again to have eluded this film!

    1. Hi Jack, I’ll be sending you an email later on your post.

      “…is there a henchman in film today that can hit his target with a Beretta sub machine gun?!!!” Ahaha, that’s what I thought too but his target is future Superman so what can you do! 😀

  6. I love Henry Cavill, for me he is perfect, and I mean that in a physical way- his body and face are absolutely stunning! I can’t comment on the mind or personality, but then again, when will I have the chance to do that, so let’s stick to visuals 🙂 The trailer doesn’t look that good, but I will give it a try- HC is in it 😀

    1. Hi Diana, well if they swap Henry with say, Channing Tatum, I won’t even be featuring this trailer, ahah. I think the casting is everything in films like this.

  7. I’m thankful for Scott’s comment because I was beginning to think that I was the only one not so bought in to this movie’s trailer. I don’t know why, but it doesn’t strike me as fantastic. Perhaps the movie will prove me wrong…I hope so.

    thanks for spotlighting it, Ruth. I will have it on Triple-T this week. 🙂

  8. As well as the lovely Henry I’m excited about Ms Weaver. From the clip I think it will be one of those films where I’ll watch it and then in the car on the way home ask my boyfriend: “So who actually framed who?!” 😛

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