Get ready for MTOS this Sunday! The topic is Christmas Movies

Hello all! I’m happy to announce that this coming Sunday, I’ll be hosting #MTOS for the first time! Some of you probably know and have participated in it in the past, but to those new to this fun movie event, here’s the scoop from #MTOS founder Raghav of Ticker Talks!:

Movie Talk On Sunday is an initiative to get the Twitter Film Community together at one time and one day each week to discuss various film related topics. The aim of the whole exercise, besides having fun is to find new individuals who share the same passion for films as you do and also in the process find out about different aspects about movies. You can count on finding about new movies, interesting facts, and who knows even gossip.

How Does It Work?

It really is simple. There are 10 questions. We will throw out 1 question relating to the weeks topic every 10 minutes starting at 20:00 GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) every Sunday. All the questions and subsequent answers/discussions, by you, should simply be followed by #MTOS. In your Twitter “search” you can type in #MTOS and follow what everyone is saying and henceforth answer back and take part. If you “like” someone’s answer simply Re-Tweet it like you would normally on Twitter.

In order to make #MTOS more interactive we have started asking everyone to post their blog links related to the topic of the week throughout the week with the hashtag  (#MTOS) so that everyone can simply search #MTOS at any time and read interesting write-ups before the actual event that Sunday.

#MTOS is all about you. We will try and make the questions open ended with multiple answers. Let the discussions go off in a tangent if you find someone who agrees/disagrees with what you think. Just remember to #MTOS everything so someone neither one of you follow can also join in.

Important : Please, please, please avoid profanity and behave in a civilized manner.

The topic this Sunday is a timely one…


  1. Favorite Christmas Classic movies? i.e. Miracle on 34th Street, etc.
  2. What’s the WORST Christmas movie you’ve ever seen?
  3. Favorite character in a Christmas movie? You can also name your favorite movie Santa.
  4. Favorite scene from a Christmas or holiday movie?
  5. Funniest Christmas movie you’ve ever seen?
  6. What Christmas movie you always recommend?
  7. With the release of Arthur Christmas this month… what’s your favorite animated/non-live action Christmas movie? i.e. A Charlie Brown Christmas
  8. Any romance-themed Christmas movie you like? i.e The Bishop’s Wife, Love Actually, The Holiday
  9. Favorite action movies set around Christmas time? i.e. Die Hard, Joyeux Noel, etc.
  10. Lastly, what movie(s) do you traditionally watch during the Christmas season?

As #MTOS is growing and the purpose of the whole exercise is to promote the Film Community, we have started having a “Host” for each event on Sunday. If you would like to host a #MTOS please drop @raghavmodi or @askimrach a line and we will sort it out. As a host you will work with us and come up with a topic and then subsequent questions relating to the topic to post on the Sunday of your hosting. You get to blog about it in advance and it’s also a great way to get more twitter followers.

The host will be blogging each week (Tuesday) about the topic and the 10 questions in advance so that you can visit the post and be prepared come Sunday.

So folks, join us this Sunday at 20:00 GMT (2PM Central Time in the US) and join the #MTOS festivities! If you’re not on Twitter but want to share your answers to these questions, please do so in the comments section.

39 thoughts on “Get ready for MTOS this Sunday! The topic is Christmas Movies

  1. This sounds really cool, Ruth. I’ll be in Pacific Northwest this weekend (seeing my wife’s family) so I hope I can participate. If not, I’ll catch up and read about what went on using the #MTOS search. BTW, for those who want to learn more about Greenwich Mean Time and find what is the time difference for their location, you can go here. Thanks.

    1. I hope you do participate, Michael! That’d be an honor! Thanks for the link to the GMT info.

      Btw, I’m afraid I don’t understand your question about R-M-O-E?? What does that mean??

  2. Ted S.

    I probably won’t be joining in the discussion since it’s Sunday afternoon and I’ll be watching football games. ha ha.

    I used to love watching Home Alone every December but now I’m too old for the film, I still watch it when it’s on TV though.

    My favorite Christmas movie are Die Hard 1 & 2, Batman Returns, The Long Kiss Goodnight and even though it has nothing to do with Christmas, I always watch Blade Runner in December.

    1. Ha..ha.. that’s ok Ted, I understand. That’s why I said people can just leave comments if they can’t participate. I knew you’re gonna answer Die Hard as one of your traditional Christmas viewing 🙂

  3. You’re hosting MTOS? That’s awesome, Ruth! I will have to make sure I tag along for this one, even though I don’t know much about Christmas movies AT ALL!

    1. Oh surely you’ve watched something with a Christmas theme, Ty.

      Btw, I gave you a shout-out on the Everybody’s Chattin’ edition, I really like your Profile series, keep that up!

  4. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Very well thought out and presented topic toady!

    Favorite Christmas Movies?:
    1/ How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Even though I’ve never read any Dr. Seuss.
    2/ A Christmas Story: Superb period piece with lots of laughs and Jean Shepard’s narration.
    3/ Fitzwilly: From 1967. A great little comedy with Dick Van Dyke, Barbara Feldon and a just starting out Sam Waterston.

    Favorite Scene:
    1/ The dumping of multiple mail bags on the judge’s bench to prove Kris Kringle is Santa Claus in ‘Miracle on 34th Street’.

    2/ The massive vault opening in ‘Die Hard’ to the chords of ‘Jesu: Joy of Man’s Desiring’.

    3/ The ‘Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra’ scene in the Chinese restaurant at the end of ‘A Christmas Story’.

    1. Oh I forgot about that Die Hard opening, I LOVE that song, perfect complement for that scene somehow.

      Great answers Jack, there are tons of Christmas movies I still need to see!

  5. This sounds really cool, and way more organized than #TCMParty 🙂 I may not have a Christmas movies post done because Sunday is the only day I have to write and we also have a concert that night, but I will at least stop in & say hi to the host 🙂

    1. Yeah, thanks to Rachel and Raghav for being so organized! I do hope you’ll stop by MTOS even for a bit Paula!

      Btw, what’s a #TCMParty?? I saw those on Twitter but I thought you’d have to have cable in order to participate. I don’t have one so that might make it difficult to join.

      1. Yes :\ you do have to have cable because you need the Turner Classic Movies channel, that I’m always blathering on about, to see the movie.

        Myself & @hockmangirl pick most of the movies but we do take requests, everyone tunes in to TCM when the movie comes on and live tweets whatever they think or know about the movie with the hashtag #TCMParty.

        In case anybody’s interested, here’s one tomorrow night, Thursday 12/15 at 8 p.m. EST: LIFE WITH FATHER starring one of my all-time faves William Powell (I like him so much I put him in my blog banner with his frequent co-star, the lovely and talented Myrna Loy) 😉

  6. never heard of this before. I will see what I can do when it comes to my own participation on Sunday. Between work, church, and football, Sundays are pretty stacked, but this seems it can be fun and twitter is on my cellphone, so I’ll try to answer between other goings-ons!

    thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  7. Hey, this sounds really cool! It might be a little tough for me to pull away from football this weekend (same as Ted above, heh), but I really like the idea. Is it the same time every Sunday?

  8. I won’t be able to participate because I’ll be visiting my family in sunny FLA so here it goes:

    1.Favorite Christmas Classic movies? Miracle on 34th Street

    2.What’s the WORST Christmas movie you’ve ever seen? Not sure if this counts as a movie but the Star Wars Christmas special. An admittedly coked out Carrie Fisher singing along to the Star Wars theme was the highlight for me. LOL. At the 1:40 minute mark.

    3.Favorite character in a Christmas movie? Will Farrell’s ELF.

    4.Favorite scene from a Christmas or holiday movie? The Ref. Leary, Spacey and Judy Davis. Davis’s delivery of the “eat me” line during the dinner table scene was off the charts hysterical.

    5.Funniest Christmas movie you’ve ever seen? It’s a tie. The Ref, Elf and A Christmas Story.

    6.What Christmas movie you always recommend? A Christmas Story.

    7.With the release of Arthur Christmas this month… what’s your favorite animated/non-live action Christmas movie? The Grinch Who Stole Christmas.

    8.Any romance-themed Christmas movie you like? Love, Actually. Richard Curtis is the only rom-com writer that I think is truly brilliant. He can do in 2 1/2 minutes what entire movies can’t accomplish in 2 hours:

    9.Favorite action movies set around Christmas time? No contest…”Yippie kay-yay MF!”

    10.Lastly, what movie(s) do you traditionally watch during the Christmas season? The 24 hours of A Christmas Story on TNT baby!

  9. Here are my tweets to today’s #MTOS on Christmas movies hosted so well by Ruth:
    Fave Xmas Classic Movies: Miracle on 34th Street, We’re No Angels, White Christmas, The Bishop’s Wife, It’s a Wonderful Life at no. 1 #MTOS
    Worst Xmas Movie Seen: Rudolph and Frosty’s Christmas in July (1979), the only failed Rankin-Bass holiday special I ever witnessed #MTOS
    Fave Xmas Movie Character: tie between Kevin McCallister from Home Alone & Ralphie from A Christmas Story #MTOS
    Fave scene from Xmas Movie: the last 12 minutes of It’s a Wonderful Life (followed closely by George & Mary’s phone scene) #MTOS
    Funniest Xmas Movie Seen: though my good friend @jenforbus hates the film, it still is A Christmas Story (Bad Santa & Elf are close) #MTOS
    Recommended Xmas Movie: how can I not say It’s a Wonderful Life since it along with Casablanca are my all-time favorite films? #MTOS
    Fave Animated Xmas Movie: I still have a warm place in my kid’s heart for Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) #MTOS
    Fave Romance-themed Xmas Movie: Gotta go with George and Mary always, so it is once again It’s a Wonderful Life #MTOS
    Fave Action Movie set in Xmas Time: avoiding Die Hard pick so I’ll go w/ @joelburman & my underrated fave, The Long Kiss Goodnight #MTOS
    My Traditionally Watched Xmas Movie: Besides IaWL, it’s the 1984 TV movie A Christmas Carol w/ George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge #MTOS

    Thanks for the invite.

    1. Awesome Michael!! Thanks for taking part. Lots of great recommendations here, I am definitely renting The Bishop’s Wife for Christmas weekend!

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