AM’s Hollywood Fantasy League IV – My Dream Cast

The annual Hollywood Fantasy League (HFL) is upon us again! This extremely fun and addictive blogathon is created by none other than Castor from Anomalous Material. You can see who others pick on the latest round.

I’ve participated three times before, but this time there’s a bit of a twist beyond simply assembling our favorite set of thespians. Besides limiting the cast to 3 actors and 3 actresses, there is also a competitive component to the HFL game.

Was your actor selected for a starring role in the next Christopher Nolan mega-blockbuster? Did your director receive a Golden Globe for his latest film? Did one of your actresses get thrown in jail with a DWI? You will score and/or lose points for each of these events and many more.

Well, for sure I won’t be winning this league as I’ve got a specific set in mind for my story, so I didn’t really draft them based on their ‘star-meter’ if you will, but of course they are a talented bunch who’d make any film instantly watchable. I think my cast would appeal to the International moviegoers and the indie-crowd, but not necessarily mainstream US audiences.

I will blog about the story concept sometime next year, as I’m still mulling over some ideas. But for now I can tell you that the story will take place in the UK and Ireland, primarily in Dublin and the genre is crime drama/thriller with a love story at the heart of it.

So here’s my team so far:

Director: Kenneth Branagh

Being an Irish native (Belfast-born to be exact), I think Branagh would have the advantage in knowing the history/custom of the area, and his stage background would also help in creating a compelling script (possibly working with The Departed screenwriter William Monahan). I respect him as a director after seeing Hamlet and of course Thor, and he’s recently selected by the British Indie Film Award to receive the Variety award for bringing international attention to the British film industry (per The Wrap). This project will also reunite him with Tom Hiddleston who collaborated with him on Thor and the theatrical play Ivanov.

The All-Brit Cast (in order of the draft pick)

  • Gabriel Byrne
    I need a dashing but mysterious mature actor to play the role of a powerful tycoon. He’s a mafia-like figure whose criminal business dealings are camouflaged by philanthropy and charity work. He’s a well-dressed gent with custom-made suits and fedora and with a charming personality women of all ages would flock to. He’s married to Kristin’s character and has a young daughter (Saiorse) who resents him.

  • Tom Hiddleston
    Though I’ve only seen Tom in one film, I knew right away he’s such a versatile actor. He’s quite popular with the ladies judging from the reaction at Comic-Con during The Avengers panel so I think he’d make a compelling romantic leading man with a dark side.

  • Rebecca Hall
    I’ve seen her in three different films so far and I took an immediate liking to her. She’s unusually beautiful with a certain elegance and grace about her that I find appealing. She’ll play a drama teacher and Tom’s love interest, and there is some kind of ties between her family and Gabriel that’ll be revealed in due course.
  • Richard Armitage
    He first swept me off my feet with his sensitive portrayal of Mr. Thornton in BBC’s North & South, but it’s his role in the espionage series Spooks that made me think he’s perfect for this part I have in mind. Fans of Richard will see his sexy, brooding good looks put to good use 😉

  • Kristin Scott Thomas
    This is a small but important supporting role but with someone of her caliber, she’ll definitely make a lasting impression on the viewer. She’ll play Gabriel’s loyal but conflicted wife who will have to make a drastic decision towards the end of the film.

  • Saiorse Ronan
    This massively talented 17 year-old has impressed me in Atonement and Hanna. This role I have in mind for her is a feisty, wise-beyond-her-years college freshman who resents her father and angry at her mother for not standing up to her husband. She is close to Rebecca Hall’s character as the only person she can confide in, whilst Rebecca keeps her connection to her father a secret.

So, what do you think? Would you watch a British crime drama with this kind of cast?

43 thoughts on “AM’s Hollywood Fantasy League IV – My Dream Cast

  1. Adore Kenneth and Hidleston, the rest not so much 🙂 Can’t wait to see Hidleston in more new films, possibly in the lead role as well. I’m tired of seeing not so talented Jeremy Renner and Ryan Gosling getting so many roles. Give us this talented British man instead, Hollywood.

    1. What, what, you don’t like Richard Armitage?? Your fans at HS will be so disappointed in you Dezzy 🙂

      Hear, hear I’m tired of Renner & Gosling too, everyone else seems to be so in love w/ them, but for the life of me I just don’t get it. Ah well, I can choose not to watch their films.

        1. @ Julian – I saw The Notebook which I thought was ok, I think I sympathized w/ James Marsden more 🙂 Ok so maybe I’m exaggerating a bit about not seeing any of their movies. I guess it depends on the plot/director/rest of cast, etc. but surely I won’t go see a movie just ’cause they’re in it.

      1. nope, I’ve seen Dicky in some film about some painter and wasn’t at all impressed, but don’t tell anyone, I might get assassinated 🙂 He is cute, though
        I don’t like Gosling, because he has that self-centred type of acting in which you don’t get into the character, but always play yourself or you think that being overlydramatic is a sign of good actor, which is not the case. He is like Sean Peann and Al Pacino. But he is cute, though 🙂

        1. Ha..ha.. you made me laugh Dezzy, at least you call Richard cute. As for Gosling, I saw him at a late night show which usually is a good judge whether I’ll like an actor or not as they’re being themselves y’know, no director to tell them what to do. Suffice to say I don’t think very much of him after that.

  2. Great snow effect! Just perfect for the holidays. I was thinking about having some flashing lights around my header, but got lazy went for the snowman route 🙂

    Now on to important things. As you know, I really like the squad that you have assembled here. The pickup of Saiorse Ronan is a good one.

    I think you and I are in a similar position w.r.t. racking up fantasy points. The pitch took precedent for me. Although as me today if I have a framework for this festival and I would definitely say no 🙂

    The funny thing about casting is that as a film

    I will get my post up shortly …

    1. Hi Iba, yeah that’s a WordPress feature, pretty isn’t it?

      I guess I missed that ‘scoring’ part about the league but I’m not too competitive when it comes to this type of thing. I guess I’ll never make it in Hollywood as I’m not about the bottom line, ahah. I’d make movies that ‘I’ want to see and I usually prefer the rather obscure actors anyway.

      I look forward to your post!

  3. Hope you had fun Ruth 🙂 It’s too bad you had to be on a trip for most of the draft. This was nice, it’s been a while since the HFD had been so entertaining for me! Of course, looking forward to your pitch and what you do with this cast.

    1. Oh I did Castor, thanks to you for taking my draft picks via Twitter DM. You are so patient w/ me considering all you’ve got to do. Thanks again for creating such an addictive and fun blogathon, man.

  4. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Did you notice that your Blog is snowing?

    Excellent choices, Ruth!

    Branagh is known for running a friendly set. Surprised that you didn’t make room for Rufus Sewell or Ian McShane. How will you break the news to their agents?


    You’re all invited to drop by Scott’s ‘Front Room Cinema’ to peruse and comment on my ‘Top Ten Films Based In New York City’.

    1. Ahah, yeah I just noticed that this afternoon. Oh that’s glad to hear about Branagh, he does seem like a good director that actors love. Well I’ve cast Rufus before and as for Mr. McShane, I’ll find a role for him next time. Great suggestion there!

      P.S. Oh yeah I’ve left a comment on there, good thing I kept your post ’til next week so you don’t have to be too busy answering comments from TWO blogs!

  5. Hahaha you changed your banner too 🙂
    I am going to share my new banner (with the new cast) when a day before the pitch.Too much activity in my blog I am not sure where to squeeze my draft post.

    All Brits cast…I will watch that!

    1. Yeah you’ve been busy, I just left you a couple of comments. Y’know I was considering drafting Cillian after knowing you won’t draft him again but decided that Richard is a better fit for the role I have in mind.

      1. Too bad…you might not be able to snatch him in the next draft 😉
        I will use him again in my 4th movie.

        I have finally decided to upload the new banner in the old post.I have finished making it.

        Yup been very busy…my fav band is about to be shown in Cinema today,that means another post. I do hope you stop by on Monday,I scheduled my review of Benedict amazing performance in Hawking…He receives more and more love from me.

    1. Hi Fabo, I’ll be sure to tweet you when I’ve got the details planned out. Don’t worry I’ll have at least one shirtless scene of Richard, ha..ha..

  6. I didn’t know Hiddleston was the one who played Loki until now. I do remember liking his performance though. As for the rest of the cast, i do remember liking Sairose in Hanna(Although overall i loved that movie a lot more than everyone else did apparently) and Hall in Vicky Christina barcelona. The rest i’m not too familiar with.

    And i adopted a middle ground with the whole point system. I didn’t choose anyone purely for point value, but i did keep it in mind when choosing my people. I had one role that i was pretty dead set on having Tobey fill, but thankfully he has some stuff coming out next year so that wasn’t a problem.

    1. You didn’t know Hiddleston was Loki? That’s good, that means he’s got a chameleon look which I always like in an actor.

      I’m curious what you’ll do w/ your cast Julian, I know you’ve got Aaron Johnson who I like a lot!

  7. As I saw your picks coming up I had a little smile with everyone. SO very you. I love it. I am pleased you got everyone you wanted.

    I panicked on my last pick. But I am pretty happy with my crew! My film is going to be very dark…


    Have a good weekend

    1. He..he.. thanks matey, well I’d like to cast one more person but forgot about the strict rule and scoring process. It’s ok though I can work with this cast.

      Oooh, very dark eh? Well I don’t mind dark so long as it’s not gory or super disturbing like Serbian film or something like that.

      Enjoy your weekend too!

  8. I am very interested in your cast and your upcoming story. Bravo on making it an all Brit cast and still having people that will be in some blockbusters next year!

    can’t wait. This HFD is going to be so much fun. I have an idea for my pitch that’s been in my head for a few months how. Hope i can do it justice!

    1. Well for sure Hiddleston’s gonna be in the biggest blockbuster ever, he’s the one I’m looking forward to the most in The Avengers.

      Looking forward to reading your pitch T, are you gonna be blogging about your cast too?

  9. It seems like a solid cast, Ruth. I’m not familiar with Kenneth Branagh, but I’m also impressed with Saoirse Ronan, I definitely won’t mind seeing her again.

  10. Great cast, Ruth! I agree with Scott, it’s very you! 😀 I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

    This blogathon kinda confused me… Maybe next year I’ll take part!

  11. At, we start with existing books (plus some comics & remakes) and then ‘cast’ them. However, we’ve always wanted ‘spec scripts’ to post with us, so things that aren’t books or movies yet could be cast-able on the site. Give us a working title and synopsis, and we’ll post it on your author page, where you & your friends “in the know” can cast it as they see it.

    Jeff Reid

  12. I thought I commented, but I guess not.

    I am totally CHUFFED that you have chosen Gabriel Byrne as your lead. And he gets to play a bad guy, which he does well, but it has been a long time since he wore a fedora, so that is a big plus! Of course, he is making so many films and tv series at the moment that you might have trouble scheduling him! LOL

    The rest of the cast, especially Kristen Scott Thomas and Saoirse Ronan, will be wonderful. I’ve loved Branagh ever since he directed “Dead Again” (not everyone’s cuppa tea, but I adore that film) and he would be perfect for this.

    Now where is that script?

    Great job. Can’t wait to see this in the theater!

    1. Hello Stella! I had been hoping you’d drop by this post 🙂 Yes he’ll be playing a villain but a sophisticated and charming one of course. I LOVE him in a Fedora and I’m thinking of making this one more of a period piece, but I think I’ll set it in contemporary time but I’ll have his character be someone who’s sort of obsessed with the Prohibition era so he always wears a Fedora.

      I figure Branagh, Byrne and Hiddleston would get on so well as they all have theatrical background, and both Branagh & Byrne are Irish too.

      Ahah, yes he is busy but if I had all the money in the world, I’ll give him an offer he can’t refuse 🙂 I’ll be writing a pitch not a script, so I’ll let you know when that’s up. Thanks girl!

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