Desert Island CD Blogathon: 12 songs I wish to have if I were stranded on a desert island

It’s been a while since I participated in a blog-a-thon, so when my pal Castor from Anomalous Material initiated this one, inspired by last year’s Desert Island DVD. This time, as the title obviously says, we’re asked to list 12 tracks we wish we’d have with us if we’re stranded on a desert island for an uncertain length of time. One requirement is that one track comes from a movie soundtrack as all of us are movie bloggers, well I’m gonna take that rule and turn it on its head 🙂 As I LOVE movie music and a great deal of my music play list actually consist of soundtrack, so my list would have eleven soundtracks and only one of them is not. A lot of these songs are in my top twenty movie music list.

Here they are in random order:

1. Elephant Love Medley – Moulin Rogue
It’s tough to choose just one song from this soundtrack. Initially I went with Come What May, a sweet ballad duet by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman professing their love to each another. But in the end I couldn’t do without this cute Elephant Love Medley from the movie (the same one featured in this meme from last year) and this way I get to listen to several songs in one track, plus hear the fun banter between the inevitable lovers.

2. Music of the Night – The Phantom of the Opera
In case you don’t already know, Gerry Butler isn’t known just for his 12-pack abs and ‘This is Sparta!!’ roar. This versatile actor can also belt out a tune. And not just any song, mind you, but the Andrew Llyod Webber classics from the all-time best selling musical Phantom of the Opera. Critics be darned, so what if Butler isn’t a trained classical singer?

Even though I’ve been listening to the Michael Crawford version for years, I was blown away by Butler’s soulful and passionate rendition in the movie. And ever since then, every time I hear other people sing Music of the Night (yes, including Crawford), I long to hear Butler’s voice… what Webber himself described as having a ‘rock ‘n roll quality’ that’s perfect for the contemporary adaptation.

3. Cinema Paradiso
Italian composer Ennio Morricone has done a bunch of amazing scores for various music, but my absolute favorite has got to be from Cinema Paradiso. In fact, I’ve been a huge fan of that music long before I saw the movie. A year ago I bought the album of Monica Mancini (the daughter of famed composer Henry Mancini) and I just fell in love with her lush rendition of the song. Take a listen for yourself:

4. Amazing Grace

I don’t have to be a sole survivor in a calamity to appreciate this hymn, the lyric speaks profoundly to me no matter what time of the day it is or whatever I’m going through. I adore this Chris Tomlin rendition of the beloved hymn by John Newton. It’s featured in the soundtrack of the 2006 film by the same name that focuses on William Wilberforce (Ioan Gruffud) as he maneuvered his way through Parliament, endeavoring to end the British transatlantic slave trade. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it. It boast a great cast of Albert Finney (as Newton), Rufus Sewell as Thomas Clarkson and Benedict Cumberbatch as British PM William Pitt.

5. Now We Are Free – Gladiator
One of the best things of my favorite swords and sandals movie is the spectacular music by Hans Zimmer. If you’ve been confined into your office cubicles for a good portion of your lifetime, being stranded in a tropical island might not be such a bad idea for you. Hence the appropriate title of this song ‘Now we are free’ sung by Lisa Gerrard.

6. Somewhere in Time

This is for the melancholic side of me. This John Barry soundtrack is a staple in my play list and one I still listen to from time to time. As I’m listening to this all alone in the island, my mind would wander what it’d be like to travel through time for love…

7. Molossus – Batman Begins

This is another movie music staple in our household as both my hubby and I adore this one. All the title tracks have Latin names (referring to various breed of bats), but the most glorious one out of the superb Hans Zimmer soundtrack has got to be Molossus. It’s used in one of the best scenes in the movie where Batman called on his ‘back-up,’ the score just feels epic and you never want it to end.

8. City of Lovers – Casino Royale

Though You Know My Name is one of my top five Bond title songs, every time I listen to the Casino Royale soundtrack, I’m always mesmerized by the gorgeous City of Lovers score. It’s as lush and beautiful as Venice itself, though it’s not exactly fun to feel all romantic when there’s nobody else on the island 😦

9. Under the Sea – The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of my all time favorite Disney ‘Princess’ flicks, and who doesn’t love the adorable and loyal lobster friend Sebastian! As the days feels even longer and all hopes of being rescued grow dim, this song just might be the thing to cheer me up. I’d be on the lookout of Sebastian and Ariel to come out of water to invite me to their jovial party under the sea 😀

10. Llyod I’m Ready to Be Heartbroken – P.S. I love you

I LOVE this song on the opening scene of P.S. I Love You, sadly it’s missing from the soundtrack! I just found out that the band Camera Obscura is from Glasgow, the same city where the lead actor Gerry Butler came from. The song is catchy and upbeat despite the vulnerable sentiment, and it’s quite fitting for the movie given its premise.

11. May It Be –
The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

This Oscar-winning soundtrack by Howard Shore is one of those scores that not only sounds amazing, but it has the power to transport those who listen to ’em to the magical world of Middle-earth. Beautiful and full of hope, this song is so soothing that it’ll come in handy especially in desperate times.

12. City on Our Knees

Ok, last but not least – this is the single non-soundtrack song on my list. I can’t possibly not include this uplifting song by Toby Mac, a Christian hip hop recording artist whose work I admire. The beat is wonderful, but what I like most is the lyrics. On a hard day, this mood-boosting track never fails to inspire me.

Phew, that was tough. Some of the hardest I had to cut from the list are Sting’s track Moonlight from Sabrina, Jurassic Park and Sense and Sensibility theme, amongst others. Well, anyway, that’s my list. Would you like to join me in my island? 😀

Be sure to check out what the other survivors are listening to over on Castor’s blog.

40 thoughts on “Desert Island CD Blogathon: 12 songs I wish to have if I were stranded on a desert island

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  3. I thought about making a list of my own, but i don’t listen to nearly enough movie music to make one.

    That said, i do hope someday i will find a blogathon i can actually participate in

    Btw i replied to last 2 comments on my blog(The SNl one and the Mothers Day one). You don’t have to read them if you don’t want to, just letting you know

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  5. Bravo on the Moulin Rouge choice! I went back and forth between the Elephant Love Medley and Come What May! Glad you have it…we will have to swap Ipods back and forth on this island!

    Ooh, and Under The Sea!! Way to catch one I haven’t seen on any other list! Bravo!

    of course, Batman Begins, Gladiator, and LOTR! I would expect none less from you my friend and I agree!

    Absolutely love Chris Tomlin’s work and his rendition of Amazing Grace! I really love Todd Agnew’s “Grace Like Rain.” Have you heard it?

    Never heard that song by Toby Mac before now. I like it! Thanks for sharing that one too!

    Ok, so I’ll let you slide on the Jurassic Park non-inclusion now! 🙂 Great list Ruth!

    1. Ha..ha.. yes we can certainly swap iPods back and forth and you’re always be welcome in my island, T!

      I just thought of Under The Sea when I first heard of this blogathon, just seems appropriate for being surrounded by the ocean, ahah.

      Oh yeah, I’ve heard ‘Grace Like Rain’… Agnew’s got a powerful voice. You haven’t heard of this Toby Mac song? Well glad you do now, my friend. That guy is amazing, my hubby has most of his albums. I also like Michael Tait who was in DC Talk with him, but he’s now has joined another fave band of mine, The Newsboys.

  6. My favourite from your list Ruth is Under The Sea ‘it’s so much better down where it’s wetter, take it from me!’, I love that film and that song in particular. So much of what made Classic Disney great was the music, the films are unique in that sense. They were the soundtrack to my childhood.

    1. Hey Ronan, glad you share my love for Little Mermaid. I agonized between that and Once Upon a Dream (which I already featured here ) but given the circumstances, I think Under the Sea would cheer me up more. LOVE Sebastian! 🙂

  7. Great selection Ruth…I almost put You Know My Name by Chris Cornell (from Casino Royale), it would make my 13th track.
    Yaaiii on The Lord of the Rings track!

  8. I forgot about Somewhere In Time!!! I could kick myself. Thankfully my wrong was righted by you putting it here. I’m digging this Amazing Grace version. My favorite movie version of that song was at the end of Silkwood. I like, I’m Ready To Be Hearbroken too. I saw P.S. I Love You, but I don’t remember it. You’ve added a couple of new songs to my collection. You’ve got a mighty fine mix here.

    1. Well we all bound to forget something since it’s only 12 tracks 🙂 Did you like P.S.? I love the opening scene and that song just stuck out for me even though I love the entire album as well.

      I haven’t seen Silkwood, that’s the one w/ Keira Knightley right?

  9. Oooh, Elephant Love Medley! Dahling you know it’s my favourite movie song ever!!!! 🙂 If you take me on that tropical island as your guest I promise I shall even do a dance routine for that song with you 🙂

  10. Ooh I could I forget Cinema Paradiso’s score! Great pick Ruth 🙂 I see we share Molossus and Now We Are Free, not surprised! Nice list and presentation.

    1. Hey at least you didn’t forget to include something from Morricone 😀 Great blog-a-thon idea as always, Castor, thanks for organizing this!

  11. Ted S.

    The last CD I bought was Batman Begins soundtrack and I really enjoyed it, especially the track on your list. I also like that song from Gladiator, really fit the ending to the movie.

    1. Hey Ted, I finally got my copy of Gladiator Blu-ray as well. We bought one at Target first but apparently it wasn’t the one with the correct transfer (first one Paramount released that had to be fixed). But then Ivan bought another one from Best Buy and it indeed looks glorious. Glad I haven’t opened the one from Target. Can’t wait to re-watch it soon!

      1. Ted S.

        Cool, as long as the Blu-ray case has the yellow bar code then that’s the re-mastered version. Paramount just doesn’t want to admit that they were being lazy with the first release and are trying to fix it quietly but refuse to make recalls on the “bad” transfer discs.

        Similar thing happened when Disney released Gangs of New York but they admitted their mistakes and re-release the new version a few months later.

  12. A few nice choices on here. It’s comes as no surprise that Hans has a couple of songs on here. I think the man is a genius. He ranks up there as one of my favorite composers of all-time along with people like Danny Elfman, John Barry (listed) and John Williams.

    1. Yep, Hans is one of my fave composers as well. I think if I were to do a top five it’d be Hans, Williams, Barry, Howard Shore and Alan Menken for all his Disney work. Oh, I quite like Philip Glass’ style as well.

  13. PrairieGirl

    Well, Flixy, I know you know Music of the Night is forever always on the top of my list, no matter who sings it – even when our Creative Director sings it at a retirement party!

    1. Ahah, that’s right, and he has a good voice for it. I actually didn’t like Josh Groban’s rendition when I heard it on TV. I kept saying, where is the emotion… the passion?? Come on, it’s such a seductive and almost mystical song that whoever sing it has to think of someone he loves 🙂

      1. PrairieGirl

        Josh has an excellent voice, but never did think he sang anything with much feeling, you’re right. Gerry sings it with so much grit and emotion… sigh… And I also love David Cook’s (American Idol fame) flawless version.

        And I would have to add to this list Gerard Butler’s deleted scene/song No One Would Listen, also from Phantom of the Opera.

        1. Oh sheesh, how could I forget ‘No One Would Listen’??? I LOVE that one but technically it wasn’t in the movie nor in the original soundtrack.

  14. Still haven’t seen Moulin Rouge but I find it funny you’re love of Gerry transcends genres like this:P

    Big fan of Batman Begins and Now We Are Free. Great choice for City of Lovers. Great prelude to the climax at the end with the sinking house. But above all, I really smiled at seeing Under the Sea!!

    1. Oh man, you gotta see MR, Marc… it’s awesome! Well, my love for GB transcends all genres because he’s so ever versatile. Yeah, lots of people probably have a hard time imagining King Leonidas singing romantic love songs 🙂

      Glad you like some of my choices, Marc, and yeah, hard to feel gloomy listening to Under the Sea.

  15. Your inclusion of Under the Sea has made me sad that I forgot about Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea,” featured in a A Life Less Ordinary. Such a smooth song.

    Anyway, very elegant list you’ve got here. It’s kind of a shame that the recent Phantom film wasn’t regarded so highly – the music is awesome. I’ve not seen it, either, nor heard a lick of Butler, but damn, I’m shocked – he’s quite good, despite his distinct brogue slipping through every now and then.

    1. Oooh, I love that song Beyond the Sea. I thought Kevin Spacey did a pretty decent rendition of that in the movie by the same name. The song just makes me want to snap my fingers as I do a little dance.

      Well I’m glad you think Butler’s rendition of Music of the Night. Yeah, the brogue is apparent in some parts, but I don’t mind it one bit. The movie has issues, and being directed by Joel Schumacher certainly made it an easy target by critics. But I personally think it’s a decent adaptation of a play that’s pretty challenging to film… and Butler was truly the best part of the whole thing, naturally 😀

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