Hollywood Fantasy Draft Pitch II: Last Voyage of The Valentina


Based on the novel by Santa Montefiore (yup, that’s the author’s real name!), Last Voyage of The Valentina is a romance mystery taking place between war-torn Italy at the end of WWII and aristocratic London in the early 1970s. The story switches back and forth between Italy and London in the span of about 25 years.

The story begins with a brutal murder at an Italian palazzo in 1945. Twenty years later, this unsolved crime touches the live of the story’s protagonist, Alexa (changed from Alba in the book), a hedonistic but unhappy woman who lives on a houseboat on the Thames named after her mother, Valentina. Propelled by her discovery of a portrait of the mother she never knew, Alexa is determination to find out the truth, which takes her back to Incantellaria, an unexpected jewel hidden within the red cliffs and caves of the Amalfi coast where her parents first met. Themes of love, obsession, decadence and betrayal peppered the drama as she delves deeper into her forbidden past. With the ‘alluring woman of mystery’ that is her mother at the center of it all, the revelation might just be the key of finding happiness in her own future.


I picked director Joe Wright for his work in Atonement (also based on a novel), as I think he’d be able to handle a dark, mysterious tale that’s also unabashedly romantic. After only three full-length features (Hanna will be his fourth), he’s quite an accomplished director who’ve won a BAFTA and was the youngest director ever to have a film open the Venice Film Festival with Atonement. His movies are often beautifully-shot, which is crucial for this story for its depiction of the Italian setting and he’s also displayed a capable hand in handling films with multiple flashback scenes. Also, I’d like him to incorporate one of his long tracking shots, such as this continuous 4.5-minute shot of the Dunkirk evacuation.


For the rationale of why I selected these actors for each role, visit my Dream Cast post. Special thanks to Prairiegirl for lending me the novel and for being a consultant for this pitch.

Charlize Theron as Alexa Arbuckle
The protagonist of the story. 26-year-old Alexa is the daughter of British naval officer Thomas Arbuckle and the alluringly mysterious Italian beauty Valentina. She’d also play the young Valentina during the flashback scenes (where she’ll be sporting dark brown locks), which would require Charlize to get some dialect coaching to prep for the role.

Long-legged, tanned skin, with long wavy dark hair and piercing blue-grey eyes, Alexa is strikingly beautiful and a free-spirit. Men are drawn to her like bees to honey, but her endless succession of lovers leave her empty and unfulfilled. She may be tough to root for at first due to her hedonistic nature, but she grows up as the story progresses.

Rufus Sewell as Fitzroy Davenport
Viv’s literary agent who pines for Alexa. Described in the book as attractive in a very aristocratic way: intelligent eyes that sparkled with humor; a wide, infectious smile; a strong chin and jaw line; scruffy, with dark curly hair.

Ever so charming yet kind, Fitz plays a large role in Alexa’s quest for her mother and becomes the man she deeply falls for. Rufus is no stranger to romantic roles, as well as being the heartbroken one. But he’s not all longing sigh and yearning gaze, which is why his sense of humor and playfulness will come in handy in spicing up the character.

Michael Fassbender as Gabriele Ricci
Yes I know Fassbender is German but with some tan and dark hair, I think he has no problem playing an Italian gentleman. Witty, gallant and reassuring, Gabriele is the Italian Samaritan who helps Alexa get to Incantellaria after she’s robbed penniless. His part is small but prominent, and with his smoldering quality, he is sure to leave an indelible mark to the viewers.

Alan Rickman as Thomas Arbuckle
I love Rickman’s sensitive portrayal as Col. Brandon in Sense & Sensibility. As Alexa’s estranged father, Thomas rarely speak of his lost love Valentina. Now a wealthy man after the war, the former naval captain has since been married to Margo and has additional children, but he is constantly burdened by his memory of his first love.

Emily Watson as Vivienne ‘Viv’ Armitage
Watson is a passionate and versatile actress who’ll imbue the character of a late 30s London novelist with wit and whimsy. She lives on a boat next to Alexa’s and is the one who introduces Fitz to Alexa. Though Viv is fond of Alexa, she’s also weary of her and knows what the girl is capable of. She constantly warns Fitz not to fall in love with Alexa.

Brenda Blethyn as Margo Arbuckle
As Alexa’s stepmother, Margo can never seem to compete with a dead woman. Despite Alexa’s aversion, Margo is always civil with her difficult step daughter, as well as provide the stability that Thomas needs. Blethyn has a way of portraying a sympathetic female protagonist with a heart.

Rupert Penry-Jones as the young Lit. Thomas Arbuckle
This strapping lad seems born to wear a naval uniform, ehm. Thomas falls hard and fast for Valentina the second he sees her in the crowd of the Italian harbor. After being at sea for over three years patrolling the Italian coastline, Thomas is ready to settle down with the love of his life. When he finds out Valentina is pregnant with Alexa, he’s ecstatic… until her life is robbed far too soon, leaving him devastated.

Alfred Molina as Falco Fiorelli
Alexa’s Italian uncle who’s the same age as her father, late 50s. He’s got brooding looks and formidable physique and a sadness in his dark eyes, making him appear older than he is. He and Thomas harbor a deep, dark secret about Valentina’s death which still haunts him since.

Raoul Bova as the young Falco Fiorelli
Valentina’s eldest brother who came back from the war around the same time Thomas came back to fetch Valentina to England. He’s the only person who knew the truth that Valentina isn’t as innocent as she seems.

Rosamund Pike as Caroline Arbuckle
Thomas and Margo’s eldest daughter and Alexa’s stepsister who’s three years younger than she. She works in a Mayfair art gallery owned by the Arbuckle’s close family friend. She really wants to like Alexa but can’t figure her out.

Maggie Smith as Lavender Arbuckle
Thomas’ 70+ year-old mother who took baby Alexa in when he came back from Italy and loved her as her own daughter. She acts as if she were indifferent about Alexa when in reality she’s actually bitter about being cast aside when Thomas married Margo.

Alessandro Nivola as the Italian stranger
The tall and handsome stranger that caught Alexa’s eye on the plane. He’s flirtatious and incredibly charming, the quintessential Italian playboy.

Franco Nero as Marchese Ovidio
Seventy-something Incantellaria aristocrat who lives on the mansion on a hill, Palazzo Montelimone. Strikingly handsome with slicked-back gray hair, with straight Roman nose and aquamarine eyes. Educated at Oxford, he holds himself with the poise of a prince.

The film opens in 1945 Italy with a quick scene of brutal murder at an Italian palazzo. Two men came in the thick of night armed with knifes. The victim had been expecting them, he knew why they had come and he was ready, unafraid to die. Up until his throat was sliced he was still triumphant, his last words were “Kill me, but don’t forget that I killed you first.”


London 1971 – Viv and Fitz were standing on the deck of Viv’s houseboat on the Thames in a balmy Spring evening. They spied on Alexa who’s ‘entertaining’ one of her lovers on her houseboat. It’s right after her tryst with Rupert, one of her many lovers, that Alexa noticed a brown scroll of paper from between the slats under her bed. She stared at the portrait sketched in pastels and felt a rush of emotions overcame her, it’s like looking into a mirror and the woman’s eyes seemed to follow her as she’s unable to look away. At the bottom of the picture, written in Latin, dum spiro, ti amo (“While I breathe, I love you”) and signed in ink Thomas Arbuckle.

Alexa confronted her father about the portrait and demanded to know more about her mother she never knew. She was resentful that her father had been too busy to build a new family with Margo after Valentina died, and the more children he had, the less Alexa felt that she belonged in the traditional upper-class family. Thomas rarely talked about Valentina, though her presence was still felt in the room, in his eyes. Arguments ensued as Thomas insisted that the past should belong to the past and though he loved her mother, she’s now dead and nothing could ever bring her back. Fuming, Alexa left and vented to her neighbor Viv about her desire to find out more about who her mother was. Viv then suggested that her best friend and literary agent Fitz helped her concoct a plot to dupe her father into divulging details about her mother. Viv’s grand plan is for Alexa and Fitz to spend a weekend together as pretend couple to win the Arbuckles’ heart, and for Fitz to bond with Thomas so that he’s comfortable enough to share about Valentina’s whereabouts. As Fitz had such a huge crush on Alexa, he promptly agreed.

Off to Beechfield Park Mansion where the Arbuckles live, a red-brick and flint,300-year-old house that was passed down from Thomas’ grandfather. Though Alexa only wanted Fitz to charm her parents for her own cause, Fitz actually genuinely wanted the Arbuckles to think well of him and he hoped Alexa would return him with love. Just as Fitz had hoped, that night Thomas poured his heart out as the night wore on and the more wine they drank. As he sat in the worn leather chair in his study, Thomas revealed to Fitz who Valentina was and how she had captivated him. La bella donna d’Incantellaria, he referred to her, and that every time he looked at Alexa, he saw Valentina.

Mission accomplished. Fitz happily reported back to Alexa who was already waiting for him in bed. They didn’t make love until the following morning, and for the first time, Alexa actually spent the night with a man in bed without offering her body to him.


Flashback to Italy, 1944 – Young Lieutenant Thomas Arbuckle and his fellow British naval officers arrived in the Italian harbor of Incantellaria. Thomas and his naval crew was tasked to investigate about an arms dump left by the German army to make sure they didn’t fall into the wrong hands. It’s on the way to the munitions dump, on the quayside, was where Thomas first laid eyes on Valentina and fell for her instantly. At first he lost her in the crowd but later when the town carabiniere (Italian police), Lattarullo took them to the only restaurant in town, he was reunited with her, as Valentina was the youngest daughter of the trattoria’s owner, Immacolata Fiorelli. During his brief stay in Italy, Thomas and his friends were also invited to tea by the town’s aristocrat, Marchese Ovidio at his home, Palazzo Montelimone. Just as they left his house, he ran into a handsome young boy, Nero, who ran errands for the marchese.

Following a highly-superstitious ceremony that Valentina’s family attended religiously, Thomas and Valentina retreated from the townspeople to the beach where they made love. But in the morning, he had to go back to the war.


London 1971 – After sharing an intimate weekend together, Fitz was seemingly able to convince Alexa to be exclusive with him. Fitz had become more than a lover to Alexa, he was also her friend. For a brief few weeks, they were happy together until Alexa demanded that Fitz come to Italy with her, but he felt that’s something she needed to on her own. When Fitz refused, Alexa broke up with him. Fitz was devastated but with Viv’s encouragement, he did not relent. Alexa told her father that she was going to Italy with or without his support.

Flashback to Italy, May 1945 – Thomas returned after the war to see Valentina again. He had received a letter from Valentina nine months prior that she had gotten pregnant with their baby, which made him even more desperate to see her. When the townsfolk saw him, they were ecstatic. Valentina came to him with their 3-month old baby in her arms. Immacolata gave her blessings and they soon planned their wedding as they both took care of little Alexa. Thomas then met the rest of the Fiorelli’s family. Three of Valentina’s four brothers had come back after the war, with Falco the eldest who became the head of the family since their father died in the war. Falco didn’t warm up to Thomas right away. In fact, he seemed to be resentful of her sister Valentina as well and that night, Thomas overheard them arguing fiercely but he just shrugged it off and thought that perhaps he didn’t like a foreigner marrying his sister.

London 1971 – Alexa flew to Italy without Fitz. He tried to see her before she left but it was too late. Alexa had a tryst with an Italian stranger who caught her eye on the plane. But she found out in the morning that he had robbed her of all her money. She fled the hotel and managed to trick the ticket agent at the train station for a free ride to Sorrento. But as soon as she arrived, a moment of distraction cost her her luggage. She was robbed twice in the course of 24 hours!

As she cussed loudly in frustration, another Italian stranger noticed her. Upon hearing what had happened to her, the gentleman offered to buy her lunch as well as a boat ride to Incantellaria. Alexa was weary at first considering what she had been through, but she had no choice but to trust him. Gabriele Ricci was a Naples businessman who often spent his summers on the coast. He made good on his promise and Alexa was soon reunited with her mother’s family. Realizing he was out of place in this family reunion, Gabriele slipped away without a fuss, but not before asking Falco to give his card to Alexa.

Alexa bonded with her mother’s family who welcomed her with open arms and joyful heart, even becoming a motherly figure to her 6-year-old relative Cosima, whose mother had ran away with a tango dancer. Alexa finally found a place she belonged, something she had never found where at Beechfield Park where she grew up. But soon she learned the hard truth about her past. At the trattoria one afternoon, Lattarullo revealed that Valentina had been murdered.


Flashback to Italy, 1945 – The day before the wedding. At three in the morning, Thomas was awaken by a frantic knocking on the door by Lattarullo. He had brought the most harrowing news that Valentina was dead. Along with him and Falco, Thomas found Valentina’s body slumped in the passenger seat of a convertible Alfa Romeo with exquisite leather seat and walnut interior. Her throat had been slashed as blood had stained her sequined dress. At first he didn’t recognize her as she was dressed like an elegant courtesan wearing red lipstick, fur stole and sparkling diamonds.

Fast forward to 1971 Italy – Alexa demanded Falco to tell her the truth about Valentina’s tragic death, who finally revealed that Valentina had been living a double life. Her mother had been the mistress of a famous Mafia boss Lupo Bianco who was dead in the driver’s seat. As Bianco had been hunted down by the police for years, his death was a triumph for the town’s police and to them Valentina was simply a victim who was in the wrong place in the wrong time.

Months went by and suddenly Fitz showed up in a warm night in October, just as Alexa was deciding whether to call him or Gabriele. It’s as if fate made the decision for her as Fitz asked her to marry him. A couple of weeks before they went back to London, Alexa took Fitz to Palazzo Montelimoni, determined to find some answers once and for all. The place had become a ruin with walls crumbling and fallen stones swallowed by ivy and weeds. As they stumbled into the room that seemed to have been lived in, someone came behind them. He was startled to see Alexa as if he had seen a ghost as she had been the splitting image of her mother. He introduced himself as Nero, the same young boy Thomas had bumped into after having tea with Marchese Ovidio. Nero told them he was the marchese’s lover who inherited the decaying palazzo. He explained that the marchese had loved Valentina too, and before they left, he gave Alexa a scroll that apparently Valentina had given the marchese.

That day, Alexa solved the case the Italian detectives didn’t bother to crack. It turns out the marchese had wanted to have an heir with Valentina but became insanely jealous when he found out she had become pregnant with someone else’s child and wanted to leave Italy. Falco somehow found out the marchese had killed Valentina, and so he and Thomas planned to sneak into his house in the middle of the night and kill him in the same way he had robbed Valentina’s life. “It was a matter of honor,” he uttered, the same words he said after he slashed the marchese’s throat.

Alexa and Fitz went back to London. Alexa gave her father the painting that he had been looking for, the third and most intimate portrait of Valentina that he drew. But what mattered more to him was that now Alexa knew the truth and the burden has been lifted. Alexa was ready to move on and leave the dark past of Valentina behind. As a symbol of a new beginning, she and her family let her houseboat sink to the bottom of the river. As she and Fitz planned their wedding, Alexa longed for Italy, her heart ached for her new home and the people that she had grown to love, especially Cosima. With a heavy heart, Alexa told Fitz she had to return to Incantellaria.


Spring in Incantellaria. Alexa now worked at Immacolata’s trattoria – she’d been working hard buying supplies, setting tables, serving customers, even learning how to cook. As she looked out the window overlooking the beach, she heard the sound of a motorboat growing louder. She walked outside to stand beneath the awning with a basket of apples hanging on her arm. A wave of anticipation overcame her as the boat drew up and a familiar young man descended. She had been taking out and staring at his now rumpled business card she’s kept for months, and thought about the kind man who gave it to her. His dark eyes met with her piercing pale eyes. It was then when he last saw her disappear from his view as she was reunited with her family. It was then that he lost his heart, little did he know he’d ever get it back.

Well, what do you think? Would you be interested to see a movie with this kind of story and cast? Please let me know your thoughts.

45 thoughts on “Hollywood Fantasy Draft Pitch II: Last Voyage of The Valentina

  1. I’m a bit confused about the epilogue. Did Fitz see her then leave?

    As for the whole pitch, i think it has potential. I liked Atonement, so i don’t mind a combination of darkness and romance.

    1. Hi Julian, yeah I realize the epilogue is rather vague. No, that man isn’t Fitz. I should’ve put in there something about Alexa looking at a business card, which would’ve been more obvious. It’s Gabriele… I put this sentence “It was then when he last saw her disappear from his view as she was reunited with her family” as the last time he saw her was when he dropped her off in Incantellaria from his boat.

      Glad you liked it, yes I’d like this to be like Atonement, that’s why I drafted Joe Wright 😀

      1. PrairieGirl

        Hey rtm, adding a sentence with the business card in it would be a great addition to the epilogue. Even though I knew who it was, after I saw Novroz and Dez asking who it was, I re-read it and by then I was having doubts myself!

        Loved the link to the Atonement scene too. After seeing it again I’m surprised I wasn’t more in awe of it when I was actually watching the movie. A brilliant scene!

        1. Thanks for the suggestion about adding the business card bit, I should’ve included that from the start.

          Yes that Dunkirk scene is brilliant isn’t it? It’d be cool to see him do the same thing but on Incantellaria, during the flashback scene when Thomas first arrived there.

  2. Ah, this is totally a film I would expect from you, dahling, totally 🙂
    Off course, I’m doing the costume design!]

    And adding Raoul Bova to the cast is a super nice touch! Although I would’ve used this pic of his in your cast list 🙂

    1. Thank you Dezzy, I’m thrilled that you like this concept. And yes sir, you’re absolutely my costume designer!

      Well as I was writing my pitch, I realized I needed a young Falco and somehow his name just sprang to mind. Whoof Dezzy, now you know my blog is rated G… those pics should just stay in Hollywood Spy 😀

      1. PrairieGirl

        Whoooo Dezzy, you are a little devil! You saved me a trip to your blog with that pix – and thank you, even though FC has been rated G by Flixy!

        1. ah, please girls, as if there’s anything naughty in that Raoul’s pic 🙂 It’s innocent as Britney Spear’s mind! 😛

          PS there are pics of similar nature at HOLLYWOOD SPY today with some other boys and girls 🙂

          1. PrairieGirl

            And thank you for the that! (similar pics on your site). I have spent many a Saturday, dateless night perusing and dreaming at HS… 😉

  3. I have shared my opinion in Anomalous Material Ruth 🙂
    Will do another opinion in my blog on Saturday.

    Ah…forgot to mention the part Julian is refering to…I am also curious about the epilogue, who is the man? Fitz?

    1. Hey thanks for the double comments, Nov, really appreciate it. See answer below about the man in the epilogue… now that I think about it more, I think in the movie I’d add one additional scene so her transfer of affection makes a bit more sense.

  4. PrairieGirl

    Hi Novroz and dirty, I’ll leave it up to Ruth to tell you who the man in the epilogue is, if she’s game to confirm.

    I really loved this novel and saw Rufus as Fitz almost immediately. It was SO great for you to include him and the novel for your second fantasy pitch. The rest of your cast is fantastic too, especially all of the supporting male parts. Now I have to yearn for this film to made too!

    1. Becky, OMG I forgot to THANK YOU for lending me the book. You definitely deserve a credit for helping me with this pitch as I wouldn’t have known about this story if it weren’t for you! So I’ve added that now, thanks again!

      Yes, Rufus is indeed perfect as Fitz. I’d have loved for him to get the girl in the end but at least he’d get a lot of screen time in that role 😀

      1. PrairieGirl

        Well then, let’s also thanks the Barnes and Noble bargain books table where I picked up the novel for a mere $5!

        And yes, at first I was very disappointed Ruf didn’t get the girl, but she was yearning for her new-found family and life in Italy, so she wasn’t leaving him as much as she was moving towards a much-needed new beginning in her life, as we both know. And I can count at least three of his films where he DOES get the girl, so I am reconciled ;-D

  5. I will be stopping by after work to read this more in depth today! Looks interesting and I can’t wait to read it all. I LOVE the fact that you included Rufus Sewell. It made me laugh when you got him on the draft! Have a great day!

    1. I look forward to your feedback, T. It’s a lot of details I know, I already cut a lot of it down, believe me. Glad you like Rufus casting, I think he’s PERFECT as Fitz, and not only because I like him a lot 😀

  6. Corinne

    WOW, this is totally a movie I would love to see. I would like to read that novel it’s based on too. I love Alfred Molina, Brenda Blethyn and Allan Rickman in anything. Charlize Theron is such a great actress, I’d be real curious to see her as a tan, dark haired Italian.

    1. Thanks Corinne! Enjoy the novel, it’s a fun read and a great escape from this arctic hell we’re in right now. Glad you like Charlize, I think with a quick makeover she can easily look Italian but I picked her as she’s not only beautiful but seems to have the swagger like Alexa.

  7. Ted S.

    Good job Ruth, you should submit some of your ideas to Amazon movie studios. They’re accepting scripts from people all over the world and if they chose your script, you get paid and the script might make it to the big screen.

    1. Hey thanks Ted, not sure if this is your cup of tea as it’s more of a romance but I appreciate you reading this.

      I’ll check out the Amazon link you sent me. The thing is this isn’t a script, more of a high level concept, not sure they’d accept something like this.

    1. So you mean if I swap Fassbender/Sewell with RDJ then you would watch it in the theater? He..he.. I suppose he could pass as an Italian 😀

      The book is a pretty fun read, the exotic setting definitely appeals to me that’s why I read it right away.

    2. I’m cool with Fassbender … I just haven’t seen him do enough yet. Sewell seems only suited to playing bad guys to me. I’m stuck on him in A Knight’s Tale, I guess. I think it’s mostly Theron that I don’t like. She’s so blah. Why not someone who is automatically more exotic? Eva Green, Marion Cotillard, maybe even Penelope Cruz?

      In looking back, ok. I am on board with most of the supporting cast. I mean, everyone loves Alan Rickman, and I totally dig Emily Watson and Rosamund Pike (loved her in An Education). So yeah, it’s Theron and Sewell that are holding me back. hehehe

      Sorry – I know how you and some of your readers feel about Rufus, there. My apologies.

      1. PrairieGirl

        Rufus truly, indeed was a fantastic bad guy in A Knight’s Tale, LOVED him in it, but he can do romance and comedy just as well. I wouldn’t like him so much as an actor if he could only do bad guys!

        1. @ Sam, I’ve only seen Fassbender in 3-4 films so far but I’m convinced he can carry a movie and play a romantic lead. Theron is blah to you? Oh well, I guess to each their own. She’s South African so even though she may seem like a typical blond-blue-eyed chick, there’s something different about her. All those ladies have been taken by the time my time to cast was up, but no, I wouldn’t cast Penelope as I don’t think she can pull off a British accent!

          As for Rufus, well perhaps you should watch more movies of his. He’s much less ‘stuck’ in villainous roles than Mark Strong… and definitely much more attractive 😀

  8. PrairieGirl

    From a couple of the girls at The Rooftop:

    kygal: Thanks. He [Rufus] is always the lead in my fantasy world!

    kissmekate: Wow, what a cast! Many of my non-Ruf favourites in there (Alan Rickman, Maggie Smith, Alfred Molina …) – and it looks like it would be a perfect role for Rufus.

  9. wow! I really enjoyed reading this. I could see Charlize Theron in every scene. Alan Rickman and Rufus Sewell were truly perfect in those roles. It is interesting seeing Rickman go from the enemy in Die Hard to this fatherhead figure who has a secret along with a unique loss and love. Ruth, your casting really did it for me as I read each act. Great job!

    1. Oh too funny, I just left you a comment seconds ago wondering if you’ve read this, so just disregard that.

      THANK YOU! I’m thrilled that you like this and my pick of Charlize. I realize it’s a hard sell to some people but I think it’s because she hasn’t done a role like this but I feel she can do it.

      Poor Rickman, always going to be known as Hans Gruber! But he’s such a versatile actor, the first time I saw him was in Truly, Madly Deeply right before college, my ESL teacher loved him. But what really sold me to cast him in this role is sensitive portrayal as Col. Brandon in Sense & Sensibility. Once you see him in that, you’ll know why he’s perfect as Thomas. He’s got that longing, heartbroken look down pat!

      Thanks for your feedback and taking the time to read this, T.

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  11. paula

    i definitely would see this in the cinema & i’ll probably read the book now 🙂 i adore the casting (though i don’t know who Bova, Nivola & Nero are). I’ve never been a huge Charlize fan, so I haven’t seen a lot of her work, & I’m not 100% sold on her for this. however, i can’t think of anyone better right now.

    I think you’re right about Fassbender, he is one of those who can do anything. i just watched Angel and Inglourious Basterds back-to-back…he’ll be fine.

    As mentioned in a couple of the previous comments, the only thing that wasn’t super-clear is Alexa ending up with Gabriele. i think there will have to be more development of their relationship or at least some hints, previous to the epilogue, so that it is less of a surprise…i thought she would end up with Fitz.

    right so…how do we get this made now? 😉

    1. Hey Paula, thanks for your lovely comment! Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling better the past few days.

      Glad you like the casting, though I understand your feelings about Charlize. It seems that it’s about 50-50 those who are for and against her but like you said, I’ve raked my brains to see who’d be great in that role but most of them have been drafted by other bloggers (i.e. Marion Cotillard, Eva Green, Jennifer Connelly) I was considering an Italian beauty like Monica Bellucci but Alexa is more of a Brit so I don’t know if Monica can pull off the British accent.

      I’ve never seen Angel before, is that a movie? I better check that out!

      As for Gabriele, yes I feel the exact same way after I finished reading the novel. I’d probably add a scene in the movie of him and Alexa, so the epilogue won’t feel too abrupt. I think Alexa had been thinking of him whilst in Italy, and was actually torn whether he should call him or Fitz.

      Anyway, thanks again for your feedback.

      1. paula

        you’re welcome 🙂 i thought of Bellucci but i wasn’t sure about her either LOL yes Angel is a movie, directed by one of my faves, François Ozon…they run it on Sundance every so often so keep an eye out if you have that channel. it falls in that category “with all that talent it should be better than it is”

        1. Thanks for the info, girl! I don’t have cable so that’s probably why it’s not on my radar. I like Sam Neill and Romola Garai, too. I’ve added that to my Netflix.

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  13. I didn’t enjoy this book, apart from the fact that I am a stickler for accuracy and a lot of this book based in Amalfi was wrong. Would I see the film? Maybe, for the scenery!

    1. Hi Rosa, welcome to FC. I can see that there might be some inaccuracies in the book if you know the area well, but I think the story is pretty engaging. Yeah I’d think the scenery would be wonderful isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by.

  14. Catalina

    just wondering i just read the book and im kind of confused on the epilogue…. so my question is will there or is there a part 2?

    1. Hi Catalina, I’m not associated w/ Santa’s book so I can’t answer your question about Part 2. This is just a fantasy movie pitch based on her story. Hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂

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