Random Question: Which director/actor reunion would you like to see?

In honor of South African director Neill Blomkamp reuniting with his District 9 Sharlto Copley for another sci-fi flick Elysium, it made me think of other director/actor duo I’d like to see working together again.


As I’ve just finally got around to watching some highly-acclaimed and beloved movies, I wonder if the director & actor were to work together again today, would they be able to repeat the same ‘magic?’ Of course it doesn’t always happen. You could argue that Ridley Scott + Russell Crowe subsequent collaborations seem to be in diminishing returns mode as they haven’t been able to recapture Gladiator‘s ‘glory.’ But Martin Scorsese’s frequent collaboration with Robert De Niro seem to be more successful — they’ve been working together a total of 8 times! (per Wiki)

I’ll start with my list first, and I’d ask you to share your own top five in the comments section.

  • Peter Weir & Russell Crowe
    This might actually happen as my pal Sam from Banana Oil Movies just blogged the other day about the possibility of a Master & Commander sequel. You know normally I’m not a big fan of sequels and remakes, but this is one I certainly get behind. Both Weir and Crowe are no stranger to accolades and the two Aussies have consistently deliver good work. Weir recently finished The Way Back and Crowe once again displayed his acting prowess in The Next Three Days. Whether it’s M&C or some other film, we can expect something great from this two.
  • Zach Snyder & Gerard Butler
    Ok, by suggesting this combo, by no means do I condone the 300 sequel — I have voiced my strong opposition to that here. But I quite like Snyder’s unique directing style and Butler obviously was excellent as Leonidas. Both made their breakthrough in the highly CGI-ed roman flick, and from the interview clips of them together, they look like they really enjoyed working together, which is always a good sign. I think when Watchmen was in production and Snyder reportedly had a role for Butler but didn’t work out due to scheduling conflict. Well, both are busy guys, Snyder with Man of Steel and Butler is currently finishing up Machine Gun Preacher & that Farrelli Brothers’ Movie 43. Let’s hope their collaboration will happen eventually.
  • Christopher Nolan & Guy Pearce
    Memento is one of my top five Nolan movies, and I’m sure a lot of people’s top list as well. And Pearce is one of those extremely talented thespian whom I’d love to see win an Oscar one day. Well wouldn’t it be awesome if both of them win for the same movie? I think Pearce is one of the most influential actors of the last decade. He was also phenomenal in L.A. Confidential (as equally good as his co-star Russell Crowe), so I’d also like to see him work together again with Curtis Hanson.
  • Ridley Scott & Harrison Ford
    This is highly unlikely as Scott is currently busy working on the Alien prequel Paradise, not to mention a slew of other works he’s reportedly involved in. But since I just watched Blade Runner recently, wouldn’t it be nice to see if Scott cast the 68-year-old actor in one of his sci-fi flick? How about Forever War? As in my Ridley Scott post, I quoted Variety as saying “It’s a science-fiction epic, a bit of The Odyssey by way of Blade Runner, built upon a brilliant, disorienting premise.”Well, there ya go.
  • Terrence Malick & Christian Bale
    Though Bale was only in The New World for about 20 minutes or so, it was truly one of the movie’s highlights for me. I hardly ever see Bale in such an unabashedly romantic role and what a delight that was. It’s a pity that the rumor of Bale being cast in Malick’s next project following The Tree of Life is unlikely to happen. According to AICN, he was reportedly to star alongside Javier Bardem and Rachel McAdams in a ‘powerful and moving love story.’ OH MY! What I’d give to see that! We’ve seen the tough, intense, psycho side of Bale… I’d love to see his tender side, and Malick obviously was able to get that out of him even despite his brief screen time. Fingers crossed his next flick after Batman 3 will have lots of romance in it 😉

Bonus pick:

As I had just seen the fabulous The Last of the Mohicans recently, it’d be nice to see Michael Mann do another movie with Daniel Day-Lewis again. Such an excellent performance from Day-Lewis and easily one of my favorite from Mann’s work. Here they are on the set of the adventure historical drama:


Ok, now your turn. Share your picks of director/actor reunion you’d like to see.

35 thoughts on “Random Question: Which director/actor reunion would you like to see?

  1. Sadly, the first ones I think of can’t happen because most of the directors/actors are dead. Kurosawa/Mifune were great together. And so were Bergman/Gunnar Bjornstrand.

    My five favorites, let’s see… Maybe not faves but definitely five that I like a lot are:

    1. Wright/Pegg. I think they’re trying to branch out and do their own things before they get stereotyped, and you have to respect that a ton. But they’re so great working together.

    2. Instead of Deniro, I’ll go with Scorsese and Harvey Keitel.

    3. It’s about time the Coens worked with John Turturro again. Or Frances McDormand. Or Steve Buscemi. Or… well, I guess the Coens are great no matter who they work with.

    4. You can never go wrong with Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzmann.

    5. Spike Lee and Denzel Washington have done some great stuff together.

    1. Yeah well John, even some of these who are still alive might just be as unlikely to happen. I think Wright/Pegg is the most likely though, I think they’re good friends too, and don’t forget Nick Frost 🙂

      Oy, sorry I can’t stand Mr. Keitel… not sure what it is but he just bugs me. Coens + Buscemi sounds good, they probably will as he’s almost like their ‘muse.’ For sure I’m tired of Tony Scott/Denzel combo!

  2. These are great choices!! They easily would make my list as well. But, I must say that another combo I’d like would be John McTiernan and Sean Connery (Hunt for Red October) and/or John McTiernan and Antonio Banderas (The 13th Warrior).
    Like you, I’m not encouraging a sequel, but I really enjoyed HFRO, and certain elements of 13th Warrior I have yet to see duplicated!
    McTiernan does good work. He also did Die Hard and Predator.

    Nice Post!

    1. Why thanks T, I like your choice of Tiernan/Connery too. I’d also like to add Brian De Palma & Connery as I love Untouchables. What movie(s) has McTiernan done lately?

      1. none worth mentioning really. I just rechecked with imdb in case I was mistaken. Yeah, the last thing was Basic with Travolta and Samuel L. back in 2003. That movie was mediocre to say the least. He’s been M.I.A. since then. Apparently he’s working on something for 2011. Hope his glory days aren’t all behind him.

        and..Untouchables!!!!!! NICE, Very nice!!

  3. Bale in Terrence Malick’s untitled romantic drama isn’t “unlikely” to happen. It won’t happen at all! Shooting already wrapped up and Ben Affleck was cast to replace Bale. Definitely disappointed since he would have been a great change of pace for him. That reminds that I forgot to post the synopsis for that movie in the movie news round-up lol.

    1. Right, I guess I was in denial there by saying ‘unlikely.’ Man, I know you’re with me in being excited for that possibility. I mean Bale + McAdams together in a love story would be nothing short of magical. And lots of people love Bardem, too. Eh, I’m not as excited now with Affleck in it.

  4. Ted S.

    I’d love to see Weir and Crowe do another Master & Commander flick but that’s unlikely to happen since the first film didn’t make a lot cash and Crowe’s box office draw is diminishing. I think Crowe’s last box office hit was A Beautiful Mind and that was nine years ago!

    We’ll probably never get to see Ford and Scott together again, if you watch the behind the scenes documentary of Blade Runner then you’ll see why. Also, Ford was not happy that Scott came out and said that Deckard was a replicant in the movie. Ford always believed that his character was human and he mentioned that several times during an interview.

    Here are the actors/directors combo I’d like to see again:

    Pitt/Fincher, Woo/Yun-Fat, Clooney/Sodenberg, Cruise/Spielberg

    1. Well from the blog that I read, it sounded like it’s the studio that wanted to do the sequel. In any case, that’s too bad about Crowe’s lack of box office prowess these days. But he’s a great actor so hopefully it won’t last for too long.

      Oy, I had no idea about Scott/Ford fallout. How could they disagree with the very basic notion of the main character? That’s just mind-boggling. I can understand Ford’s frustration if Scott didn’t communicate that to him.

      I like the Woo/Yun-Fat reunion, just so-so on the rest, especially the last one. I thought War of the Worlds was just ok.

      1. Ted S.

        I didn’t read the blog you’re referring to but I read on another site, forgot the name think it was Latinoriview.com but it was actually Crowe who wanted to make the sequel and he encouraged the fans of the first movie to create a petition so the studio will make it. Hey it worked for Chronicles of Riddick, after Pitch Black came out, fans set up petitions online and asked the studio to make a sequel, they made it and unfortunately Riddick was very bad movie.

        Well Ridley didn’t come out and say Ford’s character was a replicant right away, I think it was around 1992 when the Director’s Cut of Blade Runner came out that Ridley said Deckard was not human. Of course when Ford heard about this, he shot back at Scott saying that when they were making the movie, it was understood by all that Deckard was human. I don’t think the two have spoken to each other ever since.

        1. Ah, thanks for the info about M&C. Well, if it worked for something like Riddick, I sure hope it’d work for this masterpiece.

          That’s too bad about Scott/Ford… I should check out the special features of BR and maybe watch the Director’s Cut also.

  5. oh, Zacky and Gerry together again would be marvelous.
    Shekhar Kapur and Blanchett as well.
    Tarsem and Lee Pace as well.
    Luhrman and Jackman and McGregor as well.
    Sommers and Fraser and Weisz as well.

    1. Ah yes, Tarsem + Lee Pace, what a marvelous idea! Man, I can’t wait for Immortals trailer… that and Coriolanus!

      I have yet to see Australia but since that one wasn’t too well-received, both critically and at the box office, I doubt that’ll happen. Hey, funny you mention Stephen Sommers. I was going to post about the Mummy last Friday as it was Fraser’s b’day but didn’t finish it in time. I LOVE that first one, not crazy about the sequels though.

      1. but the problem with AUSTRALIA isn’t Buzz, nor Jackman, both of them were great in that project. The problem was Nicole being unfit for that particular role (since she’s just to bottoxed up and emotionless).

        It’s her majesty’s Judi Dench’s (all bow immediately) birthday today 🙂

        I love MUMMY and MUMMY RETURNS, but don’t like MUMMY III which wasn’t done by Sommers.

        1. PrairieGirl

          Hi Dezzy, totally agree with you about Australia. I thought it was a good movie, with a good story in a great location, but Kidman was the weak link.

          1. yep, she just ain’t good for all kinds of roles. And plus, the film needed someone who has a star potential, while Kidman always has box-office flops. I think Catherine Zeta Jones would’ve done marvelous in AUSTRALIA alongside Hugh! Or maybe even Blanchett.
            And I gave up on Luhrman’s GREAT GATSBY as well because of the terrible casting for male and female roles.

            1. I’d vote for Blanchett in Australia… I’ll watch that straight away! I forgot who they end up casting for Great Gatsby, I guess I should check it out on your blog again 🙂

                1. Aiyah, Leo again?? So tired of seeing him. It’s either him or Matt Damon for some reason, as if they’re the ONLY actors on the planet! I think I said on your blog I’d love to see Gerry Berry in the role, or your fave Patrick Wilson would be good too.

  6. I’m kinda getting my wish with the Coens and Jeff Bridges teaming up again for True Grit. But I’d also like to see John Carpenter and Kurt Russell have one more blast together. They always manage to produce some magic.

    1. Hey, glad to hear it Rich. I’m kinda intrigued by True Grit trailer though it wasn’t even on my radar initially. Might even check that out in the theater actually.

    1. Wow, another mention of this duo. So I take it you aren’t too keen on the reboot rumors of Escape from NY, Aiden? I’ve never seen it but I wonder why they don’t just follow that up with Carpenter/Russell again instead of rebooting it.

    1. Hi Marshall! Good picks, yeah both of them have done great work together in the past, so it’s very possible they might collaborate again.

  7. jepressman

    Crowe and Weir together again ,now that would be good news. As for Mr. Crowe’s so-called diminishing box office, well that is nonsense. A Beautiful Mind did do well at the box office and won awards but Crowe had solid hits in American Gangster and 3:10 to Yuma. State of Play and Body of Lies and Robin Hood also did well. If that poster thinks these films should have done Pirates numbers or Harry Potter numbers, now that is nonsense. For the record please refer to Clooney’s box-office,which is not high or look at Depp’s Rum Diary ,which was not at all successful. Or how about DiCaprio in J.Edgar or Damon in most of his non-Bourne films, even the ones with Eastwood.The Master and Commander sequel made 210 millions in a movie year chock-a-block with big fantasy films LOTR and POTC. It isn’t that there is NOT amovie audience for O’Brian’s stories it is just that that audience doesn’t generate a billion dollars ,which is what the studio wants from Crowe. The movie lover isn’t part of that desire we just want to see a good film and that is what Crowe is known for.

    1. Mimi

      Yes, I completely agree with your assessment.

      Why are Depp and Clooney treated as if they were huge box office draws, when it’s only their big cast tentpole films that make the big bucks? Many of Clooney’s films do poorly at the box office, Depp’s sometime fail to find audiences too… his recent outing with Angelina in that forgettable The Tourist comes to mind, as well as Rum Diary.

      Crowe is a wonderful actor and his work in Master and Commander was spectacular… so yes, I’d love see him work with Weir again on another O’brian film.

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