Chat-worthy Flix Updates: Tintin, HP7, London Boulevard

I’m too lazy to write my mini reviews of the stuff I watched this past week, but I kind of have been busy sifting through a bunch of movie updates lately. Thanks to Twitter it surely is a lot easier to keep up with ’em. Well, since today’s the 3rd, here are three things I’m excited about from this week’s movie headlines:

  • If you know me or read this blog long enough you know I LOVE Tintin comics! I read the comics religiously as a kid (in Indonesian translation) and still have a few of them with me now. When I was in London last May, my hubby and I ran into the Tintin Shop in Covent Garden (Tintin isn’t well-known at all here in the US, so it’s such a treat to find such a store!). I was giddy like a school girl looking at all the Tintin paraphernalia. I wish I could buy the entire shop but even the t-shirts were expensive so I settled on just getting a few Tintin figurines and even bought some for my twin brothers who share my love for the Belgian comics.

    So imagine my excitement when I saw this new stills courtesy of EMPIRE. I’ve dedicated a post for this Peter Jackson/Steven Spielberg project back in November when it was reported that they’re bringing the comic to life in a motion-capture animated 3D film. The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn will be the first in a proposed trilogy, starring Jamie Bell as Tintin, Andy Serkis as Captain Haddock, and feature the voices of Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Daniel Craig, Cary Elwes. I’m liking what I’m seeing so far, but of course the trailer will be more telling how good this would actually look.

  • Ok, less than 3 weeks to go until Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is released on Nov. 19. You’ve likely already seen the trailer and the various character posters, now check out the newly-released behind-the-scene featurette:

    I guess that explains what in the muggles earth is going on with the multiple Harrys in funny outfits gathering in the living room 😀 I think this’ll be the last featurette I want to see though, I just don’t want to get HP overload before the movie even comes out! As the case was with Inception, the less clips I see about the movie, the better the experience.
  • I’ve heard about this movie quite a while ago when I saw this still photo in one of those UK movie magazine. My initial reaction upon reading the plot about a repented ex con who falls in love with a movie star immediately conjures up thought of Notting Hill. Well, except it’s much darker and violent of course, that’s why they’ve got Colin Farrell in place of the foppish Hugh Grant. Because of the British gangster theme, people seem to be comparing this to In Bruges, where Farrell won a Golden Globes for.

    Keira Knightley plays the reclusive movie star, and Ray Winstone is once again in a familiar role as the crime boss. For some reason I can’t get get enough watching the trailer, it just looks slick, kind of Guy Ritchie-ish, but perhaps with a stronger script as it’s penned by Oscar-winning screenwriter William Monahan (for The Departed). This is also Monahan’s directorial debut based on a novel by Irish writer Ken Bruen. I’m not a huge fan of Farrell, by that I mean I don’t usually rush to see a movie just because he’s in it. But there’s something about a former-bad-boy-wanting-to-go-straight concept that I find appealing. I like the bad-ass quote at the end: “You don’t want me to be a gangster… nobody wants me to be a gangster. ‘Cause I can’t stop once I started.”
    (Added 11/6:
    Since a bunch of people seem to be wondering, the song used in the trailer is called London Calling by The Clash) .

Well, now that I’ve shared mine. What movie news are you excited for this week?

28 thoughts on “Chat-worthy Flix Updates: Tintin, HP7, London Boulevard

    1. Ahahaha… I think I know why 😉 I hope they release it in the US this year as right now we’ve only got the UK release date which is later this month.

    1. Oh my, you got me. I love them all really, so it’s hard to pick a favorite… plus, since it’s in Indonesian it’s kinda awkward for me to read the titles in English 🙂 I do love the two books of them in space (Destination Moon and Explorers on the Moon)… the Thompson twins being accidentally left on the space ship is just hilarious! Tintin in Tibet always makes me tear up because of his friendship with Chang. Oh man, now I think I’m gonna read some Tintin when I get home!

      1. Ahaha damn, it’s true that most of them were equally awesome. I loved all of those as well as King Ottokar’s Sceptre, and The Red Sea Sharks where so many of the characters reappear. Also, The Seven Crystal Balls was a bit darker and ominous dealing that Rascar Capac curse.

  1. eh? simon pegg and nick frost is in Tintin too? I knew Jamie Bell is Tintin but didn’t know that dinamic duo is in it too. More reasons to wait for Tintin.

    I have never watched animation in cinema before…Tintin will be my 1st 🙂

    1. I think they’re playing the Thompson twins if I’m not mistaken… which is perfect casting IMO… absolutely brilliant! You’ve never watched animation in the theater? Not even any of Pixar movies? But yeah, I definitely will see Tintin in full 3D glory… especially the fact that they’re making it specifically FOR 3D.

      1. They’ll make a perfect Thompson twins…I love those characters 🙂
        Well…unfortunately, I don’t share the same enthusiasm toward digital animations as everyone else. Pixars are good for DVD. I love drawing animation way more, I’d love to watch any ghibli animation in cinema…too bad our cinema NEVER play them 😦

        When will Tintin be out?

        1. I know! That’s just icing on the cake on an already sumptuous dessert 😀 I like a good animation but I only watch Pixar stuff on the theater, the only one I wish I had seen on the big screen was How To Train Your Dragon, LOVE that one!

          Tintin isn’t gonna be out until December 2011 in the US… that’s too long of a wait as it is. Not sure when it’ll be released in Indo.

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    1. Well a lot of people are comparing this to that and Departed so it certainly has a similar vibe. The romance part appeals to me, it has the potential to be more interesting than simply a gangster story, to me anyway.

  4. I was just talking with a friend yesterday how Colin Farrell is obviously slowly coming back to box office after he was buried ten feet underground thanks to ALEXANDER and that home porn flick of his (which could be his best role so far 3:)

    1. I don’t know anything about the home porn thing but obviously I don’t follow gossips, but my friend Vince was just talking about how horrible Alexander was. Good thing I skip that one, but even from the trailer I didn’t think much of it… seriously, just the bleached blond alone is telling it’s plain bad casting. It’s more Oliver Stone’s fault than Farrell’s though.

      1. yep, Stone is to be blamed, although Colin’s acting was more than horrible, beside the horrible looks in the film. But there is a bright spot in ALEXANDER – the amazing music composed by legendary Vangelis. I recommend ROXANNE’S VEIL which Vangelis did with Vanessa Mae. It’s a breathtaking piece of music.

        1. Oh, not mention Angelina as his mother… I heard she was terrible in it also… I guess it’s just one of those movies to avoid. Oh yes, VANGELIS… of course, Chariots of Fire if probably his most famous work but I have his CD and this guy is amazing. Vanessa Mae is gorgeous and superbly talented as well, I’ll check out that song Dez, thank you.

  5. I’m honestly not really looking forward to seeing anything this weekend. I am interested in Due Date, just to see how much of my city they used in filming. But, not being a big Will Ferrell fan..I’m not to interested in Megamind. We’ll see how they turn out. More ready for Skyline in the next weekend!

    Nice post of 3’s!!

    1. Yeah, I’m not sure I’ll get to the theater this week. Most likely will be watching a bunch of Blu-ray flicks. My friend Ted promised to lend me Master & Commander and Blade Runner on Blu-ray and we still have Watchmen from another pal, as well as Days of Heaven. Whew, too many flicks too little time obviously [sigh]

      Not a Ferrell nor Pitt fan myself, so most likely Megamind is a skip for me. Skyline looks like a rental for me… I’m looking forward to your review if you decide to see it.

  6. Mike B.

    Got my eyes on that new Nick Cage film “Drive Angry”. Toupee, HOT chick, fast cars, 3D. CLASSIC!

    Seriously, I’m hoping “Due Date” is good. I love those guys!

    1. He..he.. yeah I gather you’d like that movie judging from the poster. I don’t think I’ll see that even on a rental… it’s got Ghost Rider vibe written all over it 😦

      Let me know what you think of Due Date. I like RDJ but not enough to make me want to see this… if the other guy were Jack Black or someone else equally likable, I might be slightly interested.

      1. I checked out Due Date. Surprisingly there is a lot more filmed in my city than I thought there would be. (that’s the main reason I decided to watch it). As a movie, it doesn’t really do it for me. RDJ (in my opinion) should not have added this film to his list of recent movies that he has been in since his “comeback.” I am still working on my review of the film. It will post later today. but, Ruth, you aren’t missing out on much when it comes to films that you like. Jack Black may have been a better choice!

    1. You should Aiden, it’s a lot of fun AND educational as Tintin travels all over the world and some of the stories are sometimes based on true events. It’s not your typical run-of-the-mill comics for sure… give ’em a shot.

  7. nat

    i am desperate to find out the name of the song in the first few minute/title of the london boulevard trailer. its driving me crazy! does anyone know it?

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