TV Watching Monday: Timothy Dalton shows his comic side on CHUCK!

The night I’ve been waiting for is finally here! I’ve started watching CHUCK again this season when I heard Timothy Dalton was going to guest star on the spy comedy and boy, the episode didn’t disappoint!! Thank you Josh Schwartz for inviting Mr. Dalton to the show! It was just absolutely brilliant to have him play against type as a dowdy, grandpa-sweater-wearing old guy and it’s obvious Dalton has impeccable comic timing. Most people either know him as the gritty James Bond or byronic hero Rochester in Jane Eyre, but he can be convincingly hilarious, as he was in Hot Fuzz and now on Chuck.

Dalton in a scene in Nov 1 Chuck episode

[spoiler alert] The moment he came on with a fork on Chuck’s neck, I knew he’d be fabulous! In his inimitable raspy voice he threatened to rip Chuck’s throat until he gave him his code word, then suddenly he turned into this wimpish bureaucrat type fellow who says he’s Mary’s (Chuck’s mom) handler. I love how he was a nervous wreck on the plane when he’s about to be tortured, “I had my first sexual experience watching ‘Lawrence of Arabia’!” LMAO! (Ok now that’s the first time I use that internet slang on my blog but that’s reserved for such an occasion as this!)

Dalton portrayed all the bumbling manners and every bit of the funny lines as Gregory Tuttle so perfectly it’s hard to imagine this guy was freakin’ 007!! But then when the revelation come at the end I literally jumped off my seat! The camera panned up from his shiny shoes, slowly revealing a man in a perfectly tailored suit and voila! Bumbling handler no more, suddenly he’s back in the 007 mode as a dashing spy. Only this time he’s a bad-ass Russian villain Alexei Volkoff who’s been working with Mary. As Dalton revealed to EW earlier today, he’s going to be in a few episodes, so we can expect more awesome Chuck/Mary/Volkoff face-offs in future episodes. Too bad I have to wait TWO WEEKS for that!!

Check out this clip of the plane scene with Saturday Night Life’s vet Anna Gasteyer (it’s no coincidence on NBC part that they’re running the Women of SNL show right after this one):

And guess what, as I was searching for clips of this episode on YouTube, apparently someone had uploaded the 1979 Charlie’s Angel‘s episode where Dalton guest starred as Farrah Fawcett’s lover Damien Roth. Man, just look at the guy, no wonder Cubby Broccolli kept pestering him to play Bond!

In the EW interview, Dalton also revealed a teeny bit about his role in The Tourist, “… [the movie] for me was another example of wanting to work with people. It doesn’t have to be a big part — I play a policeman in the film — but if someone like [German director Florian Henckel von] Donnersmarck asks you to come and it’s with two actors that you’ve never met before but have always admired, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, and it’s being shot in Venice, you take it.” I’d say Jolie and Depp are the lucky ones to be working with a real thespian like Dalton. He’s a huge reason why I’m interested in the movie in the first place!

Any fellow Chuck fans out there? What did you think of the episode?

18 thoughts on “TV Watching Monday: Timothy Dalton shows his comic side on CHUCK!

    1. Hey Ryan, yes it was awesome wasn’t it? Though I don’t think I could be disappointed with Dalton’s performance 😉 I can’t believe they make us wait 2 weeks to see the next episode though… [grumble, grumble]

  1. Haven’t watched the episode yet, gotta wait until Hulu uploads it, but I absolutely agree with your lovely comments about Dalton’s comic timing. That man is a master. Never really dug Bond either way (until the Craig era), but just for the frak of it, I might find Dalton’s [despite the negative press].

    And I love his quote at the end! I’m happy to see he hasn’t turned into Hopkins or Caine, choosing roles just because of the pretty scenery.

    But…there’s a two week break until the next CHUCK? I…uh…well…..CHUCK! Noooooo!

    1. You’ve got to watch it Andy, it’s fantastic! I like Chuck generally but last night episode took it to a whole new level of awesome. If you like Craig’s Bond then you might enjoy Dalton’s gritty portrayal, in fact, the reason for the negative press was that people just wasn’t ready for such a tough, ruthless 007 (as he said in the interview), but because of Casino Royale people end up having more appreciation for what Dalton did for the role.

      I kind of wish he had Caine or Hopkins’ career to be honest, I mean he’s in the same league as those people, not sure why he’s not as prolific. Oh well, I’ll take what I can get I suppose, looking forward for more of him in Chuck and in The Tourist!

  2. Margo

    Timothy Dalton is absolutely brilliant as always and I can’t wait two weeks to see him again in Chuck. I am not surprised that he has such comic timing. Watch him in Hawks, Hot Fuzz, and Rocketeer and enjoy yourself. Dalton is an actor’s actor and one of the few greats. I am so glad that Josh Schwartz is smart enough to appreciate Dalton. He is absolutely the perfect villain and should have won an oscar for Rocketeer.

    1. Hi Margo! Yeah, it’s cruel that we have to wait 2 weeks after such an excellent episode 😦 Yes I’ve seen him in all those 3 movies and he is fantastic and funny in them. Have you seen FRAMED? He’s pretty sarcastic and sinister as a con man, but the movie is humorous as well. Hear, hear about Neil Sinclair… if it were up to me, he’d have collected more than a few of those golden statuettes!

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    1. Oh did you actually watch the episode? That’s cool. I guess I don’t mind waiting for 2 wks if he were a mainstay in the show. Who knows if people like him a lot maybe he’ll get his own show [fingers crossed!]

        1. Oh awesome! I just hope he’ll be in at least 5 episodes… he’s just phenomenal in that role. Btw, did you watch the Charlie’s Angels clip? He is what I’d describe impossibly good looking… I LOVE the way he jogs too [swoon…]

          1. PrairieGirl

            You’re right, he has to be in a LOT more episodes. Yes, saw the CA clip, it made me want to see the whole thing. I wouldn’t say I’m a swooner for him in Chuck and CA, but for sure as him playing Rochester in Jane Eyre. And Scarlett is in my queue, so I imagine I will certainly swoon for him playing Rhett Butler!

            1. You can see the whole thing on Youtube… it’s awesome that someone posted it and it looks pretty decent. He is so beautiful he could easily just go for the pretty boy type but kudos to him that he never did. Well he’s just darling in JE, he actually made me read the Bronte book and that adaptation is very faithful to that.

              Hey let me know what you think of Scarlett!

  4. Ah, so many things in Chuck thrill me, but when Dalton took up the mantle as Tuttle-tuned-Volkoff, I was amazed. He is so talented and sharp as a tack, and he rocked that role. He was great. Going from mild-mannered and sincere to bloodthirsty and just a wee bit cookie was wonderful. He was a never ending source of entertainment for me. I recently watched season four and finished it, and I told Ricky (my other half) that they had never had such a compelling villain/awesome character in Chuck before or after him.

    1. Amen on all you said about Dalton! I wish he’d guest star in MORE tv shows, or better yet, get his own show!! I’m always baffled how someone as gorgeous and talented as him not get more work y’know. All his peer Shakespearean actors like Anthony Hopkins, Patrick Stewart, have no trouble getting work 😦 To be honest with you, I was watching Chuck in the first season but then lost interest, but of course I had to watch all the Dalton episodes!

      1. Haha! At least they brought someone to the show that was bound to pique your interest! I have wondered about that because he really has so much to offer and it seems people miss that!

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