TV Watching Monday: Timothy Dalton shows his comic side on CHUCK!

The night I’ve been waiting for is finally here! I’ve started watching CHUCK again this season when I heard Timothy Dalton was going to guest star on the spy comedy and boy, the episode didn’t disappoint!! Thank you Josh Schwartz for inviting Mr. Dalton to the show! It was just absolutely brilliant to have him play against type as a dowdy, grandpa-sweater-wearing old guy and it’s obvious Dalton has impeccable comic timing. Most people either know him as the gritty James Bond or byronic hero Rochester in Jane Eyre, but he can be convincingly hilarious, as he was in Hot Fuzz and now on Chuck.

Dalton in a scene in Nov 1 Chuck episode

[spoiler alert] The moment he came on with a fork on Chuck’s neck, I knew he’d be fabulous! In his inimitable raspy voice he threatened to rip Chuck’s throat until he gave him his code word, then suddenly he turned into this wimpish bureaucrat type fellow who says he’s Mary’s (Chuck’s mom) handler. I love how he was a nervous wreck on the plane when he’s about to be tortured, “I had my first sexual experience watching ‘Lawrence of Arabia’!” LMAO! (Ok now that’s the first time I use that internet slang on my blog but that’s reserved for such an occasion as this!)

Dalton portrayed all the bumbling manners and every bit of the funny lines as Gregory Tuttle so perfectly it’s hard to imagine this guy was freakin’ 007!! But then when the revelation come at the end I literally jumped off my seat! The camera panned up from his shiny shoes, slowly revealing a man in a perfectly tailored suit and voila! Bumbling handler no more, suddenly he’s back in the 007 mode as a dashing spy. Only this time he’s a bad-ass Russian villain Alexei Volkoff who’s been working with Mary. As Dalton revealed to EW earlier today, he’s going to be in a few episodes, so we can expect more awesome Chuck/Mary/Volkoff face-offs in future episodes. Too bad I have to wait TWO WEEKS for that!!

Check out this clip of the plane scene with Saturday Night Life’s vet Anna Gasteyer (it’s no coincidence on NBC part that they’re running the Women of SNL show right after this one):

And guess what, as I was searching for clips of this episode on YouTube, apparently someone had uploaded the 1979 Charlie’s Angel‘s episode where Dalton guest starred as Farrah Fawcett’s lover Damien Roth. Man, just look at the guy, no wonder Cubby Broccolli kept pestering him to play Bond!

In the EW interview, Dalton also revealed a teeny bit about his role in The Tourist, “… [the movie] for me was another example of wanting to work with people. It doesn’t have to be a big part — I play a policeman in the film — but if someone like [German director Florian Henckel von] Donnersmarck asks you to come and it’s with two actors that you’ve never met before but have always admired, Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie, and it’s being shot in Venice, you take it.” I’d say Jolie and Depp are the lucky ones to be working with a real thespian like Dalton. He’s a huge reason why I’m interested in the movie in the first place!

Any fellow Chuck fans out there? What did you think of the episode?

Timothy Dalton Joins Chuck! – The start of Dalton’s return to Hollywood?

Just a few days ago I read news that got me jumping up and down and giddy like a school girl. My fave British thespian Timothy Dalton joins CHUCK!!! NBC announced that the 64 year-old Englishman will guest-star in several episodes in the fourth season of the spy comedy show that premieres in September 26th.

As Zap2it blog says, Dalton will be playing a “mysterious stranger” who has ties to Chuck’s mom, who’s being played by Linda Hamilton. James Bond and Sarah Connor hanging out? The geek mind reels. Wow, with these kind of guests, they’re bound to eclipse the actual stars of the show!

Chuck... meet James Bond.

This is Dalton’s first appearance on an American network TV series since way back in 1979, when he had a stint on Charlie’s Angels, and he was an absolute hunk as Farrah Fawcett’s millionaire playboy boyfriend. He was also in one of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt episodes in 1992 as none other than a seductive werewolf!

I actually got into Chuck for one season, it’s an entertaining, funny and charming show, largely because Zachary Levi is so darn likable in his bumbling geeky-ness. My hubby also enjoys the show for miss Yvonne Strahovski 😉  The episode I saw had Brandon Routh guest-starring, which probably what got me watching the show in the first place. Though I must admit, having Routh there was a bit of a hunk-overload as he, Chuck and Captain Awesome’s Ryan McPartlin are all tall and freakishly good looking. Well now, NBC has scored yet another awesome guest star that will definitely get me tuned in once again. Btw, it seems inevitable that James Bond will make an appearance on that show, it’s obvious the creators are fond of that franchise. I mean, just look at the poster!

Now, the title of this post might be more of my wishful thinking, but it seems that for a long while he had been absent in both movies and tv world, until sometime last year when he guest starred in the massively popular BBC show Doctor Who. And then he was part of the billion-dollar blockbuster Toy Story 3, though he was grossly underused, followed by news that he’ll have a part in The Tourist (it’s killing me that I still don’t know what role he’ll play, and less than four months away we still haven’t got so much as a trailer!) In any case, that’s four pretty high-profile projects — albeit in small doses — in one year! I sure hope that this is just the beginning of Dalton’s return to Hollywood. Would somebody please give him his own TV show already?? Or better yet, a lead role in a solid movie in the vein of Michael Caine’s Harry Brown or on the drama side, Brian Cox’s The Good Heart. He’d have been great in Ralph Fiennes’ Coriolanus as well. People only know him as Bond, but he’s a character actor who can pretty much do drama, comedy, thriller, you name it (man, I should apply to be his agent!) and will add gravitas (not to mention eye candy) to any project. Ok, I’m not going to say much more about this man’s talent, I’ve already covered that in great length in this post.

Well, do any of you watch Chuck? And if you could see any of your favorite actor in any TV show this Fall, who and what would it be?