Flix Posters of the Week: HP7 Character Posters

Is it just me or does anyone else think that seemingly every week we’ve got a new set of Harry Potter character posters. Even if you don’t read the books or watch their movies, it’s hard to deny HP is such a marketing juggernaut, a global business phenomenon with seemingly ‘magical’ powers when it comes to marketing their brand. There’s even a book dedicated to analyze and dissect the ginormous success of J.K. Rowling and her creation from a business perspective, which I’m sure is used as a curriculum in various marketing classes. The fact that AOL Time Warner own Warner Bros afford them such a wide, all-encompassing marketing opportunities to reach consumers through all kinds of medium: TV, magazines, social media, you name it.

In any case, the creative folks working for Warner Bros must be having a field day churning these out, especially if they’ve got a gazillion marketing dollars to burn! These three sets of character posters are from Impawards.com site.

These are probably my favorites of the three. The angles are interesting and I always like posters where the people aren’t looking into the camera. But they do remind me of those Inception banners a bit, maybe because of those building shots in the background and the cool, bluish tones.

I call these ones the duos character posters, I don’t see these type of ‘pairing’ style very often, but I quite dig ’em. It offers a nice variety from the usual trio versions, but the first one of Harry and Hermione kind of make me think of a romantic thriller for some reason. I mean, if I had never heard of the series and had no idea what HP7 stands for, I might deduce that this story involves this couple and perhaps takes place on some kind of a train 🙂

Ooooh, gritty, brooding… not to mention creepy. So simple yet perhaps the most striking. I mean, if you see this on a bus or an underground transit somewhere, it’d be hard to ignore these. And this one of Voldemort might actually give you nightmares if you come across it in a dark alley! These are decidedly darker and edgier and a not so subtle way to tell the world that Harry, Ron and Hermione aren’t kids any more! I mean, look, Harry and Ron are sporting the scruff now. And Hermione’s got that sinister look going on, piercing through your soul (ok, not really but she tries).

It’s less than a month before the first part of the final film is released on Nov. 19 and thank goodness they abandon the 3D version. I’m not against 3D technology of course, but I am against horribly-made 3D movies (i.e. Clash of the Titans). Why ruin a potentially good movie with something that probably add little or nothing to the overall enjoyment of watching it. Considering the crazy anticipation for this, you’d think the studios would want the series to end on a high note.

Anyway, back to the posters, what do you think of these sets? Any particular favorite?

26 thoughts on “Flix Posters of the Week: HP7 Character Posters

  1. Mike B.

    I’ve never considered Harry Potter an original concept. From the start it felt like Lord of the Rings with a twist. Now this franchise is ripping off Twilight’s look. Going all “bad” with the photography. The only thing missing are fangs and Harry shirtless all buff and shinny …

    1. Have you read or watched any of the books/movies? They’re way better than Twilight ever tried to be, which is pretty much a schmaltzy soap opera of teen vampires. One of the best thing about HP is the fact that there’s no gratuitous naked torso, sparkly or otherwise!

  2. They look so serious… The fate of the world is in their hands!!! Oh nevermind, someone should have told them the pictures were for a Harry Potter movie 🙂

    1. Hey Castor, it was great finally meeting you dude!

      Ha..ha.. for the 3rd set they should’ve slapped the ‘Why so serious?’ tagline on there somewhere 🙂

  3. Ted S.

    Fall who are wondering why everyone looks so serious well it’s because the last chapter is very serious, well in the Harry Potter world anyways. Lets just say some of the well known characters won’t make it to the end credits. If you’re also a fan of the books then you know who I’m talking about.

    As for the 3D thing, I’m glad I don’t have to wear another glasses over my glasses when I go see this in theater. I don’t care for 3D at all.

    1. Hey Ted, yeah I remember you telling me about how dark and well, serious the ending of the books were. Oooh, don’t tell me who’ll perish… though I have a hunch who won’t make it. I think it’s safe to say Harry survives though 🙂

      Oh I know, I’m not crazy about the 3D glasses either. I cried so much during Toy Story 3 and it totally smudged the glasses and I couldn’t clean ’em! So I had to watch the last 20 minutes with blurred vision. NOT fun!

    1. Hey Aiden, didn’t know you’re an HP fan too. Yeah, I’m definitely going to see this on opening night, it’ll be the first HP movie I see on the theater!

      1. Wow. That’s huge. Well, the only one I’ve seen is Order of the Phoenix, so I’m pretty much in the same boat. Read through the books in one feel swoop for the first time last year. Better late than never, but they were so damn good.

        1. I haven’t got around to reading the books, but did hear lots of great things about ’em.

          Wahoo, I’ll check out the YouTube vid later today. Thanks Aiden!

  4. They come out with soo many posters for each of the movie. And all of them look pretty much alike…using the same colour palettes and all. But the profile posters for this one look a bit different, a more bare n gritty look.

    1. Well, since I’m a relative HP newbie, I never paid attention to the old posters. That’s why these seem fresh to me. I’m guessing the 3rd set is a big departure from what they’ve been doing though, VERY dark indeed.

  5. If I drown in Harry Potter, I’d be okay with it. The books, the movie, the lore, the excitement of it all has won my heart over in spades, and I could care less who knows it. I’ve scared my neighbors over the years have battles with light sabors and grown adults in my front yard, swords pretending I’ve been fighting for middle earth, and before I attend a screening of The Deathly Hallows, I don’t doubt I won’t be outside pretending I have a wand in two feet of snow in Hogsmeade. I can’t get enough of Harry Potter.

    1. Ahahaha… you are too cute, Heather! I’m not at your level in terms of excitement yet, but I’m slowly becoming one… in fact, I wish I could go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter soon. Oh boy, wouldn’t that be fun? I don’t care if I have to be in line with the little kiddies… I am a kid at heart!

  6. Well it was all very exciting in London last night at the premiere! It was strange seeing this once pre-teen cast all grown up, especially a stunning Emma Watson and her shortest of short dresses.

    1. Were you there, Dan?? If so, I’m terrible jealous!! Yeah I’ve been thinking of that too, Emma is stunning with her pixie cut and lovely, edgy dress. I like her sense of style.

      I can’t wait for HP7 next weekend. Does it open today in the UK?

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