Counting down to TCFF: Watch the films, meet the filmmakers

The Autumn Equinox has arrived for us in the USA and the rest of the northern hemisphere! Fall is my favorite season and this year there’s something else to be excited about Autumn here in Minnesota! In four days, Tuesday, September 28 will mark the debut of the annual TWIN CITIES FILM FEST, premiering with documentary Waiting for Superman, followed by Q&A with its director, Davis Guggenheim. Have you secured your ticket yet?

When I was at TIFF back in 2005, I got a chance to watch a couple of movies with the director in attendance: a Norse warrior adventure tale Beowulf & Grendel (Sturla Gunnarsson) and a quirky musical comedy Romance & Cigarettes (John Turturro). In fact, at the world premiere of Beowulf & Grendel, the entire cast were also in attendance (just a few rows behind me!), including my personal fave Gerard Butler. Good thing I didn’t realize it until after as I’d have a real trouble concentrating on the movie! 😀 It’s a really cool feeling to be able to watch a film knowing the people involved in making the film are watching it with you. Even better if you can actually ask questions about it afterward!

Well, Guggenheim isn’t the only filmmaker who will be attending the five-day festival. Check out the list below of who else will be in attendance for the premiere of their films:

  • Night Catches US
    Tanya Hamilton (Director) Confirmed with Q & A
  • Sin Retorno
    Guillermo Ivan (Director and Actor) Confirmed
  • Worlds Largest
    Amy Elliot (Director) Confirmed with Q & A
  • A Good Day to Die
    David Mueller and Lynn Salt (Directors) Confirmed with Q & A
  • Phasma Ex Machina
    Matt Osterman (Director) Confirmed with Q & A
  • Nature of Existence
    Roger Nygard (Director) Confirmed with Q & A
  • Man Made
    Vaughn Juarez (Director) Confirmed with Q & A
  • Channel News
    Jacob Kindberg (Director) Confirmed with Q & A
    Sarah Kindberg (Actor) Confirmed with Q & A
  • Fanny, Annie and Danny
    Chris Brown (Director) Intended with Q & A

Minnesota Shorts Directors Attending:

  • AS BREATH ON GLASS – Maria Bias (Screening with Channel News)
  • DINNER DATE – Paul Von Stoetzel (Screening with Fanny, Annie & Danny)
  • ESSENSE – Katie Mac (Screening with Night Catches Us)
  • FLOURTOWN – William Slichter  (Screening with Secretariat)
  • PER BIANCA – James Snapko (Screening with Nowhere Boy)
  • PHOTOS AND DRAWINGS – Jon Maichel Thomas (Screening with Conviction)
  • SOMEONE, SOMETHING – Matt Joyer  (Screening with World’s Largest)
  • THE ACTIVIST – Phillip Montgomery (Screening with Toxic Soup)

Check out the official website for descriptions of each of the film and get your tickets!

4 thoughts on “Counting down to TCFF: Watch the films, meet the filmmakers

  1. Right now I’m looking at my notebook at the showtimes for Buried, The Town, “Superman”, Never Let Me Go and Catfish to plan out what movie I will pay for and then what following two movies I will sneak into. My fiancee (who is a public school teacher in NYC) is not to happy about what she’s heard about “Superman”, but I’m interested all the same. Damn, such a weak Summer and now all of a sudden I’m spending an entire Saturday trying to see as much as I can. Awesome, I guess. Just hoping it rains.

    1. He..he.. so you’re what Hatter calls the theater-jumpers, eh? 😉 Oh I didn’t know your fiance is a teacher, that’s cool. Yeah, I heard ‘Superman’ is causing a stir (both good and bad), but regardless of which side you’re on, it’ll surely make for an interesting discussion.

      I’m hoping to see The Town also, Aiden, and it’s been a rainy here, perfect moviegoing days. Looking forward to reading your review on that. I may not always agree with you, but I always enjoy reading your excellent write up!

    1. He..he.. try as you might, Peter 🙂 I think everyone is allowed to have at least one movie crush, right?

      Next week is gonna be a busy one for me as I’ll be blogging and volunteering at the event. Hope I get to see all the movies I want to see.

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