31-Days Movie Meme: Final Three

Day 27 – Best villain

Now, this is a tricky one, what constitutes ‘best’ villain? Are we grading ’em based on entertainment factor, as they’re naughty but oh so much fun to watch? Now those I’ve covered in this post of charming bad boys. Or the most evil? In which case they get under our skin so much we wish we could forget them (i.e. Schindler’s List’s Amon Goeth, The Silence of the Lambs’ Hannibal Lecter, Cape Fear‘s Mac Cady, and the baddest of all, the face I wish I could un-see, Regan from The Exorcist).

Well, for this meme, I decided to go with the most amusing: Castor Troy – Face/Off.

This John Woo’s movie is one of my all time guilty pleasures, and Castor Troy is such a juicy role that BOTH of the main leads, John Travolta and Nicolas Cage get to play him. ‘In order to catch him, he must become him‘ – the tag line refers to FBI agent Sean Archer undergoing a risible medical procedure to literally don his nemesis’ face. It’s hard to pick whose of the two portrayal I like best, as both actors did an awesome job and brought some memorable scenes as the deranged, peach-lovin’ villain.
Here he is, played initially by Cage, introduced to the screen with Woo’s signature slo-mo. Flowing long black coat, fancy specs, and those twin golden guns, he’s a bad-ass psychopath who enjoys his jet-setting life, as much as he does destroying those who get in the way.

[SPOILER ALERT!] And one of my favorite scenes is when Travolta’s Troy (wearing Sean Archer’s face) visits the real FBI agent in prison.
Castor Troy: Wooowhee. You good lookin’
[approaches Archer]
Castor Troy: It’s like looking in a mirror, only, not.
As Troy tells him what happened to his colleagues, the only two who knew about the procedure, and the fact that he’s now living at his home with his wife and daughter, the look on Archer’s face is gut-wrenching.He gives a whole new meaning to evil has many faces!

Day 29 – Movie you have watched more than 10 times

This is an easy one. Obviously this is one I wish I’d have with me if I were stranded on a desert island, as I’ve seen this countless time and am still enamored by it. I also listen to its soundtrack in my car, really, there’s few movies I love as much as this one. No doubt you know what movie it is from this collage.

Day 30 – Saddest death scene [spoiler alert, obviously]

As I was thinking about which movie death scene that never failed to move me, these three comes to mind.
  1. Moulin Rouge – Satine dies in Christian’s arms
    This is such a devastating and tear-jerker scene as the scene that preceded it was so jubilant and full of hope as Christian finally gets the girl of his dreams and the bad guy/rival has lost. Alas, his biggest enemy is one he cannot defeat…

  2. The Man in the Iron Mask – D’Artagnan’s death
    D’Artagnan is my favorite character in this movie, as I revealed in details here. He dies in the midst of saving the life of his own son… at the hand of his other son. Ok, so the script isn’t the greatest, but Gabriel Byrne‘s performance was so full of heart that I cried every time I saw that scene. Sadly the very scene has been removed, but this supbar trailer is still online, so I’m afraid that’s all I can show you.

  3. The Lion King – Mufasa’s death
    Again, a father dies in the midst of saving his own son from danger, also at the hand of his own family member. Perhaps one of the most dramatic death scene ever in movies is the form of an animated film. I wince at the scene when Mufasa’s own brother Scar grabs his paws with his sharp claws and Mufasa yelps in pain. And in almost Shakespearean-tragedy fashion, Scar stares down at him and says, ‘Long, live the king.’ before tossing him down to his death.

    I just realized Jeremy Irons is present in the last two death scenes. In The Man in the Iron Mask, he watches his friend D’Artagnan dies and this time he’s the voice behind Mufasa’s malicious brother Scar.


And this concludes the (partial) 31-Days movie meme posts for the month!

On that note, care to share your version on any of today’s meme?

14 thoughts on “31-Days Movie Meme: Final Three

  1. I am honored that you would choose me as your best villain in movies. Indeed I am. Now, just to make myself clear, I do not condone the assassination of Sean’s kid but this coward had to use his son as human shield!!! Or maybe, I’m not as good with a rifle than I am with my twin golden desert eagles muahahahha. Now if you excuse me, I have some business to attend to with Mrs. Archer aAHAHAHAH

  2. I believe my favourite villains are those from the first (and the only ones I respect) BATMANS – Jack Nicholson and Tommy Lee Jones, I adore Poison Ivy as a character (I’d fight for everything she fights for) but I hated Uma in the role.

    I watched MOULING ROUGE, MURIEL’S WEDDING and THE MUMMY more than ten times 🙂 And I watched all episodes of FRIENDS, SEX AND THE CITY, THE NANNY and some others ten times at least.

    The saddest death scene – the death of Bambi’s mother off course :((((((((((((((((((((((((( and maybe the death of Cate Blanchett in BENJAMIN BUTTON because I hate how people go crazy about Brad in that movie, but forget that Cate played a sick, dying, old woman in her death bed for half of the movie narrating the whole story.

    1. Sorry Dez, I’m actually the opposite in terms of Batman villains. I prefer the less, um circus-y versions.

      Oh I think I’ve watched Moulin Rouge about a dozen times, but usually just some of the musical parts, not the whole thing. I do love The Mummy, too, that’s why it pains me what’s happening with Brendan Fraser!

      Oh yes, Bambi’s mother… man I was bawling when I watched that, even now it’s still such a tearjerker! Haven’t watched Benjamin Button yet even though I LOVE Blanchett, but most likely I’ll shed more tears for her character more than Pitt’s.

      1. I saw Benjamin Button. Wasn’t bad, but it felt a little too long

        btw i replied to your comment on my blog. I’m not trying to pester you or anything, but i wasn’t sure if you knew i replied

  3. I love Castor! Face/Off is a great film, despite what so many people think about it. I don’t even call it a guilty pleasure because I think the film has great merit.

    I tried to sit thru Moulin twice and both times had to turn it off. Could’t stand it….but YEA for Lion King!!!! Haha

    1. I could hug you right now Peter!! Glad you appreciate Face/Off, it is a compelling film and despite some cheesy moments, it’s got a great premise and wonderful performances from both Travolta and Cage.

      No love for Moulin? 😦 Well it is perhaps too flamboyant for a lot of people.

  4. Ted S.

    There are many great villains in films but my favorite is Gordon Gekko from Wall Street, he’s probably the most realistic villain in cinema. I’m looking forward to the sequel but not sure about Shia in the movie though. I also like Hans Gruber from Die Hard and Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Silence of the Lambs.

    As for films I watched more than ten times, there are many but I used to watch Face/Off many times when I first got it on DVD, saw it in theater twice, love that movie. I still watch Blade Runner, Heat, Godfather 1 & 2 and Batman Begins regularly.

    1. Hi Ted! Oh yeah, Gordon Gekko is a good one, and you’re right that I’m sure there are a few people like him in the real Wall Street. Well, Shia’s been voted ‘best bang for buck’ for 2 yrs in a row. I don’t mind him so much, he’s actually quite watchable even in those dismal Transformer flicks. Hans Gruber is in my Charming Bad Boy list, LOVE Alan Rickman!

      Glad you share my affinity for Face/Off, the movie really is fun to watch. Y’know I have never seen Blade Runner, can you believe it? If you have it on DVD (not Blu-Ray), may I borrow it?? 🙂

      1. Ted S.

        You have to check out Blade Runner and sorry I have it on Blu-ray only. Actually I would recommend you wait till you get a Blu-ray player then watch the movie in that format. The film looks amazing in HD.

        1. Well I’m hoping we’ll get that by the end of the year, so I’ll take you up on it. I’m sure it looks great, most of Ridley’s films do. Thanks for the offer, Ted!

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