Cool Inception Info Graphic – have you seen it?

Happy Friday all! I for one am glad the weekend’s around the corner. It’s been a tough week at work as I’m buried with piles of work. So pardon me for a lack of real post today, but I do want to share this super cool chart my husband showed my a couple of days ago.

If you haven’t seen the film and don’t want to know any spoiler, then move away from this page.

It’s part of a contest by Fast Company‘s Co.Design website asking readers to create an infographic explaining Inception. “The movie needed it, given how complex it was,” it said. Well, behold the winner, created by Rick Slusher, a graphic-designer based in New York:

Image courtesy of

You can see the full details, as well as explanation from the artist himself, on this page. I must say I’m very impressed by the elegance and simplicity of the chart, but yet it illustrates the dream-within-a-dream layers concept pretty well. Of course, the fact that the chart suggests that Leo’s character Cobb back to the real world is debatable. When I finished watching, I immediately thought that he must still be in the dream because one, his totem keeps on spinning, and two, his kids are still wearing the same clothes as in the dream.

In any case, the movie’s plot might be purposely inconclusive, but it’s safe to say this infographic is quite brilliant. Don’t you agree?

13 thoughts on “Cool Inception Info Graphic – have you seen it?

  1. And you say I’m a chart addict? lol 🙂 Kind of cool but I don’t see why people are making all these fancy graphics and charts, it really wasn’t that complex!

    1. Ahhahaha… I guess there are people who love ’em more than you 😉 Again Castor, I think you’re a Mensa member as most people think it’s complex. I wish I had this chart with me as I’m watching it.

    1. Well, that’s definitely a possibility, Andy. Though I hate when directors do that, have all these convoluted stuff going on and make it all just a dream! Aaarrgh!

        1. Yup, I think Nolan’s definitely one upped Keyser Söze. Ambiguous ending is tricky though, only the really gifted should attempt as coming from a lesser director, it could come off as a cop out as the guy himself doesn’t know how to end it! 😉

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