Who will win the weekend? The Expendables vs. Eat, Pray, Love

Everyone’s been calling it the ultimate battle of the sexes at the movies this weekend. Of course it isn’t the first time an explosive action-packed movie opens against a chick flick, nothing new there, but it seems that with The Expendables vs. Eat, Pray, Love, the contrast couldn’t be more… well ginormous. As massive as the size of these guys’ biceps!


Well, if you’ve visited FC long enough you’ll know which theater I’ll be in. As far as chick-flicks go, Eat, Pray, Love is like the “mother-lode” of that genre, and no, it’s not the Four Weddings and a Funeral kind, if you catch my drift. Movieline said this when the trailer first came out: “… it is about a woman who gets tired of having sex with Billy Crudup and James Franco, so she goes around the world eating carbs until she gets to have sex with Javier Bardem.” Ha! It’s an oversimplification of course, but hey, judging from the trailer, it’s pretty spot on IMO. Ok, I also have a beef about it… Julia’s character says, “I’m going to Italy, then to India, and end the year in… Bali.” Ok, so not people know where Indonesia is, but not only would it makes a perfect trio of countries starting with the letter ‘i’, Bali isn’t a freakin’ country!!

Anyway, I read this one review I found through WordPress dashboard, and it pretty much sums up why this movie doesn’t appeal to me at all. Looks like even the critics are more in favor of Mr. Stallone and the gang on rottentomatoes. So yeah, BRING IT ON, guys! (It looks so testosterone-charged I’ll probably grow balls by the end credits) 🙂

So, between these two and Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim, what will you be watching this weekend?

42 thoughts on “Who will win the weekend? The Expendables vs. Eat, Pray, Love

  1. PrairieGirl

    The best part of your post is this: “It looks so testosterone-charged I’ll probably grow balls by the end credits” Can’t believe that came from you rtm, but hey, I love it! I don’t think I’ll be in theater for either, but both look OK for the Netflix queue. Would watch EPL more for the scenery than anything else. If I had to choose, TE would win.

    1. He..he.. couldn’t help myself 🙂 But I mean, just look at that poster!

      EPL surely has gorgeous scenery, but then again if that’s all I wanted to see, I’ll just watch one of those Rick Steeves shows.

  2. I’m not really gunning for either, but Julia Roberts is something special and though neither are opening HERE this weekend I’d see Eat, Pray, Love (Viola Davis and Javier too?). I don’t trust rottentomatoes so, that really doesn’t sway me either way.

    1. I don’t either, Andrew, and some movies are critics-proof for me as I’d rather make my own judgment. But I’m still curious to see how a movie is received critically.

  3. Julian

    Does anyone else think the way people talk about these matchups is kind of…well,sexist?

    I mean, its like people think all male movie watchers need to have something exploding every 5 minutes and all female viewers need is a female character having love problems?

    Not trying to single you out rtm, its just something that generally annoys me. Sorry if this comes off as insulting

    1. No offense taken, I see your point Julian. Generally I don’t even see the battle of the sexes thing at the movies, but given how undeniably macho The Expendables is and how big the contrast between the two, I couldn’t help taking that angle for the post. But yeah, I’m with you obviously, just ’cause I’m a chick doesn’t mean I’m automatically drawn to EPL or movies where the female character is having love problems 🙂 Especially not after reading that review (which happens to be written by a girl in her mid 20s).

      1. Julian

        Yeah, i saw a movie a while ago focusing on a Iranian woman, and after watching i wondered why american made “chick flicks” always have to be so…well, generic(i really wish i could remember the title of that movie, but its not coming to me. I might ask my dad if he might remember the title).

        Although, i do remember another movie that could be considered a “chick flick” that me(and my dad) enjoyed titled “Definitely, Maybe”(it more focuses on a guy with love problems,. but it could have easily fallen to the chick flick cliches). And Buffy the Vampire Slayer remains one of my fav tv shows of all time.

        1. That’s why I don’t watch much chick flicks, Julian. I don’t dislike the genre, as there are some truly worthy ones out there, but 90% of the time, they’re so banal and predictable. Hey, let me know what’s the title of that Iranian woman flick, I’m curious now.

          Haven’t seen Definitely, Maybe but have heard good things about it. I should check that out one day.

          1. Julian

            Its my opinion that most of the time a good movie or tv show should be able to appeal to most genders(i put in most because i generally don’t use absolutes).

            And the Iranian woman flick is called Persepolis. And i definitely think you should check out the other movie i recommended. neither me or my dad are chick flick fans(my dad more so) but we both enjoyed it.

  4. I actually translated the EAT LOVE PRAY book this summer for the readers in Serbia, and although the book was great I must admit I think Julia was terribly miscast in this role, so I’m definitely not watching the movie, which saddens me horribly :((

    1. I read some reviews that mentioned the miscasting of Julia, so I don’t think you’re alone. Not having read the book, I though she at least has some resemblance to the author, but she is so larger than life that she might overpower the story. Well, you can always just re-read the book then Dez.

      1. re-read my own words and translations??? No, thanks :)))
        I almost did the translation of GUARDIANS OF GA HOOLE this summer, as well, but alas didn’t get it due to some deadlines :(((

    1. Hear! Hear!

      The only real question is whether The Expendables will trounce The Losers and The A-Team in the battle of the macho-douche mercenary movies… So far, the critics say no, we’ll see if the box office says yes…

      1. It’s amazing how many ensemble-cast actioner are released this year, it’s like suddenly all the writers come up with the same idea all at once, very creative bunch these Hollyweirds, aren’t they? And none of them manage to pull above 50% rottentomatoes rating.

  5. Mike B.

    Great post! Nice hooking the two flicks in a deathmatch of sorts. Kudos to Hollywood for providing such a clear choice of films this weekend. My GF isn’t all that into EPL, however, I’m not sure she want’s a does of testosterone either?

    1. Yep, the deathmatch is more about the stars (Sly vs. Julia), not the audience, as there are probably a lot of gals (like me) who are more drawn towards Expendables, though there are probably less dudes being drawn to EPL.

      So maybe take your GF to Scott Pilgrim, then. I think some of the exes of his love interest are pretty cute? Chris Evans, Brandon Routh… 🙂

    1. Expendables is the quintessential Summer bombastic flick, no doubt about it. There’s definitely something for everyone this weekend.

  6. Needless to say, The Expendables!! I will probably be disappointed and the 40 -some % RT score doesn’t help but I have been waiting for this movie for so long! Eat Pray Love will probably be a Netflix watch 🙂

  7. Eat Pray Love was the only one that I ended up missing this weekend! I have to play catch up! I watched all the rest though! So I know that you’ve been waiting for EPL to release, was it all that you had hoped for? I can’t wait to read your review!

    1. I think you’re confusing this with someone else 🙂 It’s Expendables I’ve been anticipating, NOT EPL, so you won’t see a review of it on this blog. Btw, did you like The Expendables?

      1. hahahahaha. your response was so funny! I was hoping you’d catch that! I enjoyed Expendables very much! It was better than I had hoped. With all the action stars, one can never be sure of the story development. I liked it! You?

        1. Didn’t get to see it this weekend, but hopefully next week. Yeah, I think this is a movie where the stars definitely trample the plot but seems like the audience don’t mind. So who’s the baddest one of ’em all? 🙂

          1. I’d have to say that, IMO, Jason Statham was the baddest. Although his acting wasn’t the very best, you get to see him fight using different weapons and styles and, well, he’s just a bad man!

            1. Ha..ha.. yeah, that guy is fearless. He’s not a big guy but man, but don’t let that fool you. Did you know he’s a former Olympic diver, that’s why he’s so nimble.

    1. Yeah wow, I guess Sly’s gamble truly paid off, it could’ve gone the other way around, too.

      As for EPL, ‘… drowning in the self pity of a rich white woman’ Ouch, that’s almost as snarky as that woman’s review linked on this post 🙂

  8. Julian

    It seems that quite a few people(according to EW anyways) don’t want to watch Scott Pilgrim because of Michael Cera, which i find kind of sad. He is not the only actor to get typecast, but from the comments i read people act like no other actor has ever had a string of repetitive roles. And i think YOuth In Revolt shouldn’t have bombed like it did. I mean, he broke away from his usual role for it, and the movie still didn’t get much attention. I’m not saying it was a masterpiece, but i think it should have flopped.

    Not a die hard Cera fan either, i just feel like he is getting punished excessively for something other actors and actress’s have done

    1. Hi Julian, it’s late so I can’t say very much. But I’ve just finished a post related to what you’re saying here. Look for it tomorrow. Would love to hear your thoughts on that topic 🙂

      Have yourself a good night wherever you are.

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