Happy Birthday Eric Bana!

One of my favorite Aussie actors Eric Bana turns 42 today! I just want to pay a quick tribute to the handsome and talented actor who began his career as a stand-up comedian, he even had his own TV show The Eric Bana Show Live in Australia.

The first time I saw him was in Ang Lee’s Hulk, and I immediately took notice. The film tanked but that was hardly his fault as he made a terrific Bruce Banner with his sympathetic portrayal of the Marvel hero. The following year, 2003, he was cast in the Wolfgang Petersen’s swords & sandals flick Troy as the valiant and righteous Hector. Apparently Brad Pitt recommended him to the producers after he liked Bana’s performance in a crime biopic Chopper, his feature film debut. Thanks Brad, as Bana really was the best thing about the movie for me.

The movie itself was just ok, nowhere near the ‘epic’ quality that was Gladiator, but some scenes stood out to me (mostly when Bana’s on screen really). One of them is this fantastic duel between the two bitter enemies. The ending broke my heart, especially when Achilles dishonored his body 😦 He may have been the legendary Greek warrior, but because of Bana’s affecting performance, I will always root for Prince Hector!

Bana can be seen in the upcoming thriller Hanna, alongside Cate Blanchett and Saiorse Ronan, due out next April.

15 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Eric Bana!

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    1. Yes I have, I guess I should’ve mentioned it here again but I did when I talked about him here: http://wp.me/pxXPC-IH

      I like espionage thrillers like that, and Munich was intense indeed. I think The Debt with Sam Worthington and Helen Mirren sort of has the same feel.

  4. ok, Flixy, we really got to agree between the two of us who will jump out of Bana’s birthday cake to surprise him? :))))))
    His performance as Hector is still my favourite epic role of all times, and he had such a stunning chemistry there with Suffron Burrows.

    1. I’ll let you take the honor, Dez 🙂 Yes, lucky Saffron, but then again she’s a statuesque beauty herself. I think without Hector I wouldn’t even watch Troy, I mean the other dudes are either Pitt or Orlando Kablooey. I wish they had given Sean Bean and Vincent Regan far more screen time!

      1. Rose Byrne was also quite charming in TROY, she was pretty much the main character in it, while I found Diane Krueger and Orly Bloom a bit boring in the movie. Peter O Toole was great as usually!

        1. Oh right, Rose Byrne. I thought she was so beautiful, more captivating than even Helen of Troy! Too bad she had to be all lovey-dooey with Brad Pitt though… I’d rather have Saffron’s role 🙂

          1. yes, and the obvious and deep difference between the superficial and stupid characters of Paris, Helen and Achilles in one side, and the profound, human, honourable and intelligent characters of Hector and Andromeda, really stands out in the movie.
            I also think that Saffron wasn’t just beautiful as Hector’s wife but she also gave an expressive performance perfectly and almost stunningly portraying the unimaginable pain and sorrow of a woman who’s husband is being killed in front of her eyes, and all that in just ten minutes she maybe had in the whole movie.
            She’s a type of strong actress that Gery Butler needed as his queen Gorgo in 300 instead of the weak Lenna Headey.

  5. Eric Bana was the best thing about Troy and Munich. He usually does a good job and it’s nice to see him try new things like comedies and romantic dramas lately.

    1. Yep, Bana’s great even if the movie is just so so. He’s a natural in comedies because he is a comedian. I’m not entirely sold on him as a romantic leading man yet, need to see more of him in that role.

  6. I had no idea he was a stand up comedian. He’s such a strong dramatic actor I would have never known.

    He’s so handsome, and so seemingly understated. I love him, so happy birthday Eric Bana.

    1. Yes he was, it floored me when I found out. Since Hulk was the first time I saw him in, it was mind boggling because he was so intense.

      Btw, about the Troy thing, I was gonna say something unfavorable about the guy playing Achilles but I retracted as I knew you like him a lot 🙂

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