Have a great Fourth!

TGIF! No movie post for today, folks, I just want to wish my American friends a Happy Fourth of July weekend! Best part for me is the 3-day weekend and time for some fun in the sun with friends. Anybody going to watch Independence Day for the umpteenth time on TV? It’s very much a tradition the way It’s A Wonderful Life is played on Christmas day. ID4 is cheesier than Wisconsin cheese but hey, at least it’s got one of the most rousing speeches by Bill Pullman, no?

Photo courtesy of stpaulrealestateblog.comAnyhoo, we’re going kayaking/canoeing on one of MN’s abundant lakes this weekend, and maybe catch the fireworks with a throng of people sitting on one of the Cities’ famous bridge.

The Twi-hards and I might actually have something in common, too, as someone just lent me a Rob Pattinson movie. He..he.. no, he’s not wearing a cake-y white powder nor a body glitter on this one. It’s the romantic drama Remember Me, which was actually reviewed here last April by a guest blogger Mike B. He actually liked it and it came highly recommended by my Twi-hard friend (natch!), so we’ll see if I like it.

Are you going to see any movie this weekend? For me, there’s really nothing to see between now until July 16 when Inception comes out. Man, I can hardly wait!

Have a smashing weekend, everybody!

15 thoughts on “Have a great Fourth!

  1. PrairieGirl

    Might see Toy Story 3 or Get Him to the Greek in theaters, and have a classic from 1941 at home: That Hamilton Woman with Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier.
    From IMDb: Sir William Hamilton, a widower of mature years, is British ambassador to the Court of Naples. Emma (Leigh) who comes for a visit with her mother wouldn’t cut the grade with London society but she gets along well with the Queen of Naples. Emma likes being Lady Hamilton and life goes smoothly until Lord Nelson (Olivier) pays a visit. Sir William decides at first to let his young wife have her fling and pretends not to know what is going on. But the real life lovers, whose first screen romance was in “Fire Over England” (1937) have an even more burning passion for each other in this film.
    Sounds promising. You have a great 4th holiday too.

    1. Go see Toy Story 3, Becky… you’ll love it. I’ve hardly ever been disappointed with Pixar so far.

      Vivien Leigh & Laurence Olivier, didn’t they used to be lovers? Funny that Addicted to Films just mentioned an Olivier movie called A Little Romance (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079477/) but this was done in his older years though. He was one of the hottest actors back in the day.

      Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Have a good one, Castor, enjoy the dog days of Summer.

      Hope you enjoy TS 3, I know you don’t usually see animated movies at the theater, but glad you’re making an exception for Pixar.

  2. PrairieGirl

    Just found out the movie is based on the true story of the English lovers Horatio Nelson, a British naval hero, and his mistress, Emily Hamilton. It was the biggest story/scandal of the day in the time of Napoleon c. 1800. So much for what I know about history! And yes, Leigh and Olivier were married at the time they filmed it together. Yes, I have to admit Olivier was great to look at throughout. Just watched it, turns out to be a really excellent film, and good history lesson, too.

    1. That’s cool Becky, I’m sure Leigh & Olivier were the golden couple of that era. Glad to hear the movie was good, too. Hope your 4th festivities with your family was a blast.

    1. Hope yours was too, Red. Mine was nice but on the hectic side. Turns out canoeing on a very windy day wasn’t such a great idea, but luckily none of us tipped over and the wind was actually make the heat much more bearable.

  3. Happy Belated 4th!

    I went to a preview screening of Eclipse yesterday – Such a dodgy film, but I got a few laughs out of it. Some of the action sequences weren’t half bad. I also watched 500 Days of Summer, which was…pretty uneventful.

    I can’t wait for Inception 😀

    1. Hi Roisin, did you see the first two? I’ve only managed to see the first one and that was one time too many for me 😦 I heard that this one’s the best reviewed of the three. I liked 500 Days, but more for Gordon-Levitt than Zooey, which I find rather annoying.

      Yes about Inception, less than two weeks away. YAY!

      1. Yep, I saw the first two. Shame on me! The first one is by far the best. It actually has a morsel of substance in it.
        I always thought I’d like Zooey, but I find her acting annoying too. She always plays the same quirky role. I also thought I’d like 500 Days of Summer more too, but found myself drifting off into thought during a lot of it. That may have been due to the fact that I watched it at one o’ clock in the morning!

        I feel like I need to have an Inception countdown!!

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