Have a great Fourth!

TGIF! No movie post for today, folks, I just want to wish my American friends a Happy Fourth of July weekend! Best part for me is the 3-day weekend and time for some fun in the sun with friends. Anybody going to watch Independence Day for the umpteenth time on TV? It’s very much a tradition the way It’s A Wonderful Life is played on Christmas day. ID4 is cheesier than Wisconsin cheese but hey, at least it’s got one of the most rousing speeches by Bill Pullman, no?

Photo courtesy of stpaulrealestateblog.comAnyhoo, we’re going kayaking/canoeing on one of MN’s abundant lakes this weekend, and maybe catch the fireworks with a throng of people sitting on one of the Cities’ famous bridge.

The Twi-hards and I might actually have something in common, too, as someone just lent me a Rob Pattinson movie. He..he.. no, he’s not wearing a cake-y white powder nor a body glitter on this one. It’s the romantic drama Remember Me, which was actually reviewed here last April by a guest blogger Mike B. He actually liked it and it came highly recommended by my Twi-hard friend (natch!), so we’ll see if I like it.

Are you going to see any movie this weekend? For me, there’s really nothing to see between now until July 16 when Inception comes out. Man, I can hardly wait!

Have a smashing weekend, everybody!