10 Memorable Scenes to celebrate Morgan Freeman’s 84th Birthday


Happy Belated Birthday,
Morgan Freeman!

The Memphis-born, Oscar- winning thespian just turned 84 years old yesterday, as he was born on June 1st, 1937. IMDb somehow did NOT include him in the list of birthdays on its homepage yesterday, so I thought I’d do a post to honor Mr. Freeman’s towering cinematic achievements.

I love his distinctive deep voice, which instantly gives such gravitas to any role he does. I actually first saw Freeman in Street Smart (1987) Christopher Reeve where Reeve plays a New York journalist who wrote a fake story of a pimp describing his life and crimes. According to IMDb trivia, most of the characters he has played are not written specifically for an African-American actor. Apparently, watching Gary Cooper’s films in his youth inspired him to become an actor, and listed High Noon as one of his favorite films.

Now, Freeman is not only massively talented, he’s also incredibly prolific. Ever so versatile, he can juggle dramas, thrillers, comedies with such ease. He’s believable in a wide variety of roles, from pimps to presidents; convicted murder felons to astute detectives… whatever the role, he always understands the assignment. He’s got 134 projects to his credit (listed on IMDb, so naturally there are a ton of his films I have not seen. So obviously these are far from being a comprehensive list of his memorable performances, and let me preface this that I still have not seen some of his best work, including his Oscar-nominated role in Million Dollar Baby.

Now, not every one of his movies are good, but then again, few actors have spotless resume. Regardless of the movie’s quality, it’s always fun to watch his performance. In any case, here are 10 memorable performances that showcase his amazing talent and versatility:

Morgan Freeman with Christopher Reeve in STREET SMART

These are just a small sampling of Mr. Freeman’s memorable scenes.

Feel free to supply your own favorite Morgan Freeman scenes!

Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Happy, happy Friday, everybody!!! It’s a long weekend for me as I’m taking today off and a 3-day weekend for most of my American friends, yay!

Anybody going to watch a patriotic movie to celebrate the Fourth? I’ve been reading some top ten lists that contain the more solemn quality titles like Saving Private Ryan, The Patriot, Letters to Iwo Jima, etc. but for some reason, every time this time of year rolls around, I always think of Independence Day. Hmmm, so what does that say about me exactly?? Well, for one, I love an entertaining sci-fi flick, and despite its inherent cheesiness and plot holes the size of the alien’s giant spaceship, this one holds up pretty darn well.

I was awestruck the first time I saw those fiery clouds as the giant spaceship first rear its head, and even with so many disaster flicks made since then (obviously capitalizing on this movie’s success), this one still stands as one of the most memorable. The movie made a star out of Will Smith. I mean, who didn’t cheer when he punched that ugly, slimy creature, muttering ‘Welcome to earth!’ with cigar in hand and his trademark nonchalant heroism. ID4 is undoubtedly the start of his reign as king of Summer blockbusters for years following that.

Though technically the alien attacks the entire world, but the American heroism are on full display and all kinds of US landmarks are featured prominently before their imminent destruction. Oh, and who can forget Bill Pulman’s inspirational speech as the heroic US president… “And should we win the day, the Fourth of July will no longer be known as an American holiday, but as the day the world declared in one voice: “We will not go quietly into the night!” We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive! Today we celebrate our Independence Day!” Yo! Is it any wonder I include him on my list of memorable movie presidents?


Apparently there is a two-part sequel in the works for this movie?? Sheesh, I guess I’m not surprised but I wish they’d just leave it well enough alone! It’s currently stuck in limbo as director Roland Emmerich is tackling a Shakespearean thriller Anonymous (huh?) so hopefully it’s never gonna happen.

So anyway, what’s your viewing plans? I have a couple of movies from Netflix for some reason even though my subscription is only for 1 movie at a time. But hey, I’m not complaining. The two movies I’ve got are An American in Paris (1951) and The Losers that’s released last year. How’s that for variety, huh? 😀

Enjoy your weekend everybody!

Have a great Fourth!

TGIF! No movie post for today, folks, I just want to wish my American friends a Happy Fourth of July weekend! Best part for me is the 3-day weekend and time for some fun in the sun with friends. Anybody going to watch Independence Day for the umpteenth time on TV? It’s very much a tradition the way It’s A Wonderful Life is played on Christmas day. ID4 is cheesier than Wisconsin cheese but hey, at least it’s got one of the most rousing speeches by Bill Pullman, no?

Photo courtesy of stpaulrealestateblog.comAnyhoo, we’re going kayaking/canoeing on one of MN’s abundant lakes this weekend, and maybe catch the fireworks with a throng of people sitting on one of the Cities’ famous bridge.

The Twi-hards and I might actually have something in common, too, as someone just lent me a Rob Pattinson movie. He..he.. no, he’s not wearing a cake-y white powder nor a body glitter on this one. It’s the romantic drama Remember Me, which was actually reviewed here last April by a guest blogger Mike B. He actually liked it and it came highly recommended by my Twi-hard friend (natch!), so we’ll see if I like it.

Are you going to see any movie this weekend? For me, there’s really nothing to see between now until July 16 when Inception comes out. Man, I can hardly wait!

Have a smashing weekend, everybody!