Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: RED

I normally post this on a Friday, but you know what, I can’t wait for y’all to see it (if you haven’t already). Whaddayaknow, another flick about spies? Seems like this is an endless recurring theme, but it’s not like Hollywood to pump out a working formula until there’s nothing left. But with a cast of Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Brian Cox, and John Malkovich, I’m so there!

I first heard about this movie back in January when it was reported that Willis and Mirren are playing former black ops agent who discovers that a group of younger, better-equipped assassins are out to off them both. Now we’ve got the official plot:

RED tells the story of Frank Moses (Willis), a former CIA assassin who has been doing nothing in an attempt to fit into the very real, very boring world that lurked beyond his days at the Agency. That is until his painfully peaceful retirement is interrupted by an Agency hit squad. With a target on his back and everyone he ever cared about in danger, Frank must take to the road and fight back against the Company that made him what he is. (FilmSchoolRejects)

The trailer also reveal that Mary Louise-Parker and Karl Urban are on board as well. Man, these are some real thespians we’re talking about here, but looks like they’re having fun playing these bad-ass roles. Dame Helen goes from a Martha Stewart-like persona who makes tea and floral arrangements to drilling holes into a bunch of cars with her huge machine gun, and Willis pretty much reprises his wisecracking tough guy John McClane role which he can do in his sleep by now. Morgan Freeman proves he’s got comedic chops in stuff like The Bucket List and Maiden Heist, so I always welcome his wacky side. And who can play an endearing loony better than John Malkovich? He’s kinda scary-looking anyway even without a bomb strapped to his chest!

FSR posted an in-depth comparison between the comic and this movie, which basically says that while the DC comic it’s based on is dark and violent, the tone of the movie is much lighter. It’s definitely in the action/comedy genre, pretty much like The A-Team. The movie will also expand the focus from solely on Frank (or Paul in the comic) to include Freeman’s, Mirren’s and Malkovich’s characters.

The movie opens October 15. Well, who says Fall movies are supposed to be ‘quieter’ than Summer flicks? Just because they’ve got their AARP cards doesn’t mean they can’t have some fun, right? And DC must be hoping it would amend the abominable failure that was Jonah Hex!

23 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: RED

  1. Mike B.

    That story line has been used 100 times!?!?!?! You’d think lurking in every old guy out there is an assassin ex-CIA agent for gosh sakes …

    1. Yes of course there is Mike, I’m sure I run into them everywhere, at grocery stores, banks, etc. 🙂 Yes, it’s recycled stuff, but with this cast I’m willing to go along with it.

  2. Sounds like fun. A bit worried since it’s going to be released in October which is usually where they put the lower expectation movies but the trailer seems like good albeit generic fun. I would be unlikely to see it in theater at this point though.

    1. Yeah, it might not be a theater viewing for me, cheapo theater at best. Y’know if this one has a different cast, I wouldn’t even bother, but sometimes old formula can feel new if played by certain actors.

    2. Marc

      Good point about the lower expectations Castor.

      I think is could be the right amount of levity (similar to Mr. and Mrs Smith) and I might take a chance on it. Although Bruce has been hit and miss lately.

      But as all these comic book adaptations are coming out, I know next to nothing about the source material. I need to get to a comic shop asap:P

      1. This movie is completely different from the comic, Marc, they’re making it much more lighthearted. I don’t know if it’s a good or a bad thing as I can see it being a serious action thriller with this cast, too.

    1. Um… you can just say you loathe it 🙂 It’s ok, I won’t be offended. I’m not ashamed to say I have a thing for spy movies, and I like the cast.

    1. Hey Dez, I’m sure you like the fact that Karl Urban is in this. I didn’t recognize him at first though, his American accent is real good.

  3. Ted S.

    Wow that just looks awful, Bruce Willis used to look cool in action films, not anymore. His last couple of films were quite bad. Surrogates was one of the worst sci-fi action films I’ve ever seen.

    1. Oh come on, Ted, don’t be a sourpuss 🙂 Be that as it may about Willis, I think it looks fun. Besides, I’ll watch it for Helen playing against type and having a ball.

    1. Malkovich is such a presence on screen that he tends to steal ’em from his co-stars, especially when he ups his wacko level.

  4. Wow…a collection of great actors in one movie!! I have to see this!! I haven’t seen. I haven’t see John in a while.

    PS. Nice trivia on my Cillian Murphy :love:

    1. It’s not out until October here in the States, Nov. Yeah, the cast is something isn’t it?

      :Phew: [wipes forehead] I was afraid you’d think the Cillian trivia is lame, glad you like it, girl! 😀

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