Scene Spotlight: Superman rescues Lois – Superman: The Movie

This might seem like a completely random choice today, but in fact I’m sort of inspired by Kick-Ass’ err… kick-ass box office this weekend. The movie tells the tale of a high school student and a comic book die hard fan who decides to be a superhero himself. The action comedy also stars Nicolas Cage, who’s got more than his share of comic book connection. He named his own son Kal-el Coppola Cage, which is Superman’s Kryptonian given name — if that doesn’t tell you he’s a comic-book nut, I don’t know what will — just as Nick himself was named after a Marvel comic book character, “Luke Cage.”

Anyhoo, I’ve always had a soft spot for the Man of Steel ever since I was a wee girl. I think I was only 3 years old when I donned a Superman suit, complete with cape, running around in my front yard. My first ever movie crush was Christopher Reeve, who will always be the BEST Superman ever in my book. Other impossibly good looking and buff actors may try to emulate him, but will anyone ever top his performance as Supes? I seriously doubt it. I also love Margot Kidder’s performance as the quintessential workaholic, fearless reporter. It’s her beguiling spirit that captures the superhero’s heart.

I still get teary-eyed every time I watch this very scene. This is the first time the world is introduced to Superman, and by the time that rousing John Williams score comes on, we all believed a man can fly! There is such an irresistible optimism, hope and unabashed jubilation when in the nick of time, out of nowhere, a savior flies out to catch the peril-prone reporter. The script peppers the movie with wonderful, memorable quips, “You’ve got me? Who’s… who’s got you??” Oh, and humor, too. “Yo, man, that’s a bad outfit! Woo hooo!” shouted the afro-haired guy upon seeing the blue-with-yellow-underwear-on-the-outside suit for the first time. That about sums it up!

11 thoughts on “Scene Spotlight: Superman rescues Lois – Superman: The Movie

    1. Hi Marcello, welcome to FC! No need to be guilty for loving this as it’s a classic. Yeah, what Donner did here is tough to beat. I’ve actually just put Superman II: Richard Donner’s Cut on Netflix and see if I like it better than the released version.

    1. He..he.. same here, in fact I’ve added your fab site to my blogroll! I do try to find out bloggers’ name when available instead of just calling ’em by their blog name…

  1. There is a new Meme called “10 Movie Facts About Me” doing the rounds. Having ignored the previous couple I thought I would give this one a go. Here is the result . In typical chain-letter/viral traditions I am supposed to nominate five bloggers. You are one on the luck/unlucky (delete as applicable) five.

  2. Lois Lane please put me in your plan
    Lois Lane you dont need no Superman
    Come on downtown and stay with me tonight
    I… got a pocketful of.. Kryptonite

    1. What a lovely poem, Mr. McG… hmmm, is that last part a Kryptonian euphemism? 😀

      My guest blogger Rockerdad mentioned the flying sequence scene with the ‘Can you read my mind?’ song, that’s my second fave from the movie!

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