The meme goes around: 10 Movie Facts About Me

Internet meme (pronounced meem): an idea/concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet

Fresh out of the fun blog event Desert Island DVDs, I’ve been tagged by Castor, Marc, and Meredith (who interestingly enough are the same kindhearted friends who nominated me for Kreatif award earlier this year, thanks again all!) I’ve also found out this morning Andy tagged me as well, so THANK YOU! I always love a chance to ‘get to know’ fellow bloggers a bit better, so in the spirit of community, I give you my ten movie tidbits:

  1. The three movies that made a huge impression on me as a young girl were The Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, and Gone with the Wind. My mom brought those VHS home from a European trip when I could barely understand English, and she had to translate most of them to me. I’ve since re-watched them several times since, and they remained one of my favorites!
  2. Click to see both autographed photos

    I’ve only written a fan letter to one actor in my entire life, which was to Christopher Reeve. I was in my Junior High and it took nearly a year to receive a reply, but I ended up getting not one, but two autographed photos from him (arrived separately).

    He’s also my first ever movie crush as I said in yesterday’s post.

  3. My most-watched flick has got to be Sense & Sensibility. It’s amazing that it never failed to move me every time I watch it. That’s why I had to bring it to the island if I’m ever stranded.
  4. Borrowing from Castor’s list, I too have not seen classics such as Clockwork Orange, Citizen Kane, nor Casablanca. In fact, out of AFI‘s Top Ten list, I’ve only seen two of them: Gone with the Wind and Schindler’s List.
  5. Despite my affinity for swords & sandals movie (one of my all time faves are Ben Hur and Gladiator), I don’t care for Spartacus at all. I found it boring and preposterous, plus Kirk Douglas just wasn’t convincing nor sympathetic enough as the hero. Thanks to William Wyler for not casting him as Ben Hur as I don’t think I’d have liked the movie as much without Charlton Heston!
  6. As my hubby and I are going to London in mid May (God willing the volcanich ash situation won’t delay our trip!), I’ve started to jot down the movie locations I want to visit, such as this Pemberley mansion from Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice. Would you all do me a favor and help me out on this one by suggesting a movie location worth a visit? Mostly in the London & vicinity area as we’re only going to be there for 7 nights.
  7. I’ve got a few soundtracks that I play in my car from time to time: P.S. I Love You, Sense & Sensibility, Phantom of the Opera, Gladiator and Moulin Rouge. Oh, and the James Bond theme songs!
  8. I’ve just watched Kill Bill vol. 1 for the first time this past weekend, partly inspired by MadHatter’s comment on this post as well as the fact that Uma Thurman’s The Bride character is picked by Empire magazine as one of the Icons of the Decade.
  9. The scariest movie I’ve ever seen to this day has got to be The Exorcist. Regan’s face still makes me shudder in terror every time I come across it or when it happens to cross my mind. My hubby’s aunt who was a flight attendant have actually met Linda Blair on an airplane and said ‘oh you look familiar, where have I seen you?’ Blair obligingly gave her the Regan spine-chilling smile and his aunt immediately recognized who she was.
  10. My hubby and I obviously have an affinity for film trilogies. We don’t have a huge dvd selection, but we’ve got boxed sets of The Lord of the Rings, X-Men, Indiana Jones, and Star Wars. We’ll inevitably get the Bourne trilogy set once we get our Blu-ray player 🙂

Ok, now it’s my turn to tag people to keep this going. Castor, Marc, Meredith & Andy, as you’ve done your meme duty, I’m going to pick those I haven’t done their meme post yet as I’m writing this post:

Don’t drop the ball, ok guys! 🙂

45 thoughts on “The meme goes around: 10 Movie Facts About Me

    1. Ha! Somehow I knew that one piece of fact would get asked more often than the rest 🙂

      Surprisingly I liked it, despite the non-stop violence, the way QT told the story was intriguing. But I had my eyes closed A LOT! Looking forward to the sequel scheduled to arrive this weekend.

  1. PrairieGirl

    I can excuse you for not seeing Clockwork Orange, but Casablanca and Citizen Kane? Never! Those two are must-sees. But you are still young… you’ve got plenty of time. lol!

    1. Yes I know, I’ll add that to my super long must-see list. I’m more curious about Casablanca though just ‘cuz I’ve seen the iconic scenes so often but don’t have a clue about the story!

      1. PrairieGirl

        That’s exactly how I ended up seeing Casablanca, by coming across bits and pieces on TV over and over until I finally sat down and watched from beginning to end. You’ll be glad you did.

        1. I’ll definitely see it eventually, Prairiegirl. Perhaps then I’ll know the meaning of ‘Here’s looking at you, kid.’ Heh, who the heck say that to a woman, especially someone as beautiful as Ingrid Bergman!!

  2. Casablanca is a must see, I also love the Gladiator soundtrack and The Exorcist is also up there as one of my creepiest movie of all time. I haven’t even managed to finish it lol.

    1. I can’t even remember if I finished Exorcist either, Castor. It’s not just the scariest movie, but most disturbing/disgusting of all! I don’t know how Linda Blair manage not to have issues after making such a film.

  3. I’ve seen Sense & Sensibilities so many times! I love that movie! I’ve also visited a lot of film locations in England. They are just so beautiful! If I remember right, one of them was of one of the S&S sets.

    1. Hey, could you tell me where the S&S set is? I’d LOVE to pay a visit. I’m going to start a journal of each movie location I visit, so any tips are welcome!

  4. You have Christopher Reeve’s autograph, too cool:)
    But, the P.S. I Love You soundtrack?
    Good on ya for watching The Exorcist, I’m such a coward, can’t even bear to watch one clip of it.

    1. Yeah, I was so high for a while after I got the first one, but I LOVE the second one, too, because he looks like his character in Somewhere in Time (one of my faves). Soooo devastatingly handsome… it’s so sad what happened to him later on in his life.

      YES, P.S. has a really nice soundtrack (, I especially love the one by Needtobreath and Ryan Star. Too bad they didn’t include this song:

      I wish I could un-see The Exorcist, but alas…

  5. That’s really awesome that Christopher Reeve actually replied back! I got your comment on my blog and I appreciate you thinking of me and handing off the baton to continue with this MEME. I got to come up with a good list and I’ll probably post it sometime tomorrow. 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, Dan. I even fantasized that he actually wrote the envelopes himself, but most likely his assistant probably did that.

      Looking forward to reading your meme. I’ll check back tomorrow!

    1. Hello Lady Hatter, funny that both you & Mr Hatter are Supe fans, my hubby shares my love for him, too! It really was a leap of faith to send a letter to someone famous like that, I mean I was living in Indonesia at the time so I didn’t think he’d ever bother responding to someone so far away. But then again I’m sure Superman was adored by fans from all over the world!

      Oh btw, I’m curious to see what Hatter thinks on #8 🙂

    1. Yes, it’s spectacular, spectacular! Which song is your fave, Dan? Mine is Come What May, though I love the Elephant medley also, and the Roxane sequence is phenomenal on screen, but I kind of prefer watching the scene instead of just listening to it. Ok, I’m popping over your blog right now.

  6. Oh man, for as much as I disagree with the AFI’s top 10, I think it’s good for everybody to see those films. Make a weekend (or three) out of it.

    Yeah, I’m definitely gonna make one of these lists.

    1. There are some movies I just don’t mind not ever seeing, but Casablanca I definitely have to see at some point.

      Looking forward to reading your list, Luke, and I’ve added you to my blogroll as well.

  7. Good list. The Sound of Music was one of those films I saw at a young age, as was Ben Hur. My mother is HUGE fan of both (she can quote a notable amount of the dialogue from Ben Hurt verbatim, and she doesn’t even LIKE movies generally).

    1. Hi there Andrew, TSoM is such a timeless movie, isn’t it? I love watching that from time to time, I mean it’s got everything when you think about it: wholesome family stuff, romance, action, suspense, it’s actually a pretty deep film. My mom loved Ben Hur as well, it’s funny how my taste in movies is hugely influenced by her. Man, they don’t make movies like those anymore 😦

    1. Glad we agree on S&S, Ross 🙂 And yeah, I’ve bookmarked that site, but I was just wondering if people have other tidbits they want to share, so thanks for that. That church looks like it’s only 10 minutes away from our hotel near the Crickets Club. Man, I can’t wait!!

  8. Hey, RTM, if you like swords & sandals movies, how did you like SPARTACUS BLOOD AND SAND over at Starz. It’s visually crazy and quite entertaining and bold.

    1. Hi Dez, I just left you another comment. I did hear about it but I don’t have regular cable, let alone Starz. From what I gather though, it was abysmal and overly sensational with all the sex/violence, so nowhere near Gladiator quality, or even 300. I might check it out when it’s available on dvd though so I can judge for myself.

  9. The only thing I will tell you RTM is that you wouldn’t believe the number of new Henry Cavills parading semi nude (and fully nude) in SPARTACUS 🙂

  10. hehehe we have the same 1st movie crush 🙂 he really is handsome isn’t he? even for a little girl. 😉

    Kill Bill is one of my favorite bloody movie…too bad the second one isn’t as bloody as the first one.

    Exorcist? hmmm…that movie makes me sleepy, especially the remake…I fastforwaded most of the scene. The old one is much better, a bit scarrier.

    I wish your trip to london will go well 🙂 and may all the dust has dissapeared

    1. Yes, handsome and heroic, doesn’t get any better than that!

      Wow, you do like those bloody stuff, huh… that’s good that the 2nd one isn’t as bloody then, I just hope the ending is worthwhile!

      Exorcist makes you sleepy? WOW you’ve got nerves of steel girl. I have no interest in seeing any more version of such a movie, hiiih!

      Thanks, the flights to UK are still grounded indefinitely, so I’m a bit worried we have to delay our trip.

      1. Hehehe yeah…that’s is also why my favorite author is Stephen King…Yeah the ending is not good…hmm how is the ending again? suddenly, I become amnesia :/

        Just like I said in my movie facts, from western country, only Blairwitch Project can scare me.

        Well, look at the bright side…at least you don’t have to delay your home trip like most people who got stuck in airport this minute.

        1. I haven’t seen the 2nd one yet, Novroz, so don’t spoil it for me 🙂 Again, you’ve got nerves of still, lots of stuff scare me.

          Yeah, my coworker was saying the same thing, better delay the trip than getting stuck in an airport!

  11. I always say if I ever happen to go to New Zealand, I want to take the LOTR tour.

    The Sound Of Music is in my top 5 of all time, it had a big impression on me aswell, plus it just so enjoyable to watch.

    I own the exorcist, but rarely watch it, precisely because it scares the pea-green soup right of me 🙂

    Interesting list.

    1. Oooh yes, absolutely, Ronan! That’s on my to-do list before I die 🙂 I’ve been wanting to visit my aunt in Sydney so when I do I might as well include New Zealand on the trip as it’s so darn far away!

      “The hills are alive…” Yay, another Sound of Music fan, it’s so timeless isn’t it? The songs are so memorable, too. I always wish I had a governess like Maria!

      Why’d you buy The Exorcist if you’re too scared to see it? 🙂

      1. I’ve seen it, and like it, i just like to save… when I’m in the mood to being scared… well.

        The fact that it is based on true events, is really creepy, plus the whole related story about stuff that happened to the cast and crew since filming it.

  12. Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it cause I can’t remember how it ends…This often happen to movies I haven’t re-watched in a long time.

    I wonder how will you react if I come to your house and ask you to watch Blairwitch project together, or maybe asian film like Shutter…hehehe that would be fun (at least for me ;p )

  13. FUNK

    Wow great post, Sound of Music and My Fair Lady are great choices, great sing along songs in both movies, Edelweiss and The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain… If I’m in the dumps watching SOM will snap be out of it..
    I often wonder what Spartacus would have been like if Heston would have played the role, one of my favorite Heston movies is “Major Dundee”.
    I have 2 favorite soundtrack’s both old old school, one is the soundtrack from the Good, The Bad and the Ugly, and the other is from the Graduate. Course Sound of Music is up there to.
    Man, you just got to buckle down and see Casablanca one of these days, just dim the lights, light some candles, get the popcorn ready and go for it. 🙂
    Oh and have a great time at the comic con trip your going on, should be a hoot.

    1. Hello Dave, sorry for the late response. Oh yeah, I love the songs from both movies, I still remember most of them even today. Edelweiss always makes me cry.

      Oh I think if Heston had been in Spartacus it’s be more bearable for me. For one, he at least LOOK the part! Douglas just didn’t have the believable physique for the role but that’s just a small issue I had w/ the movie.

      I will try to see Casablanca. It’s weird that I haven’t seen it yet since Bogard was my screenwriter dad’s favorite actor!

      1. FUNK

        Wow, your dad is a screenwriter, that is so cool.. So what did he think of Casablanca?
        No wonder you can write so good then.. It’s in your blood.
        Edelweiss always makes me weepy eyed to.

        1. Yeah, back in the 60s and 70s before I was born. I wish I knew what he thought of Casablanca, but I didn’t live with him growing up as my parents were divorced. I only met him a few times in my lifetime, but I hear stories from my mother and relatives about his ‘hey day’ in the film biz.

          Thanks for your kind words, but I don’t think I have the chops to be a screenwriter ahah.

  14. Love this post, I love reading personal memories and thoughts related to movies, Very cool. How have you not seen Citizen Kane? How! It’s one of those that you have to just at least see and put it under your hat. Awww that is cool that Christopher Reeve actually wrote back. I wrote a letter to Alyssa Milano (OMG what a nerd) and she never wrote back that B. LOL

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