Beset by blogger’s block

Happy Friday, all!

No post today as yours truly is beset with a blogger’s block again, happens once in a while y’see, especially when I haven’t seen any new flick in a week! (I have The Kite Runner DVD that’s been on my counter top for six days yet, waiting to be popped into the player). Between an 8-5 workweek, gym classes, errands, chores, etc., etc., whether I like it or not, this thing called life inevitably gets in the way of my bloggin’ time …

I’m sooo looking forward to weekend after the first long work week following the holiday break. I long to unplug and recharge my bloggin’ juice, perhaps take my laptop to a local cafe or bookstore, now that my newish Macbook actually has a functional battery. The number of drafts on my WordPress dashboard continue to climb, some of them are probably stale by now, but there are still reviews to finish, top-ten lists to muse about, even a new FlixChatter ‘series’ in the works, inspired by a fellow blogger that’ll be revealed in due time.

But, but… my writer’s block wasn’t in vain, as I ended up discovering this nifty site called The Auteurs.

-n.  [thē ō-tûrs’, thē ō-tœrs’]
1. an online movie theater where you watch, discover, and discuss auteur cinema.
2. a new social experience.

I plan to peruse the site more thoroughly real soon, sounds like a perfect resource for someone like me. Funny enough, Rockerdad just mentioned about the Criterion collection, which happens to be one of their partners. I really enjoyed scanning their picks of movie posters of the week (there’s a link to view their picks of Best of the Decade which totally floored me). If I had my way, I’d cover our entertainment room downstairs with a bunch of these. I might snatch the Art & Copy one for my cube, and the Bright Star one with its lush and vivid colors is one I can stare at for hours.

So, enjoy your weekend, folks, we might finally check out Up in the Air. How about you? Any movie(s) you’re gonna catch this weekend?

13 thoughts on “Beset by blogger’s block

  1. Mike B.

    You’re a one person content machine all while holding down a full time job and a blissful marriage. A day of rest or two is well deserved. Bravo!

    1. Awww… thanks for the compliment. I plan on sleeping in a bit on Saturday, watch a movie or two… and hopefully find ample time to blog. This is a great hobby, but I guess ‘life’ still takes priority y’know… as it should! Have a fabulous weekend to you!

    1. Oh no, I definitely can’t take that credit, M. Apparently it’s an old term as there are tens of thousands of results on Google when I typed that in =)

  2. I might be repeating myself…but any time I feel uninspired, I take a few minutes and read what my fellow bloggers are writing a little closer than usual. Usually, after a few minutes, I’ll come across something that sparks a thought.

    Try it sometime!

    As for this weekend, I’m finally seeing SHERLOCK HOLMES. I’ll also be spending it finishing my review of A SINGLE MAN (after procrastinating for a week) and cobbling together episode no. four of my podcast.

    Hope your weekend is a good’n!

    1. Thanks for the tip, Hatter, that’s definitely helpful. There are in fact several posts I wrote that are inspired by other bloggers or movie sites. The challenge is mostly on putting down my ideas down on paper, which explains the 30+ drafts left unfinished 😦 I hope this weekend I get my bloggin’ juice back, he..he…

      Curious to hear your thoughts on Sherlock Holmes. I hope I’ll have a new review come Monday if I do get to see Up in the Air. Have a good one, too!

  3. I suffered from Blogger’s blog over the Christmas and New Year period. I need to watch The Road and Its Complicated at the cinema, which I think I may do on Monday. I still have to catch up with Sherlock Holmes too.

    1. I took some time off around Christmas so I had plenty of time to blog, but once the routine starts to occupy your life, I just get a brain freeze 🙂 Or maybe it’s the insanely cold weather that literally freeze my brain… excuses, excuses! he…he.. Anyway, I’m looking forward to hear your take on Sherlock Holmes!

    1. I just need extra hours in a day… or just better time management, he..he.. I feel pretty good Sunday afternoon as I got some time to blog. Btw, I’m starting a new series based on your post. You’ll find out which one that it 😉

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