Beset by blogger’s block

Happy Friday, all!

No post today as yours truly is beset with a blogger’s block again, happens once in a while y’see, especially when I haven’t seen any new flick in a week! (I have The Kite Runner DVD that’s been on my counter top for six days yet, waiting to be popped into the player). Between an 8-5 workweek, gym classes, errands, chores, etc., etc., whether I like it or not, this thing called life inevitably gets in the way of my bloggin’ time …

I’m sooo looking forward to weekend after the first long work week following the holiday break. I long to unplug and recharge my bloggin’ juice, perhaps take my laptop to a local cafe or bookstore, now that my newish Macbook actually has a functional battery. The number of drafts on my WordPress dashboard continue to climb, some of them are probably stale by now, but there are still reviews to finish, top-ten lists to muse about, even a new FlixChatter ‘series’ in the works, inspired by a fellow blogger that’ll be revealed in due time.

But, but… my writer’s block wasn’t in vain, as I ended up discovering this nifty site called The Auteurs.

-n.  [thē ō-tûrs’, thē ō-tœrs’]
1. an online movie theater where you watch, discover, and discuss auteur cinema.
2. a new social experience.

I plan to peruse the site more thoroughly real soon, sounds like a perfect resource for someone like me. Funny enough, Rockerdad just mentioned about the Criterion collection, which happens to be one of their partners. I really enjoyed scanning their picks of movie posters of the week (there’s a link to view their picks of Best of the Decade which totally floored me). If I had my way, I’d cover our entertainment room downstairs with a bunch of these. I might snatch the Art & Copy one for my cube, and the Bright Star one with its lush and vivid colors is one I can stare at for hours.

So, enjoy your weekend, folks, we might finally check out Up in the Air. How about you? Any movie(s) you’re gonna catch this weekend?